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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Kaizen    Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:24 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Jushiro Kaizen
Nickname(s): Izanagi, Sound of Tomorrow, The Assassin
Age: 1780
Visual Age: 25

Gender: Male
Division: 12th Division (Juunibantai)
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190lbs

Body Frame: Medium Built with a muscular tone.
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: For the most part, Kaizen's voice sounds rather menacing at times during his speech. His voice has a tendency of sounding rather belittling, lacking sincerity at times. His voice isn't deep, nor does it carry an high pitch. Except for when he feels like playing the roll of a troll.

Sound Of Voice


Head: Izanagi’s most notable feature that has anything to do with his head is his hair color. Izanagi has what most people would describe as funky on a day to day basis. His hair color is red and white which is split into three equal haves. The middle section of Izanagi’s hair is crimson red and the color of the sides is of course white. Izanagi’s hair stretches down to his shoulder and his rather spiky too. The Shinigami has a set of earrings in his ears, eight to be specific. The earrings are round ones with four being golden and the other four being black. The earrings goes in an order of black then gold black and then gold etc. Izanagi has crimson eyes which projects his fearlessness and sadistic mannerisms. His skin color is of a darker skin tone, looking more like the perfect tan at times. In all truth Izanagi is as handsome as he is sadistic too.

Upper Body: Izanagi's upper body garments begins with a red scarf wrapped around his neck, stretching down towards his abdomens. The bottom layer of Izanagi's clothing sees him wrapped in black bandages, unlike the typical white ones. The bandages are wrapped around his entire upper body, except for his head of course. The bandages stretches all the way to his upper arm, where they stop. On top of these bandage, Izanagi wears a sleeveless Kimono. The Kimono is made to form a V cut starting just at his waistline and expands moving up towards his chest area. Kaizen sports a pair of black fingerless gloves on his hands. The gloves stretches pass his wrists and ends 3 inches below his elbows. The pair of gloves also seem to have buckles, three sets on each gloves. That wraps around them, the buckles and the material that connects them to each other are red, much like the scarf being worn. The Kimono of course stretches down beyond his waist line. However wrapped around his waist line is his Obi sash, a white one with red flower patterns carefully decorating it. The Obi sash also keeps his Zanapakuto held into place, although at times it may be worn across his back.

Lower Body: The bottom half of Izanagi's attire is his black Kimono threads. The bottom half of his clothing seems tattered unlike most tidier ones. This however fits in well with Izanagi's own style. His sandals are of your typical Shinigami style, however instead of brown. They are instead black, sharing similar features as the Arrancar's own sandals.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert


Teasing Others
Giving nicknames to others that could upset said individual
Grinning even in serious situations
Inventing new things

Likes and Dislikes: (What does your character like and dislike? At least 5 for each.)


Girls- There is no sweeter journey that the one taken with a woman

Food- Because it is also very essential to his survival

Sake/liquor- Kaizen loves the taste of liquor and will generally have a bottle on him

Reading- Because he deems knowledge as power

Training- Kaizen likes to keep his skills sharp

Fighting & Killing- Izanagi cherishes the idea of Assassinating individuals on a daily basis

Smoking- Kaizen finds weed to be very relaxing

Science and technology


Inventing new things


Idiots- There is nothing like an idiot to ruin the mood and one’s day

Loud mouth- Being in the company of a loud mouth individual draws too much attention

Hunger- The idea of being starved of a good meal is unacceptable

Rainy days- Izanagi doesn’t actually outwardly hates a rainy day. But there are times when the rain can make a situation worst.

Lack of excitement- The thought of boredom is enough to make him go even crazier.


Kaizen’s personality is a multitude of traits, easily being a mixture of different types of personalities. Kaizen’s openness to different ideas and ideals is perhaps his best and worst trait of all. The warrior likes and cherishes the idea of learning new things. Kaizen is often open to the input of others, taking advice that will lead to his success and betterment as the sadistic person that he is. Perhaps that is the better part of this particular personality trait of his. Other than that, his openness can lead to him being in dangerous situations. Kaizen may appear to be someone tha lacks compassion for others. As such his comrades falling before him is not a major problem. He is the type of person that seem to lack the necessary compassion needed when dealing with others. Besides one has to be open to a lot of things, especially when one is an Assassin. Kaizen is the type of person that is even open to killing his comrades or subordinates. Kaizen often tries learning as much as possible even through, trials and tribulations. He has learned how to turn a negative into a positive. The general idea behind this is that, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Kaizen can also be a very conscientious person, always aiming to achieve his goals. This particular trait has made him a little more organised and more than anything easy going too. There is always a plan behind the carelessness that this trait brings also. Izanagi’s self discipline leads to him constantly striving for more. Whether it be power of knowledge doesn’t really matter to the young cunning fox.

Kaizen also enjoys the idea of training to become stronger. Anything that come way to easy, are not deserved, which means one most work towards their goals. For this reason, the fox is classed as a genius, based on his ethics and determination. Kaizen is easily as lazy as he is a hard worker, which is very ironic when one thinks about it. His attitude will undergo changes, based on the situation he is placed in. Based on Kaizen’s way of doing things, the man lives by the saying, there is a time and place for everything. The fox will often do things, when necessary and if not then it won’t be done. Apart from all of this, he is very head strong, and can be very stubborn at times. Whenever the situation calls for it, the man doesn’t seem to know when to back down. He can be rather cunning and calculating, internally happy even on a rainy day. The things that stands out most about him, is the constant fox grin on his face. This grin has been said to make even the most terrifying warriors falter before him. His whole persona is that of someone that shouldn’t be trusted. At times he shows other qualities that would invite someone in. This leads him to manipulate his victims much easier. Then again he will create situations, so that others have no choice but to follow him. His fox grin and presence as a whole makes for one eerie individual too. Kaizen can be just as obscene as most people and even worst at times. Izanagi can at time turn out to be a tease of sorts. His speech and sayings makes for an unorthodox combination too. As a side note, Kaizen is also a super pervert.

