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 Majeh's Character Registration

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PostSubject: Majeh's Character Registration   Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:52 am


Name: Zanza Todou
Nickname(s): Majeh
Age: 18
Visual Age: 14

Gender: Male
Rank: Quincy
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'1
Weight: 160 lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O-
Sound of Voice: eminem
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Reading, Playing games, Training.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Thunderstorms especially the lighting, Playing with electicty, tinkering with objects in order to understand how they work.

Dislikes- His father, Hollows, Most Shinigami, Bad people in genreal, Pretty much anyone who screws with him or those he cares about.

Personality: Majeh has a very introverted personality. After the experiences of dealing with his father at a young age Majeh has developed a personality almost as twisted as the joker from batman. Just like the joker in a sense. Majeh feels nothing when he kills hollows. Not pain or sadness for them which is normal but he also doesn’t get any joy from it. No pride no sense of accomplishment. To him it is his job. When he fails to kill a hollow he will get angry but he will not show it. This might cause him to go overboard if a hollow gives him too much trouble. However this doesn’t just apply to hollows. Even in school Majeh has issues. He doesn’t needlessly pick fights however when he sees someone being picked on by someone weaker then themselves or just doing something wrong it agitates him. Majeh understands his duty as a Quincy. He understands that it is his responsibility to protect average humans. When he sees those humans try to destroy each other or even attack each other even verbally he will not sit by and let it happen. He can tell the difference between playing around teasing and serious insults. He doesn’t really like playing around but he has come to understand that is how people interact now in days and he will not act against those. However in karakura high knows better than to say something insulting or crude near him. He is best known for hanging two kids out a window. They got into a fist fight as he stepped out of the class room so he hung them by their belts out the second floor window. A fall that wouldn’t kill them but would give them broken bones. So it is fairly well known be nice or get shut up.

Defining Characteristics: The massive tatto and extra jewlery he wears that all work towards giveing him additional powers. (As i get my 100 posts and can add techniques i will be useing the tatto and rings for additional technqies.)
Specialties: Tinkering with mechanical objects. Useing these in part with spirtual powers to create new possiblities for abilities and powers.
Fighting type: Ranged Combatant
History/Background: Majeh’s life started with a tragedy. His mother was determined to have an all natural birth for some reason. Unfortunately this desire drove her to try and do it all naturally. When she gave birth Majeh arrived healthy at the end of it but his mother did not. She passed from loss of blood during child birth. Majeh thus started living with his dad. His dad was always a firm believer in the Quincy ways and when his mother died at child birth it was made clear then to his father that the one thing that had been opposing him from raising his son as a Quincy was gone and that he could do as he pleased. The first year of his life Majeh spent most of his time with baby sitters and such because he had to take special medicine to make up for the absence of breast milk. After that he was allowed to go home with his father who put him a room that was full of nothing but stuff with the Quincy symbol on it even the walls. His father had been so excited that he even gave Majeh a tiny plastic bow. Majeh chewed through the rubber band sting and just gnawed on the plastic but his father didn’t care. From the time Majeh was brought home his father would take him into a large part of the estate underground that was pretty much the basement and sit him in a high chair and then perform Quincy moves in front of him. This happened every day for about a year and a half. Then at 3 Majeh just had to sit on the floor and watch. And then from 4 onwards he had to stand perfectly still and watch. If his legs were about to give in his father would glare at him till Majeh quit complaining. At age five two big things happened he started attending school and his father began training him if you could call it that. Every day Majeh got up went to school came home and then his father began his training. They would go to the basement. However on his first day of school Majeh got a surprise his father turned and shot at him. Pure instinct took over his body performing a twist and leaping into the air the arrow shot past him barely missing his feet. Skidding against the floor Majeh had to push off the ground hard as another arrow bounced under him. Majeh couldn’t believe at the time that his father was trying to kill him but after 4 hours straight of dodging arrows Majeh was out of breath and couldn’t move. His father stopped firing. “Are you hurt?” He asked Majeh just glared at him. “Good then go upstairs the maid should have dinner ready.” Majeh live in a massive estate his father was a corporate head in a computers research facility. The things that they did at his father’s work place seriously interested Majeh so when he had free time he would hang out with the lower employees watching them work. His father always told him to watch closely and maybe he would get to do it himself one day. At the time Majeh didn’t realize that was his father’s way of saying that when you’re old enough I’m putting you to work. Majeh continued this pattern. Each day he would go to school study hard then come home and train with his father for hours. Then at dinner they would discuss his training and school. On weekends Majeh wasn’t allowed in the house. He had Friday nights but then Saturday morning at seven am he was thrown out of the house and not let back in until eleven pm on Sunday’s. This forced Majeh to stay fairly social at school so that every week end could be spent at someone else’s house for study groups and such. This wasn’t too hard when he was young it was always as other kids parents would say “Play dates” then as Majeh got older it became more about studying and finally around the same time he started working about dates. This socialization helped in Majeh’s valuing of the unsuspecting humans and added to his duty of wanting to protect them. At age 17 a tragedy left Majeh fatherless. There was an accident at the company and his father ended up getting thrown out a window. Needless to say the man didn’t survive. Majeh didn’t find this difficult to part with. After all he had a massive in heritance and he was already climbing the ladder of the same company. However it was odd to have no one to train with. Zanza had been working with his bow for 7 years at the time of his father’s death and the glove for 3. Now Zanza is in his senior year of high school and still striving to be perfect in all aspects of his life. Quincy, school, friends, women, and his job.
Role-play Sample: Do i need one for basic Qunicy?
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Majeh's Character Registration   Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:20 pm

Approved as a normal quincy.
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Majeh's Character Registration
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