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 The Rounin Perfectionist

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PostSubject: The Rounin Perfectionist   Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:45 pm

Zanpakuto Spirit

Name: Hiyakku Shiekon.
Nickname(s): Gurando Biistou, Hiya, YakkuMan.
Age: 123.
Visual Age: Indescribable.

Gender: Male.
Division: 4th.
Family Type: Nature.
Sexual Orientation: Doesn't really believe in intimate relationships, but if his life depended on it he would be straight.
Height: 9' 11".
Weight: 600 lbs.

Body Frame: XXXL.
Blood Type: A.
Sound of Voice: Deep, low, slurred, and stupid sounding.
Appearance: A hughnormous ape with claws, fangs, super strong legs, a bull's head, Gigantic arms and hands, a long leathery tail and Devil-horns. Don't forget the sword. Also, do not be mislead by his weight as he is not fat, that is simply his entire mass which makes him so heavy. His appearance could also be described as an indigo minotaur. His only piece of clothing is a bright red loincloth.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert.
Hobbies: Playing cricket, silencing the loud, cleaning.
Likes and Dislikes:
Peace and calm
Modesty and honesty

Being disturbed (Mentally and from an activity)
Clowns (From the circus- too loud and annoying)

Personality: Hiyakku is like a walnut. Hard shell on the outside and ever-so-much-more-so bitter on the inside. He has his moments of joy and optimism, but he feels such emotions should be kept on the DL. They are the main reasons one becomes weak and soft, he thinks. Especially ones in 'love'. He always wonders how humans can exist with such feelings being constantly made, broken and fixed.
Hiyakku does not simply kill just to kill. He has to have a motive, a reason to take a life. Like, if he ever is hungry, he will kill a chicken and eat it. If a friend of his is murdered, he would go and kill the murderer. If someone made a mess on purpose, he'd torture them, then kill them. A little like tit for tat. He gets hurt (Eg. intense hunger, emotionally, mentally) then he kills (For food, revenge, etc.)
Hiyakku is a rather anti-social. He hates people, just simply for being there. Just for talking to him. Just for being near him. It's not crazy hate like one would hate somebody for hurting them kind of hate, its more that he just doesn't like strangers. He doesn't have any problem talking and having discussions, but he just doesn't enjoy having to mingle with others.

Defining Characteristics: The fact that he always looks angry and his large, bright green eyes. Don't ever forget his OCD. *Shudders*
Specialties: Cooking, cleaning, hunting.
Fighting type: Samurai.
History/Background: Hiyakku Shekon was the zanpakutou of a relatively kind man. Hiyakku knows nothing of the man's fate. He doesn't even remember if his master was a man. Hiyakku just guesses when he says that his master was male or that the person was strong, or they actually, truely existed. He can't remember what his owner looked like or acted like or even their name, but he does remember what the shinigami was like. He was responsible, messy, extremely beautiful and strong-willed. The person was also emotionally weak. They fell in love with someone every day, and in turn, had their heart broken a lot. So they were usually mopey when they were rejected. That was the only thing Hiyakku disliked about his owner.
Hiyakku's appearance is the representation of his master's true, honest feelings about the world around him and his true, honest feelings about everything in general. Ugly, scary, harsh, cruel, evil, and plainly horrifying. His personality is everything that the owner wished he himself could be consciously. Apathetic, intelligent, sly and collected. Sadly, Hiyakku’s master could barely even change the way he ate. He cursed himself for everything. Hiyakku on the other hand could just stare destruction in the face without flinching for a second. Sure, he’d have a look of extreme distaste, because of the loudness, but he wouldn’t be affected by it emotionally or otherwise. He’d also probably have a spasm later on as he saw the mess too.
Shortly after he lost track of his owner, Hiyakku became a wanderer and travelled by himself, keeping to himself, staying away from society completely. He was worried that he would be caught like other Zanpakutous and would be either killed or captured. Hiyakku had once thought of going back to Soul Society to see if his master was there, but he couldn’t even think of how to get to the spirit world.
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PostSubject: Re: The Rounin Perfectionist   Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:02 am

Okay, you ugly animal. No, really, gorilla's are beautiful.

Your history conflicts the whole Zanpakutou spirit concept and what-not. First of, spirits and shinigami's usually end up becoming close. Knowing each other and everything. It's not like they are distant strangers communicating on the phone . . .

With the exception of Kenpachi's case.

Also, mind stating the rank of your master?

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PostSubject: Re: The Rounin Perfectionist   Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:56 am

Umm... Hiyakku has bad memory?

I'm choosing 3rd seat as Master-sama's rank.
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PostSubject: Re: The Rounin Perfectionist   Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Rounin Perfectionist   

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The Rounin Perfectionist
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