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 What A Mission Indeed!?!?! (Open/Death)

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PostSubject: What A Mission Indeed!?!?! (Open/Death)   Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:18 pm

Blanketing over Karakura Town like restless waves on an ocean, grey clouds with their dark edges. Shining, with brilliant silvers and golds as rain whispered trough them in the horizon. For now, it was dry, however the gentle wind would carry the thundered and sunken clouds to wet the Earth below Katsu's feet.

The slight breeze rustled Katsu's dark hair, as his head cocked upward. Closing his eyes, feeling the breeze calmly beat against his face, he suddenly realized why had decided to stroll outside this day. The texture within his hand reminded him of a small envelop he had been given some time ago. Adorned in a fancy red ribbon and a golden seal, the envelop contain a small slip of paper. Unfolding the creased note, he read the contents thoroughly. The note had been pacifically assigned to him, written by Katsu's new friend. Recently, Katsu had just been appointed to a mission by a mysterious/anonymous figure he met in the woods out side the city. However, as he read the letter completely, he learned that today was the day of their first meeting. The letter was pretty straight forward, addressing Katsu to the top of Karakura Town where they would be meet.

A smirk on Katsu's face soon emerged, there had been many stories he had heard while within Karakura Town. These stories were numerous in number, depicting a horrible villain and her incredible knack for getting jobs done aggressively and with perfection. To Katsu she sounded like women he enjoy to be around, the strong ans self-dependent type.

Closing the note, he returned it to it home within his pocket. While he dug his hand into the depths of his robe, his finger tips touched a small wooden box. A sudden chill of addiction ran through Katsu's spin, letting go of the letter and grasping on the box to replace it. Placing his rough hands on the top of the box, he slid the top cover off, revealing a rows of pale cigarette. Choosing one with ease, he returned to box into his robe and place the cigarette between his lips. Rounding the corner to his meeting point, he reached into his left sleeve. Searching about, his hand emerged victorious with a petite stainless steel lighter. Within a several clicks of the flint and fuel, a tiny flickering flame was born. Slowly, he lifted towards the cigarette, charring the butt into a brightly glowing ember.

His footsteps stopped within a large scale plot of unused land, his eyes looking back and forth as a cloud of ghostly looking smoke emerged from his lips. The land around him was empty, nothing was within these limits, not even his mysterious friend. His head cocked backwards, look for her presence, then upward in disappointment. As he looked up he noticed a large arch way above the entrance of the plot of land, it look as if it were made by the same designers of the rest of the building within Karakura Town. However, it didn't seem to interest him in the slightest as he bowed his head downward and lean upright against it. The only thing left for him now was to wait, perhaps catch up on some sleep. As his sheepish eyes closed shut, he muttered quietly to himself.

"I'll just rest my eyes for a few minutes."
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Hijami Kemiko


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PostSubject: Re: What A Mission Indeed!?!?! (Open/Death)   Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:45 pm

Only a few minutes went by before his nap was interrupted by a bright light around 20 feet from him. The cause of the light was a Senkaimon that had appeared in the middle of nowhere. The wind began to whirl around the shinning gate that was formed like a traditional Japanese sliding door, indicating it was about to open. True enough, the doors slided open and a hell butterfly flew out, holding itself in the area above the gate so it would`t be blown away by the wind currents. As the person stepped out from the gate, all that could be seen was something very long and red whirling around the person dressed in a shinigami uniform. As the gate closed behind the shinigami, the wind settled down, allowing him to get a look at his new "friend". The long and red thing turned out to be knee-long blood red hair that was held back with a crown-alike figure, preventing it from falling into the face. The person had let two shoulder long bangs frame their face. The person was revealed to be a slender woman with pale skin and strong brown eyes. Her face held a emotionless expression as she turned her head to the left and right, maybe keeping an eye out for enemies? Her shinigami attire was the standard one, the only change was that the sleeves was slightly more body-hugging than the usual uniform, and that the uniform had been split into two. The upper part stopped around 5 inches under her rather busty chest and had a V cut that caused the very top of her cleavage to be shown, it wasen`t really revealing considering how low the other busty shinigami woman wore their uniform. The lower part started at her waist and was held up by a narrow white obi that was tied at the front, leaving her belly and lower back exposed. A dark red zanpaktou holster was hanging on her lower back, the tip of the red hilt sticking out from her left hip. A second zanpaktou holster in the same color was hanging across her back, the tip of the handle pointing out from her right shoulder. The two holster`s was connected by a cord that ran down over her chest. The two zanpaktou`s meant she was a double wielder, only a handful of such shinigami had appeared since the foundation of the soul society.

The wind began to pick up yet again from the west, causing the blood colored hair to flow elegantly around her as if it had a mind of its own. The female shinigami closed her eyes and began to walk towards him, not seeming to be bothered by her two bangs that was blown across her face. When she was only ten feet away from him she stopped and opened her eyes slightly, placing her cold gaze onto him. Her eyes traveled across his body, taking in every detail of his appearance. Her eyes was focused on his messy hair a second more than other places as if it bothered her to see it. "...I`m glad to see you decided to show would be a wrong first impression if you haden`t shown up". As she spoke her first words, her voice seemed to hang in the air even after the words has left her mouth. They had been spoken with a serious tone that had a slightly soft undertone to it, making it a voice that could either calm or scare you.

She took two steps towards him and made a small bow, showing her respect to him. The reached inside the upper part of her uniform and pulled out a armband. The armband bore the 8th division`s symbol and the kanji for lieutenant on it, were had she gotten it from? "Goto Katsu, captain of the 8th name is Hijami Kemiko, the new lieutenant of the 8th division...its an honor for me to finaly meet you, Goto taicho". Being from the Hijami family, one of the highest ranking noble families in the soul society, it explained why her face was almost complety wiped off emotions. "I apologize for having you travel out here to meet me, but i wanted to secure that no one would interfere with our first meeting...".
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What A Mission Indeed!?!?! (Open/Death)
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