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 Passing Trough....

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Father Anderson
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PostSubject: Passing Trough....   Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:35 pm

OOC: Gonna make this short....

After disappearing from his balcony, trough the Las Noches the brown haired man passed quickly, reaching the endless white desert. This was the location under which the forest of menos was located. Somewhere in this forest the Fraccion of the young looking Arrancar used to go. What she did there, or why did she even go there, the answers to those questions Marcus did not have. He did not even know where exactly was she, so searching for her was supposed to be quite difficult. Tracing her spiritual pressure was probably the best way to find her, since he didn't actually wanted to enter the forest of Menos before finding her. So, the best plan was to fly above the desert, searching for her spiritual pressure. Hopefully she was with some other Arrancar who had strong spiritual pressures which could be tracked even easily than hers, which was not so high.

As he flew across the endless sea of sand, Marcus did found a few powerful spiritual pressures around. But, those belonged to the fifth and the sixth Espada, who seemed to be together at a certain part of the desert. But, the person who Marcus needed to find was not with them, there were no traces of her spiritual pressure there. Since she was not there, he did not approach the two other Arrancar, who were probably having some sort of private conversation. Or, they could be training. But, either way, disturbing them was not such a smart idea. Instead, the brown haired one kept on going further into the desert, still searching for his precious charming Fraccion. He needed to be sure that she was safe, since she was quite valuable to him. Something about her made Marcus always happy while she was around. He could not explain it, but, that is just how things were with her.

At the moment he was quite disturbed since a certain someone woke him up from his sleep, such a great dream he had. Sadly, it ended just when the good part was about to start. In order to calm himself down, Marcus needed his Fraccion to make him laugh. Without her, he was hopeless. And just when he was about to give up, something happened. Out of a sudden, from a few meters away the young looking Arrancar hooked up an spiritual pressure, a quite strong one. On his surprise, it did not belong to a Espada or to his Fraccion, it was the spiritual pressure of a Shinigami. Judging by the power which it held, this man was probably a captain. But, he was not alone, there were numerous Arrancar near him. Among this Arrancar, Marcus finally located his Fraccion. Oh the joy, she was safe and alive. Not only that, she was with numerous Espada members, which were probably strong enough to protect her.

Even though he knew that she was safe, Marcus decided to go in and take care of the Captain Shinigami. He had faith into his Espada, but this was not some weakling, all of the Captain of the Gotei 13 squads were tricky foes. Their abilities could be equal to those of the Espada, or even weaker, but they were still wise and sneaky. Just in case, Marcus had decided to join the crowd. He looked around, and if Scion was there, he would have said: "Go back to where the sixth and the fifth Espada are and tell them to come and meet me." If Scion was not there, he would not have said anything. Instead, he would just launch himself towards the ground at the highest level of speed which he could use. Not only that, he built up a lot of power in his right fist, ready to punch the ground.

Upon reaching the white sand, Marcus would have punched the ground, using his fastest and strongest punch. The ground would shake as he broke trough, towards the forest of Menos.

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Passing Trough....
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