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 Rebecca Seitz - Back in action

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Rebecca Seitz

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PostSubject: Rebecca Seitz - Back in action    Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:01 am


R E B E C C A ♱ S E I T Z
The White Rider
    ♱-| N A M E |-♱
      Her name is a mixture of Hebrew and German. The name 'Rebecca' comes from the Hebrew origin meaning 'bound' or 'to bind'; This was the name her father granted her. The name 'Seitz' (which is literally pronounced as 'sites') however is a German surname which translates roughly to 'strong' or 'conquering'. Despite her name she has Ukrainian blood flowing through her veins. Her middle name 'Josee' is also a Hebrew name just like her first. 'Josee' however means 'Increasing'. So if you roughly put her name together it would be 'Bound Strong', 'Bound Conquering', or 'To Bind Increasing Strong' and so on and so forth

    ♱-| N I C K - N A M E (S) |-♱
      Becca: This is just mainly the shorter version of her name. Used by close friends who enjoy to take shortcuts and refrain from pronouncing her full first name. However only her closer friends are given and told her first name. Other people whom she has just met are given the name 'Caylaya', which is the alias she goes under. This alias was specifically picked out. The story behind that was when Rebecca was younger her mother would tell her how she would have named Rebecca 'Caylaya' if her father never named her. Due to that Rebecca uses Caylaya as her alias.

      Caylaya: This is the name Rebecca gives out to strangers that ask for it or introduce themselves to her as she would introduce herself as Caylaya back in curtsy. Caylaya was suppose to be Rebecca's original name, the one her mother picked out for her while still in the womb. However her dad insisted on naming her Rebecca and so they negotiated and in the end they did name their daughter 'Rebecca'. So Caylaya became Rebecca's alias, this way Rebecca can use the names both her parents wished her to have. Those who become close to Rebecca learn her true name.

      Lil Missy: This nickname is mainly used by her Zanpakuto's 5th manifestation: Sangre. He mainly calls her this to tease her. It's his indirect way of calling her short. Cooing the name with his sweetly demonic voice that annoys Rebecca. Once seeing her annoyance from the nickname Sangre continued to use the nickname and provoking some violent actions from her in some cases. If a stranger by any chance calls her that nickname innocently Rebecca simply responds to pursing her lips and pushing her annoyance to the back of her mind.

      The White Rider: This is an unofficial name given to Rebecca due to her Zanpakuto's shikai form. Riding on top of a steed glowing in pure white armor gives her the appearance of the 'White rider' from the tale of the four horsemen in a sense. She believes the white rider is the concept for her Zanpakuto and her appearance during shikai form. Not to mention the White rider represented pestilence which reflected her zanpakuto's ability in a way. With that some people refer to her as the White Rider, even Rebecca sometimes dubs herself as the white horseman...Well woman.

    ♱-| A G E |-♱
      Rebecca counts up to a One Thousand and six years of age. Quite old, even for a shinigami, Or Vizard in this case. However despite her 'true' age she remains frozen in time, her body and appearance looking that of only eighteen years of age. Youthful and delicate, untouched by the time that has passed with the absence of wrinkles and age spots and the presence of a healthy glow to her skin and a healthy youthful body. There would be absolutely no way of telling her true age. Then again, you can never really correctly question the age of a spiritual being as their appearance never reflects their true age.

    ♱-| G E N D E R |-♱
      Rebecca is clearly seen as female. Even from a first glance you can distinguish that she is a female. This being to her feminine features such as her plump bust, small waist and curvy hips and that other unmentionable lady part that all females possess. Even her face is feminine with nice, sweet, soft gorgeous features and bright expressive eyes not to mention her sweet feminine voice that comes along with her. Even by her clothing, which is either a more rocker chick vibe to a sweet and girly look you would dub her as female. By no means would she be mistaken for a male.

    ♱-| S E X U A L - O R I E N T A T I O N |-♱
      Rebecca is quite strait. She like other strait women find men attractive. However Rebecca isn't phased by naked woman on television and other things. She doesn't like them or hate them. Its just she sees pretty much the same thing in the mirror that Rebecca could care less about the naked woman. To Rebecca they are just....there. She has no attraction for them or engaging in lesbian actions. Even under the influence of alcohol she strays from such actions. She prefers men. What kind you may ask? She prefers men with not to long hair and not to short, a balance in between, preferably in a darker color, on top of that she prefers men with a more mysterious vibe to them. They intrigue her and she wants them to open up to her.

    ♱-| E X - D I V I S I O N |-♱
      Rebecca is on the boarder line of being captain strength...Well not really (lol). All that she lacks is the power of Bankai. However her shikai is quite strong on its own so she can fight off higher level hollows. Rebecca is classified as a Ex-Captain of the Gotei 13. However she lacks a bankai. Much like Zaraki Kenpachi in the sense being that he has a captain position without bankai. But the power level between these two is far. Rebecca isn't some brute powerhouse like Kenpachi It's just the concept of having Captaincy without Bankai. However Rebecca was given captain status due to being the former lieutenant of that division. Rebecca is a former 4th division captain. With that being said she didn't need to focus on fighting capabilities, her focus was mainly on healing. So Bankai wasn't entirely needed for that position. However this doesn't really give her a special edge over others. She was just the most suitable person to fill in the spot. She basically rests at lieutenant level, possibly a little higher.

    ♱-| O T H E R - R E C O R D S |-♱
      Height & Weight: Rebecca is rather short. However this shortness runs in her family with the odd person being taller. Rebecca is quite taller then most of her family. Standing at 5'3 she is taller then her mother, grandmother, aunt and close to the height of her older brother and a few of her uncles. She weighs in at about 138 pounds, this extra weight due to the size of her chest which adds on a few good pounds.

