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 Katsu Goto

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PostSubject: Katsu Goto   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:17 pm


Name: Katsu Goto
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 1919
Visual Age: 36

Gender: Male
Division: 8th Division
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0
Weight: 150

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Calm

A lanky figure, which consists of an attire of the standard shihakushou; a white shitagi, a black kosode and hakama, a white hakama-himo (worn in a untied manner, which exposes most of his chest), a white obi sash tied around his waist, and wooden geta sandal (Wears with no socks). Stands at about 6’0 and weighs around 150lbs. Katsu's hair is an unkempt darkish color, that reaches down his face into his sideburns and also stopping around the bottom of his neck. Most of the time his stubble too, is as wild as his hair, due to his lack of remembering to shave.

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Smoking, Napping, Training, Soccer
Likes and Dislikes:


1. Cigarettes
2. Women
3. Alcohol
4. Music
5. Alone Time


1. Greed
2. Power Hunger
3. Impatience
4. Slackers
5. Anyone who wakes him from a nap!


Katsu's average attitude revolves around a indifferent and unenergetic lifestyle. This outer emotion rarely takes consideration for those around him. Although, he tries to remain out of others' conflict, Katsu secretly has a "soft spot" for those who are in helpless need of his assistance, in which he will agree to help them out of public view. While in battle, Katsu's apathetic views stay firmly in take; straying away from extensive use of strength. This demeanor, also frequently reminds others to "relax" in tense situations. However, with Katsu's laid back attitude comes a heavy burden of letting his mind wander. In return, memories of past events haunt his thoughts. These moments put Katsu into a more vegetative state, which he avoids any contact with others and proceeds to sulk.

There are times when a boundary is crossed by a enemy or perhaps a friend, where Katsu's emotions explode in fury. At this time, all bets are off; Katsu is at his full force. When this rage occurs, it most due to ill talk of another towards events in Katsu's past. This rage however, does soon come to pass, yet not until he experiences a drastic realization or the resolution ends by death.

Katsu mainly enjoys solitude with thoughts of the past, where life was truly enjoyable to him. With these memories comes strange habits, he finds enjoyable. Such as, nature in general, shade, alcohol, and an occasional cigarette. In people, Katsu generally tends to enjoy women who have a particular interest with him, but in the same respect he wishes that anyone who is not an attractive woman should not bother him. Also, Katsu has a rather bad memory problem, often forgetting what friends and enemies recently said. In that sense, he enjoys those with incredibly sort names for easy remembrance. Although, incredibly long names seemed to be they only particular that frustrates Katsu, he also has a extreme dislike for cats.
Reminding him of his flirtatious Zanpakuto, he calls them such names as "Spawn of Evil" and "Shifty Demons." However, these are only minor dislikes and will not send him into a state of uncontrollable rage.

Defining Characteristics: Keeps to himself. Self motivated and always wants to achieve more in his life. Striving to become the best in his eyes.
Specialties: Smoking
Fighting type: Ranged Combat

.Human Life..

Katsu's life begins one September night in slums outside Karakura town. His family consisted of him and his mother and father. However, his father would soon abandon his mother and Katsu; left to defend for themselves.

As life vanished before Katsu, he could not help to be thrown into despair. Now at the age of 16, he had decided to depart from his life; a place without a destiny. He knew he was "different" from those around him, able to see the spirits of the deceased. More than often, he would tend to ignore their pleas, convincing himself he was truly "normal." But soon, Katsu came to a realization that he was not "normal," yet he praised this idea.

To be "different" meant he could be someone other than himself, a man who had a choice to succeed, rather than rot in the streets of the lower class. Soon, Katsu would be attracted to a neighboring city. It was a glimmering city; a utopia hanging within the skyline; Karakura town.

This new modernistic world had more to experience than what Katsu could imagine; Shops, restaurants, amusement parks, theaters, and others he did not know of. Yet, this world was to be as cruel as his first. No money, no family, no home... only heat from man holes and a flickering fluorescent light of a long forgotten play theater.

Katsu's eye fixated on the florescent light, until his vision was distorted from the sudden darkness of fading lights. Suddenly, a young girl emerged atop the building. Her attire was new to him; a pitch black robe and a katana slung around her waist. She seemed familiar with her surrounding, like she had be there thousands of times before. A smile appeared on her petite face, looking towards the night sky, Katsu could only baffle in her beauty. He would return to see her smile everyday; for weeks, until one night the girl appeared slightly off. There was no smile, it was a face of exhaustion.

