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 Dokatsu Oda

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Dokatsu Oda

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PostSubject: Dokatsu Oda   Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:02 pm


Name: Dokatsu Oda
Nickname(s): Oda
Age: 1000
Visual Age: 21

Gender: Male
Rank Primera's Fraccion
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 175

Body Frame: Muscular
Blood Type: AB+
Sound of Voice: Deep, manly
Appearance: Dokatsu is six foot even. He has long, wavy, dark brown hair.
His hair actually comes down to his shoulder blades. His shoulders are broad,
at his shoulders he isfour feet wide. Each arm is three inches in diameter, as
well as three feet long even. He is white, but not pale. He has a scar across his
left check from a battle from long ago. His legs take up most of his hieght,
coming up to three and a half feet each. They are five inches in diameter, and
muscular. He actually looks like he spends most of his time running. He is also
more hairry then most Arrancars, he has hair all over his arms, legs, and some
hair on his chest. His hollow hole is on the right side of his chest, and his mask
fragment is on his forhead, coming back and covering the sides of the top of
his head, including his ears. At the top of it are two wolf ear-like fragments,
which he uses for his ears.

He wears a white, sleeveless coat. He wears no shirt, so that he can show off
the abbs he has on his stomach, and his chest hair. He wears long, black pants.
They're sort of baggy, but not that much. He also wears a belt, and the buckle
is a picture of a howling wolf. He wears size eleven and a half shoes, and the
shoes are black with blood red splotches, making it look like blood splatter.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: He likes to spend time out in the wilderness, re-living his life as a wolf-like hollow.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Those who respect him, fighting

Dislikes- Those who think they are stronger then him, losing fights

Personality: Dokatsu is a very proud person, he is proud of his abilities,
and finishes those people off who say that he is not as strong as them. He does
not listen to anyone, unbless he knows for a FACT that they are stronger then him,
then he is respectful. Even though he is respectful to those who are stronger then
him, that does not mean he will not train and try to become stronger then those
stronger then him.

Dokatsu is also a big show-off. If he sees a girl that he deems worthy to be his,
which is not often, he shows off his strength and is a general flirt. He will cpick up
and/or cut gigantic boulders, run at incredible speeds for no apparent reason, and
slaughter his enemies with no holding back.

Defining Characteristics: His strange mask fragment, and his lust for blood.
Specialties: Fighting.
Fighting type: Power house
History/Background: He was born in a small town He had been royalty, and his life
had been grand. Or so he thought. Little did he know, he was hated by most, if not all,
of his subjects by the time he had taken up the thrown for only a year. they decided to
overthrow him, so they round up all the villagers and went on the attack. When he
caught ear of their plan he called all his knights to save him, but they did not move. They
actually JOINED the villagers. Thic was bad, he took up his sword, and fought. Fought
as though his life depended on it, and he killed off many villagers, and a few knights. But
the numbers were against him, and he eventually lost. His General, took his own sword
and cut off his head with it. When he looked up, he saw a wolf......Wait a moment. What
am I doing? This wasn't Dokatsu's human life....

He was born poor, in the town of Karakura. His family had not the money to pay for
school, so he had to work at age nine. At age sixteen he had to move out of the house.
He was sad, but not afraid. He went out into the world, with his head held high and his
pride even higher. Even though he lived in a cardboard box he felt like king of the world,
until he became sick. Very sick. So sick, that he died. Not only died, but died in agony. He
squirmed and thrashed for hours, but all that did was make the pain worse. He felt like he
was burning from the inside out. Finally it happened, the sweet release of death came. He
opened his eyes, and there before him was a wolf....Dang it, this isn't Dokatsu's human life

In truth Dokatsu has eaten so many souls, that he can not remember his human life. The
earliest he could remember was being a wolf hollow, eating souls and howling at the
ever-shining moon. For all Dokatsu knew, he was BORN in Hueco Mundo, but he did not
really care that much. All he cared about from his past was the day he became an Arrancar,
in short the happiest day of his life. He had just deffeated, and eaten, and 3rd seat Shinigami,
and became a Vasto Lorde. He remembered laughing maniacally as the power surged
through him. Then he laughed once more, he met his first Captain. His name had been Aizen.
Just as Dokatsu was about to attack, Aizen had given him a proposition, a proposition of power.

This Shinigami, this "Aizen", had told him that he could give him the chance to be more
powerful then Dokatsu could ever HOPE to have without Aizen. Dokatsu was, of course,
intreged. So he listened to Aizen, and let him use what Aizen called the "Hogyoku" on him.
For the second time that day Dokatsu felt the power flow through him, and then he was
told to rip off his mask. As he did part of it broke off near his chin, but most of his instinctual
urges had all but disappeared, and he looked sort of like a Shinigami. Dokatsu laughed
maniacaly, insanely, uncontrolably. He had become an Arrancar.

Dokatsu Is now the proud Fraccion of the primera espada.
Role-play Sample: Jor'lo felt the Hollows' Pressure. He had been in his room, thinking
up battle plans. Looks like this will be a fun day. He said as he stood up. He grabbed
his blade with both hands. "Bankai.......Rosokaku....." He said, going into Bankai. His
swords split into two, curved, and lengthened by a foot. Then the blades burst into
flames, then BECAME flames. He bowed his head, then Shunpo'd to the only familiar
Reiatsu outside. It was Hayami. "It is begun!" He yelled. Then he ran to the group of
Vasto Lordes.

"Flaming Protection..." He said as he drug his sword along the ground around them. A
gigantic dome of fire, the exact width that he had dragged his sword around them, came
up over them. "Th......There. That shall hold them for a while...." Jor'lo said. He then
looked at the Menos Grandes. "You're next." He said. Then he ran towards them.

When he reached them he slashed at one, stabbed one in the middle of it's face, then
pointed his two swords to his sides. "Hell Fire!" He yelled, launching flames to his left
and right, straight towards at least thirty of the buggers. This was all out chaos, and he
loved it. (Just so you know, I am also Jor'lo Dosene.) [/center].
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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: Dokatsu Oda   Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:43 am


First off, fix the layout of your history. I'm not sure what happened, but it is an eyesore.

Secondly, no Vasto Lorde for Fraccion. Only top 4 Espada may be Vasto Lorde.

Thirdly, there is no Aizen, nor is there a Hougyoku. You may want to scrap this history all together and simply start over.

Edit: Missed it the first time, but your specialty cannot be fighting related.
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Dokatsu Oda
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