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 Yoichi Korosu

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Yoichi Korosu

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PostSubject: Yoichi Korosu   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:28 pm


Vizard Template

Name: Yoichi Korosu
Age: 726
Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 5
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'6
Weight: 170 lbs

Body Frame: Lean but very muscular. His
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: (Think of Kenichi from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi),
Appearance: Yoichi is short for his age, his phyiscal and spiritual body having never surpassed the height of 5'6. He looks lean when he has clothes on, his wardrobe usually consisting of a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans. Since attending school, however, he has started to take a liking to the school uniform, sometimes wearing it outside of school. He has hazel brown eyes and dark brown hair, which is laxed but spiked downwards and to the side a bit. He has a scar on his cheek, which he hides behind a band-aid. He wears sneakers, finding the clogs of his shinigami outfit uncomfortable. He wears his zanpaktou on his left side, for quick draw capabilities (since he's right handed). When training, he usually wears a mixed together outfit consisting of a Karate Dougi, a Kung-Fu inspired pant style and shoes, Muay Thai inspired hand tape, and a white headband.

Under his clothing, despite what he looks like from the outside, he is very, very muscular. He has perfected his body so that there is no wasted muscle, so that his body is 100 percent pink muscle. This gives him a very lean, but very muscular physique. This body style has come from years and years of training in some of the harshest conditions in the world. He his body is devoid of any scars or physical blemishes, except for a spiral birthmark on his right shoulderblade. There is also a small scar, no bigger than a penny, right infront of his heart. That is where he was once struck by a Byakuren that misfired when he was in the Shinigami Academy. He usually has a smile on his face, and his hazel brown eyes are always shining brightly, to show that he is happy.

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert (used to be Introvert)
Hobbies: Gardening, Training
Likes and Dislikes: Likes:

Likes- Sweet stuff
Hanging out with friends
Playing Video Games

Dislikes- Sour stuff
Thevies who steal without a good reason.
Personality: Yoichi grew up in a good, respectful family. He grew up around good people, people who were kind to eachother and that had an effect on him. He is kind to everyone he meets, even those who aren't kind to him back. He always has a happy smile on his face. He is rarely ever mean to anyone or anything.

He always shows respect. Being with martial arts masters for so long in japan, he always gives everyone he knows honorary titles, whether it be Sempai, Kun, Chan, San, or Sensei.
He never calls anyone out of their name, unless they really trully deserve it. Micheal always bows to people that he first meets, unless he knows they are evil.

Yoichi is one of the few boys in the world that thinks Chivalry is not dead. He treats every woman he meets respectfully and courteously, even going so far as to open doors for them and escort them to places they need to go if its nearby. He will never hit a girl or show anger at them, its against his own rules. Even in a fight, he will refuse to hit a girl even if it means he will get hurt.

Yoichi is one of the people who act like if he did something amazing, it was nothing. He'll try to blow it off and he'll act non-chalant about it. You will never catch him complimenting himself too often, unless he ackknowledges that he did something good. Usually, that doesn't happen. This gets on people's nerves sometimes, even though they know he means well, but it still irks other people to no end.

He cares about everyone and everything. If you are injured or sick, no matter if you are a friend or enemy, he will care about you. He will ensure your well being (after a battle if you just fought him) by taking you to the doctor or someone who he knows that knows what to do. Even if he can't get to a doctor or anything, he will try his best to cure your wounds.

When he faces an enemy, he usually doesn't fight to kill. Unless you have really, really made him mad, he will never, ever fight to kill. He only fights to disable, which shows proof in his bankai. Since Gauntlets and grieves are used more defensively, and his training has allowed him to hold back when necessary, his intentions in a fight, no matter if you are a arrancar, shinigami, or whatever, is to disable. The only exceptions are hollows, and when he knows that if he doesn't kill you, you'll just go on killing other people.

Defining Characteristics: He is always nice and is always to find the light in people and bring it out.
Specialties: Able to take high amounts of damage, able to read the battle rhythm of the enemy.
Fighting type: Close Combatant
History/Background: Yoichi was born into a family of martial artist, his father and mother being high ranking in the master martial artist world. When he was first born, his father could tell that he would become a great heir to their specific style of martial arts. His mother didn’t live to see him very long, dying in child birth. When he was 9 months old, he showed progression in his body that no other child his age had. His muscular and skeletal figure was very well built for his age, it was firm yet lean. When he was two, and his father started training him, he showed great skills in martial arts. He got the basic skills down pact in less than 2 years, every single one of them. His father decided, when he was 7 years old, to train the more difficult techniques. This particular style combined both swordplay and hand-to-hand martial arts. Yoichi showed excelled ability in both swordplay and hand-to-hand, but even more so hand-to-hand combat. Even when he was 10, he was taking down people three times his size easily, with or without weapons.