The girl’s head frantically searched about, as Katsu’s body felt as if it was being crushed by some invisible source, which he would later would know as “reitsu.” His body was numb, he continued to look to the girl; she had stop searching and began rapidly moving along the roof tops. Katsu’s thought were mixed, however he began to pursue her, yet her visual presence was gone, Katsu’s eyes were longed to follow a strange red ribbon flowing in the direction of the girl. Following the ribbon, he was lead to a fairly extensive bridge, which suspended itself above a seemingly calm river. He could see the girl had ceased running, she stood a front a massive hollow.

Helplessness filled his mind, however his body continued him forward, until he stood behind the hollow and the girl. The hollow’s thick green tongue traveled along its pig-like mask, then emitting an ear shattering screech. The hollow’s hand swung like a wrecking ball towards the girl, the girl’s face was overwhelmed. Suddenly without thought, Katsu’s body leapt from his trembling state, shoving the girl out of harms way.
Utter shock soon came across the girls face as a mere human physically shoving her towards the ground. Yet, this shock of amazement quickly turn into terror as the boy’s now limp body smashed into the railing of the bridge.

..Pulse Life..

All was still in the few moments that Katsu had awakened, his eyes instantly darted towards his raised hands. They were the same as he remembered; thinking he must have survived the impact somehow, he then shifted his eye sight towards the girl. She was safe, yet not to her own ability; a man in a similar outfit to the girls, stood still in the night air with the girl limp over his shoulder. Katsu could see the man and the girls face more clearly now, the man; somewhat rugged looking, old gray hair, wrinkled face, and vertical scar under his eyes and across his nose. The girl; pale skin, dark unkempt hair, and a unusual black star tattooed on the upper left side of her cheek. He could see she was unconscious, as her body slowly took in breaths of air. Remembering suddenly the enormous monster from earlier, Katsu frantically searched his surroundings; there was nothing.

“The demon you seek is gone,” said the man breaking the silence that festered within Katsu, with his head now turn sternly at him. The man’s eyes seemed to be telling Katsu, that he was sorry. Confusion began to fill Katsu, he did not understand the man’s face. He had rescued the girl and himself from a murderous figure, what possibly could he be sorry for?

After a few more moments of silence, Katsu spoke hesitantly, “Why do you look at me with sorrow?”

The man’s eyes were now tightly shut, yet he spoke once again,” I am gratefully sorry I could not come sooner.”

Katsu’s head shook in bewilderment, “I don’t under…stand…” Katsu’s voice trailed off as his eyes managed to peer downward. An extensive rusted chain protruded from his chest, coiling onto the ground, then soaking in a pool of crimson. The chain had stopped at a lifeless mangled body, the body resembled someone all too familiar to Katsu; it was him. Furiously, he began struggle with the chain, as if to separate himself from the horror that lay before him.

“I would not try to fracture that chain,” the man spoke in a saddened lecturing tone, “It could have dire consequences.”

“Dire!” Katsu yelled, “Apparently I am already dead, so what’s the point!” Katsu’s eyes searched the man for answers. However, the man’s face stood firm.

“Thank you,” the man said in apologizing tone, “You gave your life to save someone very important to me.”
He began to steadily walk towards Katsu, “I hope I will have a chance to repay you for your actions one day,” he said, as he began to unsheathe an oddly shaped katana.

Lifelessly Katsu stood, still clenching the chain and his head hung low, the man’s hilt enclosed onto his forehead. A glimmering light began to engulf Katsu’s entire body, but before his vision was completely distorted by the light, Katsu gazed once more at the beautiful black haired girl with the star tattoo.

Whiteness covered Katsu like a blanket of snow, he could hear the voice of the man saying a few last words. “For now, live your new life…”


When Katsu had awoken, he found himself bewildered by his new surroundings. He could remember nothing, except for several faint words ringing throughout his mind. Searching this new environment he saw a fascinating sight that gave him a feeling of tranquility. He was surrounded by groves of massive trees encircling him, until parted by a calm flowing river. It would take Katsu several minutes before he began pacing himself down the winding river. The ground was bright as the warmth of shinning Sun beat down on it. However, the ground soon grew cold and dark as the rays of the Sun trailed behind the mountains. Although, it was night Katsu had a strange feeling of comfort, like he had done it thousands of times before. As he walked endlessly, he soon became weary and collapsed with a sudden thump as he hit the ground.

