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 Mei saishoku (not complete)

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PostSubject: Mei saishoku (not complete)   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:03 pm


Name: Mei saishoku
Nickname(s): none
Age: 890
Visual Age: 15

Gender: female
Division: 1st
Rank: 3rd seat
Sexual Orientation: straight
Height: 5'5

Body Frame:small
Blood Type:A
Sound of Voice: soft yet sweet
Hobbies: Mei spends time in her garden and trains as well.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Gardening,music,and peoples company

Dislikes-When someone hurts her friends or messes up her garden.


at first glance one would think she is fragile and timid.however this is not the case. Though she is shy and silent and rarely talks unless spoken too.when she chooses to speak her voice is soft yet strong.shes polite and calm for most of the time, rarely getting angry. As one gets to know her,mei is actually a sweet,kind hearted person that is willing to listen and to what a person is saying. She is also rather friendly while somewhat sarcastic and teasing though she blushes easily whenever someone makes certain gestures or compliments her in any way due to her shy nature. Mei doesn't like to fight and will always try to talk her way out of it before making any action.even when she is fighting she is quiet yet she has a determined side that refuses to give up. When someone close to her is injured or killed another side to her makes an appearance. When angered, mei becomes cold and deathly calm. Though her tone is still quiet her expression is almost emotionless. She even becomes a bit more willing to fight. Mei has a sense of honor and refuses to fight the wounded and will not end a life if she can help it. Unlike most people,kurai isn't arrogant or boastful of her abilities. In fact she doesn't speak of her abilities at all unless one questions her about it.she never believes for a minute that her opponent is weaker than her and refuses to believe in such fact she believes that many people are stronger than her and that if she fought them shed most likely loose. However this doesn't not overcome her determination.mei loves nature and spends time wandering forests or fields. Taking joy in her surroundings.Occasionally hummingto herself. She doesn't like crowded and load places for it's distracting and somewhat annoying. She also has a strong liking for crows such as sun rise or sun sets because of the color. She also loves flowers for their color and the scent that they give off. Thus the reason why she grows a garden in her backyard As well as cherry trees. Due to her compassionate nature,Mei can't stand seeing an injured person without doing something about it and tends to patch up the persons wounds while offering tea. Do to this she tends to make friends this way.Mei is also fond of all the seasons yet likes winter the best due to her powers.

Defining Characteristics: Mei is seen with a black rose in her hair and her eyes change color depending on her mood.
Specialties:She is skilled with gardening and she can cook well. She also has a talent for drawing and singing though she rarely sings to anyone.
Fighting type:Well rounded
Mei was born in Japan and was the youngest of five older sibilings. Mei's father was killed in a war that he fought in against the emperors enemy. Leaving mei's mother widow and her children fatherless. Mei's mother found work as the palace gardener. However depression from the death of her husband pushed her far enough to kill herself.the emperor took pity on mei and her sibilings and gave them jobs amoung the palace. Mei's older brother became general of the army,the second oldest brother became the emperors loyal servent,the twin daughters became the princess's servant and Mei became the gardener. Taking her mothers place. Mei found sanctuary in the garden and loved to grow many beautiful flowers. However her happiness never lasted long. For the princess was cruel and was jealous of Mei for getting so much attention.
Role-play Sample: (This is here if you want to have an account of elite status. A link to a topic is always preferred over a singular post.
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Mei saishoku (not complete)
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