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 Hao Stories ~ Closed World

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Hao Aokami
Sexta Espada

Posts : 67
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Join date : 2010-09-22

PostSubject: Hao Stories ~ Closed World   Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:31 am

An eternal field of darkness. The faint ethereal light of the moon shining through the cracks. A realm where there was everything, yet nothing. Vast landscapes sealed off under endless blankets of white. The emptiness filled out with large trees made of a silvery quartz substance. The darkness spread everywhere, certain spots illuminated by the wondrous light that came from the world above. Right now this unchanging place was peaceful. Yet the inhabitants of the realm knew better. This area closed off from everything else was an eternal battleground for lost souls. Moments of peace in the vast areas of nothingness. Soon filled out by the screams of the despairing souls. It was a never ending circle, constantly repeating itself for an eternity. The strong survived, the weak becoming nourishment for the survivors. Such was the rule of this dark realm. Survival of the fittest at it's best. A depressing place for most. But only the senseless resided here. It was not a place for the sane. Did such a place really hold any meaning. Such questions were plaguing a certain being.

Winds passed, taking some of the pearly white sands along for a ride. From the darkness, a single silhouette could be seen. The form was of a human, one slowly pressing forward in this closed world. His posture was slumped and held down. As if he was tired, or perhaps just uncaring. The former statement proving true. This being, whatever he was, wasn't in a very pleasant state of mind. He was walking forward completely without meaning or purpose. He didn't think at all. Only walked forward on this endless path. Dressed in a large black coat that hid his head under a hood. Dark jeans and a white shirt underneath the coat. The colors of his short showing that he was a part of the order of Las Noches. Faintly showing from beneath his hood, a fragment of a mask on the right side of his face. It was obvious now that this being was an Arrancar. Judging by the way he was walking without any care in the world, he was a fairly powerful one at that. Yet no reiatsu could be sensed. His power now laying dormant. This was not simple depression he was suffering from. It was a state of complete apathy.

This endless stroll took him to the far edges of the sealed area known as the Forest of Menos. No more did the trees made out of that mysterious substance surround him. The wind getting colder, as he moved towards a place that was even more stagnant. The sand turned darker in color, a field of silverish cliffs now rising in front of him. Several caves carved into these cliffs. This was the place where stronger and more intelligent flocks of Hollows lived. Known as Adjuchas. Just like before, the person kept on walking. Never turning around to take a look at where he once came from. Even without any purpose he kept on moving forward. He himself didn't even know why he did so. Perhaps he was still searching. Searching for something to change. The Hollows of the cliffs now taking a look at him. Snarling at the invader. This was their territory after all. Many Hollow appeared from their homes. All taking dangerous looks towards the Arrancar. They had no idea of the suppressed power hiding inside of their unwanted guest. The situation was getting tense.

A few humanoid Hollows now stood up. Taking very intense looks towards the stranger. Leaving out random howls before charging forward, having not sensed any particular spiritual pressure coming from this person. "Intruder! Weaklings have no place here! Disappear!" the two came at him from two sides at the front. The mysterious wandered now raising his head slightly. It was as though it all happened in slow motion. He was no longer standing there. No spiritual power could be felt. The man jumped up, having kicked his left foot right at the head of the Hollow to his right. His pure power alone caving in the head of the fierce one. Horrible cracking voices could be heard, before the Hollow flew across the fields, turning into ashes. The other charging hollow in shock due to what happened. But no mercy was given. The man flipped himself over in the air once more. Bringing his right foot down like the hammer of the gods. Smashing the cranium of the Hollow to his left. Blood was spilled by the buckets, two of the original inhabitants of the area defeated in an instant. Having now landed. The man kept walking forward just like before.

The remaining Hollows now stressed. "Who the hell does he think he is!?" one shouted, full of rage and irritation. This one now charging forward right towards the front of the Arrancar. "I don't know... I have got a bad feeling about this" another one, a more cowardly one discussed with the group. Yet more angered Hollows went in all guns blazing. Three of them now coming at this stranger from his sides as well. What a development. The Arrancar was supposed to have found a more peaceful area. Yet the sounds of fighting still echoed through the realm. What purpose was there to this fight. He had no idea. Even if his life was without meaning at this point, he kept on fighting without a goal.

But now he got to thinking. Why do they even try... his eyes were now piercing through the Hollows. Right now, everything seemed like it was going at slow motion. The world was stagnant and unchanging. That's why the person was tired. Tired and fed up with everything. Isn't it all meaningless... he sighed, now moving forward like a shadow of the past. His right palm pointing forward. He ducked under the first of the Hollows, a humongous bulk, driving his palm right through its abdomen. The Hollow tried to slam him away, but was too slow to connect. Puking blood as its insides were ruptured. The Hollow flew to the air from the sheer force of the impact before vanishing with as a dust. The two other Hollow charged forward in rage, both bringing humongous fists towards the male. Who only moved forward with deadly calmness, brutally slamming both of his arms around. Sending the astonished Hollows flying. There was no holding back, at least not in the terms of physical power. While his moves seemed wild and brutal, he was keeping them in perfect control. A close combat specialist.

