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 Ready? ...Dodgeball!!

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Tetsu Kokku


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PostSubject: Ready? ...Dodgeball!!   Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:52 pm

Tetsu Kokku is standing along the edge of the gym floor in a lung stance, waiting for the referee to announce for the game to start. Their are 6 balls lined up along the middle of the court and everyone is getting anxious for the referee to start it. With one foot placed against the wall, and the other in front of him, Tetsu is ready to take off and get a ball before anyone.The referee teases everyone with a light blow of the whistle but then says, "The rules are simple, a ball hits you, your out. If the person throwing the ball does not call a hit, then the thrown ball will not count. When your out you step to the edge of the court so the other team knows you are out. If one of your teammates catch a ball, the entire team gets to come back. Whenever an entire team is out, the opposing team is the winner. Anyone who cheats is automatically disqualified and put out of the game." Everyone gets back into the starting position, and the referee shouts, "Ready?... Dodgeball!!"
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Ready? ...Dodgeball!!
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