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 Chazz the Prankster

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PostSubject: Chazz the Prankster    Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:19 pm

Zanpakuto Spirit Template

Name: Chazz Nakagami
Nickname(s): Prince of Insanity
Age: 879
Visual Age: 28

Gender: Male
Division: 8
Family Type: Melee
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'2
Weight: 235 lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Deep, cold, and almost maniacal like.
Chazz likes to wear dark clothing because he finds it easier to wash out the bloodstains after a fight. He wears a coat with two straps on the side near the neck where he can attach the headband he wears with the red cross if he feels like it. The sleeves are disconnected but do not slip off his body when moving for an odd reason unknown. Chazz bears the red cross on his face under his right in remembrance to the time he killed his master. His preferred shoe of choice would be black sneakers but more specifically Nikes. His body isn't as well defined as others but he is still quite strong much to the surprise of others. The blindfold he wears is sort of like a police mirror because he can see out of it clearly but no one can see in. The reason he wears it is also unknown as he is never seen taking it off. Ever.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Training,watching sunsets, killing
Likes and Dislikes: (What does your character like and dislike? At least 5 for each.)


Weak things
Dog poop

Personality: Chazz can be seen as the guy who acts before thinking as he allows his fists to talk for him usually being brash. This was one of the reasons he killed his owner and gaining independence for himself when he came out his won being. Chazz does not like to be used for anyone's personal gain and if so then he craves revenge against the person. Chazz can also be sadistic and a smartass at times often terrorizing those around him to call him crazy and keep their distance. He has his times when he is calm and subtle as well as kind but those times are very rare and don't usually last long at at all. The guy basically cares very little about other people he doesn't know and will try to form a wall between them upon first meeting the person if he doesn't want to be connected to the person. The reason being Chazz had trusted his owner who experimented on him therefore his reason for not liking shinigami and not trusting people easily. Being suspicious of people's motives Chazz usually tends not to talk much of interact with said person or people but this doesn't stop him from being battle hungry or a smartass.

Defining Characteristics: Chazz is known to not fight with a beautiful because of his like for woman and not wanting to wreck a beautiful figure. But if he is pushed to that point then he will engage in battle to knock out the woman instead of killing her. Chazz also has a habit to yell things out when he doesn't really have to leading to some thinking he has turrets.
Specialties: Chazz is an amazing chef and mechanic.
Fighting type: Close Combatant
History/Background: Chazz was laying as usual in the grass that rose up to high enough to cover his knees if he were standing up completely blocking his body from view while staring into the sky. It was boring as usual ever since his owner had made him submit to him thus gaining bankai. The spirit felt as though his owner wasn't doing the right thing even though he felt he didn't care something bothered him. Sighing to himself Chazz sat up spitting to his right before pulling himself to his feet while dusting himself off. Staring ahead with his hazel honey colored eyes the guy figured it was time for a talk with his owner. The male didn't want to do it but he figured he had to so he could ease this cloud of doubt that welled within him. Laughing to himself slightly the zanpakuto spirit thought he was getting soft but he didn't care he had a job to do. The breeze that played through his hair felt oh so good to his skin while he contemplated how the encounter would play out. The breeze caused the sea of grass to move like a sea that had come alive a truly beautiful sight and with the clear sky ahead Chazz just felt too lazy to do anything.

Chazz focused himself before manifesting himself into the the quarters of his owner who lay on the bed wide awake staring straight up at the ceiling. Funny it seemed because Chazz had been doing the exact same thing just moments before. The moonlight filtered through the barred windows of his room which illuminating the dust in the air. The room smelled musty and was unkempt as if it had not been cleaned for days. The spirit wrinkled his nose in disgust now reverting more back to his true self that he displayed most of the time. Chazz walked over from his zanpaktou that had been propped onto the wall the nodaichi in its long black sheathe. "You look like the sorriest sack oh shit I've seen in quite a while buddy." The shinigami turned his expressionless face towards his zan spirit before lifting himself off the ground sitting straight up. "Well its nice of you to pop by once in a while Chazz." the shinigami said sarcastically. Chazz eyed him coldy and for the first time just wanted to punch his face in but with great self control counted to three and breathed slowly before speaking again in a shouting tone. "What have you done with your life you piece of shit?! I have seen you come back tired and jerky as if you were hiding something! I want you to tell me what the fuck you have been doing and don't fucking lie to me!" The shinigami smiled to him but the smile wasn't warm as if his body wasn't agreeng with the message his mouth was trying to send. "Oh Chazz you naive child what I have done that is amazing."