Katsu’s closed eyes could see the dim traces of the intense light shining on him. But suddenly, this dim light faded and the warmth that Katsu had felt on his face dissipated. This abrupt change of temperature was enough to cause Katsu to open his eyes. His vision was quite blurry, yet he was able make out the silhouetted figure after a few hard blinks of his eyes. It was a man, leaning over Katsu with an almost freighting sincere smile on his face. He was a older man with gray hair and a wrinkled face, but what stood out the most was an unusual scar running across his face in a vertical manner. The old man was smiling at Katsu, as if he had personally knew him.

“Welcome,” the old man said in a hysterical tone. The old man had moved his face away from Katsu, seeing that he was a bit uncomfortable. “You must have been quite lost.” His voice was irritatingly rough as if someone was rubbing sand paper in his ears. “It’s a good thing I brought you back to my home.”

Katsu confusion was building, “Home?” Looking around he saw he was not outside with the beaming Sun, but inside a wooden home with an intense ceiling light shining downward into his eyes. Shieling the light from his eyes with his hand, he looked back at the man. “Where am I?” Katsu pondered at the old man.

The old man laughed, “In good time, but for now how about you come and eat some breakfast with me.” His smile seemed so sincere Katsu could not pass up the offer. As they entered the petite kitchen, the old man gestured Katsu a seat near a large wooden table. “If your lucky,” the old man said in a cheerful tone, “My granddaughter might be feeling well enough to join us.” He opened had opened another door and stepped inside.

Katsu’s head ached in confusion, “I can remember my name, but it just like everything else is..,” his thinking paused, “..Gone.” Although, he ached mentally, Katsu soon realized that physically he felt great.

The door the old man had walked through made a sharp creak as it slowly opened. Almost instantly a young girl emerged from the doorway, as she wrapped her arm around a wooden crutch. Katsu was dumbstruck by her appearance, her face was like silk, her hair was like black velvet, and she had a cute black star tattoo on her cheek. Although, surprised by her beauty, Katsu was also astonished that she seemed to be very familiar to him.

The girl had walked a few paces on her crutch before looking up at Katsu, instantly she stumbled onto the floor. “How…?” the girl said to Katsu, who now attended her by her side. Her eyes seemed to stare and him in a thankful an apologetic way.

Katsu turned his head behind him, as if she was looking at someone else. He turned back at her, “I don’t…” but he was interrupted by the old man’s laughter.

“Come sit you two, I have prepared a hearty breakfast for the both of you,” the old man said after his laughter died off. The young girl was looking at him.

“Grandpa, did he…” but she too was interrupted by the old man’s laughter.

“Hush now and eat, we will speak of this another time perhaps,” he said as both Katsu and the girl sat down beside the large table.. Both Katsu and the girl couldn’t help being dumbfounded with so many questions building up in their heads. However, for now they all ate the meal lay before them.


Before long, as the years passed Katsu had learned of the girl’s name, Kasumi and both grew close to one another. Soon, Katsu was entered into the Shinigami Academy, for the discovery of his growing abilities. Yet, because of Kasumi had already passed the Academy, Katsu and her drifted apart from one another. Feeling empty from his strong bond with Kasumi, he began looking for meaningless attractions to fill the void. After several years near the end of the Academy, Katsu had taken up alcohol, smoking, and quick love interests.

Katsu’s head hung low as he nonchalantly strolled down the Academy’s corridors, his eyes were blank, as if he was mesmerized by some past event. The cigarette that rested between his closed lips sent out pale streams of intertwining smoke trails, as the butt of it slowly cindered. Suddenly, his eyes were distracted out of their trance by the laughter of two young Shinigami’s.

The girls had stopped laughing as Katsu gradually approached them. “Katsu!” they yelled simultaneously in a playful and mocking tune, “Your going to be late again if you don’t hurry.”

Flicking the cigarette on the ground, he remained unchanged, approaching the two girls. “Relax,” he said in a monotone voice, “For now why don’t you two come with me..” he paused, interrupted by the shouting of a distant Teacher.

“GOTO!” the Teacher's voice increased in aggravation, “Get the hell to class!”

Katsu’s hands waved in the air, gesturing a motion of sincerity. “Fine, I’m going,” he said finally, as he turned toward the girls once more before leaving. “Maybe some other time then,” he chuckled wandering towards the already in process study session. Sliding the thin door open, Katsu made his way towards an open spot on the floor, which the other students had neatly sat themselves, encircling yet another lecturing teacher.

