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 Hao Aokami ~Arrancar~

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Hao Aokami
Sexta Espada

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PostSubject: Hao Aokami ~Arrancar~   Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:09 am


Name: Aokami, Hao
Nickname(s): *Will be added after IC encounters*
Age: 575
Visual Age: Early twenties

Gender: Male
Rank: Whatever goes, shooting for elite though
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 ibs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Hao is a person capable of doing a wide range of voices, depending on his mood, and how he wants to portray himself at the time. His voice always carries a certain amount of deepness to it, alongside with a low tone. You can hear him speaking in a relaxed and somewhat teasing voice quite often, the person rarely showing seriousness in his voice, even if his speech suggests it. Sometimes giving off an aloof tone as well. But as said, the way he speaks changes very often depending on the situation he's in. Some moments calling for a more serious tone, or the more private moments calling for a softer, more inviting tone. The way he speaks is very fluent, sounding like he was perfectly reciting a poem or something. So most of the time he even has that smooth element to him as well. The most drastic and noticeable change can be noticed when someone manages to provoke him into revealing his true colors. An uncaring and apathetic tone, filled with very mixed undertones depending on the tiny speckles of emotions still influencing him. His fury initially being of the berserk kind, before turning into the tranquil kind.

Hao looks like a tall young man with a sort of pale complexion, usually donning dark clothing. He tans pretty easily, but usually retains the light creamy color of his skin due to his habit of staying up more during the night and less during the day. His eyes are slightly yellowish, almost of a clean pure color, resembling those of canines rather than normal people. Often reflecting the color of his reiatsu or energy. His hair is always what most would consider mid-length, quickly growing long enough to cover his eyes if he doesn't cut them frequently. He likes to keep it around what is considered mid-length, with longer bangs falling in between his eyes, and to the sides of his head without ever covering his eyes. From the back, falling down to his shoulders. His hair is apparently quite spiky by nature, almost entirely black in color. For some strange reason, a part of his hair well above his eyes has turned white, with some reddish hues present to the sides of his head. His hollow hole is located around the middle of his chest, while his fragment is a small bony formation around his left eye, embedded on his skin. For reference, check the avatar.

This picture was taken after a party while he was already a part of the order of Las Noches. The thing about Hao that stands out, is that he never properly follows the exact dressing code of the group he is a part of. The only mostly white article of his clothing being the collared shirt he uses, opening up around the neck to reveal a black undershirt. The outlines of this white shirt are colored in dark green. A dark colored coat with a hood always pulled over his shirt, the large hood usually pulled over his head, only barely showing a part of his hair and the fragment of his mask. The top of his head along his eyes obscured by the hood. The outlines of his coat are made in a white color, giving it a somewhat stylish look as well. A sort of yellow tribal symbol placed on the left side of the coat. He usually wears basic trousers or jeans, most usually colored in a shade of blue that fits his other clothing. Combat boots for footwear and black gloves covering his hands for extra grip. The sheathe of his Zanpakutou is connected to a belt worn over his trousers, usually hidden within his coat for the most part.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Hao is a strange person in that he never picks up any hobbies that he sticks with, apart from reading, what he does a lot if only for his eternal quest of searching for more knowledge. He can pick up a hobby on a whim, or to learn how to do something well enough, before dropping it for something else, or after learning the new skill well enough. He is the kind of a person who is good at a lot of things, yet never truly awesome at anything.

