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 Dr. Adrian Holmes - Done

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Adrian Holmes

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PostSubject: Dr. Adrian Holmes - Done   Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:42 pm


Name: Adrian Holmes
Nickname(s): Dr. Adrian Holmes
Age: 32
Visual Age: 30+

Gender: Male
Rank: Elite
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6 Foot 1 Inch
Weight: 75kg

Body Frame: Medium Athletic
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Masculine, soothing and friendly

A british born lad with fair skin, with brown hair that slightly glistens within the presence of light. He stands tall, with his shoulders leaning back and out; an unusual feat for one whom has spent along time working within the confines of a labatory. His face is bright and full of life, giving him an impression of a man with a great deal of youth. His eyes are glinting green, though hard to be seen in the light; they are given their true nature when shrouded in the shadows.

After his "transformation", his dress sense has long gone with his memories. He has no real care for the clothing he wears, though he has an odd urge to wear a black shirt (with the top 3-4 buttons undone; revealing a good portion of his torso in the process) with a, blood-red, tie. He wears black jeans with an overlaying white lab coat.


Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Reading about latest updates within the world's technological, or sciencetific, development.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Smoking; feasting on a woman, after a night of vulgar coitous; flashes of his past, the memories give him a sense of purpose; Trying to hit on women; trying to develop something of scientific nature, especially, ones that would seem promising for his needs.

Dislikes- People that tend to be annoying or ones that have an annoying voice; Alcohol, he's not a strong drinker and it when he drinks he usually ends up unconscious; Pain, he hasn't got a strong tendancy to contain pain, he'll scream, gasp or what not, when inflicted with pain; The cold; he seems to get ill when the cold is usually about, making him hate the winter season; Doesn't like men that try to hit on the same women that he does- usually ends up killing them or turning them into his minion.


He is better known as a ladies’ man, treating them with respect and courtesy all the same, never letting his manners fall before any of them as the age of chivalry died long ago. He tends to be a bit rough around the edges with people, using directness and sarcasm to get his point across, almost to the point of being rude. He attracts the eye as well as attention while he appears to be comfortable with it prefers seclusion and silence whenever he can get it for reading a book or simply enjoying the peace of the moment. He has a calm temperament around his friends simply enjoying being there with them, however his mood changes quickly should something arise, his eyes harden and his smile falters filling the air around him with a deadly charge on all those around him usually causing them to cut off whatever they were saying or doing.

He handles himself with ease and confidence showing great leadership quality and potential as well as a great model. Others have looked up at him with great respect and admiration as he treats everyone he meets with respect and honesty while guiding them should they ask for it or they need it. He does this with surprising ease considering the squad he was in and their reputation towards any help whatsoever. His view towards life is that you make it what you want it to be. He believes in a future or world that is uncertain and can be changed should you want it to as long as you apply the effort to change it. This has effected many of the members in the squad to grow stronger both physically and mentally as they take his version of the world into account and apply it to themselves.

After becoming a SuperHuman much of his attitude has changed. For the better and for the worse. As above he prefers directness and tends to lean much on sarcasm flavored with being blunt, his eyes never waver when meeting anothers' now. The old chivalry has been replaced with a new age one. This means that instead of doing what should be expected of him he simply does it without looking back whereas the old him would do it and wait for the appropriate response. While keeping himself apart from others he keeps in tune with them through a distance and prefers to only interfere if needed in order to preserve his life.

Defining Characteristics: The labcoat that he wears most of the time, or perhaps the heavy smoking.
Specialties: Having a quick mind; borne as a natural genius, he collects data quickly from the surroundings and manipulates it to his advantage, this tends to happen subconsciously.
Fighting type: Well Rounded
History/Background A long time ago in England, when a certain hopeful of science was sitting by the fire place alongside his father, his father looked at him sternly at the 5 year old boy, and smiled. "One day, you will change the world, I just know it my boy." This ideology shaped Adrian to actually ACHIEVE something that is very revolutionary.

He was raised by an affluent single father, and an absence of mother. Which means he lacked the emotional touch a woman can give. As a result, Adrian seemed too cold since his father didn't shower his boy with love but with common sense as he grew. His mum died at childbirth due to a complication at birth, which as a result, left the father stricken with grief for the rest of his life, but having grown an obsession with a concept known as Natalie's legacy. That her son is her successor, and he must make himself worthy so that her name may be remembered and immortalized for all times.