“Glad you could join us for once Katsu,” the teacher had said, as she seized her speech for a brief period. Annoyed and disappointed she began her lecture where she left off. “As I was saying before I was rudely intrupted,” gesturing her head towards Katsu, “The appearance of the Zanpakuto’s materialization, as well as its name will be granted to the owner, when the Zanpakuto feels their owner is ready to accept their power. Once this is achieved the owner will be granted access to the Zanpakuto’s shikai form..” This was all Katsu heard before he causally drifted out of consciousness.

Later, Katsu had headed towards the training ground. Again his eyes were focus on a past memory, it was of him and Kasumi, laughing and laying in tall grass under the warmth of the orange sun. Squinting his eyes, the memories faded away. Katsu knew he had to learn quickly if was going to make it out of this Academy and catch up with Kasumi. However, his laid back personality held him back in his studies. He unsheathed his sword gazing at its stainless reflection, he sheathed it back again. Katsu had trained endlessly practicing swordsmanship, but noe at all in the ways of Kidou. Today was the day he would begin his versatile training.

The crack and flashes of explosions soon filled the night sky. Katsu lay before a several smoldering target, his hands were burnt and exhaustion was beginning to take over. Looking up at the night sky he realized the moon’s position in the middle of the sky, it was late. He began to slowly traverse his way to the old man’s cottage. His head dipped down, realizing Kasumi’s anger when she found out he was late once again. Uneasily, he pulled out another cigarette, lighting it and inhaling it contents, nerves began to subside. Soon, Katsu was in distance of the cottage, he was able to see a pillar of smoke emerging through the chimney and through the tree tops. However, this night the smoke seemed much larger and soot-like then he previously remembered it to be, something was not right and Katsu could feel it. Tossing the cigarette onto the ground he rapidly weaved throughout the forest. Growing closer, Katsu soon began to see a faint glow increase in brightness. When he finally had reached the cabin, Katsu plumated to the ground, his face was of pure anger and sadness. Before him stood blazing pile of rumble, as a fairly strange Hollow emerged from the flames.

The Hollow's body was filled with jagged edges and cracks, emitting low frequencies of red light. Its mask was shaped in a demonic form, opening and releasing a high pitched screech. Yet, the presences of this best was not what had shocked Katsu into a state of fear, it was the Hollow's pale white mask littered with tattered black clothing of a Shinigami, Kasumi’s clothing. Katsu’s body was unresponsive, he could not move, yet he longed the destruction of the beast. Katsu’s vision then quickly faded into darkness.

..The Beginning..

The darkness began to subside and slowly sight was returned to Katsu. He was in a strange new universe, surrounded by the unbelievable. His body felt as if he was lying in a cloud, however on further inspection he realized it had the same qualities as smoke. Suddenly, Katsu came to comprehend that before he had blacked out, there was a murderous hollow who had destroyed his home, family, and love. But, as his head frantically searched about, he found nothing. What lie before him was a massive temple surrounded by slowly rises smoke. The sky around the temple was a muggy color and strangely the moon’s position seemed to be much closer than usual. Katsu’s fascination with the new world was soon distracted by an echoing laughter from the temple; it was of a female.

Katsu was longed to the temple, steadily waded himself through the smoke, as if it were as thick as water. Streams of smoke spiraled and evaporated, as Katsu’s body pushed through it. Upon reaching the marble steps the temple’s entrances he heard the playful laughter of the girl once more. He continued up the slick step, reaching the top he was confronted by the temple’s door. His hand reached for the handle, he hesitated half way. On pausing, a seductive voice called out, “Come in.”

Pushing the door open, he entered into well lit and almost empty room. In the center of the room sat a young looking girl in a brightly colored kimono, her back face him. However, on Katsu arrival she stood up, giggling as she turned around. Her face was pure, her eyes glowed a luminescent green and strangely enough her facial feature were completely missing. Katsu’s body was stiff, as the woman approached him, wrapping her arms around him. Usually, Katsu would respond normally to this situation, but there seemed to be a slight resemblance between the woman and Kasumi. Her face became close to his, she whispered into his ear, “Want to play?”

On comparison of the woman and Kasumi, he remembered the past event with the hollow. Ignoring the woman’s seduction he forwardly said, “I need to return to my home… I have to help someone.”

Pulling back, the woman encircled Katsu as she spoke, “Oh, then why’d you come to me.” Her motions around him seemed to be as swift as smoke itself.

Katsu was slightly shocked from the response, without thought he said, “I don’t know,” he paused, “Who are you exactly?” His eyes searched the woman’s pale face, looking for some sort of answer.

She laughed once again, “You already know my name,” he paused as the room and herself began to evaporate before him, “You have always known my name. You only need to call it out, gain my power, Katsu Goto.” “Become strong,” she giggled as her words faded along with her body Katsu eyes were once again distorted by a transition to darkness.