Likes and Dislikes:
*Dark, tranquil nights
*Amusement of any kind
*Amusing people
*Knowledge, figuring out the truths of the world
*Unique artifacts
*Hidden potential
*The beauties of the world

*Lack of freedom
*The lies of the world
*Places that are too bright
*Boring people
*Solved mysteries

Personality: Hao is an unpredictable and ever-changing person, his true personality and views hidden beneath a veil of mystery and his own personal fabrications. Indeed, this person should be considered a wild card, his interests shifting nearly constantly, and his true flow of thought always kept a secret. At first he seems like a fairly relaxed and a kind person, while having his own quirky habits. He has a habit of playing around and joking quite a lot, taunting others and playing sarcastic jokes on them. But he also has his own depths, often studying or leaving behind with nothing more than a cryptic message. While he does this, he usually does it for a reason. Sometimes simply to be annoying, for his own personal amusement. Like a true trickster. Usually showing a form of aloof behavior. He finds himself awfully bored with everything quite often after all. Searching amusement from wherever he might find it. Sometimes the reactions of others alleviate this feeling for a moment, but it never seems to have a lasting effect. He is missing something, never finding his true amusement.

Indeed, he is a person who can adjust his way of acting to many situations while also holding strong to certain habits. But all of this is but a mere fabrication. A very realistic act he is keeping up to blind the others. Yet this is also another habit of his, something that he does without thinking. Hao seems to suffer from a form of psychopathy, having an abnormal lack of human empathy. Most often feeling little to no emotions of himself. They are there, but suppressed and broken. What emotions he truly feels, he also has trouble expressing properly. Apart from the negative ones that manifest themselves the strongest. While suffering from such a condition, it also means he is a good judge of character and knows his way around people. Hence why he can keep his usual fabrications up without attracting any unwanted attention. If provoked far enough, he will gradually start to show his true colors. Calm and collected, like he usually is, but to the level where seems to turn freezing. An analytical person who seems completely uncaring of others. If his agenda calls for it, he isn't afraid of trying to manipulate others.

Yet, that isn't all there is to him. His personal views having formed into an ideology over the years. His own brand of philosophy. The person having developed strong views on the world and the people living in it. These views having twisted over the years. Digging in deeper, beyond the sociopathic behavior he exhibits, one can even find a case of insanity. His own views warped into something very cynical, yet with such ideal goals in the end. It would be best not to go too far with such a person. He is willing to use whatever means possible to achieve the goals he has set out to do. No morals or ethnic problems holding him back. If provoked far enough, all the guises will drop. His own madness finally showing through. Certain negative feelings hidden deep within surfacing after a long rest. While showing such signs, he will become even more unpredictable than he usually is. Either having his way with people without any fear of the consequences, or even trying to get his point across in not such a subtle way he would usually use. So long as he is left unprovoked, nothing will happen. The uncaring one acting like he usually would. But there is a certain line you shouldn't cross with him, considering the kind of a twisted character he is deep within.

Defining Characteristics: Oddly colored hair with white and red highlights, unusual fashion for an Arrancar, always wearing the hood up, playing around with glowing energy, fabricated emotions and reactions, extravagant body language, reflective eyes, shifty voice and philosophical speeches.
Specialties: Picking up new skills and hobbies easily, finding hidden potentials, knowledge of arts and such things as the language of flowers
Fighting type: Close Combat

History/Background: The memories of Hao's life started in one of the larger towns of the Kanto prefecture in Japan during the very beginning of the Edo period. He ended up in the care of a local man who was of the upper class, after his parents vanished without leaving a trace one day. No one knows for sure what happened to them. Maybe they didn't want a child and left him behind, or maybe a hollow devoured their souls without spotting the young child. In any case, he ended up living in a place that resembled an ancient version of an orphanage. There were other unfortunate children there, those who would have most likely died if someone hadn't found them and brought them there. Since no one knew what his real name was, the owner of the place gave him one. His wife saw something special in the kid and decided to give him the name of Hao Aokami.

Most of the people there were kind and fun, even going as far as treating him and everyone else like family. Most of the kids were especially like that, having been left behind by their real parents for various reasons. They had to grow up strong to deal with the pressure of not having a "true" family anymore. Hao adopted a sort of big brother role, helping out the young and lonely whenever they were feeling down. It came out naturally, for he didn't have anyone to begin with. He adopted a strong and righteous personality during his time there. Years were passing on peacefully, with most of the older kids getting schooled within the facility. Those who were smart enough, and behaved as the current society demanded, could possibly even have a bright future ahead of them much due to the high social status of their guardians.