      Body Frame: Rebecca holds a balance between to thin and to wide. Throughout years of running around and training in many area's Rebecca is defined with a nicely toned body. Her waist nips in, her hips curve, and a plump chest that gives her a nice overall hourglass shape. She is slightly on the short side but it all works nicely for her. For her appearance Rebecca is amazingly flexible. This comes form years of training in 'Trick Riding' which flexibility and balance are key to this eventful sport in which Rebecca uses tricks from this sport while engaging in combat with her Steed Duby. Because of this Rebecca's body is toned in many area's such as her stomach, legs and arms.

      Blood Type: Unidentifiable

      Defining Characteristics: Rebecca is always seen with her steed. The only times that she's seen without him is when she decides to wonder into town alone, another characteristic would be her masochistic personality that tends to seep out a bit during battle. Other characteristics are her unique organ and blood type, shining hair, bright expressive emerald green eyes which sometimes are seen in a rich bright crimson color, soft beautiful facial features, a charming smile and a lean and toned body. Another feature on her body is the cross tattoo on the outside of her left calf. And if you look close enough the same cross marking is branded on her steed's right flank.

      Sound Of Voice: Her voice is very feminine and sweet, her voice isn't really high pitch or deep, it is perfectly in the middle, holding a carefree but mature sound to it. Her words are normally spoken softly with a soothing or relaxing and calm tone lingering within her words. Her voice is rather angelic and gifted, being able to hit higher or harder notes, or carry a note on for an extended period of time without any cracking or shakiness while singing which Rebecca tends to do as a way to pass time. With each word she sings a bit of herself is put in her words. Her favorite song to sing to is Anywhere by Evanescence, which is her favorite Romantic-like song.

      Introvert/Extrovert: Rebecca is part ways introvert and part ways Extrovert. She balances somewhere in between the scale. However she tends to lean more to the Extrovert side from time to time. Longing for company and social interaction after being alone for so long. However she does enjoy the silence of being alone some times, this is where her introvert side comes in. Where she enjoys the casualness of her surroundings, even if there is no one with her to share the moment. Most of Rebecca's free time is spend with her steed Duby, who in a way is a part of her, out in the open area's untainted by civilization. However her extrovert side tends to kick in and she will wonder into a nearby town in search of something...

    ♱-| A P P E A R A N C E |-♱
      Rebecca has a very innocent looking image. Her bright green expressive eyes come off as 'cute' to some. With a beautiful natural emerald eye color accompanied with a full youthful lashes. However there have been some times where that emerald hue has faded to a deep and rich crimson color, mainly after the appearance of her inner hollow. Her eyes are her most favored feature to her besides her hair, in which Rebecca will play up her eyes with natural toned eye-makeup that simply flatters her eyes. Her most favorite feature on herself is her long, beautiful hair, in a dirty blonde shade with added highlights and a caramel color dyed in lowlights, which flatter her hair greatly. Her hair gently flows down to just past the small of her back, She adores long hair but her hair isn't to long to the point its going past her butt. It's a perfect length in her eyes, with Bangs that fall just nicely past her brow bone. Her hair has a slight wave to it, but it remains rather strait and healthy, having a beautiful sheen to it, some would even say it glistens in the light. Rebecca's hair delicately frames her face which has a more rounder shape to it, giving it a more softer appeal with no sharply defined chin or cheek bones that stick out. It all blends in softly and beautifully with her cute button nose and full youthful lips with a natural rosiness to them. Rebecca has what some would call a 'perfect' smile. Having pearly white teeth that are nice and strait, accompanied by those rosy lips and a charming smile. Her complexion could be described as 'flawless' or 'doll-like' not a single blemish or signs of acne in sight. Her skin is an ivory color with some natural rosiness to it, healthy and glowing. It is, perfection, much like porcelain on a doll. During embarrassing, arousing or other certain emotions Rebecca's cheeks become stained with a cute strawberry colored blush. Rebecca tends to blush easily.

      Moving on Rebecca's overall look is very youthful and pretty. Her body is well toned, granting her flexibility and strength. Her legs are more shorter then others but are well defined and strong. This being because they are a key factor in the hobby Trick riding that she has mastered. Her bust is rather plump, holding a nice round shape to them, firm but soft, her most developed 'asset'. Moving downwards her waist curves in nicely then out to her hips, giving her that desired hourglass figure. Her stomach flat and firm, her bottom round and toned. Her body is very fit and toned. With soft creamy skin. Sometimes to add to her height Rebecca will wear a pair of wedges, of heels to add a few inches to her height. However usually Rebecca wears a pair of golden colored gladiator heels with a brilliant pure white backless dress that dips in with a V-neck halter top and flowing down to hit a few inches above the knee. The dress itself has lightweight material and golden detailing accompanied by golden jewelry, giving Rebecca the appearance of 'A Greek goddess'. At other times Rebecca will wear a more casual attire that consists of a white detailed scoop-neck tank-top underneath a black leather jacket accompanied by silver bangles, a pair of dark wash jeans and white heels. Her attire depends on where she is and what her mood is, She tends to constantly switch her look up from time to time. However her clothes are always fitting and flattering to her figure without showing to much skin. Rebecca is confident in her appearance and all but she prefers to leave stuff to the imagination and not dress trashy. Rebecca Carries with her two Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum handguns along with her Zanpakuto for protection.
    ♱-| P E R S O N A L I T Y |-♱
    The Light Side
      Spontaneous: Rebecca can be called this simply because she tends to do things when she feels like it. Without much planning or thinking ahead. However when it comes to more serious situations, she will get down and think of a plan thoroughly and carefully. But while in more casual situations she will act upon her instincts or sudden impulses, natural unconstrained and unplanned. She can go into a place with one intention then have it suddenly shift to something else. Sometimes Rebecca can get distracted easily which can influence her change of plans. Even though she can be spontaneous Rebecca is mature enough to understand what situations need attention and planning. She knows better then to rush into something that ma be dangerous.

