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 Viktor Shugural

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Viktor Shugural
Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Viktor Shugural   Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:01 pm


Name: Viktor Shugural
Nickname(s): The Bookie, The Loan Shark
Age: 726
Visual Age: 25

Gender: Male
Rank: -
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Viktor rarely speaks but when he does its usually an insult or a sarcastic remark because he is just that type of stuck up genius or is he? Who knows? Who cares? Viktor's speech usually consists of fowl language and saving overly complicated things and comments about the lack of intelligence of others, at least in his eyes. His voice has a thick Romania Accent to it and is rather deep and piercing at times; it rarely falters.

Appearance: Viktor is a handsome fella and make most girls giggle and shriek with glee at first glance as if he was a pop star of some sort but his personality usually puts them off. Viktor is a tall, slim man with a muscular body as one would expect, his skin is a deathly white that he appears to be a ghoul or one of the undead but still quite attractive; he has no earrings or piercings and he has no scars nor blemishes on his artificial body. He stands at 6'1". His abilities to rip out the soul of others and consume him have caused him to earn the label of "Vampire" in Victorian England. His hair is a fiery of a deep orange that looks like a scarlet red depending on the light; his silky red hair reaches just past his pale white ears to his shoulders and is a little longer at the back, just reaching above the connection between head and body; usually his bangs hang over his right eye but he quickly moves it away when he get's "serious". His eyes a dashingly violent light brown with a slight orange tint which in some lights seems to be as red as the blood that runs through his veins and yours. His eyes are some what scary at times especially toward his enemies because they seem to light up with something which isn't quite anger but can not be described as anything else although those same eyes make him a hit with the ladies and have a kind of mesmerizing effect which has been noted by woman on more then one occasion as you guess. His fingers are long and somewhat bony; it has been remarked that a punch from him is like being punched by dull razors. His teeth are straight and a perfect white but he rarely shows them, why? He rarely shows them because his teeth are sharp, triangulated and are similar to that of a for reasons unknown but one thing is for certain those teeth make him even more menacing and comparable to the Zande warriors of Central Africa in the 1800s.

Viktors attire is usually simple but still stylish as you imagine but before we get to that lets talk about his jewelry: Viktor has no jewelry, he dislikes gold almost as much as he dislikes diamonds; he likes silver but not in the form of jewelry. It appears he has grown out of the Human desire to adorn themselves with shiny metals and their so called "precious" stones. The closet thing Viktor would come to jewelry is the leather wrist band on his left hand and a silver pocket watch attached to a medium length silver chain, on the back of the watch their is a steam engine. Back to his attire. Normally Viktor would wear a black dress jacket, black dress pants, a white button up shirt with the top two to three buttons undone to reveal some of his chest, and a lose black tie around his neck. When he goes into battle with this mundane attire he is quick to lose his jacket and to roll up the white sleeves of his shirt. This outfit is usually worn when he is out teaching or looking for work since he usually acts like a free lance substitute teacher for every subject. When he is out of the town the appearance doesn't change too much but his appearance is more like that to a punk or a hooligan, a classy intellectual hooligan but a hooligan none the less. He wears jeans or dress pants with a long U lipped white shirt with a V shaped or Circular or loose collar with shirt sleeves or long sleeves rolled up to be just below the elbow or midway on the forearm depending on the shirt, weather, and/or general state of mind at that point in time. He usually wears a black or gray vest over top his shirt. He usually has his pocket watch's chain hanging out of his pocket, connected to his studded black belt with a demonic silver or golden belt buckle with red ruby like gems for eyes with horns protruding and moving forward and out toward the left and right side.

Viktor normally has a cigarette in his mouth and a book in hand, usually a math game like Sudoku which he is amazingly skilled at.

Head shot for y'all.


Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Sudoku, Playing with Puppies, and cooking food.
Likes and Dislikes:

He likes the following...

- Green/ Black Tea
- Sudoku
- Puzzles
- Sweets
- Cupcakes
- Money
- People who make their God Damn Payments!
- Challenges

He dislikes the following...

- Most Humans
- Idiots
- Useless and Meaningless tasks
- Not having smokes
- People who don't pay their debts
- People who try to pick fights with him

Personality: Viktor Shugural has gone through many mental evaluations during his life time because of his incredibly high intelligence and his knowledge on just about all things and just about all of them have come to the same conclusion: Viktor Shugural is an egotistical, power hungry, evil, and an undoubtedly manipulative individual with an incredibly high IQ. This is true but let's go more in depth eh?

