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 Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant

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Hijami Kemiko


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PostSubject: Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant   Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:19 am


Name: Hijami Kemiko(first last)
Nickname(s): Bloody rose
Age: 160
Visual Age:20

Gender: Female
Division: 8
Rank: Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5.9
Weight: 102 lbs

Body Frame: Small
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice:Serious with a gentle undertone to it, making it pleasant to listen to.
Appearance: Kemiko has knee-long blood red hair that usually is pulled back with a flat, crown-alike figure made out of silver. This leaves her hair hanging down her back, legs and shoulders while leaving her face free, Kemiko tends to leave two bangs loose to frame her face. As for clothing she wears a standard shinigami uniform. The uniform consists of two parts, a upper and a lower. The upper part is identical to the common shinigami uniform, yet its sleeves hugs her arms more than the normal uniform. The lower part of the uniform is tied around her waist and is held up by a narrow white obi that is tied on the front like a belt, leaving her belly exposed. The lower part itself is just like a normal shinigami uniform from the waist and down.
Hobbies: drinking tea, ordering people around, reading.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes Being complimented when she has done some hard work, tea, thick books, people who knows how to act with manners and respect, a good fight.

Dislikes hot-headed and disrespectful people, honorifics, rain.


Being a member of the noble Hijami Family, Kemiko puts the honor and rules of the family very high, since disobeying the rules is one of the worst crimes you can do. She talks with manner and respect towards everyone, but only if they are fourth seat and above, since those below isn't what she considers high ranking status. You will often find her training, reading a book, polishing her zanpaktou, or sit alone with a cup of tea.
Kemiko isn't the most social person. She puts others in front of herself, and will often go over her own limits to protect the innocent and her squad mates. She doesn't have any real friends among the divisions, not even in her own. Despite her lack of showing emotion towards others, and her liking of being alone, she does enjoy to meet new people, see new places and in a few occasions, have fun. On the outside she might seem like a emotionless, strict lieutenant, but on the inside she`s just a kind hearted woman who wants to protect those close to her.

Defining Characteristics:
Specialties: Leadership and cooking
Fighting type: Samurai

Living act:

Kemiko was born on June the 6th, a hot summer evening. She grew up in a middle-class area. Kemiko was an only child, and her parents could not afford her the most expensive things, but there was food on the table every night and a holiday or two now and then, their life was simple and happy. It was on her ten year old birthday that everything went wrong. When her mother was down in the bank to get the money that she was gonna buy Kemiko`s birthday gift with, a robbery took place. Her mother was among 21 other people that were shot that day.

Her father started to drink after the death of his wife, but he remained sane enough to work, which meant they didn`t have to starve. It was like someone had blown out all the warmth in their apartment. No one was smiling and kissing them good morning when they awoke those lazy Sunday mornings, no happy greeting followed by a hug when you came home from work(or school in Kemiko`s case). At last, it became too much for her father. A December morning, her father took a gun and shot her in the head before shooting himself, he didn`t want to be alone in the afterlife...

Spirit act:

At first, Kemiko thought she was just in a dream. She was standing next to her own body, which was laying on the floor with a bullet through the head. Hugging the dead body, with a bullet through the neck, was her father, neither was breathing. She had some somewhat strange chain in her chest, and it was broken halfway. She had only been there for two days, and already two links of the chain had disappeared while she took a nap or two.

After strolling randomly through the streets of japan for five days, wondering why no one noticed her, a large creature wearing a mask suddenly approached her, laughing happily over finding such an unusual strong spiritual power in a spirit. Right as the hollow was about to attack, a man wearing, what seemed to be a black kimono(a shinigami uniform), sprung down from a roof, cutting the hollow clean in half.

The man was 6.1 feet tall and appeared to be first in his 20`s. He kneeled down and patted the scared Kemiko on the head, saying she should not be afraid, after all, he had just saved her life. Kemiko blushed, he was handsome with his dark long hair and Grayish black eyes. He told his name was Daiku Hijami, and that they would meet again in rukongai. He placed the hilt of his blade onto her forehead, and gave the young Kemiko a little smile, as she disappeared into spirit particles.

Rukongai act:

Kemiko was fairly lucky. She was "reborn", in the 31 district of rukongai, meaning that the standards was fairly better than those in the 60th and above district of the town. It did not take her long to find an abandoned house, right next to the west gate, that lead into seireitei were the shinigami`s lived. Kemiko spend around two years in rukongai, before "faith", ran past her door. It was a sunny morning in rukongai that the west gates was opened, and some shinigami walked out onto the street, looking around to find the run-away shinigami that had fled from his cell during the night. Daiku was there, wearing a 4th seat band, looking as if he had cut his hair slightly since last she saw him.

As Kemiko left her little house and ran towards them, it only took Daiku a few seconds to recognize her. The other shinigami was first surprised over seeing their 4th seat officer embrace a young unknown girl who was dressed in a dirty kimono. After Daiku and the others returned to the west gate the same evening, an amazing sight meet them, or at least amazing for Daiku. At the gate, that had opened for them to enter, Kemiko was standing, holding a massive ball of reaitsu in her hand.
This led to Daiku taking her with him and his squad into the seireitei, were he would enroll her into the academy.

Academy act:

In her first year in the acadamy, nothing seemed to be special about Kemiko. Her grades in sword fighting was slightly higher than the average student, but else she seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, scoring middle, sometimes high grades in each lesson.