      Loyalty: Rebecca can be a loyal follower, she would carry out orders and duty with little or no questioning. However Rebecca's loyalty is something that isn't easy to gain. The first step to her loyalty is through friendship and gentle interaction. Trust plays a big role in gaining her loyalty. She will struggle against someone who would try to force her to submit to them, she would hesitate in following the orders of someone who hasn't gained her trust and would most likely question them. Once Rebecca's loyalty is gained by a person they would most likely learn her true name as strangers are presented with the alias 'Caylaya' by her. Those whom she follows and would become loyal to are those who have learned her true name, Rebecca Seitz. In some cases Rebecca may be forced to submit to someone through fear. If she can fear them enough she can become loyal to them to an extent if her life depended on it and on what the order or duty was.

      Sweet and Caring: At first Rebecca will come off as kind and caring. Her sweet appearance influences this first impression. She feels no need to be foul to those whom she has just met and will tend to use proper manners and politeness. If someone begins to annoy her she will try to push it to the back of her mind, she believes there is no need to lash out at someone like that. However is someone makes unwanted sexual or combative advances to her Rebecca may lean towards her more sadistic self, it mainly depends on the situation itself. But on the first conversation Rebecca would be open to for a casual talk. Rebecca tries to avoid fights and would never truly start one. She would never attack first, she would wait until the opponent comes at her so she can defend herself.

      Determined: When Rebecca sets her eyes on something she will become determined to get it. Whether learning a new trick or technique or to simply gain something from someone such as trust. It would take some rather large emotional strain to kill her determination inside. This determination inside of her will push her forwards to stand up for herself or for another. Sometimes her action displayed while being determined are described as 'Bold'. Rebecca has learned that she can achieve great things through her determination. With that she still clings onto this determination to overcome obstacles and challenges. Her current goal is to completely dominate her inner hollow and gain bankai as well as strengthening her bond with her Zanpakuto. In her eyes, its do or die, so her determination pushes her forwards.
    The Dark Side
      Secretly Sadistic: Rebecca may be sweet and sincere but deep inside when no one's around she holds a secret sadistic nature. When the sent of blood lingers in her nose, while its still fresh and warm a tingle goes through her veins, an alluring sensation. There is just something about the sent of blood, someones or even her on just flicks the light switch on. This doesn't send her in a state of rage or desire to kill, it simply sends her into a sadistic state of enjoyment with that charming smile plastered on her face. She can chuckle at dismemberment and be un-phased by mutilation and other inhuman deeds. Who knew that such a dark enjoyment rested within her.

      Masochistic: Rebecca can find pleasure from pain. Even though she tries to hide it sometimes fights can seem pleasurable in a sense. She would have fantasies of Domination, whether being dominated or dominating someone else. She believes she is sick for thinking such things however she cannot ignore it. When ever she's enjoying combat or other situations her breathing will become raspy and heavy, her heart racing and her cheeks flushed. Her words can stutter as she speaks as well. If it comes to a time where Rebecca feels as if she should hide her shame and try to cover up her masochism she would most likely respond with foul language that she would barely use casually. this being because she thinks from pain should come anger, not pleasure. What better way to show your angry then throwing out some foul language?

    ♱-| H O B B I E S |-♱
      Rodeo Eventing: Growing up Rebecca had developed a passion for rodeo events. This consists of the famous sport of barrel racing and calf/team roping. These events are the main one's that females participate in. Rebecca, having confidence in her talents and experience with horse training got into the more dangerous events such as bronc riding (Bareback and Saddle) along with Bull Riding, one of the most dangerous events at a rodeo and chuck-wagon races. In a rodeo Rebecca is a jack of all trades. Due to her experience from the Rodeo's Rebecca has overcome any fear that animals may try to inflict upon her.

      Trick Riding: This sport requires balance, lack of fear, a strong toned body. Trick riding is a dazzling events that is slowly dieing. It's like dancing on top of a horse, requiring a bond between the horse and rider. [Examples of Some Trick Riding] Rebecca uses The art of Trick Riding during combat when she fights usually on top of her steed Duby. Rebecca tends to challenge herself to learn more tricks that have never been seen before on horseback. This is her hobby which tends to dazzle those around her by the uniqueness and rarity or the sport.

      Art: Possessing artistic abilities Rebecca has developed a happy within the arts, this includes painting on various surfaces such as stones, canvas or even walls. She doesn't spend that much time doing art, its a small hobby which she engages in from time to time. Delicate hands twist and move to create such lovely or detailed pictures. At other times she tends to sketch or use charcoal in her works. It basically depends on her schedule for the day and what she is thinking about on what she's going to draw if she's going to draw.

      Technology Tinkering: Rebecca has a fascination of technology and medical research. If given the chance Rebecca would tinker or play around with a new form of technology that she hasn't encountered before. She likes to know how things work and come together. Along with medical research Rebecca finds the art of Toxicology interesting. Due to being filled with toxic substances Rebecca strides to know more about the toxins inside of her and their deadly capabilities in hopes that the extra knowledge will help her in combative situations.

      Wondering: Rebecca tends to drift form place to place. She hasn't really found an area to 'settle' in. However certain towns and area's that intrigue her end up drawing her back in for multiple visits. She's mainly a traveler at this point. From time to time she will relax at a nearby bar while her steed remains outside of town. This, truth be told may be the time when she's the most vulnerable as she needs to be with her steed to be in full power with her shikai. when separated her shikai's power is reduced. Because of this Rebecca carried a pair of gun with her for added protection and when sensing danger, her steed will come as fast as he can to where she is.

    ♱-| S P E C I A L T I E S |-♱
      Her amazing talent of Trick riding has granted her flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. Key factors for being a successful trick rider. She can bend, twist and stretch with ease. Other factors she's developed are determination, agility, reflexes and concentration. All which can also play a role in defending herself. Her flexibility and endurance would boarder line 'extraordinary' or just simply not normal. Being a trick rider she has learned how to be quick and precise on her feet which aid her as well in combative situations. Her use of her reflexes, flexibility and agility lean towards evasion rather then attacking. Her other specialties involve tinkering with technology and 'taming', since she has cast aside her fear of animals all together she takes a specialty in taming riled up, untamed animals. Aside from that she is an excellent singer and cook.