Though his life wasn’t all great. Living in a fully martial arts family out in the mountains near in the Hokkaido region of Japan, he never really had any contact with the modern world. His life was completely engulfed into martial arts, having little to no contact with the outside world. His father basically kept him shut in the house. He picked up manners and chivalry from training though, walking, talking, and acting like a martial artist from way back in the feudal era. Any food he got he either hunted, collected, or farmed with his father. He was left alone at home when his father went to the city. He was home-schooled in his house, being taught simple math and other subjects, mostly history.

On the verge of his 16th birthday, Yoichi’s father decided it was time to send him down to the city so he could have experience as a normal child. He lived with some friends of his father. He spent two complete years there. During that time, he had learned how to act and dress like a normal kid, his usual clothing being consisted of a bokken, a Japanese martial arts outfit, and a long scarf. He even learned how to talk like a normal kid, instead of talking like a man part of the feudal era. But the martial arts training never left him. His mannerisms stayed the same, and he always treated everyone he met with respect, staying with saying the –dono honorific term to everyone he met.

But shortly after he turned 16, he was killed by a rouge when his family was attacked one night, all of his family members managing to get away while he sacrificed his life to protect them.

Time as a Spirit and Shinigami

He didn’t spend much time as a stray spirit. He had a higher-than-normal reitasu and was easily spotted by shinigami and hollow alike. He doesn’t remember much of what happened, but he remembers he was saved by a man in black and was sent to the Seireitei. He enrolled in the Shinigami school, hoping to become able to protect souls from hollows. He graduated with high marks in all subjects because of hard work. He was assigned to squad nine. But something happened along the way. He was perfectly content with staying in the low seats, but after a hollow attack on his squad, many of his teammates being injured, something in him snapped, his shikai showing for the first time. 4 years after that event, he had asked his captain to teach him bankai. Even though his captain told him that Bankai only came once in every few people, he wouldn’t give up. He put all of his power into learning bankai. He failed though after the training, not knowing his Bankai’s name. But when he fought a menos grande and his captain was caught off guard, he finally realized his Bankai. He was heavily wounded by the menos though, his chest becoming scarred. For four more years he trained in secret, learning more and more about his Bankai. His Captain secretly watched his progress, impressed. His captain decided it would be best that he be under the leadership of someone who could help. He got Yoichi transferred to 5th Squad, Yoichi passing the test for Liutenent without using his Bankai. Now he hopes to one day become a captain, so he can help the Seireitei more.

But as time progressed, he saw the devastating things that the seireitei did, willing to sacrifice good people to further their own goals. He ran from them, hiding in remote places. He slowly trained over the years in some of the toughest places in the world, like the tundra and in the desert. By the time he had turned 700 in human times, he had become one of the stronger captains of the Seirietei, thanks to harsh training and his already unusually high spiritual pressure. He has managed to elude the Soul Society's Gotei 13, and now resides in Karakura town. Even though he is one of the older members of the Gotei 13, he holds no love for it at all, deciding there is no price on a comrade's life.

Hollowfication and Time as a Vizard

Yoichi was training in one of the most dangerous places in the world, a place known as devil's canyon. It had large amounts of evil spiritual pressure housed inside of the crevace. After a week of training, Yoichi noticed that he was changing. For being so long in such a dark place, a hollow presence was taking form in his subconcious. He would black out frequently, having destroyed towns in his hollow form. One day, he decided he needed to seek help. He went to Japan, hearing about a group of beings like him that could help him with his problem.

Once he arrived in Japan, he was confronted by hollows, who were subsequently destroyed. He noticed he was starting to have a thirst for violence and wanton destruction. That was completely different from who he was. He met the vizards after a particularly destructive night, them extending out a hand of help to him. He took the chance going with them to train.

In his initial Vizard training, he thought it was stupid and was about to quit. They convinced him not to and he continued to train, more vigorusly since he didn't want to become a hollow. Once the vizards thought he was ready (training took 2 years) he was allowed to fight against his inner hollow. He fought for 4 straight hours against his hollow, having come out on top but suffering major injuries.

