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 Another Day.

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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Another Day.   Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:27 pm

A bright light shone within the office of the 13th Division Captain, soon the wooden doors of the gate opening its mouth and out came the Captain herself. As she jumped out of the Senkaimon Gate, she simply shook her head once, her light blonde wavy hair gently brushing against her fair skin. The heels of her boots clicking onto the wooden panels of her floor, the girl would crouch down a bit as she landed, making sure that the impact of a land, even the jump was not a big one, would not send a strong wave of sound through her bones. Straightening herself, she simply pressed her hands against her indigo hued dress, straightening it out before patting her Captain robes down as well, a thin layer of dust; non present within her clothing but now collecting into the air in front of herself, slowly drifting down along with the particles of dust. She blew softly on the particles, creating a massive swirl of dust, of craziness. Her right arm rising upwards slightly, she brought her hand to her face, gently brushing her hair behind her ear as she moved along, lightly sitting on her chair once more as she stared at the paperwork she had been procrastinating to do. Slowly she began to press her fingertips against the desk, her gaze lowering momentarily as she thought to herself, the memories of her encounter in Karakura Town. Biting onto her bottom lip, she pressed the palm of her hands against her desk as she pushed more of her body weight onto the table through her hands. Sighing after a split second, she stood up straight, picking up a pen that was lying upon her desk, soon walking off through her office. Her aquamarine gaze shifted, glancing around her room as she began to advance her way to the small stairs that only consisted of two steps, stepping down.

The pen in her right hand, she held the other side of it in her left, her mind still processing the events as she walked around the Grand Piano, slowly settling down onto the piano bench. Gently placing the pen onto the top of the piano itself, her gaze dropped to the keys of the piano. Lips pressed upon each other, she stretched her arms out slightly before gradually placing her fingertips against the keys of the instrument. Her fingertips began to press down onto the white keys, C, E, G, C. The arpeggio of the C Major Key. The only key that has no sharps and no flats, but, only if in Major. In Minor, the A Minor Key has no flats or sharps. As she kept her fingers pressed against the four keys, her hands spread out with her thumb, index, middle fingers and her pinky staying on the keys. The sound of the arpeggio rang from the piano, spreading through her office, and slowly ceasing, the sound descending; a descresendo. Her right and left hands rising up, hovering above the keys would pause a bit, before she slammed both of her hands against the piano keys, a small frown on her face. What was she thinking? A woman such as herself to allow her mind to wander off so willingly into the future. No, her focus was on the present time and the events occurring today, but yet again, a dream that almost every woman has/had was a significant other, someone to be by their sides until death does them part. But death has already occurred. It didn't matter. As long as she saw the bright side in life, right?

The clash of the notes from her hands slamming down onto the piano keys resonated within the room, a terrible twist in the sound itself was almost horrific. A sigh escaped her lips as she slowly bit down onto her bottom lip as she began to think. Slowly, she closed her eyes as she inhaled softly through her nose before exhaling quietly through her rose tinted lips. Pressing her lips together, the girl who was always smiling lost that smile as her fingertips began to move on their own, the melody of All is My Love.
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Maria Fate


Posts : 99
Points : 66
Join date : 2010-08-24
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Another Day.   Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:07 pm

Getting up from her piano, the girl left her office.
She had a place to go and quickly.
Maria shunpo'ed from the 13th to the 1st Division.
She hummed a song in her head

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Another Day.
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