    ♱-| L I K E S |-♱
      Rodeo's: A long time favorite event that Rebecca loves to attend to. Whether just sitting in the stands and watching or participating in the adrenaline pumping events herself she is up for it, its a passion as one might say. If she wonders into a nearby town that is hosting a rodeo she would try to squeeze into the events, mainly bribing the hosts with her trick riding routine that you rarely see at rodeo's anymore. All events are favored by her: Chuck wagon races, chariot races, barrel races, bucking bronc, bull riding, team penning, calf/team roping ect. are all enjoyed.

      Technology & Medicine: Yes its her fascination. Trying to figure out how all things work and tick. This leads her to tinkering with many devices and technology. She even tends to get a special sparkle in her eye when seeing some new form of technology. Some may call her 'mini spazz attack' over wanting a new form of technology cute. Leaning into Medicine now Rebecca was required to study many forms and procedures being an Ex-Captain of the 4th division. However hitting the medical books never bothered her as she was interested in medicine and medical procedures. Her most favored category is Toxicology. In which she would study poisons that may be coursing through her veins that are used for her shikai ability.

      Domination: Rebecca has a love for domination yes. This is her masochist part of her talking here. She loves the idea of being dominated or dominating someone. Its just a hidden fantasy of her's. A fantasy in which she scolds herself over and thinks she's sick for having. However despite of her self scolding Rebecca cant escape that hidden desire. However if she came into a situation where domination might occur she would try to back away and evade it from playing out. It's her little dark secret. Shhh

      Healing: Rebecca likes to help others in need there's no doubt about it. Despite her sadistic side that enjoys the blood around her, her caring side shines over the sadistic nature and because of that Rebecca will jump in with her knowledge of medicine to heal an ally. Rebecca likes to take away the pain of others in belief that if she does it enough she could possibly get over her sadistic and masochistic nature. Even though that unlikely to happen. It can't hurt to try

      Sweets: Who doesn't love the sweet sweet taste of sugar upon their tongue? Sweets are probably one of her most favored foods. In which she tends to indulge on rather frequently. Its a wonder to why she doesn't weight a ton! Maybe the fat goes to her boobs? Who knows, but aside from that Rebecca just loves to savor delicious pastries and even make them herself.

    ♱-| D I S L I K E S |-♱
      Judgmental People: A major thing that Rebecca loaths is someone who would look at a person and go 'she's a slut' or someone who would just dislike another person immediately just by looking at them. Being overly judgmental and so forth. It just annoys Rebecca, she dislikes people like that greatly. Why would you dislike someone just like that because of how they look and not even give them a change to get to know them?

      Bitter Foods: She loves sweets, doesn't mind sour or spicy, but when it comes to bitter foods Rebecca will pass. She just doesn't care for the bitter taste on her tongue. there isn't much to say about this except that Rebecca just plain doesn't like the taste.

      Insects: Yes its true that Rebecca has no fear of animals...but insects are a bit different, they just creep her out and if she can she will avoid them. those little creepy crawlies with multiple legs just gross her out. If a bug is caught crawling on her Rebecca will squeak and fling it off, followed by a brutal squishing.

      Falling Snow: The chill doesn't bother her, it never has. Rebecca dislikes the snow because of how she died, and how the snow fell on that night. It is a constant reminder to what happen, what she risked and what she lost that night. The memory brought onto her by the snow always brings tears to her eyes.

    ♱-| F I G H T I N G - T Y P E |-♱

      [Ranged Combatant]
      Rebecca is more comfortable with fighting at a safe distant. Her powers and abilities are mainly used from a decent range Medium to long mainly. However it is possible to attack from a close range which can result in a point blank hit if successful. She trained to fight at an longer range. While riding on top of her steed or not she fires long ranged attacks along with Kido. However there will be times when she must fight at a close combat. Right then her agility, endurance, flexibility and speed come in as she will tend to evade oncoming attacks and try to distant herself to a medium or longer range from the opponent. Giving her the comfort of distance. Her evasions are seen as graceful, much like a dance with those swift movements. Due to her love of distance she tends to even stand further away from someone then normal in casual situations, its her comfort zone. However when people around her come close to her, Rebecca's heart starts to beat a bit faster, the closeness can make her nervous or uncomfortable, which usually results in a flushed face.

    ♱-| H I S T O R Y / B A C K G R O U N D |-♱
    Human Arc
      A family that seemed normal. Yea, that what Rebecca wished she had. Well it all seemed normal. She just lived a easy childhood with slight family Drama. Rebecca was born on October 6th in a small village just a ways away from where her parents house was at. She was a very quiet baby with a few odd habits such as throwing a baby bottle at people when she was done with it or biting on peoples fingers. Rebecca grew up in a village. She wasn’t a only child. She had a older half brother who shared a different father then her. This was in the olden days where horse and buggy was the main form of transportation. Horse races were very famous at the time along with other events that would turn into the events of today's Rodeo.

      Rebecca's mother and father split up while she was at a young age. So Rebecca juggled back and forth between the two homes. Overtime her mother vanished with another man and her older brother and she lived with her father and grandparents. Who were farmers and raised cattle. Rebecca grew to be slightly independent. However she would receive teachings from her father whom trained horses to be used in eventing and races. As Rebecca got older she was given her own horses and began to follow in her fathers footsteps in horse training and riding. Rebecca was getting more into the eventing business and would train and deliver horses for richer people whom used the horses for eventing. she had a natural talent for it and even began to compete herself. It was good time. By the age of sixteen Rebecca blossomed into a fine young lady. However she pursued her natural talent for horse training and eventing instead of becoming a housewife like most woman her age did. As she grew older Rebecca thought she was going crazy, why? well she started seeing things, spirits to be exact. Hollows as well. Shinigami arrancar, you name it. Rebecca was introduced to a whole new world after being exposed to reishi and spiritually empowered people, the spiritual world that co-existed with the world she lived in. Her eyes opened up that was for sure, she never could go back to her so called normal ways again.

