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 Takashi Akira

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PostSubject: Takashi Akira   Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:37 pm


Name: Takashi Akira
Nickname(s): Bunny
Age: 1265
Visual Age: 22

Gender: Male
Division: 3rd, 5th, or 6th Squad (which ever has an open spot)
Rank: Lt.
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Weight: 190

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: Blood type O
Sound of Voice: Not deep, but not girlish.
Appearance: (I really suck at appearances)

Takeshi doesn't care about appearance much. Takashi left arm is covered by a red armor that goes down to his elbow and up to his shoulder. Connected to his armor and covering most of his chest (leaving his right shoulder uncovered) Takashi wears a light layer of chain mail. Nothing serious that would slow him down, but enough to be able to block an weak attack. Takashi wears two brown leather gloves with holes in the top for his knuckles and fingers to be shown. Takashi also wears yellow sweat pants that allow him to move freely without restriction. Takashi has blue eyes with spiky hair. Takashi is somewhat taller then the average man.
Introvert/Extrovert: Neither.
Hobbies: Meditating, psychology, and gaining knowledge
Likes and Dislikes:
Likes- Nature, music, solitude, training, meditating, cats.

Dislikes- Fighting, hidden motivation, not muching else.

Takeshi is a very intelligent man, but doesn't show it since he is very shy too. He often surprises people when he talks because everything he says is always short, simple, and quickly to the point He is always seen meditating in the wide open space of the forest away from other squad members. If he isn't found in the forest meditating, he's off training alone. Takeshi is the man who keeps his cool no matter what situation he is placed in and usually show no emotion during work. Although he is shy, he is easy to get along with if he allows you near him. The one thing admire about Takeshi is his ability to not hesitate in battle, whoever his opponent is he won't hesitate to cut him down, although he cares very little to if his opponent is evil or good. Even though he is one not to hesitate he actually hates to battle and draw his sword against his opponent. He is often seen fighting an opponent using nothing but kido spell, until he is force to draw his zanpoktu out in battle. Due to this dislike of fighting, when training with others he doesn't he know, he often hold back his power and allows himself to be beaten quite often, making people believe he is very weak.

Defining Characteristics: Takashi is the person who studies an opponent before making a move. He knows everyone weakness and knows how to play people to his advantage.
Specialties: Great memory.
Fighting type: Close Combatant
Takashi lead the life of a normal kid while living. He was born in Japan to an average wealth family, not over the top rich, but enough money to live in a good neighborhood and send Takashi to a well known private school. His family was always a quiet family and never discussed tragedies or any real emotions with each other. There was little love in the household, but it was a happy childhood nonetheless. Takashi went to a public middle school where, because of his small stature he had always been picked on and made fun of. It was because of this that when entering high school he asked his parents to send him to a private school.

He was sent to an all boys private school when he entered high school and these were the best four years of his life. Takashi has always been an amazing reader and loved to read all sorts of books and because of this he excelled in school and passed all of his advanced classes with honors. Sports wise, Takashi wasn't the sports type but he did excel at track and field(not so much the field part). It was through track that Takashi met his first and only lover his first year at the school, Souichirou Vega. Unlike Takashi, Souichirou was great at all sports, but he wasn't the best in academics. They began to hang out when Takashi started tutoring him in order to keep him on the track team. It was through these lessons that Takashi and Souichirou fell in love.

They dated for their entire stay in high school and even continued dating as they went to the same college. While most people didn't agree with their relationship, those who did always saw them as the perfect couple and they were. They were never afraid to be affectionate to one another in public and spent almost all of their time together. It was one night after they were coming home from having a romantic dinner together that the attack happened. As they walked from the restaurant they were approached by a group of men all carrying pocket knives in their hands.

"Well well well, look what we have here guys, the two gay lovers Takashi and Souichirou." The largest thug and most likely the leader said to his friends while laughing. The others laughed with him and then he turned back to face them with a much more serious look to his face and in his tone.

"We don't like your gay asses parading around here in the public. Go take your sick relationship somewhere else and stop trying to infect the world with your gay disease." Souichirou let go of Takashi's hand and stepped forward.

"Why don't you go masturbate your friends off like I know you do every night and leave us the hell alone. Just because your a fat ugly bastard and will never even come close to having a real relationshi...." He was cutoff as the thug lunged forward with his knife aimed for Souichirou's chest. Souichirou however, the athlete that he was easily sidestepped to the right and extended his left foot out tripping the thug causing him to fall chin first onto the hard concrete below. In second the rest of the thugs on Souichirou grabbing his arms and forcing him to his knees.