During her second year however, was were the changes began to happen. She began having odd dreams about a burning field of flowers. In the first couple of weeks with the dream, it seemed like she was the only thing there. One day, halfway through her second year, and were the dreams had been going on for 4 months, she meet someone in the dream. He stood around 7.1, had long flowing red hair and was wearing a black and red battle hataka(kimono for men). She asked him who he was and what his name was, but all she got in return was some mumbling words she couldn't hear

Becoming a Hijami act:

The news that a second year acadamy student had met her zanpaktou spread throughout the seireitei, and eventually reached even the 13 protection squads. The news of a young acadamy student who had excellent skills in swordsmanship had already been spreading over a long period of time, and it was a surprise that it was the same youngster who had met her zanpaktou spirit

When Daiku heard of it, he decided that it was now he would put his plan into motion, his plan of getting Kemiko into the Hijami family, they already had a close father/daughter relationship, but he wanted her to become apart of his family. He confronted her with his idea, and at first, Kemiko straight out refused it, he captain of the 11th division had already applied for her to become apart of his squad because of her swordsmanship skills. Daiku began to explain that the family was not a squad and she could live with him in the Hijami main manor, and the entire family would become her family.

After three months of thinking, a meeting was set up with the head of the Hijami family so it would become official. Daiku began to explain her abilities and time in seireitei, also why he was close to her. The one leading the meeting, an elder Hijami, lifted his hand and silenced Daiku, and then began to ask the young Kemiko about her will to join the family. Her words seemed to touch the elder Hijami, but he held it in and began to discuss it with the head of the family. After a few minutes, the leader approved the adoption and signed under. Daiku was now official the father to Kemiko.

Meeting Seikomao and a new beginning.

It was during her 30th year in the 11th division that she began to have dreams again, yet this time it was of a burning castle instead of a burning field. Once again the samurai in black and red showed himself to her, yet this time he actually talked. "I through you had forgotten about me, Kemiko-san..My name is..."". Every time he was gonna say his name, an explosion of fire would prevent Kemiko from hearing it. As she entered her 35th year in the division, his name began to sound more and clearer Once day, she finally heard it. "My name is...Seikomao!". From that day and forth, Kemiko began to train her new found abilities.

Kemiko did really have very good skills when it came to kido, but due to her shikai abilities with fire, the captain of the 11th division didn`t see her fit to be in the division anymore. She was transferd to the 8th division, and started out as a 7th seat, mostly spending her time on sorting out messages and doing paperwork. As her abilities with her shikai became better and she kept proving herself to be a good leader on missions, the captain of the 8th division, decided to promote her, granting her the lieutenant spot of the 8th division.

Role-play Sample: (taken from anthoder site)

The travelers nest, the ideal place if you want to get drunk, find some company for the night or simply have a chat with the local shinobi and villages. The Tavern itself had been around for at least 100 years and had been run by the same family in now 6 generations. The current owners was a 56 year old man who worked at the blacksmith normally, and his wife that was around his age. Normally it was the wife who took care of the serving at night, but tonight her husband was standing behind the counter, taking in orders and handing out the drinks to the paying customers. The tavern itself was a building made out of 2 floors. On the first floor the bar itself was, and on the second was serval rooms you could rent for the night, but now and then it happened the locals could sleep for free in one of the cheaper rooms. The bar was a long wooden counter with serval high bar chairs standing against it. The popular liquid was located at serval long counters on the wall behind the counter and the strongest and least touched kinds of liquid was located in the backroom, it was something very few drank. Many round wooden tables with black chairs around it was placed in a half moon shape around the bar. A stair in the far eastern corner let up to the second floor, the most activity on that stair was the drunkards trying to get up the steps or the loving couples going up to have some night fun in a hard one-person bed.

The tavern was fairly filled tonight, but due to the rain outside it was not as filled as it would on a common evening. It was around 23 am and the only customers seemed to be the locals that were enjoying a return from a mission they were talking loudly about. The only person who really stood out in the crowd was a young woman sitting at a corner table. She was wearing a dark aqua blue top with white outlines and long sleeves. The top itself was wrapped tightly around her fairly busty chest, leaving her belly exposed. She was wearing a pair of dark aqua blue shorts that went halfway down to her knees and a pair of black knee high shinobi boots. A weapon pouch was located on her left and right hip, as well as a kunai holster being tied to her left thigh on the outside the shorts. A large sword was resting on the table in front of the woman and she was holding her right hand less than two inches away from the handle, meaning that she was looking out for thieves. The woman had a leather belt tied around her waist with a smaller leather strap extending over her left shoulder, it was apparently a sword holster without doubt meant for the massive sword of hers. The woman herself had a soft light brown tan, dark brown hair that was tied into four braids that reached down to her thighs. A headband around her forehead confirmed her to be a ninja of the village, but what her rank was what hard to tell. A half empty bottle of "Strawberry "Fire", a slightly strong liquid, was placed in front of her next to an almost empty glass. Due to the birthmarks that resembled two claw marks and the large sword, it could only be the daughter of the former swordsman that now was the local blacksmith. Her name was Jun, well it was the name most people knew her by since she hated her real name, which was Julina.

She seemed to be sitting by herself and no one really seemed to pay attention to her, apparently it was one of the few nights she could not be seen hanging out with the local jounin or chunin that was around her age, if not older. Jun had a reputation of being one of the best drinker in the entire snow village, not a title to be proud off but it was true. Many had tried to drink her under the table, yet none had succeeded yet. Now and then the bartenders would look over at her, probably wondering what she was doing there alone. Even if she had a date or an appointment with someone they were sure late, she had been sitting there for around two hours ago.

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Hijami Kemiko


Posts : 52
Points : 43
Join date : 2010-10-21
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant   Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:13 pm

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Hijami Kemiko


Posts : 52
Points : 43
Join date : 2010-10-21
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant   Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:18 pm

Gamma mistakes fixed and changed it so she is the 8th division lieutenant
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:48 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant   

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Hijami Kemiko 8th division Lieutenant
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