The Hollows were now getting worried. The vast majority of their potent fighters now attacking him with sheer numbers. The Arrancar had frozen. He let the large group gather around of him. Many Hollows now making a huge pile of concentrated beatdown around of him. But no hits were connected. He stood there, without a worry in the world. The one at the top gulping in worry as he sensed something building up beneath. The palm of the wanderer shot up once more. Another Hollow flying through the airspace before withering away. An elegant yet brutal dance performed inside of the pile. Fists slamming against the heads off the Hollows. The entire pile flying off, the strongest Hollows barely surviving after having their masks partially or entirely shattered. "What the hell is he!? How can someone with so little Reiatsu be so..." one of the Hollows shouted in fear and anxiety, now noticing something happening. A dark aura had appeared around of the intruder. His entire form surrounded by a pressing field of concentrated reiatsu. He couldn't help it anymore. The reiatsu just leaked out as his fighting senses were activated.

The male brought his right arm to his face. Grasping at his eyes and face, pulling at it. His boredom and irritation with the world now apparent. Dark emotions transcending apathy. Nothing ever changed. Everything was always the same. The Hollows now attempting to run away, as far as possible. But he wouldn't have any of that anymore. His left arm now pointed forward. "You are nothing more than obstacles. Perish", humongous flares of bright purple erupted. The cliffs around of him completely covered by the flames of destruction. No Hollow was spared. Anything covered by the purpler would disintegrate until nothing was left. All of the souls dying a horrible and painful death vanishing from existence. Still holding his face in his own frustration, the male kept on pressing forward just like before. Detaching himself from the matters of this world once more. Indeed, he found no purpose in anything. Yet he didn't feel like letting go of this reality which held no meaning. He didn't question why. He simply didn't care. Only wanting to wander around.

He was now sitting on a large rock. The purple flares surrounding the environment around of him as a raging circle. His immediate surroundings were not touched by this ring of energy. The male now lied his elbows against his feet, supporting his head with both of his hands. Pondering the meaning of existence and the world, reality in general. "Who am I. What am I. What is my purpose. What purpose and meaning is there in this world. Does it really even matter. Hmph... I don't even seem to care anymore", he spoke in a completely uncaring monotone. Taking a completely tired look at the world around of him. The scenery was the same as before, apart from his own flames of destruction now changing the landscape. An emotionless laughter escaping his lips. "I get it now. This really is a closed world"
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Hao Stories ~ Closed World   Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:57 pm

A lost soul from a dissimilar dimension and existence appeared in a strange land. An expedition had taken the male who invites into the dark and clustered abyss of the Hollows. The forest of Menos could turn out to be a treasure cove, hence the reason why a certain someone had traveled there. This certain someone is known as Jushiro Izanagi, the Junibantai Taicho. His curious nature and constant need for discovering new things took him to his place. The Forest of Menos at the moment appeared to be a dangerous place. Inside the eternal maze where other souls often seek to find the reason behind their existence. Izanagi the man with the constant fox grin, found himself petting a certain creature. A creature that was of the Gillian class of the Menos level Hollows. The creature in question towered over the Shinigami, a beast in its own right. This is the type of things others read about in story books and fairytale. The valiant knight in this case was Izanagi and the dragon being slain was a demon fox. Kyubi, for the simple fact that it held nine tails, and it took on the form of a fox. It was safe to refer to the Gillian as a demon. Based on the simple fact that the Shinigami are seen as the pure souls, while the Hollows are the corrupted. That doesn't hold any truth in the eyes of the beholder.

The Gillian fox was a defeated foe, one that was spared by Izanagi to be used as transport. The Captain didn't feel like walking much, and so he perched himself up on the back of the creature. The irony of Izanagi choosing a fox as transport, couldn't possibly outweigh his intentions for doing so. It was not yet clear what he was doing in Hueco Mundo. Those that were made privy to his ways and thoughts should always consider themselves lucky. Be grateful for the charity of the cunning one. The beast that played the role of the Captain's chariot moved gracefully. The gracefulness of something so atrocious should always be appreciated and respected. Earlier on Izanagi had managed to get this creature to submit to his will. It wasn't an easy task, nor was it overly complicated. The Shinigami simply needed to make the creature see things his way. As the Kyubi moved whilst carrying the Captain, the party of two came to a stop rather abruptly. There was a disturbance not too far away in the forest. In fact someone was creating quite the commotion up ahead. Izanagi was however just outside of the danger zone by his reckoning.

