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 Erina Darkster -DONE-

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Erina Darkstar


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PostSubject: Erina Darkster -DONE-   Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:55 pm


Erina Darkstar
Visual Age:

Sou's Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation:
5' 5”
108 lbs

Body Frame:
Hour glass
Blood Type:
Sound of Voice:
Smooth, and calm

Erina has sliver hair that is short in the back and longer in the front. The back of her hair goes to the middle of her neck and as it goes to the front it her hair hat goes down until her shoulders. Her hair shines in the sunlight, and is soft and silky. She has side bangs that normally go to the right side left side of her face. She has two blue clips on each side of her head. The clips cross over each other forming an X.

Erina has fair skin, that is clean and soft. Her skin is not very tan since she always covers most of her body with long sleeved clothing. Her cheeks and lips are light rosy color. Her nose is perfectly fit for her face. She has a small face, and is skinny, but not extremely skinny. She has sapphire blue eyes that look like the deep sea, and seem to drag you in. Erina has a black eye patch on her left eye, that is slightly covered by her bangs.

Erina is not very fond of fancy clothing although her appearance. She finds more comfort in wearing loose fit clothing. She normally wears a light yellow knit, soft, large sweater that hangs off her shoulders. She also wears loose fit pants that she normally fits perfectly on her hips. She wears converses or keds for her shoes. Erina wears a black bracelet that is very simply and plain, there is a small little pendent that hangs off of it. The bracelet is just a thin string that is very durable, its not loose but it fits snuggly onto her thin wrist.

Erina has a hour glass bodyshape. Although she never shows it. Erina does not enjoy exposing skin so she is constantly trying to cover herself. Along with that Erina sometimes wheres tank tops with a sweat jacket over her, she also like to wear sweat pant or any kind of comfy clothing.


Erina enjoys to cook. She spends her time listening to music on her spare time and normally does not associate with others, she stays by herself outside and in the shade. She likes to sleep and has a thing for dancing. She also enjoys humming tunes to herself.

Erina has a big passion for cooking, she enjoys making food for people. She find cooking soothing and if people find that the food is good she smiles happily and lets things go by. She cooks everything from the top of her head, she never really looks at cook books.

Likes and Dislikes:

The arts
(which includes music and dancing)
the outdoors,

scary things,
the dark,
obnoxious loud people.

Erina is the type who acts like she's tough, ignoring people that she
doesn't know. Some think of her as a cold person, she does not how to get along with people. She is not extremely shy but does not know how to handle people. Erina has a sweet personality but never shows it. She goes around with a some what expression and rarely smiles in front of people. Erina is not hot-tempered, normally she shrugs things off, it will take a lot to make her mad. When angered she tries to hold back and swallow but when it is something that she can't handle she goes all out. Also Erina is not the type to fight all of a sudden, she tries her best to avoid fighting as much as possible. If she get dragged in then she does what she has to do, but when its over she leaves immediately, but this is a rare case. Erina has a playful character which only someone who is close to her would know, she likes to mess around with people and is out going. Sometimes to gets carried away and gets into trouble by doing so.

Erina is also a type of person who does not like to stick with large groups, she is constantly day dreaming. She normally drifts away from large groups ending up being alone. It doesn't bother her much to be alone. In fact she finds it peaceful, she's just a quite person in total. Erina is also a crybaby but knows how to hold back well. Erina is absolutely terrified of being alone in the dark. When it is night times and she goes outside it doesn't bother her much, but when she's inside a building with all the lights turned off and there is barely any light seeping through she begins to cry.

Defining Characteristics:
Erina wears a black eye patch on her left eye, and wears two blue clips.
Cooking, dancing
Fighting type:
Close Range
Erina was born in a poor family in France, at a young age she has been helping her parents work and they were pottery makers. They did a good job but since they were in debt it didn't help much. Her parents sent her to school and she did well, although she never associated with people. She never looked at anyone and always seemed to have a somewhat sad expression she hardly smiled in front of people. As she was helping with her parents work, the debtors came to her house and asked for the pay. Their parents already told the men that they had payed but the man kept insisting. Erina was around 8. The men had began to beat up her father then put a knife to her mother's throat. Erina ran out instinctively, she found something on the counter and threw it at the man who was holding her mother. The man was in pain and so the other one went after Erina, she looked at her parents terrified and she heard both of them telling her to run. Erina ran away from the house as fast as she could crying as she ran. She never looked back and after she was far away from her house she heard a two large bangs, she quickly turned around. She stood in the distance calling for her parents, but she heard no one.

After a while Erina returned to the house finding her parents dead. She began to cry, the old woman next door took Erina in, so she continued to go to school. At the age of 14 she left the old lady's house since she had died too. Erina lived alone for the rest of her time, continuing her education and pottery making. One day Erina was working on a pot then suddenly she messed up causing something to hit her left eye. She washed it out it water but what she didn't know was that it was infected. She felt itches in her eyes so she kept rubbing her eyes making it worse. For a year this continued then one day her eyes had began to hurt extremely bad. Her eye began to bleed and so the pain was so deadly that it killed her. She died 5 seconds away from her 16 birthday.

Role-play Sample:
The feeling of pain jolted through her body, as she walked towards the bathroom. Tears began to stream down, due to the torture. She wobbled slowly to the bathroom leaning against the wall, her body feeling week and numb. Another one jolted once again, twice as more painful she fell to the floor panting. She gaged and began to sweat cold sweat. As she sat on the floor, she lifted her left hand over her left eye pressing down on it hoping it would make it better, but it didn't. Her vision slowly began to blur. Using the wall she brought herself back up, she trudged slowly, the paining worsening by the second. Soon she reached the bathroom. As she grabbed got hold onto the sink she turned the water on. She began to splash water at her eyes keeping them closed shut. She did this for a while but nothing seemed to work. Erina looked on the floor and noticed crimson liquid on the floor forming a small path to where she was. She then slowly turned her head to look into the sink and noticed red drops within it. The liquid trailed down into the drain. Slowly she lifted her head up to look into the mirror. Erina automatically fell to the floor, she leaned back against the wall, she began to laugh hysterically but then her laughs turned into quite sobs. Her left eyes was bloody and there was no sign of her eye at all. It was just a black hole with blood flowing out from it. Her tears were blood, she looked up at the ceiling hoping someone would come, but she knew no one would. Since... Everyone had died.

Her body slowly became numb, her body limb and weak. With the last bit of her strength Erina lifted up her left arm to look at the last gift her parents had given her before they were killed off. A black bracelet. It wasn't anything elegant but it was simple and pretty. She smiled at it then winced once again as another jolt shot through her body. Then her eyes began to loose their color, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. She would never wake up to see the morning light ever again.
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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Erina Darkster -DONE-   Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:48 pm

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Erina Darkster -DONE-
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