      After the opening her eyes to the spiritual that co-existed with them Rebecca was pressured to train more horses and get more money. Drought had set upon the land which caused the crops to decline and become brittle. They were going broke. Her father had one to many injuries from horse training yet he tried to persist to train more for some money to buy food. Rebecca wouldn't allow him to get injured anymore, he was getting to old for a dangerous job like that. There was the threat of breaking bones, and being trampled on after all.

      One son of a client of Rebecca's however stepped in on her moment of dispair and offered her a deal. Being a rich man who's horses were popular and winners in local events gave her the option to come work for his father permanently and train all the horses that they throw her way. She would be given the necessities that she required to live, a roof to stay under and her pay would be shipped to her father so he could survive. this was a deal for slavery basically. Knowing she had no other option Rebecca agreed. And so began her life as a trainer slave. She was allowed to bring one of her horses along and so she brought her mare Beauty. A Pure black Morgan Mare that she loved and was great for pulling chuck-wagons. the training began,

      Rebecca was worked to the bone to have horses rideable by a certain deadline. her body became bruised and sore from all the stable work and training. then something came into her life....Duby. After setting her mare into a pasture of other morgan horses, along with a stallion, her horse became pregnant and gave birth to a sorrel colored colt which Rebecca named Duby. The foal was like a little lost puppy that followed Rebecca around the stables. The master became slightly agitated that there was another colt to feed. His main interests were in thoroughbreds which were used for racing. Morgan horses were chuck-wagon racing horses, which he had plenty of But Rebecca begged the master that the horse would help her out with her chores when he was strong enough to pull a wagon, where he would carry straw and hay to place in the stables and transport saddles and bridles.

      The master complied with her and allowed it and didn't order to have the foal disposed of. Rebecca was so relieved. She had fell in love with the playful colt. when it came to the time that he was old enough Rebecca squeezed in time to train Duby aside from teh other required horses. She even taught him stuff while on the job. His main job was to pull wagons and transport stuff from place to place. It did help Rebecca out as her stable work was two times easier now. She just loved this horse so much, and the master was even appreciating him to.

      Other stable workers that were more close to the master began to use Duby for their own needs. Rebecca sadly couldn't say or do anything about it. Everyday they worked him hard and made him pull heavier loads. Winter was now settling upon the land, making it even harder on Duby who was only 3 years old now Everynight Rebecca apologized to Duby and prayed for him to hang in there for her. Then it happened....
      the strain of the work by those men had gotten to the young stallion. The men turned him over to Rebecca after they had finished with him at around dusk. the air was so cold your breath could be seen in front of you. Rebecca noticed how thin Duby was getting and how heavy he breathed. She wanted to take the wagon off of him ASAP. However before they reached the yard he couldn't take it anymore. He collapsed on the ground the wagon falling aright after him. Rebecca screamed in horror. the two men came running up to them. Yelling at her and Duby on how useless they were becoming!

      "its your fault!" Rebecca squealed, her voice was shaking with trauma. "You worked him so hard that he cannot even walk! How could you!? H-his leg. It might be broken now thanks to you!" She cried, the tears chilled her cheeks as they slid down in abundance. "That horse should be put down then!" One of the men yelled at her. Rebecca shook her head furiously "NO! YOU CANT!" She protested. "Heh! Your lucky that's one of the masters favorite horses, its becoming a pain in the ass." He faught back "Please! You have to give him a change! You've been giving him to much work he just cant handle it, for Christ sakes its winter to!" Rebecca begged. "Just let him rest please!"
      The men fell silent hearing her pleads. then one man tilted his head up and simply said "There's nothing more we can do. there's not even enough feed around here, You cant even shovel it down a horse who cant even get it's work done...The master will understand."

      Rebecca cried as she managed to get Duby up and into the barn where he laid in rest. She remained by his side that night, stroking and patting him, but most of all apologizing to him. The barn doors crept open and the candles that lit the barn flickered. The men came in and looked at her. Handing her a pack with two pills inside. Rebecca's eyes shot open. "No! that will kill him!" She squeaked.
      "Thats the idea." Said one of the men. "Just mix it into his next meal." he ordered. Rebecca shook her hair and the man through the package down into the horses bed.
      "It would look better to the owner if one of his favorite horses died while being cold outside then from a broken leg on the job followed by a bullet in his head. Now im counting on you missy." he said before he and the other man walked out. Rebecca's legs were trembling. his leg could heal she was sure of it...But if she didn't give him those pills they would put him down themselves wouldn't they?! Rebecca broke down into tears. She loved Duby so much she didn't want him to be put down. She fell to her knees and thought of what to do....
      Its not right....They work the poor thing so much that they break him...And then when he's finally broken, and to much of a burden, they just want to toss him out....