"Goodness me, just what have we here? Fascinating, I might have just found a new test subject. Maybe a new collection to my group of the damned. For now we shall wait it out until there is a cease fire. Hallelujer for this". A little chuckle escaped the lips of the Captain as he spoke softly. Loud enough for the Gillian slave to here him, and follow his instructions. The crimson eyes of the Captain stared in the direction of the commotion. His Reiatsu sensing abilities could sense the significant difference in power. The howls of other Gillians and those tall black things could be heard. In addition to the original commotion which caught his attention. Another fight was taking place, which will no doubt have other casualties. Soul Society is a safe haven compared to the many plights of Hueco Mundo. "Master, I suggest we go and take a look". The Gillian said to the Shinigami which annoyed him slightly. Though it wasn't enough to stop him showing off the creepy fox grin of his. The fox faced Captain sighed a little while thinking things over. He did go or come to Hueco Mundo just to engage in numerous activities. All of these activities falling under what most refer to as a "research expedition". A pity they didn't know any better, or else they would have kept Izanagi on a tight leash.

Tapping his feet a little, Izanagi along with his chariot moved in the direction of the commotion. The Captain sensed that it was all coming to an end shortly. The Spiritual pressure of the Shinigami lowered to make his appearance less threatening. Then again if he had to, Izanagi will no doubt defend himself without a second thought. The long red and white spiky hair proceeded the Captain as he emerged from the dark quartz. His crimson eyes glowing as the windows to his world closed and reopened within the blink of an eye. The Captain hissed a little before exhaling a little. The Captain was just in time to witness the end of the bout. The creature that he deemed to be an Arrancar, perhaps Adjuchas and above, did away with his targets. The display of his power did not reach the Captain however. A Reiatsu barrier was erected by him, one that kept the harmful nature of the creature away from him and his pet. Izanagi made his appearance just in time to see the man sitting down. The words of the creature also filled his ears and were made food for thought. The Captain was now compelled to speak a few words. He was standing atop of the Kyubi giant of a Gillian, 12 feet away from the deadly assailant.

"You sound like a bit of a downer, someone with powers such as yours should not be sad. Perhaps I can help you to find your true purpose in this world? Hueco Mundo must be a truly dull place, one filled with despair and savagery. In fact based on what I have seen since arriving on the scene, I'd say my assumptions are correct. Its a never ending cycle, you either kill or be killed. Fascinating, my own realm seem to have such ways as Hueco Mundo". The Captain's words seized flowing and a grin resurfaced on his face. His head soon cocked to the right a little, there was something awfully dangerous and mysterious about the Captain. His fearless attitude suggested he was the type of person that had seen it all. Izanagi found a deeper meaning in the words of the Arrancar. So far there was no reason for either of them to be hostile towards the other. Izanagi, upon hearing the words of this misguided person, knew that such a man would be useful if he were to be given a purpose. The Captains right hand moved towards the left side of his Haori. A bottle of some of the finest sake was then retrieved from his Haori. With his head still cocked to the side at the moment, it soon straightened and became vertical.

The bottle was then shaken, it was an invite of sorts, from a Captain who was ready to defend, yet managed to remain somewhat relaxed.
"Junibantai Taicho, Jushiro Izanagi. I am hoping you have a name, since if you don't, finding out who you are will be even more difficult than figuring out your purpose in this here wretched world. So how yer doing and would you like to share a drink with an old fox?". The Gillian snarled a little with a little bit of contempt for the Arrancar. But will a slight tap of the right leg, its little temper tantrum was tossed to the side. It was once again a very disciplined and obedient child. "Forgive the rudeness of my friend here, though you can't really blame him for being a little defensive. That purple stuff around you isn't making it easy at all". Izanagi felt like sitting down and so he did, a brave move after all. The Arrancar appeared to be relaxed, so why not do the same as well? Thats exactly what he did just to show that he meant no real harm to the creature before him. The sooner he found out the name of this thing, the easier it will be not to refer to him as the creature or the thing. In Izanagi's eyes he might have just made a rather historical discovery. Perhaps his little trip was finally begin to pay off?

The sweet sound of the everlasting war in the distance, were like the music to the ears. A symphony of despair, one that told a million and one tales. So many have risen and so many have fallen. The Gillian chariot was rescued by Izanagi moments after the Captain had entered into the forest. That was before the creature of the purple haze had even begun creating a commotion. It was an inconvenience for many, namely those that ended up dead. In the end lowly creatures such as them do deserve their fate. They should be able to recognize and show the proper respect to those stronger than them. The weak were made to follow and the strong were made to lead. Its the same story when the weak are eaten by the strong, there is always the one creature, that is either weaker or stronger than you. Of the bunch, its the ones that you are able to remember that are even worth mentioning.
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Hao Stories ~ Closed World
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