His son was taken up at a boarding prep school, thus having been a preppie. Often not involved and wasn't bullied either, he was just... there. Friends were amongst the elite students, those who had sharpened minds, and discussions were often with adults well above his age. He was a child prodigy, intelligent and far beyond his years, skipped two grades as a result. He had no entertainment but to flex his mind. From childhood this went on to teenagehood. Somehow thinking about why the sky is blue, the clouds are white, and how he can't see the sun fascinated young Holmes.

He was the leading student in the class, and was used as a rolemodel for all other students countless of times as a result of his insistence on education. But such insistence was not without folly. Even in a school filled with elites, having thrown up the grading curve so that others will pass put a pressure on the rest of the students. The clichéd scenario would've involved Adrian being bullied by his peers, but in reality, he monopolized on this by earning money for selling simple cheat sheets simply because he saw an opportunity.

This was Adrian's taste in business at first, which he had grown to like. This followed him upon a graduation from boarding school at an early age of 16. As a result, he had moved on to register first thing into college. A prestigious medical college within Britain which later resulted in a major within Medicine and a minor in chemistry and the studies of genome and diseases. Having an interest in how the human body work so to find a way to improve himself because of that. It was his ultimate goal. His dad was initially proud because of how his body was a prodigy, and would send the boy encouraging letters telling him to pursue his medical dreams, not to let a single thing stand in his way.

This made a rather still forming persona of Adrian to become concrete on borderline ruthless, as his father had become an influence on him. Thinking it were something to become for the better, but rather served to be Adrian's folly as he would further indulge in his studies for years on, going from gaining a bachelor, all the way to a Doctorate. This served for his better as he would later, in a war Britain got involved in, would join the army as a result of his father's prodding... until his father passed away whilst Adrian was on active duty. Having not gotten news of his patriotic father's death as a result, but still fought in the war as a medic.

Eventually, he had gotten news, that it had caused him extreme grief for he wasn't there to use his medical skills to SAVE his father. His father was a frail old man, genetic disabilities having made him incapable of surviving in today's world all because of the diseases present, and especially a crippling tumor that formed within his old man. But his military skills was not without merit. Having worked within the army, the MI6 sent an adult Adrian, an offer to join the intelligence agency, to which the boy had learnt that his father was a part of it, but hadn't said a word as per policy of the MI6 on not giving away your job.

Wanting to see more into his father's life, because of how little he knew, thinking he had known everything about his father, but the revelation proved otherwise, Adrian had used his skills as a medical officer within the MI6 to construct biological weapons. He was with a secretive Blackwater division that specialized in utilizing spiritual creatures to make unique breed of species to give the British an edge in war with minimal casualties.

All of this astonished Adrian to no end, on how such creatures existed but he hadn't even known about it, if it weren't for an injection of Reishi that raised his spirit count, he wouldn't have seen the Hollows that are being experimented upon. This was a beginning of an experiment that he had named after his mother, as he was made director of his own project. Calling such project, NATEL. Given a number of results and analysis about the Hollow properties and what they can do. Adrian's own experience in the military, experimenting on medical techniques on soldiers to improve and stimulate their response gave him an understanding on how to perform such experimentations.

For days in and out, he had put sweat and blood unto making a mutating virus that overrides the genome code and improves upon it using Hollow essence to do so. But rather than theorizing on how the mutating artificial virus can work, Adrian instead was given as many convicted death row inmates as he needed to perform the experiment and observe. Convict after convict simply turned into Hollow rather than actually mutate into a different breed of being, which frustrated Adrian, for he wanted to find a way on how for them, to contain their Hollow-side and retain humanity.

It was in a span of three years, experimentation upon experimentation, progressing forth, that he finally found a cure after an accident with a female convicted serial killer, that she could see spirits, that he figured those with higher spiritual count than a normal human, CAN mutate to become superior beings. Evolve in a moment's notice and adapt. To erase conflict by integrating humanity into one. At least that's how he liked to think about it...

So in his bid of a gamble, foolish and stupid it was, he, over the years having gained an awareness of spirits higher than anyone in the Blackwater division, decides to inject himself with his virus. Believing that only superior humans may take the virus in, and hold it at bay. But at first, it was repulsive. Adrian had turned into a mass of flesh, muscles and skeleton rather than keep his human form initially. It was an outbreak at first. The MI6 agents rushed into the scene and contained a mutated and stupid Adrian for study... as they submitted him into a number of experimentation to test his intelligence, and see if they can weaponize this virus to form supersoldiers.