      Her beloved horse was injured, its leg broken and it could barely walk. Rebecca decided they would run away as those two men would surely come to put him down. While it was dark out Rebecca tied a lead rope to Duby's halter and tried to get him to come along with her. Rebecca looked up at the sky. Snow began to fall as soon as they left the barn. Why was there something saddening about the snow?...Slowly but surely they were getting further away from the ranch. Rebecca could hear some distant howls of something not....Normal. They were the wails of a hollow in pain, perhaps injured, hiding somewhere in the forest that Rebecca ventures in with Duby struggling to follow her. Rebecca tried to ignore the howls however she noticed something odd. Duby had heard them to. Could animals possess spiritual awareness like she did? Still in the forest after a rest They began moving again, daybreak soon settled upon them and they were making good progress. Duby suddenly stopped moving forwards. Rebecca tried to tug him ahead but he refused to move. Suddenly a gunshot was heard, echoing through the forest. Right then Rebecca jumped at the sound of that howl from the night before. Dangerously close, Rebecca thought she has seen a rather angelic figure, behind a tree but she was most likely hallucinating. BAM! another hunshot was heard, the sound of a shotgun. IT was close to. Duby neighed out, loosing his balance as he fell over onto his side, crashing into the snow, Rebecca topplied over as well as the weight of the horse sent snow flying into the air. Getting up as the snow settled back to the ground Rebecca saw it. Crimson blood dotted the snow all around Duby and continued to seep out. He was dieing....He was dieing from a shotgun wound. Rebecca screamed in horror as one of the men from before came closer to her, shotgun in hand

      "You disrespectful little bitch!" He shouted kicking her right in the chest and sending her back to the ground where he proceeded to kick her in the stomach. IT was obvious that he followed their footprints left in the snow. And they were to slow in the end. It was a violent time. The man even used the end of his gun to beat her. Duby was still alive, heaving and twitching in pain. his side eyes watched the beating of the one who took care of him.
      "It doesn't matter if i kill you. It will all fall into place. A servant stole the horse and then she killed it. That's all I have to say, and i'm sure he'll agree with me that the appropriate punishment was dealt..." His voice trailed off as he pointed the gun to her and placed his finger on the trigger. Rebecca closed her eyes and bit her lip.

      B A M

      Rebecca blinked open her eyes. the gun was on the ground along with the man. In front of Rebecca stood a man with skin as pale as the snow, having a odd aura to him, She couldnt make out his face, his hair or other details about him however he looked very...Angelic. He held out his hand to her.
      "You are not going to survive with those wounds..." He spoke, his voice was rather deep and echoed. Was Rebecca imagining things due to the blood loss and the injuries? Something was off about this person, he staggered a bit and there was pain in his voice like he was loosing something his voice seemed to sound similar to those wails from before in a way
      "C-can you help him?" She pleaded "You truly desire another chance do you girl? Another chance at this cruel life or what lays after it?" Her spoke simply. Rebecca didn't know what he meant "Please S-sir, he can't die like this you have to help him." She begged, wanting the salvation of Duby. The man was silent "You have a kind spirit. One that can easily be manipulated though. Isn't it lovely? How none of us shall disappear now and isn't it Lovely, how I Get to be reborn along side A soul quite like yours?"

      His hand rested on Rebecca's shoulder as Rebecca stroked Duby's dieing head. Rebecca felt dizzy an overpowering light emitted from the stranger. Rebecca's body felt tingly. Then she passed out. It seemed as if a integration of some sort commenced between the three, a part of their soul merging with Rebecca's, making them one in a way. Rebecca woke up. She felt odd, the man was gone, Duby was alive and so was she. However soon after she realized that her and Duby were spirits. Spirits bound together by some unknown bond...Thankfully before Rebecca and her steed could become a hollow she was taken to the soul society by the Shinigami who was nearby. Who preformed a soul burial on their beings

    The Afterlife

      She remained in the Rukongia for many years, she had spiritual power within her, however she didn’t chose to do anything with them. She remained by her steed Duby. In Rukongai she was known as Midnight Bandit due to her raids of Rukongai at night.. a few more years passed when she decided to stop wasting away her...after life? and go do something. A Shinigami shortage seemed to be going on, at least that what it appeared to be from Rukongia, maybe they just didn’t go there. but who knows. Now it was academy days. Rebecca was recruited to become a Shinigami.

      The academy days were the days Rebecca loathed, at least the bookwork part.They never allowed her steed inside so Duby had to remain out of the academy building and stay in the training grounds. She did some exercized on horse back with Duby. It was if they thought as one, he knew what Rebecca wanted him to do without even having her to tell him through signals. Their bond together was unimaginable. She would even amaze students with her trick riding. Having a horse with her definately made her stick out in the academy. However she was interested in Long ranged combat and kido. Rebecca developed a talent for the two and mastered them when riding Duby, hitting the target while at a full gallop. However she excelled in kido more. Her rei was slowly increasing due to the excess training she forced herself through, the Kido spells, they were just so fascinating in her eyes. In her eyes, Kido was the fairy tale magic she COULD learn so out of sheer interest she devoted herself into mastering or improving as many kido spells as she could. It was of course her intention to join with the kido corps one day. Rebecca was introduced to her Zanpakutou, She didn’t know its name of course. In fact she didn’t think Zanpaktou’s had names at the time. It was about the time that she graduated that she started to learn about her zanpaktou...Corrompida Sangre, the self proclaimed most sadistic zanpaktou in the Soul society. Rebecca graduated with high grades in Kido, above average grades in long ranged and other classes. When she put her mind to something she could ace it. Being in the kido corps now she decided she could work her way up, hopefully to lieutenant level one day. But first things first, she needed shikai.

      Now a new side of Rebecca was born upon releasing her shikai one training session AKA a hollow hunt, a blood lusted, insane side of Rebecca that is, meeting with four manifestations of her zanpaktou that took the form of dragons caused a change in her. She was spoken to by the four dragons of great size. Corrompida Sangre. that what the name of the zanpaktou was, 'Tainted Blood' It wasn’t long after that when shikai was released. It turned Rebecca into a monster. vivid blood red eyes and a sadistic nature to her being. It was unleashed and running rampage. She never knew what it was, but she couldn’t stop it now.

      In the event that shikai was first released Rebecca was with other Shinigami who were hunting hollows. However when shikai was released Rebecca was in a state of paranoia that everyone was the enemy. Shinigami and all. She killed them without hesitation. Comrades of her own. It was a terrible night....