Chazz noticed the dangerous excitement that played into the man's eyes as if there was something way bigger he wanted to tell but could not. It was pissing the zanpakuto spirit off as he lunged at his owner forcing him to the ground and placing his forearm to the shinigami's throat. "What the hell are you talking about you sorry piece of shit?!" The shinigami seemed as if he wasn't fazed his azure blue eyes looking straight into Chazz's own eyes still smiling the excitement in his eyes more noticeable. "In due time Chazz you will know and it will all become clear in due time my boy." Chazz gave up on self control and brought his other arm in a punch to the shinigami's face knocking it to the side and splashing droplets on flood onto the wooden floor. The shinigami brought his head back facing the zan spirit not at all fazed as if nothing had happened but he smiled still which continued to piss off Chazz but he lifted himself off the shinigami. Chazz disappeared slowly into his blade only casting one last pitying glance to his owner behind him who stared as before at the ceiling. Four weeks later Chazz felt himself being carried off somewhere and he knew he was strapped to his owner sighing to himself hating what his owner had become. Before the two use to be so close but after the suspicious activity of his owner started the spirit felt as though the two had drifted apart. A while after the motion stop and he was placed into a glass chamber that housed a suspiciously green colored liquid in it. Chazz was highly curious as to why his owner had stopped and tried to materialize out of his sealed form. The process wasn't working as he thought it would which agitated him even more and tried repeatedly but the results were all a failure. The shinigami was moving all about the hidden lab deep in the forest around soul society which he had used for private experiments and was using his own zan for one at the moment. The lab was highly equipped with gizmos and gadgets that looked very complex and beeped occasionally. The steel floor was polished giving off a dull reflection as the fluorescent lights shined onto it from high up. The shinigami was smiling to himself obviously pleased with the current breakthrough he had but hoped the process would work to his expectations.

Brightly colored buttons were displayed on the panel he typed on wheeling back over to the main screen which was as large as the one used in movie theaters. As soon as he was finally satisfied his calculations were correct he wheeled back over to the panel. His finger was hovering over the initiate button that would start the process to that could make history. The process was to bring zanpakuto spirits to life as in truly to life as in forcibly manifesting the spirit out of the sword in person. This would make sure they would never have to go back in as they could live on the outside and interact with life in a whole new other dimension. Praying quickly that the process would work he pressed the button and the liquid that was in the glass chamber Chazz was placed in glowed. Different colors were shifted through as the machine hummed loudly but settled onto a bright cyan color that glowed very brightly. Chazz was still in his inner world cursing his owner to death and at the point wanted to kill him for the scumbag he was. Although oblivious to what was going on outside he knew something was wrong immediately as he could materialize out. The shinigami had an ulterior motive in mind as small beads of sweat rolled down his forehead but he impatiently wiped them away with his sleeve. The experiment was illegal of course but if the results proved successful it would not matter. Chazz started to feel strange as if he was a million miles away from his body while his inner world was fading away from sight. The zan spirit was being forcibly brought out into the real world clothed in flash and blood. Gazing about the chamber he was placed in the spirit was holding his breathe noticing he himself was holding onto his sealed form. Gazing through the liquid Chazz could only make out a blurry form that stood in front of him looking at the chamber it seemed. Moments later the machine stopped humming and a steam rose from the chamber as the fluid in the chamber turned red signaling the process was complete. The shinigami was nervous with anticipation as he was not moving for a quite a while but soon stood up. Pressing his hand to a purple button on the far left of the pad the fluid was rushed out of the chamber though vents on the bottom. Chazz who was suspended in the liquid holding on top the blade fell to the ground onto his knees gasping for breath gulping down great lungfuls of cool stale air. Looking up his gaze was level with his owner who gazed back down smiling from ear to ear at the zan spirit. Chazz was naked which was a surprise to him as times when he manifested he always had clothes on but not this time. Managing to get his bearings and getting the strength to talk he asked in a harsh, tired, and strained voice "What have you done?"