During that era, belief in the spiritual and the various religions was stronger than in the present. This could be seen in how they often held different religious ceremonies for whatever the reasons. The kids were taught about the different spirits that supposedly existed in a plane higher to that of human understanding, the way they should properly behave, and even the code of honor. Around those times there were also some dark rumors spreading across the land. Sightings of "demons" had become more frequent, as had other unexplainable events. Others took it quite seriously, others didn't heed this warning. In any case, people had a stronger belief in the spiritual those days. But there was one thing they were not aware of. These so called demons were real, even though they went by a different name, while no normal person could ever hope to see them. They were simply called "hollows".

Things were finally turning out the way they should for him. His studies were going perfectly, despite the adversity they sometimes faced due to the state of the world. It was about time he finally moved on with life and left the facility to live with another high class family that wanted to take him in. His last year at the facility began, and he intended to make the most out of it. It was around then that he began noticing a change with his surroundings. He often experienced this strange sensation. As if something had been watching him and the others from a distance. Tracking down each of their movements with sharp eyes. With the passing months, this feeling only got stronger. One day he noticed it, a being lurking close to his home. Donning a white mask with a large gaping hole in its torso.

After figuring that there was nothing he could do to drive these mysterious beings away, he decided to try and ignore them. At that time, they didn't show any aggression, unlike normal hollow behavior. He didn't know it back then, but these creatures had formed a simple, yet evil plan for the people living there. That's why he settled down for the night as usual and went to sleep with his friends. But that fateful night, he woke up to the sudden sound of something big falling and hitting the floor. He got up as swiftly as he could, trying to figure out what had happened, noticing right away that the room was unusually hot. Loud footsteps and screams could be heard from behind the door. He knew that something was seriously wrong. A fire had broken out, with most of the facility already covered in a growing sea of flames.

His memory from that day is very hazy. What he does remember, is that he tried his best to help the others escape from the blazing wreckage as per his selfless side to help others in need. But Hao never made it out of there himself - the upper floors collapsed and blocked his path towards freedom. He was one of the few casualties suffered that day. Even as he died, he felt as though there were still some things for him to do. Someone was still calling out to him. As such he just possibly couldn't pass on peacefully. Instead, he became a spirit and tried to continue and look over those who shared his fate. Luckily for the kids who lost their only home, the Daimyo who ruled over the area was sympathetic, believing that the future rests within the children. They were granted a new place to live in, though building the place took some time.

Despite being a ghost, Hao followed after them and continued to look after them. He soon discovered that the world could be a very different place when looked at differently. Now, he could clearly distinguish all the other spirits that loomed around, also keeping track of the officials in the meanwhile, reminding himself what a dark place the world could actually be. At first, his peers could keep on living normally which was fine with him. That was, until strange accidents began occurring around where they lived like once before in the past. Chairs moving on their own, objects suddenly breaking and bloody drawings appearing on the walls. He knew that these monsters must have been behind these terrible pranks. He tried to drive them away once again, but never succeeded in his attempts. The beasts had been attracted by his scent and they intended to keep on tormenting him and the kids, driving them to the brink of despair, before eating their souls.

One day, he met a spirit with a very dominating presence. He was one of the local Shinigami, a dead soul with great spiritual powers. This Shinigami offered to perform Soul Burial on him and send him to a place called Soul Society. But Hao refused, for he still had something to accomplish before leaving this world. That was just the kind of person he was back then, confident and determined in his goals, even while placing others before himself. He told the Shinigami about the monsters that plagued the new facility, learning of the "hollows" that were quite common in the region they lived in. The Shinigami didn't waste any time and killed the hollows before they could do anymore harm on his friends. Deeply impressed by the powers of a Shinigami, he finally agreed to move forward to Soul Society.