After training for 20 years with the Vizards, he was fluent in his Vizard form and became more like a family. He is still with them to this day, training, hanging out, and being a vizard.
Role-play Sample:

Yoichi sighed, looking up at the sky, seeing the cloud cover overhead as he walked through the Kumogakure forest. How long has it been since he had stepped foot outside of Kumogakure's barriers? A couple months? He had been training tirelessly on Beast Island, to better himself as a ninja. He had gotten into many fights with the local animals, soon becoming the undisputed king of Beast Island. He had been so lost in the training that he had kind of forgotten about that forsaken village known as Kumogakure, the place where his hatred lied.

He looked at the forest, memories coming back to him. When he was just a genin, him and his teammates playing around in the forest with their squad leader, taking some time off after a long strain of missions. They were playing and training, using all of their skills to play capture the flag, with them trying to take the flag away from their squad leader. They had succeeded after a couple hours, and had a small party to celebrate their victory. He sighed, the memories going away.

A burst of wind past by him, blowing his short, raven black hair a bit and passing over his lightly tanned skin. He wasn't wearing his Akatsuki robes, just his regular attire, some loose fitting pants and a simple white shirt. He walked through the forest, remembering old memories he thought he forgot, bringing a tear to his eye. His comrades that had fallen because they were trying to protect him. The hatred he had for the village that killed them, and the hatred for the person who called out that hit...The Raikage.

Yoichi kept walking, another memory presenting itself to him. He remembered an old sparring session he had with his best friend, Kazuya. His sensei, Jin, and his daughter/other student Jun, were watching them spar. It was a regular hand to hand combat contest, no jutsus other than taijutsu techniques. They were neck and neck, both of them exhausted from going all out since the beginning. They had been fighting for an hour. The leaves were swirling around them, seeming to put an arena out for them. In an instant, they both struck, hitting eachother in the face and falling back, completely wiped out. Their laughter rang through the air, and stayed there. Yoichi sighed, looking up at the sky.

He had soon reached the destination he had been seeking, an old house out in the forest. In the back of the house, lied three graves, each with names inscribed on them. He looked at the forest behind him, the decaying smell having dulled to his senses, so that he could not smell it anymore. His eyes closed for a second, then opened back up. He walked to three gravestones that were way in the back, each having a wilted flower on them. He crouched down by them, running his fingers over the names. A tear fell from his eye and fell to the ground, being soaked up by the thirsty dirt. He remembered that dreadful memory all too well, wishing that he didn't.

It was late at night, and he and his ex-squadmates (they were Jounin) were celebrating a job well done and a get together. They had just got back from a delivery mission assigned to a small nomad village, and had fought a very tough rouge ninja. They came out of it with minimal injuries, thanks to the help of their old sensei. They were drinking, having a good time, having a feast, Kwhen suddenly, it happened. Cumulonimbus ninjas came in like a storm, aiming to kill him. His friends and sensei got in the way off their attacks and were killed instead of him. They managed to take down the Cumulonimbus members with their dying breaths. Yoichi fled, leaving Kumogakure behind.

Yoichi stood up, looking at the graves below him. He left his mark, leaving a flower for each of the graves, a tear shed on each of the flowers. His past was now behind him. All he could do now was fight for his future. He left the house and the graves, a bit of sunlight shining on the graves, illuminating the house, as if his kindess from long ago had finally reached that dismal place. A small, sad smile creeped on his face as he walked, tears pouring down his face.

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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:20 pm

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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:26 pm

Yoichi Korosu wrote:
By the time he had turned 700 in human times, he had the power of a Captain Commander, thanks to harsh training and his already unusually high spiritual pressure.


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Yoichi Korosu

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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:23 pm

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:14 pm

I think you should up your Visual age somewhat.
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Yoichi Korosu

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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:28 am

Made my character older.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:10 am

Hmm somthing I spotted whilst reading. Why did you mention Byakuya in your history? I'd like you to remove that little part please. After that, I guess you can have my stamp for now.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:58 pm

1. I don't like it.

2. You having Bankai, is something that you need to discuss with the other Vizards.

3. After much deliberation.

4. You're APPROVED.
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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:02 pm

Right. Seeing as this is causing trouble.. Ichijouji, the leader, nor myself, has said you are approved as a Bankai Vizard. And the point of the matter is, that you aren't. Ichijouji has texted me and also said no, so apologies. A normal Vizard you shall be. LT Level, I assume.
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PostSubject: Re: Yoichi Korosu   

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Yoichi Korosu
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