"I have brought you to over to the real world my loyal zanpaktou. You are the first of many zanpktou spirits I will liberate and use for my bidding. With my loyal army of zanpaktou spirits I shall be the true ruler of soul society!" the shinigami said maniacally. There was a true evil gleam in his eye the same dangerous excitement from when he had pinned him to the ground. But this time he seemed very well off his rocker thinking he could take down soul society. Chazz was beyond pissed and with every fiber of his being he was going to kill the shinigami before him. "You crazy ass piece of shit I'm gonna kill you!" Chazz had gained more strength into his voice as he stood up brandishing his blade which was inside the sheathe. The shinigami smiled at him as if it was all a joke a smile Chazz really wanted to wipe off his face. "You cannot kill me my boy for if you do what will happen to you?" Chazz in his moment of rage actually hesitated thinking the situation over with great clarity until it finally dawned on him. That was the mistake as soon as he had dropped his guard the shinigami lunged at him grabbing him by his throat and free hand flipping the now tangible man. Chazz hit the steel floor hard knocking his head on it but it was nothing he couldn't handle. While looking through a squinted eye while the shinigami brought his shoe crashing into the male's chest causing a woosh of air to leave his body and he gasped out blood also. Chazz lay motionless for a second as if unconscious but he was just feigning it. It was enough to fool the shinigami that walked away talking about how close he had been to killing his own zan. Chazz rose up quickly taking out the blade with his free hand while holding his sheathe in the other hand. The shinigami turned around quickly surprised which was the chance he had capitalized on thrusting the blade. The spirit aimed right for the throat and with great accuracy pierced right through the center. The now dead shinigami gurgled one last time before blood flowed from the wound and his mouth. Retracting the blade which caused the shinigami to fall dead his crimson blood spilling over the steel floor in a pool around it. Chazz breathing calmly now cast a cold glance at the body before grabbing a spare change of clothes from a room he found in the lab. Wiping the blade onto the robe of his now previous owner he strapped it onto his back in a diagonal fashion with the point going to the right. Deciding to hide the body he went over and grabbed the now dead man by the wrist but to his surprise he disappeared into a blue haze which went into his palm and sighed. Taking one last glance at the lab he flipped a switch that activated some sort of self destruct sequence and disappeared with a very fast shunpo easily captain level. Gaining more than enough ground he stopped before looking back while an explosion echoed through the woods. Now thinking to himself of what his life would become Chazz was his own person and his life was going to be one hell of a roller coaster he thought as he walked on not looking back.

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PostSubject: Re: Chazz the Prankster    Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Chazz the Prankster    Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:04 pm

bump bump
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Chazz the Prankster    Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:28 pm

Wow, it took this long for me to come across it? My apologies for the long wait.

1. In any case, please give me something written/typed out for your character appearance. It seems a picture alone will not do.

2. Your character's medical abilities could be employed during battle. So please fix it up a little, since battle related stuff aren't allowed.

3. How does a guy that has his eyes covered, watch the sunset? Lolz, this third one is redundant, but I found it funny.
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PostSubject: Re: Chazz the Prankster    Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:25 pm

1. Fixed
2. Fixed
3. Lolz that was why I put it in.
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The Russian
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PostSubject: Re: Chazz the Prankster    Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:39 am

1. I don't like it.

2. I want payment for checking this shitz.

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PostSubject: Re: Chazz the Prankster    

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Chazz the Prankster
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