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 Meeting of the Captains

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Captains   Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:20 am

After all these events, watching this person attack a fellow captain, watching him fall down on the ground and bleed to death, and seeing some skin from the female captain, Hunter didn't flinch. He didn't even think about fighting, attacking, defending, moving, or anything. The man just watched as these events occurred. It wasn't his style to mess with other people's business and this was the business of those two captains, one which had already fallen, and one that would probably lose he rank for standing defenseless and then leaving like that. The old shinigami noticed the second division captain was a little anxious. Almost as if she was asking for a fight. Daizai began clapping and praising the Sotaicho. How could he? The floor was ruined for crying out loud. Who the hell would clean this shit?

I mean, come on. The blood really ruined wooden floorboards. Normally, Hunter would walk over to the corpse of the newly made Eleventh Division Captain and then take a piss on him. It was... A ritual. A ritual or routine which insured that they will never live a happy life afterwards if there was a life after this. Well, if there's a life after death, then there's probably a life after death - death. There were a lot of missing captains. Either they were dead, missing, or randomly went to Realm of Living or Hueco Mundo, but who the hell would do that?

Shrugging, Hunter yawned a little. He had grown tired of hiding in the shadows. It annoyed him. He was left out the entire time and he just didn't like that feeling. Damn, when the hell was this shit gonna be over? All he wanted to do was sleep on a bed. After all those fights in the Menos Forest, he slept on top of hollow masks, corpses of his old comrades, and his clothes were taken from his dead comrades as well.

A shower would be good right about now, it'd been a day since he had taken a bath or shower. Belching quietly in the dark corner which he made quiet by holding back a little, it was rather hard to hear. Since he didn't know when he should 'appear', he decided to just sit down for a second. Slowly bending his knees until his buttocks reached the clean floor. Of course, the stream of blood began to flow toward his direction. So, it kind of pissed him off for a second. So, he just watched this like it was a movie or he read it like a comic, or... Wait, could he be possibly reading this without any pictures??!?!?!?! Just the descriptions?!?! Wow, that was a nice moment of doubt. WHAT IS REALITY!? He ended up dozing off and snoring lightly.
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Kohana Hirikano

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Captains   Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:18 am

Late. She was late. Not a common thing for the young captain of Squad Four. She had received late notice of a meeting taking place. She sighed to herself and prayed that she wouldn't be repremanded for such tardiness. She swiftly rose from her desk, grasping her haori from the back of her seat before pulling it on. Afterward, she strapped her Zanpakuto to her left hip. She exhaled sharply and shunpoed out of the barracks, heading towards the place where the meeting was in occurance.

Upon arriving, she caught a glimpse of a woman, scantily clad in only her haori, a indigo colored dress in her grip. She seemed to be leaving the meeting hall. Kohana arched a brow, then shook her head slightly, grateful that she was late after seeing such a thing. She slowly made her way inside, her bi-colored eyes flickering back and forth between her male counterparts, and one female. She then noticed a rather disgusting scent in the room and grimaced slightly. There was a body, stripped of clothing, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. She definately missed something. Her eyes quickly focused on the Sotaicho. She bowed respectfully to the man before speaking. Forgive my late arrival, Head Captain....I was poorly informed of this a subordinate of sincerest apologies.... Her voice was calm and respectful, yet soft and slightly wavering. She tried not to show how unnerved she was by what she had seen upon her arrival. She simply shrugged it off as if it were nothing of her concern. She straightened her posture and took her seat among her fellow captains. She simply sat in silence, hoping she didn't miss anything too important. It was her first day as the Captain of Squad Four, and she didn't want it to end poorly.

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Meeting of the Captains
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