The Soul Burial put his soul to rest and allowed him to enter Soul Society. He found himself in one of the "better" districts of Northern Rukongai. He wandered around for a bit, trying to find more info of the place. After discovering how most of the Rukongai was dominated by crime and violence by now, he left to search for a better place to live in, also training himself in the process. Already by then he had faced multiple groups of thugs and already learned to protect himself with his fists. It didn't take long for him to notice a change. Most of the spirits there didn't need food to survive, but he still felt hungry most of the time.

After leaving the district he lived in, he spent decades wandering about. You see, he has a tendency to follow the winds rather than believe in reason while trying to move around. You could say that he had a terrible sense of direction that ended up getting him lost over and over again. Then again, he often found himself involved in different situations, helping certain people who were also lost in the wilderness. At the very least, these long journeys gave him lots of chances to develop both his body and soul. Seeing all the poverty, how cruel the people there were and experiencing true loneliness, his personality went though a tremendous change. He was the same as before, only deeper and more mature. On one instance of getting lost in a wasteland, he also happened to discover a mysterious sword, struck right through a large stone. He felt that the sword "wanted" to be with him, so he couldn't just leave it there despite having no uses for such a weapon.

Having already spent decades living the life of a wandered, Hao began searching for civilization once again. After finally finding the Northern districts again, lots of people noticed his sword and began thinking that he was somehow connected to the Shinigami despite not having any of their traditional attire. A scout sent by the 5th Division heard of these small rumors and decided to check him out. He was told to go the Shinigami Academy, for the person in question sensed he had some latent potential.

Hao agreed and signed up for the Academy. Heck, this was the first time he even heard of the whole place during his entire stay in Soul Society. He would have surely joined earlier, if he had only known that such a place existed. This was a great chance for him, to socialize with decent people after living alone for a very long time. Somehow he made it through the 6-year experience without any trouble, seemingly a natural at perceiving the abilities he had as a Shinigami. It is known that he graduated normally, but apart from that, his past with the Gotei 13 is mostly obscure.

It is a well known fact that all the information that the Gotei 13 has gathered over the years is mostly stored within the central library, a place that every Shinigami can use to view past documents. Some of them can of course only be accessed by high ranking individuals to prevent information leaks and preserve the secrecy of the ancient organization. But how does this all relate to Hao? Well the thing is, this library also holds info on each of the Shinigami that have served under Gotei 13 at some points as well as most of the enemies they have faced. There are some shreds of info left on Hao, but all of it is buried in the deeper parts of the archives. Even his past division and position within the organization remain undisclosed to this day. Apparently, he took on a very secretive field of work while he was a Shinigami.

Even though so little is known of him these days, it is certain that he worked for Gotei 13 for more than a hundred years. Back at the day, he made some friends with the old Shinigami, despite taking on a more lonesome way of acting than before. It is unknown whether he ever learned how to use Bankai or not, but as with most of his other colleagues, he surely learned how to call for the Shikai of his zanpakutou. As with his current powers, the ability of his zanpakutou had something to do with creating an energy that appeared in the form of sky blue flames. The power behind this energy seemed to have something to do with the hearts, or more accurately, the emotions of the people around him. Even as a person who was not known very well, some rumors began circling around Seireitei of a Shinigami who reduced his enemies to ashes while surrounded by a beautiful veil of energy. This is how he gained his long forgotten nickname of Lord of The Azure.

As suddenly as he had appeared within the ranks of Gotei 13 more than a hundred years ago, he also disappeared just as suddenly. It all happened during a secret mission he had been sent to fulfill alone. According to the intel, a threateningly large distortion in space was opening close to the town of Karakura. Having been on missions to exterminate other large hollows there before, Hao was sent to observe the situation and prevent any possible causalities from occurring around there. The headquarters had predicted that an abnormal amount of hollows would soon enter the world of the living from that very distortion known as a garganta. Still, they hadn't thought that the hollows would be any stronger than usual. His commander thought that the powers of his zanpakutou were perfect to hold back a larger group of hollows if there was a need for it.