"RUN Takashi! GET OUT OF HERE QUICK!" Souichirou screamed. Takashi hesitated because he feared of what might happen if he left, but the pleading look in Souichirou's eyes convinced him to turn around and run face first into the first thugs chest. Takashi fell to the ground and looked up at the wall of a man he ran into.

"And where do you think your going gay? Get him guys" Once again thugs surrounded Takashi and forced him to his knees looking directly at Souichirou. The large thug walked over to Souichirou and in one swift motion cut the side of his face with his pocket knife. Blood spattered onto the ground and Souichirou screamed in pain, while Takashi scream in shock. "ICHI!" Holding up Souichirou's face by his chin the thug knelt down and looked Souichirou in the eyes.

"Got any other smart ass comments
?" Souichirou started into the thugs eyes before spitting right in his open mouth. The thug backed away in terror and began vomiting next to Takashi and the other thugs. In anger he turns around and began slashing at Souichirou countless times aiming for no place in particular, but only to at this point kill him. Souichirou made no sounds during this onslaught, but the blood splattering all over the ground and onto Takashi showed that he was indeed being murdered before Takashi's eyes.

"STOP IT! PLEASE!" Takashi screamed. The thug seeming to have regained his senses stop slashing at Souichirou's now limp and lifeless body. He looked down at his victim and smiled maliciously and began cackling loudly while the other thugs around him looked mortified. They had not intended to kill anyone tonight and it didn't seem like they were enjoying this as much as their leader was. Tears began streaming from Takashi's eyes as he began to cry softly until he heard Souichirou cough. He looked up and saw as Souichirou lifted his head, smiled at Takshi, and then spit a large gob of blood right onto the large thugs chest and shirt.

"You just won't fucking die eh? Bring the little shit Takashi over here.!" The large thug yelled as the thugs holding Takashi moved him forward so he was only inches from Souichirou's face. The large thug walked around Souichirou's body and knelt down behind him now holding his head up while the other thugs moved away. He lifted Souichirou's chin and put the blade to his neck. Souichirou didn't even flinch as he stared into Takashi's watery eyes and mouthed the words: "I'm sorry, I love you Takashi".

The blade slid across his through as the blood spattered all over Takashi's face and body. Souichirou's now dead body slumped to the ground in a pool of his own blood. At this point all of the other thugs had run away leaving only Takashi and the large thug. The overgrown thug walked over to Takashi now and smiled. "Are you gonna cry now?" Takashi said nothing. "Answer me!" Again Takashi said nothing and didn't move. He only stared at Souichirou's body and blood.

The thugs slashed Takashi in the face and once again Takashi didn't move. The blood poured down his face as the thug grabbed Takashi by the back of the head and shoved his face into the ground right into Souichirou's pool of blood. The thug pulled Takashi up by the hair and looked Takashi in the eyes. Tears mixed with Souichirou's blood streamed down his face creating tears of blood on his face. The thug simple looked disgusted, took the knife, held it to Takashi's neck and slashed. The blood shot out of his neck, much like it had done when it happened to Souichirou and the thug dropped his body and walked away.

Takashi lay motionless, bleeding to death alone. he turned his head to look at Souichirou's face and noticed that he was smiling. It seemed as if Souichirou was smiling at Takashi and saying everything was going to be alright. It was something that he had always done and said to Takashi and Takashi could even hear his voice. He reached out and grabbed hold of Souichirou's hand as he and Souichirou's blood mixed together on the concrete floor. Takashi smiled ans squeezed Souichirou's hand........and Souichirou squeezed back as they both exited the world of the living...together.

Rukongai, The Academy, and the Gotei 13

Takashi awoke some time later in a brown shack in the area of West Rokungai known as Hokutan. As he stood up he noticed that he was wearing a black robe and brown sandals, but strangest of all was the crimson sheath attached to his left hip. Takashi reached down and pulled the sheath off and pulled the sword out from the sheath. It was a beautiful sword no doubt, and the hilt was just as crimson as as the sheath it came from. Sheathing the swords once more and placing it back on his left hip Takashi stood up and walked outside wondering where he was.

