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 A Psycho is Born!

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Tetsu Kokku


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PostSubject: A Psycho is Born!   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:51 am

Sitting along the edge of the wall, Tetsu Kokku watches as people walk past him. It's slightly chilly outside with a light breeze so he is sitting with his hands in his sleeves. He stands up and leans back against the wall. He has his zanpaktou strapped to his waist which makes a low tap sound as it touches the wall that he leans on. Still with his hands in the sleeves, he continues watching the light traffic as it walks by him, no one seems to notice his presence is even there. He tilts his head down and stairs at the ground while the number of people walking decrease. The last person to walk by was a low level shinigami with no apparent skills. As he passes Tetsu Kokku, Tetsu pushes off of the wall using his elbows, his sword making another tap, and begins walking in the same direction as the other shinigami.

A slightly stronger breeze comes through, sending chills down Tetsu Kokku's spine. His mind is suddenly filled with thoughts of killing, blood, and death. He feels completely overcome with anxiety and lets out a soft chuckle and stops walking. He places his hand on the hilt of his sword and vanishes, reappearing in front of the lowly shinigami that had walked before him. With an enormous grin on his face, Tetsu Kokku begins to laugh outrageously as blood splatters from the now open wound of other shinigami. A clean cut, straight through his body. The shinigami coughs up blood and falls to the ground, a pool of blood forming beneath his body.

Tetsu Kokku slings his blade to get the blood off, and runs in the direction the shinigami was walking. Meeting up with another shinigami, only this time female. He runs up behind her and they both stop. Tetsu Kokku then taps on the girls right shoulder saying, "Hey, how ya doin'?" She turns around, slightly frightened, and opens her mouth as if she is about to say something when Tetsu Kokku once again disappears, reappearing behind her and stabbing her in the back, straight through the heart. He pulls out his sword as she falls to the ground, and he again slings the blood off the blade but then sheathes it.

He suddenly has a feeling of guilt, and looks down at the dead body of the female. He looks back a ways and sees the body of the first shinigami, still laying motionless on the cold ground. He asks himself, "What have I done? I've just ruined everything..." and begins running in the other direction of the dead bodies and thinks to himself,"But man! The rush..." He felt as if he was high off the greatest weed ever grown, his heart was racing, his adrenaline pumping, all from the murder of his own kind.

Tetsu Kokku continues running and sees some more shinigami trying to cut him off. It turns out someone witnessed the murders and got help right away. Tetsu Kokku runs right through the shinigami, slicing them all down. As alarms start to go off, and everyone has heard of his actions, he realizes he needs to get out of Seireitei as soon as he is possibly able to do so.

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A Psycho is Born!
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