But their prediction was slightly off. It took a while, but as the garganta opened up entirely, it became apparent that there were some stronger hollows assisting the weaker ones. The numbers were overwhelming, but with the skills he had gained from many years of fighting, he managed to put up quite a fight against the enemy forces. He lasted the entire fight, alone, in a situation that seemed nearly desperate. Soaked in the blood of the wailing hollows, he continued his onslaught until night-fall, taking out everything that dared come in his way, like a true demon. But even he couldn't keep up the pace much longer. Exhausted, with no signs of reinforcements, he protected the town with his life on the line. He managed to slay every other hollow, apart from one. The hollow that died while devouring his soul, turning him into one of its kind.

After turning into a hollow, Hao found himself standing amongst canyons that seemingly stretched on for an eternity, within the world of his kind, the dark realm named Hueco Mundo. Some of his sanity was still intact, but the primal instincts that were particularly strong with hollows ate at him. Following this "instinct of survival", he teared through anything weaker than himself, while keeping out of the way of those who were stronger than him. But as time passed, he grew stronger at a thickening pace, eventually surpassing those he avoided before. With the Forest of Menos, he became the leading soul of a Gillian, and once again surpassed his competition with sheer brute force. Unlike with most hollows, his instincts to hunt, kill and survive only seemed to grow as he evolved. When he evolved into an Adjuchas, he resembled a wicked canine-like beast with a spiked mane and sharp bones protruding from his terrifying armor.

Rather than devouring those who came in front of him, he usually ripped them apart or burned them alive with the wile energy that he was able to produce from different parts of his body. These couple of years turned out to be a very dark time amongst the other Adjuchas. So much that they even gave him a nickname - The Dark Beast. Much due to his constant rampage, Hao also evolved at a very rapid pace. Yet, at the same time, he constantly fought against the darkness that had gathered within his "heart" and tried breaking free of the control of his overwhelming instincts. In due time he stood up on two legs, broke his mask, and began resembling a human once again. He became an Arrancar. And the first thing he did, was to take a deep rest after years of tirelessly hunting for more and more prey.

Hao resolved to never let these instincts take over again. He didn't hate what he had become, it was just that he wanted to be himself, and be the one to control his own actions according to his own will. What he desired for, was true freedom of the likes he hadn't had before. These changes made a large impact on him, eventually turning him into the kind of person he used to be. He became darker, perhaps even somewhat stoical. During that time, he would rather spend his time alone, figuring things out. Eventually, he did involve himself with the other Arrancars of Las Noches, but his past rank within the order is unknown as of this time. He was a secretive member of the order, usually taking on covert missions at random destinations. Yet, during those times, his emotions were still there with him. While he was a silent and a lonesome person, he could be warm and friendly to others he somehow ended up bonding with.

This one time, the leader of the Espada gave him an order to enter Karakura and survey the premise of the town. Apparently this mission only had something to do with extending their intelligence network over a larger area to get some data on the spiritual traffic of the town. Since he was so silent at the time and dedicated to his duties, Hao was the person most fit to handle this long term assignment. Little did he know, this little mission would greatly affect the course of his life. At first it was all so simple, all he needed to do, was infiltrate the city and keep himself hidden from curious eyes while observing all the "strong" presences that passed through the city during his stay. While not a very exciting part of his past, this serves to explain some of his actions that followed the mission.

