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PostSubject: Drake   Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:29 pm


Name: Drake
Age: 1,900
Visual Age: 32

Gender: Male
Rank Fraccion[Numero 11]
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 230

Body Frame: Large
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Deep with a cold tone, like that of a serial killer. It also has a seductive edge to it, drawing females to him.
Drake has long, blood red hair which falls a little past his shoulder. He wears no shirt, revealing a long scar over his chest. His hollow hole is right where his heart is supposed to be. The remains of of his hollow mask is the eyepatch over his right eye and a collar around his neck. Over his left eye, exist another scar.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Causing mayhem
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Violence, Sex, Alcohol, Expressions of Fear and/or Shock, and Screams of the Distressed

Dislikes- Teases, People that don't want to "play", Authority, Relationships, and Extremely Happy People.

Personality: Drake is a very flirtatious and sadistic person. He loves to toy with his "prey" before relentlessly attacking. He is unable to fall in love because he can't stay with just one person. People with dull character seem to irritate him and that's when his sadistic side over powers his playfulness and he becomes a complete monster. He see's this as drawing out the fun in a person but they're usually dead before he realizes it. There is little that Drake fears, which usually is the cause of all the fights he ends up in. People that also seem overly happy and joyful annoy him as well, which is why he does his best to break their spirits.

Defining Characteristics: His creepy smile when he finds something that interest him. His knack for sneaking up on people and whispering in their ears, to announce his prescence. He sometimes runs his finger along the lining of his hollow hole when sitting idle.
Specialties: He can read faces well, able to see the true feelings of others.
Fighting type: Power House


Human Life
As a human, Drake lived a dark and twisted life. He had no job, yet he had a home in the outskirts of the city. His home was a large, yet run-down, hut. Though he had no job, he had a way of getting quality things, through theft. He would run through the villages, with a gang he was affiliated with, robbing them of their riches. He did this so well that he was appointed one of the co-leaders of the gang. The gang was the reason his home hadn't been burned by other villagers, they feared what the gang may do to them. He could've gotten a better home, but he liked the creepy look of it, deterring any curious or meddling beings.

As he lived this life of crime, he also lived a life full of lechery. Having sex with random women, some consenting and some not. He would go to simple pubs or huts, seducing and tricking women into coming back to his home, or going to their homes. He enjoyed the time spent with those who didn't consent, thriving on their screams for help and their tears of pain.

Being in the gang involved many bouts against other gangs, which actually led to the ending of Drake's life. During one of the rival fights, Drake took a shot from an arrow to the chest. He was personally killed by the leader of the other gang, who turned out to be the older brother of one of the girls Drake had raped. Drake knew her to be the younger sister of this gang's boss, which was why he chose her as the victim of that night. Drake's spirit quickly left his body within minutes of him being shot, his soul chain breaking away as he ran at the man who shot him in a frenzy, unaware that he was now dead.

Drake ran away to a cave, about less than a mile away, when he finally realized he was dead. He leaned up against the cave wall, his soul chain in the final stages of devouring itself. When the chain finally reached it's place over Drake's heart, a hole appeared, and Drake then disappeared. After a few minutes, Drake reappeared at the same area where he was shot, undergoing some kind of transformation. From the hole in his chest, a white substance poured out, consuming his body. His bones began to crack, changing shape and form. His hair grew longer, and fur, of the same color of his hair, would sprout along his forearms and and legs. The rest of his body would be covered in a shorter fur of black color. He was now a hollow, in the appearance of a wolf, but unlike any normal wolf, he was much large. Standing on all fours, he was at least 4 feet tall and weighed about 190 pounds. After his transformation, he roamed the dusty trails of the villages, his eyes filled with a new kind of sight.

Life of a Hollow

Walking the human world, now as this large wolf-like being, Drake could see the spirits of other fallen beings. He always had this hunger in him and the only way to satisfy it, even though only for a moment, was to devour these souls. Though he was large, he was quick and stealthy, just like that of a wolf. He stalked his prey for hours, just to see their routines, before actually pouncing upon them. During the period of stalking, he would let out a howl. They would turn and look to see where it had come from, but he would be nowhere in their sight. He enjoyed the uneasy atmosphere he created for them. When he finally did strike, he would eat them, limb by limb, and thrive off their screams of pain and terror.

He devoured about 600 souls within the first year of being a hollow. Of course, plus souls weren't the only ones he devoured. There were some humans, with abnormally high spiritual pressures, that could see him. He took pleasure in devouring them as well, choosing to do so in public areas for all to see. He enjoyed the confused expressions of those walking by, as they would see a person randomly thrown down and torn apart by an unseen being. Even though he devoured so many souls within that short amount of time, it was not an easy feat. Soul Society would always interfere with his "feasts", by sending their shinigami to the world of the living. However, Drake's instincts were on such a level, that he could avoid coming into contact with them. Yet, he did come in contact with them, on his own terms. He would stalk the shinigami that came to the human world, most of them being unseated officers. He would then pounce upon them and begin his feat upon their beings. They would always put up a fight, unleashing the powers within their Zanpaktous. Drake often found himself greatly injured, but his tough being kept him from being defeated easily by the unseated officers.