As he looked around he realized he was in the middle of a beautiful field surround by trees. Just then a man dressed in very similar attired as Takashi walked out from the dense trees carrying a bag of what appeared to be groceries. The man stopped and looked at Takashi with wide eyes, and Takashi stared back. For a few moments they both just stared at each other before the man finally started walking toward the shack that Takashi has just exited from. Takashi turned and followed the man with his eyes as the man spoke out loud to Takashi in a loud deep voice. "Well don't just stand there kid, follow me."

Having nothing to lose Takashi followed the man back into the shack where he had begun to prepare some sort of meal for the two of them. Takashi sat in silence as he watched the man's muscular frame walk around the shack as he gathered ingredients for the meal and cooked it. After some time the man turned around to face Takashi and flashed a sly grin. "You must be very hungry because you've been staring at me the whole time like you want to eat me." Instantly Takashi blushed, not know that what he was doing was so obvious and he looked away as he spoke softly. "Not even."

"So what is your name then kid?" The man inquired.

"Takashi Akira." Takashi replied.

"I'm Yukimura. Nice to meet you." The man replied as he reached a hand out to shake Takashi's who did not make the same motion. The man stared at Takashi for a moment and then retracted his hand and returned to cooking. After minutes of silence he turned to face Takashi once more.

"Your not the most talkative person are you? Well I figure your wondering how you got here eh? I found you lying in the woods with that sword attached to you. You were leaking out massive amounts of reiatsu and you kept saying 'Souichirou' over and over. So I brought you here to rest and for your own safety." The man explained to Takashi who simply nodded in response. Souichirou. Takashi remembered it now. The blood, the death, the smile. Takashi looked up at the man an asked a simple, yet strange question.

"You are a fighter. Will you train me?" Takashi asked.

"That was my main intention in bringing you here. But after some thought, it would be unwise. Instead I will be sending you off to the Academy." Yukimura replied.

"The Academy?" Takashi wondered.

"The Soul Society Academy, they can help you train your reaistu to be able to use for combat or whatever you like. They will also teach you how to use that Zanpaktou you have their," Yukimura responded pointing to the sword that Takashi held.

After Yukimura concluded that he has nothing left to tell Takashi he sent him about to the Academy and the Gotei 13 where he had been a high ranked member of the kidou corps. He convinced Takashi to leave him and train at the academy and before leaving he gave Takashi his crimson haori. Takashi traveled to the soul society where he then joined the academy and because of his high spiritual pressure he was able to easily graduated from the Academy in a very short amount of time. He was placed in the Kidou Corps because of his talent and skill in using Kidou. Again he acended the ranks with astonishing speed ending up only a few steps below the captain of the Kidou Corps. During a battle with a hollow that absorbed Kidou however, Takashi was forced to release his Zanpakuto.

Once his commanding officer saw his Zanpakuto and its abilities, he recommended that Takashi try out for a ranked position in the Gotei 13. He suggested either the 5th division, 6th division or 3rd division and after doing some research Takashi decided to try out for the Lt. of 6th division position. Though he had never been a seated officer before he figured that his skill would allow him to receive the position and if not he would work his way up.
Role-play Sample: (This is here if you want to have an account of elite status. A link to a topic is always preferred over a singular post.)
I was rp'ing a friend, but can provide a better one if needed.
Shara v.s. Me as takashi[/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Takashi Akira   Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:53 am

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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: Takashi Akira   Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:50 am

I understand that you weren't trying to be offensive, but please watch the use of words such as "fag". Even though it was simply another person in your history, some people are offended by the word itself, regardless of the context.

Now moving on.. The guy training you, and you learning Kidou and gaining your Zanpaktou before the Academy, is a no-no. Kidou and Zanjutsu is taught at the Academy, no exceptions.

As for the LT status, you'd have to speak to the Captain of the respective squad. Since your history seems to favor the 6th division, Stein would be the man to speak with.
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PostSubject: Re: Takashi Akira   Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:12 pm

Ok, I edited the "fag" thing (sorry about that :<).
I edited the part about the training.
I am on medication so I pretty much just deleted the stuff instead of replacing it, so if I need to just tell me to add more about something and I Should be able to do it.
As for the Lt. status, I think I will have to be approve as a regular member of the 6th Division as Stein isn't accepting Lt atm (But oh I will change his mind later v_v.)
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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: Takashi Akira   Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:34 pm

It's fine, you didn't have to edit it out, I was just stating for future reference.

The length of the history is fine, you're all good.


Good luck making LT. ;D
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PostSubject: Re: Takashi Akira   

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Takashi Akira
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