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 The Exit of the Mcqueen

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Azulon Kasshu
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PostSubject: The Exit of the Mcqueen   Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:32 pm

As a man laid waste on the floor he had a dream.In this dream the man was seeing his vast memory spread throughout time.First he seen his childhood.Such a fun one the man had.So much killing so much love so much hate.All the man kept seeing was him hacking and slashing at a women he once called mother.This was his adopted mother from the Mcqueen family but Blake did not care.He slashed at her violently and did not want to stop.He slashed so much that her white meat and bone began to show.All you could see in the boys face was love and joy from the anger he showed upon the world.But as he went for 1 final flash,The slash that would of took his mothers head off his captain Tadashii appeared and grabbed the boys hand.He began to speak at a low tone "Alex my boy.What are you doing?"The boy looked at Tadashii and and began to shed tears.As this memory turned nightmare faded away another would start.He was now an adult and he was drinking saki and he was very drunk.He was going around kicking people but this was no surprise.As he went to walk to this beautiful female his dream shattered and he woke up.This man was non other then 3rd seat Alexander Mcqueen of squad 1.As Alex stood up he began to look around.He noticed a paper boy walking and and Alex screamed "Yo you.Tell captain Tadashii that im going for a walk."As Alex said this he looked at another shinigami and said "Open the gates.Im rather tired."As Alex told the man to do it the senkai gates opened and a white light would beam out.Alex jumped into the gate and he made vanished.

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PostSubject: Re: The Exit of the Mcqueen   Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:45 am

This flickering light that he had seen in the Senkai dimension somehow reminded the man of salvation. It was in Seireitei, this den of Shinigami, that he truly felt powerful. His hunger was somehow... calmed in this dimension, there was no such needs anymore. His Reiatsu though for the moment, is invisible intentionally so, as the private Senkai gate guards are busy playing with their cards, thinking that the gate had no visitors through as Hans had stepped within the dimension through the gate at the last instant.

It was a dark and late night. A time where the boogeymen would prowl, guards are sleepy, and those with the luxury of rest, would do so with haste.

Like a Shinobi, Hans would nonchalantly waltz out of the guard's view of notice in this dark night, and would be free to walk around in Seireitei. Having a sketchy knowledge of the place thanks to the information he was given by Alex, he is an unintended visitor, therefore no records should come into place of his arrival through the gates. The most careless guards most certainly didn't notice him anyways, and the aisles he ran through, the corridors of walls which is slanted in the form of a maze, most certainly was empty, no form of life around. Hans himself calmed himself to a walk as he felt no more looming presences, no more guards, that are patrolling the area, that he had successfully evaded with little effort. At this point, absorbing a small fraction of the ground and letting off a small emission. No longer will this Reiatsu be associated with Alex McQueen's, as it is quite mixed but assuredly 'Shinigami', making an identity of it's own that would be measurable to a 20th seat.

Henceforth, he made his way through the maze of corridors to look for the division of his choice, but with perhaps an added help would chance permit? It is after all an alien dimension to the Earthly native. Otherwise undetected for now with no evidences left behind.

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PostSubject: Re: The Exit of the Mcqueen   Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:31 pm

As the shingami ran with the captain he found himself being followed by a powerful man. Sai couldn't fathom the fact that he had Captain Tetsuya on his shoulders and that he was running through his own damn home from a psycho gorilla type man, but the thing that made Sai angry was that the monkey man had a kido gun and was beating the holy shit out of everyone with it. This made Sai very wary and confused as to how this man got into the Soul Society but Sai figured it out. This was Blake Phoenix killer in the flesh. Sai wanted to stay and fight but this was going to be hard with an injured captain with him so Sai decided to keep on moving jumping from building to building until he reached his goal. Sai took a giant leap into the air off of one building sending him high into the sky hopefully he would land in his exact place of choice.

20 minutes later

As Sai finally began to land he fell into the ground making a large whole in it's floor. Sai then looked around and found himself in division one and they began to scream "Sir we just got news of what happened to your division. As we did of a traitor who fled to karakura town under the name Tetsu and we have a picture of him for you." Sai smirked as he noticed it was a senkaimon gate opened so he decided to go take a look inside and go kill that Tetsu follow along the way. As Sai waved to all the subordinates of squad 1 he smiled and turned his head with a menacing face heading to karakura.

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PostSubject: Re: The Exit of the Mcqueen   Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:49 pm

Rips on the waistline meant that the monkey suit is less reliable as a disguise than ever as the smart guards will catch on and no longer be convinced. Therefore following this ass bandit was a better choice, leaping behind him in swifter ones than the Lieutenant's more distanced leaps, therefore by taking smaller leaps, Byron had the advantage of able to maneuver much better as a result. Leaping over several walls, floors and rooftops as a result as he made it so he landed safely for some time, maybe 20 minutes?

Afterwards, Byron realized this was the SAME dimensional gateway doohickey he travelled through. Deciding to follow the Shinigami 4th Division Lieutenant carrying the Captain through the gate way as it closed behind Byron, with Byron himself running now after going through the 1st Division and not leaping anymore as a result of having a floor to run on, and plus it won't be a great idea because it's dark... and by movie genres, it is a wise thing not to go into the dark. Best for Byron to play safe than sorry, and with that policy, he got the former result. Stealth before going into the Senkaimon didn't take precedence over swiftness and time. He was fortunate that he went through the gate before any protocols or actions by the Shinigami are performed to prevent Byron from escaping.


Meanwhile, the guard scratched his head as he saw a monkey jump into the closing Senkaimon, sighing as he realized that this must be a weirdo that Sai had brought along, and ignored it because he wouldn't care what went to Karakura town. Scratching his head as he sighed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Exit of the Mcqueen   

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The Exit of the Mcqueen
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