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 Claire Summers

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PostSubject: Claire Summers   Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:01 am


Name: Claire Summers
Nickname(s): Summers, Gemini, Twin, Fatal.
Age: near a 1000 years
Visual Age: mid 20's.

Gender: Female
Rank: Elite
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 177cms
Weight: 60kgs

Body Frame: Tall and slender
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Rough and deep for a girl
Claire appears to be a women fully matured. Holding a dark grey to black eyes and a somewhat lazy or playful eye. Her skin is flawless and boasts a soft milky color, almost frictionless they say(metaphor). Her lips are a soft pink. She is tall for a lady and often towers over men. Her slender figure and swaying walk often suggests that she could have modelled in her life time. Her chests have matured into a very big and wholesome state often attracting the focus and the eyes of men (or lesbians xD). Claire's hair (that ryhmed!) is a shiny black, with very light curls that tumble down her back and hang just above her waist.

Though the above descriptions are her chief appearance Claire has been seen with light or even shocking changes in her appearance. Her unique ability letting her travel the world in different suits and such.
Introvert/Extrovert: Varies
Hobbies: Gardening, swimming, exercising, walks.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Ice-cream. Good literature, summer. beaches. fire works.

Dislikes- Doing nothing, body odour. imitating fat people. being confined.

Her personality really it changes depending on who she has imitated really. It can be anger, depression, arrogance, cowardly, virtuous, psychopathic, nihilistic and all else. However she has a chief and dominant personality that stays with her when not imitating someone. Claire is a loving girl really, she seems to be constantly smiling. She enjoys fun and games, prefering the beaches over the battle scene. She does not judge people at first site and rather decides to judge them after she has imitated them. Always careful and never taking chances. She will try new things in the boundaries of her principles. On occasions she may be found to be merciful but as seen Claire has no problems of killing her enemies now.

Defining Characteristics: Changes really but she never forgets anything.
Specialties: Imitating others.
Fighting type: well rounded,
Claire, as all bounts were, was an experiment conducted by the Gotei 13, to be precise the 12th division. Their extent of research recreating life in the form of a human and doll. Claire herself had a doll, something she was really close to. Together they had built a relationship and a purpose. They both wanted to live, having a mind of their own Claire and her doll escaped with the other bounts. Though many bounts who attemtped to escape had fallen to the Soul Reapers, Claire had managed to escape unscathed by any kind of physical damage.

The ability of her doll allowing her to replicate for diversion, leading the masses of the shinigami away. When in a tight spot, shape shifting and mingling amoung the shinigami. The same uniform and reiatsu completely blind siding the Shinigami patrols. When they had dropped their gaurd and taken the leisure. Claire's at first shaking hands would clamp over their mouths and softly insert their own zanpakuto through their bowels, almost like an honorable death. She had taken one last glance at Seireitei, a mixture of longing and disgust.

It would have been roughly around a 1000 AD that Claire had first breathed the air of the living. How unfamiliar yet comforting it had been. A strange new world yet to be explored, civilzations just springing up here and there. In the East the Song dynasty reign much over the Asian continent. The middle east being ruled over the Islamic influence. Thereforth Europe would have been rich in it's crusades to abduct the Holy land.

Upon, Such a world did Claire reside. Learning at first the strange language of Latin and the mid-eastern languages. So many languages would be impossible to learn and master if it had not been for Claire's special gift of 'imitation'. As the times had passed Claire was involved in many side projects, Lady Claire she had been to the European Crusaders. The lady of a rich noblemen who was strangely never seen. Financing many crusades claire was always wondering the battle field, aborbing dead plus souls. Claire then took it upon herself to mysteriously disappear into the east.

China was an absolutely fascinating culture, their food almost seemed to fufill her needs. Gun Powder by then be discovered in forms of explosives and fireworks. How much did they fascinate her. The african slave trade having started many centuries ago but the advancement in firearms causing a mad rush and boom in the inhumane business. Here Claire had taken it upon herself to purchase slaves and give them their freedom. Fundi Claire they called her. Teacher Claire.

Indeed and really claire was an oddball, leaving traces here and there. America was someplace she had to visit. Here upon taking a role of a Male general in the Civil war. She supported the North's point of Slavery being abolished. Strange, no one had seen her army before not a single soldier. They were comprised of a 100 men that looked different but gave off a similiar feeling. They always returned untouched and victorious. Once the Civil war had ended the whole army including Claire disappeared.

Le France~ Was a disgusting place. Unlike the modern era France it was filled with filth and poverty. The country by now having lost in terms of military and economy to their slave trading neighbours. However in attempt to strive they offered a gift to the United States of America. Lady Liberty it was, it looked awefully like Claire of that time. By this stage Claire was fluent in many languages. Latin, English, French, Chinese mandarin and cantanese, Urdu, hebrew and a few African languages.

World War 1. Trench war fair. It was interesting to see what the Germans had in planned. Claire walked with frosty blue eyes and full locks of blonde hair. Conquest eh? In this time and age Claire did not lead an army or even a squad. She merely watched and mused upon the eastern borders of Germany. Watching as the Russian armies tried desperately to steam roll Germany. Though they had managed to push back the Austrians the liberal thinking of the west had indoctrinated the dormant communists.

Russia was a cold place. Not entirely for the liking of Claire, who's surname(summers) suggested she much prefered Hotter regions. Lenin was in power then, he was at first a good leader but later as the pressure came he bent the rules and went about his own way. Claire shot the poor man, however he had been lucky to live. Claire disappeared after learning the language of the Russians.

World War 2. Surely much worse than the trench warefares. Automated weapons, artillery of catastrophic levels, bolt rifles travelling further than an eye could see. Here she met one of her kind. A very odd ball very much unlike Claire. His name was Byron, he too had travelled the world and was well versed in many languages. Though their meeting had been brief Claire would never forget that rugged face.

Germany at the time had developed a dangerous weapon cabable and built for the purpose of striking new york. For some odd reason claire had impersonated a high Nazi official and ordered the pilot to fly the unfinished bomb over the swedish border. There Claire had been waiting for the interception. Telling the US naval fleet of the german flyer. The United States intercepted such a bomb, weaponized it and declared it to be used on Japan. This was none other than the H bomb.

Byron. Yes she saw him again, that odd bounto. He was almost delighted to see her again. He himself had destroyed a few japanese facilities with nuclear weapons. Byron once again was involved in the bombing of Hiroshima. Claire disappeared. only to be found living in Karakura today.
Role-play Sample:
any thread with me, izaya,shinako.
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PostSubject: Re: Claire Summers   Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:44 am

And with that, this stamp, signifies the last elite Bounto that will ever be approved.
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Claire Summers
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