      Rebecca was accepted into the Kido corps seated officer. She did have a talent for the ability, however Rebecca was put under very careful watch so an event like last time wouldn't happen again. Rebecca met Sangre, the fifth and most powerful of her manifestations. He was hidden from Rebecca but revealed himself to her on that day. He says that him and Rebecca are like lovers. It was Sangre who altered his form into a seal that turned the katana into a set of wires. He was the zanpaktou that passed down the sadistic nature to his wielder. Sangre only appeared to Rebecca because of the natures growth. becoming more and more powerful. Sangre had taken Rebecca away into the world of his own where she let the nature run free, he exchanged her common knowledge, beliefs and views of life to transform her so she could learn to control her nature. It puts strain on her metal state now. Sangre uses a quote of the bible to describe the event he did with her 'do not be guided by the views of the earth but be transformed by the renewing of your mind' It took many years for her to learn some things properly again. Most of her memories were wiped away due to her 'deal' with her zanpaktou.

      Her power grew, her reiatsu increased. A growing lust formed inside of her to get higher in her ranks. She became a seated officer, she bumped up higher in her ranks, displaying vast incredible acts of kido that dazzled the eyes of others, and with her zanpaktou she forced her way up, however she noticed how her powers could relate to medical substances. With that she made a shocking transfer to the fourth division. She became a lieutenant. Her zanpakutou kept growing, it was ready to consume her. TO keep control she had to face him and earn Bankai one day. She began trying to learn how to gain bankai.

    The Transformation
      Her training was intense and wore her to the bone. Gaining Bankai with this growing Zanpakuto was harder then it seemed. Many years of trying all turned to failure. Rebecca still tries to this day even. She was beginning to feel hopeless. A uproar started in the soulsociety after the disappearance of the 4th division captain. Right in the middle of war's turmoil. Not a trace of him was left behind and some were panicking. The soulsociety immediately took action and decided to appoint Rebecca as a captain, while still being at a lieutenant level, She hit the books soon after, learning about medicine and medical procedures and running around doing captain duties and making sure all those injured were being treated. The fourth division truly was an important part of the soulsociety. She felt even more pressured to gain bankai even though her attempts continued to fail.

      Throughout these tries Rebecca was hearing voices in her head, laughter and chuckles. she beleived that this was the laughter of Sangre, mocking her and laughing at her failures to submit him. At odd times she would feel as if somethign was on her face, Something like a mask. Startled she would touch her face to have that feeling gone immediately. Something was off. More things began to happen with her. she bagan having hallucinations, things holy and unholy. Her whole religious self was being drawn out. Demons and angels... Rebecca fell asleep one night, or so she though, she began dreaming...Well she thought she was dreaming. The area around her an overpowering light, oddly it looked like her zanpakuto's inner world., however there was a pure holy looking castle in the distance pure and untainted. Suddenly being within the castle the overpowering light appeared again.
      'do you want to vanquish a demon?' a voice asked. Right then Rebecca saw a figure. It looked farmiliar, It looked just like Sangre! except Sangre looked like...A demon, this...Person looked like an angel!

      "A demon?" Rebecca asked, adjusting her hat. The person in front of her then informed her that there was a demon in need of slaughter, a demon that was going to bring destructiuon. Confused Rebecca cautiously asked the stranger where this demon was. He replied simply, that it was inside of her and that she must destroy it. Narrowing her eyes Rebecca asked how. The angel in front of her simply smirked and told her that she must make the ultimate sacrifice and take herself down, which would take the demon with her, as it already tainted her. Enraged Rebecca demanded to know who this 'angel was. Throughout explanation Rebecca found out this was a inner hollow. The night she had died along with Duby the howling they had heard was him...The angelic figure Rebecca saw was him! The man who took her hand and told her it was going to be alright, was a dieing arrancar, Neveah. As he was dieing as the hollow began to dissolve part of its soul integrated with Rebecca, much like how a part of her horse's soul integrated with her that night. Rebecca never knew this when it happened but it all made sense now. However she continued refusing to take her own life to kill this demon that was her Zanpakuto Sangre the angel looked at her and shook his head. Saying that she had fallen to the demon, and was now time to slaughter her as well. This angel turned sadistic on her, going ahead in attempts to slaughter her. Defending herself Rebecca and this angel spill blood upon the white interior of this pure castle they were in. This was when the path to becoming a vizard truly began. This angel who's name was Neveah was a true inner hollow who looked pure. but truly he was the darkness within light. Sangre on the other hand wasn't as sadistic as Rebecca though. With Neveah becoming a new threat he opened up to Rebecca, his threats of killing Rebecca and taking her over was to motivate her to make her stronger and more powerful, to ward off this thing who's power was growing inside of her. Sangre was the light inside of Darkness. Neveah's opposite. Rebecca's power was beginning to threaten those around her, and was running the risk of being killed for this power she was trying so hard to suppress. One night she saddled up, gathered supplies and the fill in Captain of the fourth division left for the hills becoming a rogue and a lone ranger in the human world with the gigai's she stole for the 12th division. Her and her steed now travel alone, trying to make it through it all.

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RP sample
Quote :
Rebecca's blood never clotted, It continued to flow freely from her small wounds. It was never a problem however. Rebecca only felt a dying fatigue from pulling the generating cells strait from her body more then she could handle at the time, but the cells were replacing themselves rapidly.

Shiroseru took the bullets in his face, cracking his hardened exterior as he flinched and almost seized in his movements, a piercing roar escaped his jaws. However before he had the change to shred the woman the other dragon bot had...pulled her inside of it? and retreated to some kind of altered dimension. She was retreating to somewhere until this was all over. The sparks were enough to tell Rebecca what was going to happen...and she was prepared for it...


The explosion was immense. Blowing things in its path until this use to be warehouse was nothing more then a large crater in the ground, and a very large one at that. A new grand canyon you could call it, although it wasn’t close to as large. The crater however was more deep down in the ground then wide across. Smoke wafted in the air. It was dark outside, you never could tell from inside but then again that building didn’t have any windows. The explosion itself must have illuminated the night sky with its intensity.

