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 Urges, Power or Repose? (Flashback Thread)

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PostSubject: Urges, Power or Repose? (Flashback Thread)   Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:12 pm


"Power or Repose?"

Silence; only the faintest of sound could be heard by Katsu's acute ears. Imprinting the soft trickle of a petite stream running behind his closed eyes and the sound of the frail breeze swaying the rustling trees around the open field he sat in. Suddenly, the chirp of hunger chicks flourish the silence surrounding Katsu. Opening his eyes, he inhaled the slowly burning pale cigarette hanging between his lips. He took a puff of his cigarette, blew the smoke and observed it with purposeless acuteness. The amorphous whips trailed lively throughout the air, diffusing and thinning out of existence. His eyes were half opened in a sheepish manner, yet his stale glare into oblivion signified his mind searching for answers. In a single strong breeze, Katsu's ill-placed cigarette suddenly lifting into the vast sky.

(Sighing)"I guess that's it then? It's decided, today begins my path to achieving greater power. As the Vangaurd's 3rd seat I cannot sit by any longer, my only hesitation is forcing you out into this world. I wish there was an easier way to do this."

Katsu's thumb pressed tightly on the hilt of his Zanpaktou, lifting from the depths of it sheath. Placing within his lap, his hand gently touch the engraved steel of his blade. His half opened eyes once again folded close into darkness, concentrating. The feeling of his reiatsu seeping into his blade, absorbing it like a sponge. Katu's eyes cringed, he could feel her presence grabbing a hold to his reiatsu. It was only a matter of reeling the line in, however in this case she wanted out just as badly as Katsu did. The sudden rush of reiatsu retracting back into his body; a sensation describe by the tingling of the skin. Katsu's concentrated eyes began to loosen, Kitsueneko was released from his blade. Opening his eyes, the sound of childish laughter drowned out the silence.

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Posts : 10
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Join date : 2010-10-12

PostSubject: Re: Urges, Power or Repose? (Flashback Thread)   Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:13 pm



'I think i'll tease you some...'

Deeply immersed in her own thought Kitsueneko felt a tug, it was like a powerful void trying to suck her into it's gluttonous maw. Black overtook her visuals and the beckoning call cried out to her, louder and louder did the sound emit from the nothingness, this powerful wail instilled a unyielding urge in Kitsueneko, her soul reached out for it and the outstretched darkness vanish, the world she once laid in was replaced with a different one, the one her master-Katsu dwelled in. Kitsueneko Already knew the reason as to why she was summoned. Sage piercing slanted pools gazed at Katsu they wandered to the left, then right before she blinked. The intoxicating aroma of smoke heavily lingered in the air, smoky trails rested lazily upon an invisible floor.

"Katsu my dear it's been awhile~"

The slender woman said as the folds of her kimono changed their undiscerning directions from her arm that now scratched the silky black threads that fell from her petite visage, it draped like a onyx curtain over here lithe shoulders, and at the very peak of her head rested two cat-like ears that seemingly blended in with her hair. A bewitching laughter filled the silence, the enthralling melody tapped lightly mesmerizing any who heard it's childish tone, as lithe footsteps gently glided across the dew ridden turf, the women known as Kitsueneko garbed in a vivid kimono adorned with various flowers and symbols leaned over her face inches from Katsu's, her childish laughter ceased and her left hand gently wrapped itself over around Katsu's chin; not like a boa constricting it's prey, but more of a lover holding their beloved. A sly finger crept across her partners lips.

"Have you missed me Ka~t~su?"

Pursing her lips a thin cloud of smoke emerged from her pipe that rested the position where her mouth as suppose to lay. Her slender frame fell upon Katsu's, and her other arm reached across Katsu's back trying to pull herself closer.

"Lets just lay here....together and sleep Katsu~?"
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Urges, Power or Repose? (Flashback Thread)
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