After about 15 years, Drake still lived in the human world, and had successfully devoured 3,000 souls of pluses, humans, and shinigami. With each soul, especially those of shinigami, Drake had grew stronger and stronger, to the point where he could even give a seated officer a run, if they ever came to the human world. He was still only a hollow, but had grown in size, now being 5 feet tall standing on all fours, and weighing over 400 pounds. He was now a huge threat to the human world, and soul society was beginning to track his movements, as he began to run into shinigami more often. Unfortunately for them, their searches would become gratuitous, or unnecessary, as Drake would leave the human world for a long time.

After a fight with a unseated shinigami, Drake devoured her being, and a large tear in the fabric of the world appeared not too far from him. Out of it walked 2 human like people, yet they weren't human, as their reiatsu's appeared to be that resembling a hollow's. Drake watched as they walked away from the tear, one looked in his direction and pointed back at the tear with a open hand, prompting him to go inside, before walking off somewhere in the human world.

Drake ran up on the tear, entering the dark space. He then traveled the long tunnel, finding himself in a dark lifeless world, in a white desert. Drake was now in the world of the hollow. Here, he felt at home, seeing many other beings like him. He could breathe and move more easily, and his hunger wasn't as great, this all due to the world being full of reiatsu. Yet, Drake had something to learn, in this world, the hollow eat each other. Drake found himself fighting with many hollow for a long time, many of them being smaller than him yet almost equally strong. He traveled this desert alone, unlike some groups of hollows. He didn't know who to trust nor did he want to become attached to anyone.

He lived this lone life or about 1,200 years before partaking in a transformation only achieved by devouring many souls of hollows. In those said year, Drake had tasted the beings of over 100,000 hollows, including a menos. In fact, his transformation didn't occur untill he devoured his first menos. The giant figure was definitely a pain to bring down, but Drake uses his speed and power to do so. He tore at the ankles of the being, then would climb upon it, digging his claws deep and tearing at it. Eventually the giant would fall, helplessly, and Drake would take his time eating at it. He had to fight off the other small hollows, the scavengers, who would try to sneak in at his hard labor, but he would just devour them as well. After completely eating the menos, Drake's mask would crack, as would the rest of the skeleton of the body. His fur would fall off his body, effortlessly, as the skeleton of his hollow body crumbled away. After all was done, only thing that stood was a naked Drake, and the only remains of his hollow body was an eyepatch and collar. He was now much smaller, similar to the size he was as a human, and his hair was shorter as well. The hole in his chest remained. He stared at his hands, confused by what just happened. Though his body looked weaker and more frail, compared to his hollow body, he felt no different from when he was a hollow. In fact, he was stronger and faster. Drake had heard of this transformation, during his travels of the desert, yet he wasn't sure to believe it or not. In front of him, was a double edged axe. Drake grabbed the axe, feeling the reiatsu that resembled his former self within it, and took it along with him in his future travels.

Life of an Arrancar

Drake tested his new strength for the next 600+ years, challenging hordes of other hollows. They would all foolishly accept, believing in a chance to kill and devour Drake. He would crush these hollows, grabbing them by the head, just to slam them into the ground. For others, he would slash at them with his new axe, unleashing a hell like no other upon them. There would be small piles of hollow bodies after such battles, all waiting to be eaten by Drake. During his travels, Drake met a few others like him, receiving clothing from one girl. Though she was nice enough to give Drake something to wear, he didn't trust her. Drake talked the girl into sleeping with him, giving her the impression that he cared for her. Yet he killed her, during the sexual acts, eating her after. Before all of this, he and the girl spoke about other things. Her telling him of a place where many other arrancars, like her and him, lived together. She said among them were, extremely strong people known as the espada, who pretty much governed the hollow world. Drake then set out for this place, Las Noches, in hopes to meet these people and take his place among them.

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PostSubject: Re: Drake   Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:27 am

Okay, you're 1900 years old, that means your character lived sometimes in 109 C.E. That's an age guns did NOT even exist, much less shotguns. Also there was no such thing as a housing department in the modern sense you are implying, and if you ate 30,000 humans, Shinigami and etc, shouldn't it have been that you'd become an Arrancar already?

Anyways, nerf your overall badassery, edit your application to fit with the time period which LACKED firearms and all modern commodities, and also make it so that you aren't THAT powerful, I was getting the impression you are already an Espada member just from that.
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PostSubject: Re: Drake   Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:51 am

Sorry, this app was initially for an espada rank, but I had to settle for other as the spots were filled. So, I edited the time period and lowered the great numbers of souls devoured, as for the "badassery", I didn't know specifically what you were talking about lol.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Drake   Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:16 pm

-Yawns- This is fine. Just remember, that no matter how many hollow you eat, your soul has a ceiling of power, blah blah blah.

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PostSubject: Re: Drake   

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