Ego - Viktor's Ego is incredibly large and because of this he holds just about nobody as equal and hates it when others try put themselves on the same level as him. He is extremely vane and exceptionally proud of himself or so it seems to others but if it is true or not? Now that's another question entirely and its quite doubtful that you will get an answer but one could guess because of this favorite little statement which he uses when referring himself and/or those he holds in high regards and Humans as well as the other races but not as much as them as he usually doesn't "play" with the Arrancar for what ever the reason.

"We are Gods among Insects!"

Anger - Viktor is not easily angered but when he gets angry you'll know it. His anger's causes his Reiatsu to flare on incredibly high levels and cause's his eyes to become a violent piercing fury orange which is almost red in color. He also moves his bangs out of his face so he can look at his opponents right in the eyes with is own eyes which show only the most purest of killing intents even with a smile upon his face. When he is angry he will often through away his cigarette and focus on the battle and defeating his opponent, rather then killing them because he likes to show them shame and that he could end their lives whenever he feels like it. His anger is often triggered when part of his appearance is tampered with wither it be his cloths, his hair, or his perfect deathly pale white skin.

"Ain't that a Bitch?"

General Emotional State - Viktor's general emotional state is rock solid and rarely wavers no matter the situation but their are certain instances when it does and we will get to that in a paragraph or two. Back to his General Emotional State, he is usually cold and detached from the world around him and he is dominated by logic based on Science and Math related equations rather then moral and/or emotional logic and deposition. This makes him a great analyst and frighteningly unbiased; he often refers to himself as the Book Keeper because during his lifetime he has witnessed many important historical events and written an unbiased account which are usually later discovered and taken as fact because he dislikes the fact that the "Winners" always rewrite the history for their own Glory and for the shame of the "losers". But his logic makes him what one could call "Evil" even though he isn't "Evil" in the since he goes around committing sins besides one which the Church calls Sloth*. He picks no sides and does nothing that can effect history directly or indirectly if he can control it.

"Everyone lies because the Truth is ugly and no one wants the Ugly Truth because we are all Vain"

Speech - Viktor rarely speaks but when he does its usually an insult or a sarcastic remark because he is just that type of stuck up genius or is he? Who knows? Who cares? Viktor's speech usually consists of fowl language and saving overly complicated things and comments about the lack of intelligence of others, at least in his eyes.

"If knowledge is indeed power, then the gap between us is like that of Heaven and Earth..."

Intelligence - Viktor's intelligence can not be measured but he is obviously an incredibly intelligent man and his intelligence shows in every aspect of life. For example with his cooking; using mathematical equations to measure the amount of an ingredient perfectly allows him to make the most delicious foods even when he doesn't have enough or an ingredient is missing entirely. He once started a fire using only the still lite butt of him cigarette, he quickly analyzed the area and the spiral wind patterns and through his cigarette butt into a wind pattern which made the butt travel toward a decaying electrical wire which then snap from the little fire of the butt causing the wire to snap and hit a near by gas station where a little gas spilled from cars hit the floor, igniting it and causing the entire building to go up in flames. He once used a fire cracker and small piece of scrap wood along with match and threw it into the air; the match ignited the fire cracker which sent the scrap piece of wood flying like shrapnel into a human thugs throat in the USA on the 4th of July. Indeed his intelligence is his greatest weapon and oh how he loves to use it.

"Impossible you say? Did you just not see it with your own eyes?"

Relationships- Viktor has very few relationships but if you can make a bond with him, it's for life and because of this he looks down at betrayal. His strongest relationships were with Azuma, Sacha, and his doll, Pandämonium.

"If one's wealth is measured in friendship then I am poorer then a beggar."

*Sloth is the sin of idleness it is the sin where one is able of doing something but doesn't do it or ones ability to praise the lord but not doing it (e.g. being an Atheist)

Defining Characteristics: His defining characteristics are his appearance with his shark like teeth and his intelligence.
Specialties: Assembling and Reassembling various technologies and weapons such as firearms.
Fighting type:

Ranged Combatant: These types of fighters mostly occur among Quincy and Kidou corps for their ability to fight ranged. This fighting style includes cero, kidou that involved throwing or beams that go a long way, arrows, guns, etc.


The advantages of this style, are that long range fighters are well versed when it comes to using long range techniques. Compared to close combat fighters, their long range abilities has more power behind it. Not to mention
their ability to employ various attacks and tactics over multiple ranges. Warriors of this style are able to use Kido spells from level 1-90. Ceros will be more effective over long range too, and other similar techniques. They're expected to have great endurance, however their durability and Speed based techniques are at the average level. What this means is that if your a Fraccion, your Sonido speed, may not be as quick as a close range fighter.