Flame, it was everywhere, burning and incinerating many things in its path. It was over, at least that what it seemed like. Broken debris scattered all over the ground and was covered in flames. Within the flames a sizzling could be heard, perhaps the sizzling of a burning body? No, it wasn't the case. Some of the flames began...dying?

Yes, the flames around the area where Rebecca stood were dying, being extinguished. Rebecca was engulfed in a sphere of a greyish crimson and purple liquid, which clouded the looks of what was contained inside. Within a few seconds the liquid poison like substance dispersed, like a wave coming from all sides of Rebecca. Yes, that was Rebecca. Her appearance noticeably changed. Upon her back were two dragon wings, large in size with red membrane. These wings were outstretched, curving around her body slightly. Rebecca's hair was longer, the ends of the strands were stained crimson, like her eyes which were so vivid red it was as if the irises were stained with blood itself.

Rebecca had two horns on her head and her light blue Kimono was replaced with black body suit like outfit, which bared her shoulders. Rebecca had long back stockings and gloves, each decorated in a variety of glowing red symbols which also appeared on her shoulders and face. Rebecca's hands were more like claws, with long curving talons. Strapped onto Rebecca's back was a large scythe while another sword was in her hand. The shikai blade to be exact, decorated with ruby like jewels. From her hands and feet blood oozed out from the pores, staining the hilt of her zanpaktou as it dripped oh so gently on the ground.


Rebecca muttered softly, gazing a her surroundings where flames still brewed. "Demonio de Dragón de Sangre Animado Roto" That was the name of her Bankai, The Broken Spirited Dragon Demon. The faint hissing sound was drowned out by the crackles of burning objects. Toxins continued to be emitting from her body and wafting in the air, just waiting to be breathed in. There were a burn marks on her wings and shoulders, tears present on her cheek, shoulders and feet. throughout the explosion Rebecca received some heavy burns which oozed blood, the quickly release of her Bankai saved her from death as it engulfed her in the liquid poison around her. Rebecca was panting, she almost had such trouble breathing.

Around her feet were her dragons, crouching down ready to attack, the blood that made up their bodies was sizzling as the component known as water that made up most of the blood was evaporating from such intense heat. Iregyura, the large dragon was still in almost perfect condition, Kesshou, the faster of the bunch seemed smaller along with Akaseru and Shiroseru. Rebecca made a quick motion with her hand, the liquid that had dispersed throughout the area had gathered up again together in a ball, washing over the blood dragons, the sizzling sound stopped in a instant. All the dragons held cracks in their exterior Shiroseru held the most from his previous wounds.

It may have seemed like a shock for all the dragons to survive but from the moment The woman had been pulled inside of the bot all the dragons Liquefied, a ability they could do only for a limited amount of times. Reverting to their bloody state and gathering around Rebecca who had managed to release her Bankai at the time to save her self, although the heat sizzled away some of the blood, which caused the dragons size to be shrunk they still took injury and many cracks formed upon their bodies. Iregyura still showing less signs of injury then the others.

There were objects still on fire, the flame still emitting such heat Rebecca felt like sweating. Smoke was wafting all around her, the toxins she emitted was mixing with the smoke. Rebecca looked above, a open area. The liquid poison that floated around her divided up into two separate balls, one ball in which stretched out and covered the opening to the crater, trapping her toxins within the crater, however smoke was trapped in there as well. Due to the cuts on her arm Rebecca's glove was cut. The loose material was taken and tied around her head to cover her mouth, diluting the smoke from getting into her mouth. the other ball of liquid around Rebecca dispersed across the ground, making it a slippery surface to walk on and perhaps if it came across one of the mechanical like dragons it would short circuit them due to the poisons liquid state.

Rebecca caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye. Quincy arrows? and ten of them. Finally deciding to move Rebecca rolled to her side and sprung up using the strength in one of her arms, the one that never held the blade, immediately she began to run along the side of the crater's wall as painful as it was for her to do this..she managed to do it, the arrows piecing into the stone surface before they could reach her. All four of her blood dragons ran along side her. Rebecca moved her hand, signalling for one of the dragons to move. It was Kesshou who did, with his speed his feet became a blur from how fast they were moving. He could see it. the bright blue dragon-like bot that shone from the charred area and smoke. Kesshou black and red exterior somewhat blended into the charred surrounding but then again the smoke also helped camouflage most objects. Kesshou almost lost sight of the bot but he could managed to slam himself against it, thanks his speed.

the blood dragon would raked one set of claws around the bots underbelly. Kesshou's fangs would clasp onto the bots neck where he would use his strong jaw to try and rip out any metal, wirings or what ever made up that bot from its neck. His spiked tail swiped to his left, wanting to smash the bot in any way with it while Kesshou's other set of claws were ready to rip off is arm. Akaseru came from the other side of where Kesshou was. Attacking the bot as well in the same manner as Kesshou was in hopes to shred the bot into pieces. Akaseru had followed the direction that Kesshou ran, but came up on the opposite side of him.
Rebecca's eyes searched around the area, looking for the woman and her other bot to see if they were still around...or when they would come out of their hiding place

Weeeeee done :3
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Erm, your blood type is a little senseless. Considering toxins, poisons, and substances of the like do not retain a consciousness or any sort of willful features. This is to say that a poison cannot merely become "dormant" because it is convenient for you. Substances like these react when in contact with organic matter, so the only time you MIGHT call them "dormant" would be when they are not touching anything that they affect. And even if these poisons do relate to your zanpaktou, it is sealed, meaning you should have no control over them right now. Control does include the current state of the substance. Please remove that, or change it.

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Haha, you actually believed it. That was funny lawl :3

After all that was discussed via MSN, welcome to the Vizards; you are about lieutenant strength.

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you Ass XD
and i was applying for Lt power level fyi XD
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Rebecca Seitz - Back in action
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