It was initially met with good progress, as Adrian had lost essence of all what he was, becoming nothing but a monster of flesh and mass. But there was a Shinigami extract gained from a very reliable source, that was used to carefully inject within the mutated Adrian, that it finally caused the man to retain his human form with the absence of his memories. The Shinigami extract alone was useless, but mixed with other experimental drugs and stimulants along with viruses, it managed to effect the man and complete what Adrian had set out to do -- to make an adaptable superior soldier, but with an added bonus that it wasn't but a soldier. Adrian was a commander-grade material due to his telepathic connection that he had gained with the food he was given, or prisoners to devour or mutate. They had become his hive mind...

Adrian had regained his superior intelligence but still without memory, had eventually later on, in night time, escaped from the laboratory and left England. Running off as he stowed away on the first freighter he happened upon in the English coasts, as he was being chased by MI6 agents and hounded... it was later on that he had founded himself in Karakura town. Arriving in an empty freighter that went on for a month as the crew members were devoured and mutated slowly and slowly. Adrian himself having killed everyone of them and even killed the ones he mutated himself. Having gained a... fluency in his power, and picked up Japanese by forcing a non-mutated passenger upon the thread of infection, to teach him. He had now... finally arrived in a den where he may consolidate his power, and prove himself to be a supreme predator. An infectious hiveminded host that may prove to be the most terrible thing to ever happen to Karakura town. Having his skills and knowledge, but without a memory of his life unfortunately due to a complication as a result of mutation and change of his genes.
Role-play Sample:
It was a glorious day indeed. The sun out, bright, joyful and in a sea of open blue, collectively known as "the sky". Funny little thing, "the sky", a lonely blanket spread the horizon, being transparent to the very radiance of the overly large ball of gas. Irony, while it transmits the presence of the ball of gas, yet it shields the sight over the abyss beyond the lucrative range of the "sky". However, this theory has been put to the test, it was beleived that the sun itself provided a level of light that collided with particles in the air, namely oxygen, flourine, nitrogen, causing the light particles, or photons, to collide with the gas particles, resulting in a phenomnon which was majestically explained the reason as to why the sky was blue during the day and red during sunset. However, this theory was incomplete until much later, a man, of unknown orgin theorised that the sun's position played a crucial role in the frequency of light, the higher the frequency the stronger the wavelength returned from the collision, namely red. So during the day when the core of the sun is exposed, low frequency photons are emitted, resulting in a lower wavelength colour.

Nonethless, the day was as sweet as any other. Summer, clearly. The breeze was static enough to let those within the Gotei be exposed to the full potential of the dreaded heat. It was repulsive but durable. Omnitsukido members filtered in and out of the division, oblvious to the heat and rightly so, they were the elite of the elite; machines if you will. Prone to nothing be it fear, love, hatred. It did not exist within them. They were complete form of "warriors". Flickering upon appearance and disappearing once again, the omnitsukido members sure had a rough time, though the leader and Captain of the division was not interested in details today. Oh no. It was his one day off. While had not asked for some peace and quiet, the members had realised the annual tradition and understood the punishment they would recieve if they dared to affiliate with their Captain's affairs.

He stood onto of the roof of his division, tall, bold and keen. His green eyes gazing across the horizon. It was hot, though wasn't on his mind. The day was off. Unusual though he felt a presence of another. He moved a fraction, the Hoari (with the 2nd Division logo plastered to the back) fluttered for a second; revealing the focal point of a blade. The katana. Arching from his right shoulder blade (handle was located here) to where the point of the Katana was, his left hip. Slightly later to it, was the Wakizashi, it's handle was located at his left hip and stretched to a comfortable region upon his spine. Upon his neck was the delicate and extremely expensive cloth, one that many would die for, though it chose the user itself, respectfully it was enchanted to only be among the rightful heir of the Genji clan. To be specific, those that held the lineage and blood within the veins from the soul king himself.

"Come out." He said sternly, his body already in a pose to move, reatsu particles gushing through his system, activating it, preparing him to perform any manditory abilities, should he need to.

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Adrian Holmes - Done   Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:00 pm

Add in more to your appearance, and you're good to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Adrian Holmes - Done   Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:17 pm

Alright, so your voice is a manly voice with the smoothness you'd expect in a jock stereotype, is how I see it, but anyways, stamped.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Adrian Holmes - Done   

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Dr. Adrian Holmes - Done
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