After a month had passed, Hao was about to deem the city as a place not worth their interests, apart from the increased amount of spiritual activity within the area. That was because he hadn't encountered a single being of higher power. Sure, there were some Shinigami, but none of them were strong enough to incite an interest inside of him. That was, until a certain person managed to track down his well-hidden presence. This person was one of the Shinigami, a high ranking one at that. Apparently sent out on a very important mission as well. An Arrancar, facing off against the worst enemy of his kind. It was only natural that they would end up doing battle, even if neither had actual orders to take offensive measures against one another. They took the battle outside the city, keeping at it for an entire day, though only after having already caused severe property damage in Karakura. Being too equally matched, they couldn't figure out a victor. The Shinigami eventually deciding to flee. This fight left a strong impression on the bored Arrancar; it seemed like Karakura was a very amusing place. He never reported this encounter, returning from his mission with other decisive information.

Hao found his lifestyle in Las Noches to be a bit boring, if not bothersome at times. The duties were no trouble, rather the people that inhabited the castle with him. Some of the Arrancars were okay, while some of them were still instinctual brutes. He ended up growing bored, dulled and apathetic. Becoming less and less responsive to others. It was as though he didn't care anymore. So far did his apathy and boredom stretch. Then came one of the all too frequent rebellions. Take down the Primera, reorganize the order and all that shit. While it was a temporary alleviation, he still found himself desiring for more, leaving the order and getting declared as a missing person. Some assuming he was one of the victims of the killings that happened every now and then. He was left to wander the endless deserts for years. Trying to search for his true purpose, while pondering the meaning of his existence.

Coming upon a rogue colony of Arrancars in the far ends of Hueco Mundo. At first they offered him a chance to join up with them, after proving to be a potent partner. Yet most of the members were constantly looking temporary shelter against stronger beings, eventually planning on back-stabbing the others for more power. Such was the Russian Roulette they played. Hao didn't really even care at that point anymore, shrugging away and deciding to use the others to further his purposes. They ended up making a couple of hidden buildings there, their own headquarters of sorts. Not to rise against the order of Las Noches, but to better provide for each other. A mutiny rising amongst the stronger Hollows and the Arrancars there. His empathy having also dwindled, Hao decided to get rid of those greedy for power. They were no longer anything but obstacles. In the end, he was left standing in one of the small towers alone, in a bath of blood and gore. Deciding it was better he went alone for now. His twisted answer to life getting clearer by the day.

The next destination of the Arrancar lied in the human world. He was bored and fed up with the unchanging scenery of Hueco Mundo for now. In his quest for more knowledge, he set his sights on the other realms. Suppressing his Reiatsu for ages, he managed to go mostly unnoticed, traveling between some of the larger cities of the islands of Japan. What he observed was human behavior, learning of their corrupt world from the disposition of a true observer. Usually involving himself in viewing some of the more brutal aspects of life. Catastrophe situations, crimes and murders. A temporary amusement as well, something to build his views upon. His current outlook on life can mostly be explained through all the observations he has made, on humans and those of his kind. Perhaps those random philosophy lessons he enjoyed spying on also helped turning him into a more eccentric personality. But after certain organizations caught wind on his movements, he figured it was the best to go back to Hueco Mundo, and regain his former standing. All the years having passed. Perhaps he could find some new faces? New personalities to observe.

Around a hundred years prior to the present day, Hao made his return to Las Noches. Regaining his former rank despite his MIA status. It was because of his own current power and usefulness, and the fact that he was still wearing a part of the uniform. Having never really abandoned the order for real. Rather, doing some research on humanity. Some still look at him with vary eyes though. After leaving for the first time, he has never been quite the same. Some expect that quite a bit of drama also went on at some point, something not discussed within this short story on his life and experiences. The person himself being so different from how he used to be. Often searching for what truly peaks his interests and creates more amusement. A twisted outlook on the very existence itself, some getting a dangerous aura out of him. To this day Hao is still searching. Having never entirely discovered the truths he began searching for at some point in his life.

Role-play Sample: Check the stuff I have posted as Tetsuya Shirogane
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Hao Aokami
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PostSubject: Re: Hao Aokami ~Arrancar~   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:00 am

1. I don't like it.

2. I won't admit it was a sort of good read.

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Hao Aokami ~Arrancar~
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