Drawbacks: Those that chose this fighting style, tends to be at a disadvantage at close range. As they are not able to maximize their abilities to the fullest. It will however be a mistake to think, that they are totally defenseless at close range. Stamina, durability are average at best for their rank.

History/Background: Creation

Viktor Shugural was created as a Bount created by the Shinigami Azuma a few months after the Bount known as Sacha a.k.a the Russian in the same location but under slightly different circumstance as Sacha was made for battle while Shugural was made for the sidelines as Azuma's assistant. As such he was giving an immense capacity to store information and a mind which could connect the dots, so to speak, at incredibly fast level of comprehension but as Azuma would later find out Viktor was even smarter then him. From a young age Viktor began to read as he was programmed to but he didn't read simple material he read massive historical texts, encyclopedias, and massive records. He began to study everything and by age 5 he was capable of speaking 10 different languages fluently but then again Viktor was no normal child. While others trained to fight with their own natural physical strength Viktor trained to fight with his mind and soon he became one of the top Bount in Azuma's control. Oh how he hated that. He hated that Azuma had control of him and when he was not much older then 7 he plotted to kill Azuma but things happened between his growth and childhood and soon Azuma became a pawn in Viktor's mind and Viktor decided to leave him be until he learned everything he could from the man and he was strong enough to defeat him but that would take years even with Viktor's intelligence and so he became Azuma's assistant and helped with his experiments and his plan of conquest against the Shinigami.

As Sacha grew stronger Viktor began to take an interest in him and befriended the boy who many others were scared of and from him he learned how to fight and unknowingly to him he began to adopt a similar accent to the Russian but more a Romanion one then Russian but an accent none the less. They became best of friends and with him Viktor began to get stronger but he knew Sacha was stronger and rarely dabbled with him unless he needed to be dabbled with as some people do. Together they began to live day by day with Sacha training hard fighting while Viktor remained in the laboratory conducting experiments and researching the Humans as he was modeled after one but the more he researched them the less he liked him and their stupidity and so he changed himself slowly from the Mortal morality and acted like an Immortal. Azuma ones told him something he still carries even though he was referring to Viktor and Sacha rather then the rest of the Bount.

"You are Gods among insects!"


Viktor grew and stronger he became. As the date of the Mission got closer the training intensified and the meals grew larger. Soon everyone was at the peak of their power except for a certain few which were meant to the be the strongest of the bunch among them was Viktor and Sacha. They were one of the first to get their "Dolls", Sacha got Vadik and Viktor got Pandämonium; both incredibly powerful Dolls and they belonged to them. Time passed and as Viktor was in his teenage years the attack on the Seireitai started but it was over before they stepped on the battle field. Viktor had done the calculations and with their Numbers and only a handful being capable of fighting a Captain, the battle was already over but hey they were still hungry and a Shinigami was a good meal. As the Bount swarmed out and started from the Rukongai the Shinigami came and in the first few waves the Bount had lost a large number but not all the Shinigami were going home either. The Battle raged on and it was clear they were going to lose but they weren't going down with out a fight but Azuma had a plan B and ran off to the Arrancar like a dog.

He allied himself with the Arrancar and the Bount joined them and after their final assault they were defeated and were being housed in Hueco Mundo where Azuma began to get stronger as did the others but the Arrancar and the Bount were hungry for each others flesh and with a simple bad action a war could erupt right their but Azuma made it clear that they would not fight their new allies and would help them but of coarse Azuma had other plans and began to get stronger and the bonds with Arrancar and Bount remained the same: uneasy. Viktor watched over the Bount and made sure nothing happened between them or the Arrancar. He occasional lead a few into the Human world for a meal and killed when he could. Like Azuma he honed his skills and became stronger like his Creator. He began to see many similarities between the Bount Sacha and the Shinigami Azuma and it became apparent that Azuma programmed Sacha to finish the job but from what Viktor had witnessed he knew better.

After a few years the Bount were ready to attack the Shinigamia again with the help of their Allies and Sacha and Viktor were going to War again but this time in the Human world and this made it the perfect opportunity to escape or rather ditch his ties but little did Viktor know that Sacha was planning the same thing.