Emerging from the darkness was the same vile Hollow, still howling as it step through the flames of the burned cottage. Katsu burned with rage as he lunged towards the hollow with his unsheathed sword. His arms were raised, clenching his blade, aiming for destruction. But suddenly, the hollow’s fist burned in a ball of flames, smashing the airborne Katsu onto the ground. He coughed up blood, trying to get back up. The Hollows screech almost ear shattering, it grew closer to Katsu’s struggling body.

Panting heavily, Katsu made his way to his feet. He needed more strength, he to become stronger, remembering the woman’s words. Katsu’s eyes suddenly became enlightened and then burned with passion. “I finally know who you are,” he raced towards the Hollow, “I finally remember your name.” Again he lunged into the air, shouting, “Kitsuneko!” The Hollow’s fist once again hurdled towards Katsu, but it was inevitable stopped, held in place by a pillar of dense smoke. Struggling, the Hollow began using other appendages to fee himself, however those too were then held tightly by the smoke. Katsu’s Zanpakuto shifted into a similar Shikai before entering the hollow’s skull. Katsu was shouting, smoke shot out in bursts, splitting the hollow’s into shreds. Lunging onto the ground, the hollows charred body evaporated into ash along with the smoke.

Katsu struggled over to the rubble, he kneeled before it, vowing to become stronger.

..The Conclusion..

Following the passing years, Katsu vow held strong, forcing himself into vasts knowledges and fighting techniques. Soon, his efforts paid off and Katsu graduated from the academy. After years of perfecting his shikai, Katsu determination and will power began to slowly drift away into sadness and despair, due a recent event of letting his true love slip through his grasp, becoming an enemy to the Soul Society (Miki Manami, a second rouge/shinigami character). Katsu's will to continue forward was dwindling away, now Katsu struggles with an inner turmoil within himself. He must learn to let go of his guilt and sorrow, replacing it with strength and willpower.

Role-play Sample:

His attacks had missed... Masaru drew his sword in a defensive stance as Alestor prepared a final charge, poised to--

--be sucked into a Garganta. What an odd sensation, to be on the tips of your toes in preparation to strike and then have the rug pulled from under your feet. Perhaps his time was up; would this throat deposit the Rogue back in Karakura Town?

No, of course not. Rather than ending Masaru's progress, the Garganta instead dropped him atop an active, bubbling volcano. The heat struck him the instant his body left the portal, and Masaru made quick work to strip out of his thick jacket and stuffy dress shirt, letting the shirt dangle from where it was tucked in and loosely wrapping his jacket around his waist.

The waves of heat were stifling, but Masaru was not bothered by the scorching licks of air after removing his top-wear. Compared to the skin-warping burns brought about by the Cero that had blinded him, this volcano's bite was dull. The light playing across his sizable burns served to prove that fact. However, he was not immune to the effects of fatigue, not at all, and this climate would only serve to quicken the loss of his and anyone else's stamina.

Masaru walked nimbly along the rim of the crater, taking note of the feel of the crumbling earth beneath his feet, scouring the area for hints of Reiatsu. One particular presence stood out, and the man tightened the grip on his sheathed blade. 'It would seem that I am not the first to arrive this time...' he mused, directing his focus on a Shinigami who was literally within the mouth of the precocious battleground. The Shinigami's form was not as strong as Alestor's or Hiroshi's; rather, it was closer in resemblance to the Arrancar Kodomo.

There seemed to be meager platforms to stand on, forged by the earth, but Masaru would not dare dive into this volcano, lest it spew its molten spittle all over him. 'Whoever is behind this tournament must revel in their malevolence... Pitting combatants against each other over a volcano...'

Alas, what was Masaru to do about the situation? He could only fight; fighting was the sole method of advancing in this game. Calmly, the Rogue began to draw in energy, preparing a Kidō that would deter this Shinigami's or anyone else's hopes of catching him unaware with the first strike.

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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:18 am

This is a well done application, Mister Goto.


Just wait until Tadashii swings by and stamps his as well, since he makes the decision for who the Captains are and what not.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:17 am

Third division is taken.
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:52 pm

What divisions are open?
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:01 pm

Your age. Increase it. 900+ at the least. If you're going to appear 35, you gotta be a 1000 plus. Though there isn't a system implying such, it's common sense.
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:29 pm


Assuming you didn't edit anything else.
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:41 pm

Suo, You can't approve captains.

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu Goto   

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Katsu Goto
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