Esta la Vista

The Bounto seemed set for battle, in which the plan was to move into material world. There they'd be able to take on the Shinigami, whilst hoping they'd be too cautious of their surroundings. It was always thought that the Shinigami didn't want to influence the material world too much. The Reiatsu of the Gotei 13 Captains would be enough to cause a catastrophe. The Shinigami knew this all too well and so took the fight to the Bounto instead. The invasion of Hueco Mundo took place. And the Shinigami showed that they were not to be underestimated, even when on the enemy's turf. More and more battles took place, comrades and enemies died. The souls of the deceased were consumed by Sacha and other Bount and occasionally Viktor took part but only eating the souls of Shinigami and Arrancar because the soul of a Bounto tasted like rot. The battle waged on and Viktor with with Doll mowed down the enemy when he transformed his doll into a very dangerous secret weapon which chose no side and killed everyone. And soon Viktor had a feast and devoured soul after soul after soul after soul and his power became incredibly high but one would have to be careful or they would age prematurely and that was a bad thing. Their was a break in the battle and Viktor soon disappeared to find Azuma to kill him but Sacha beat him two it and Viktor interrupted him and Azuma's soul disappeared.

Shugural managed to find a way to get to the material world, where he decided to let the dust settle for a while. The man Bounto was now left to his own devices, and as such he began living a life among the humans. Viktor began living life among the humans, fully integrating himself in their societies but he remained a God among insects. The man did so while staying through to the way of the Bounto. Years passed and those past events seemed more like a distant memories, etched into the back of his mind. For the Bounto, life had only just begun.
Role-play Sample:

"Briefcase of Doom..." mused the man as he heard the words... or did he? It was strange because the sound wasn't coming from any place in particular because he heard it perfectly from all sides or so he believed at that moment and on further examination he did indeed hear it perfectly... over the roar of engines and trucks... over the loud voices of men and women as they enjoyed themselves on that particular Friday night... how strange indeed. He sighed as he took another drag of his cigarette which was now more of a butt of its former self at 2 and a half centimeters but that is how the cookie crumbles so to speak... as most people already know, or rather should know is that all good things must come to an end because if we ever remain in eternal bliss the world around them slips away as reality, like time never stops, not even for those few fleeting moments in which he enjoyed his smoke. He remains of the once great cigarette fell from his lips and onto the ground where a small puddle of water waited and gripped the cigarette, extinguishing the flames of its inanimate life.

His eyes shifted from left to right without moving his head to neither direction with in his view. He noticed a young girl who seemed to be watching the moon as it moved across the dark sky trickled with the white lights of twinkling stars. He felt absolutely no spiritual pressure from the girl and dismissed her for a moment but he thought twice about her. You can never judge a book by its cover... he looked at her once more and then looked down at his suitcase... or rather his very very very special doll. The doll's name meant Pandemonium and that's what it created when its powers released... it is very similar to the 108, or in some cases, 666 evils released onto mankind by the mortal woman... Pandora... she of coarse was the Eve of the Greek and she went against the will of her husband and of her gods for her own selfish curiosity which brought out the evils of War, Famine, Disease, Epidemic, Argument, Deceit... just to name a few but that could have been averted if someone told the woman what the Devil was inside the bloody box, jar, pot... depending on which version of the classic story you read. He looked down at his suitcase one more time before speaking... in his head he could hear death metal music and the word 'doom' repeated a numerous amount of times. His expression cracked into a smile as he thought about his partner in crime.

"It's my version of Pandora's box... I wholeheartedly suggest you never open it if it were ever to fall into your hands... last thing we need these days is more... Pandemonium..."

The man's eyes glowed a demonic red as he said those words, alive with spiritual pressure which could easily cripple anyone to a state of terror... anyone who themselves were weak and of coarse had some level of High Spec. He smiled and closed his eyes at the girl and then turned to enter the bar once again. He had been hoping that Sacha would join him on this night but he was no where to be seen and Viktor himself wasn't a very social fellow because of his own reservations and complexions as well as his world views. He was handsome and a hit with the ladies when he bothered giving a damn about them.

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Viktor Shugural
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PostSubject: Re: Viktor Shugural   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Viktor Shugural   Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:31 am

No steam engine.

Hobbies: Sudoku, Playing with Puppies, and assembling and disassembling various weapons; namely fire arms.
Assembling and disassembling various weapons do not belong in hobbies; more of a specialty.

His anger's causes his Reiatsu to flare on incredibly high levels
All depends on your rank. Keep that in mind.

18 languages at 5? N'aw. It doesn't matter if you aren't "normal". How about 10? That seems rational.

Interesting history . . .
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Viktor Shugural
Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Re: Viktor Shugural   Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:23 pm

Done I suppose.
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The Russian
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PostSubject: Re: Viktor Shugural   Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:30 pm

1. I don't Like it

2. I hope I don't owe this fool any money

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Viktor Shugural
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