Defining Characteristics: Fox grin, White hair and crimson eyes, creepiness and general persona.

Specialties: : Kaizen has the ability to learn new things rather quickly. If he ever puts his mind to figuring how something works or is created. The he will devote sometime to learning and accomplishing new things. This means there is nothing that he couldn’t possibly figure out given enough time.

Fighting Style: Long Ranged Fighter


The Beginning

Unlike the stories of other Shinigami or some of the inhabitants of Soul Society, Izanagi doesn't remember living a life as a human. And so telling a tale of his life as a human would be impossible, the man is a pure blood Shinigami so to speak. Untainted by the soul burial technique administered by other Shinigami’s for the departed souls. Growing up in Rukongai Izanagi had always wanted to join the Gotei 13. His ambitions began with the demonstration of power that the previous Shinigami of the Gotei 13 showed him. Ever so often a squad of Shinigami would come to save the day and exterminate hollows and other low lives. Izanagi desired the power to do so himself and so he began doing every and everything that he could to be a Shinigami. His journey like most didn’t start with his introduction into the Shinigami Academy. Instead it began with his time spent in Rukongai learning a few things from a man known to him as the hermit. The man was a swordsman that possessed strange abilities, someone Izanagi suspected to be a former Shinigami. The problem is that Izanagi didn't have any real proof connecting the man to the Shinigami other than a sword. Izanagi started off by training his body first and foremost, he needed discipline also if he was to succeed on his mission. The would be Shinigami desired the blade but sadly began his life as a swordsman with a Bokken. Learning the different ways in which to wield the sword or Bokken so to speak. An important lesson was to be taught and would be learned in due time. Rukongai was a harsh place to live in, a place where the lives of others doesn't seem to mean anything. Souls from the realm of the humans were promised a better or peaceful life. But once they had arrived in Soul Society everything just seems as if it had gotten worst. Watching the soul after soul fade away before him, the more determine the young man had become. Over time he began learning more and more about Reiatsu and the other abilities that came along with it. Kidou was also an aspect of his training that he rather enjoyed and took a liking to. Over the years of spending time and learning from the Hermit, Izanagi was finally given the opportunity to wield his very own Zanapakuto. Izanagi had spent over ten years as a student of the hermit and had learned as much as he could. But it was time for him to move on or rather take the next step towards becoming a Shinigami. Making his way to the Shinigami Academy, Izanagi found some things to be different according to what he was taught by the hermit. The man decided not to teach him every little thing but rather gave him a few pointers. This way Izanagi would struggle and overcome, perhaps this way his accomplishments would mean more to him. That however didn't stop him from showing off his prowess which placed him above the rest. The man was dubbed a prodigy being able to grasp things a lot easier than others. Izanagi indeed had talent but he also had a head start which wasn't fair for some. But never once did he ever purport himself as being better than the other students around him. As a result of his skills set the young warrior was placed in the advance classes of the Academy . The would be Shinigami tried his best to master all forms of combat at his current level at the time. But recognized that this was just the beginning of his journey towards greatness. Shortly after joining the Academy Izanagi was drafted into the Nibantai. Once there he started to pick up a few habits that remained with him until now. The Shinigami was also an assassin, a very efficient killer if need be. Training in the art of Shyunpo, Hakuda and Kidou mainly. Izanagi soon came to realize that his beloved skills in swordsmanship were beginning to wane. The Shinigami still managed to progress through the ranks, even becoming a Captain of his own special squad of Assassins. Izanagi seemed happy with his progress but not satisfied in the least and so it was time for him to move on. War broke out and the world was thrown into chaos. Working together with his Zanapakuto and close companion in battle, Izanagi was able to overcome most of his opponents. But there was a few that reminded him why he couldn't or shouldn't be satisfied with his power. His potential was still untapped at this point; perhaps it was a reflection on the division that he had chosen. Maybe being an Assassin wasn't the correct job for him as a Shinigami at all. Izanagi was a great tactician and a formidable young warrior but still something was missing. With the war raging a spot soon became available for him. One that would allow him to progress and to even learn more about the sword. A Fuku Taicho had fallen, more specifically the Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. Hearing about his battle prowess from the rumors that went around about Izanagi. The Shinigami was soon approached by the Taicho of the 3rd Division with an offer. The man wanted the Shinigami to take up the spot as Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. At first Izanagi was a little reluctant and ever so defiant but after careful consideration Jushiro had joined the Sanbantai. Once there the Shinigami started working more exclusively on his Swordsmanship. The Captain of the Sanbantai was a strange one since he was the previous Fuku Taicho of the 11th. Such a person could always teach Izanagi a thing or two about the sword and that’s what he did indeed. Jushiro was now a lot happier and more satisfied with himself and his progress and so he began looking forward to the next step. The man had his sights set on becoming a Captain or to at the very least obtain Bankai. Turning over a new leaf another chapter of his life had begun.

Turn Back the Pendulum

The story of Kaizen has had its moments, but history being told by one person, may not be as accurate as some others think. Jushiro Kaizen indeed has no recollection of a Human life, since the Jushiro clan hailed from within the walls of the Seireitei. At least they once were, but the clan was disgraced and was said to be a fallen clan. As a result of this, Jushiro along with his family moved into the Rukongai Districts. There they would live like the normal citizens, but still had minor ties to the Gotei 13. It would’ve proven most difficult to ignore the skills of this once sought after clan. Jushiro was a mere boy when the incident happened and they left their home. The Shinigami at the time didn’t bother looking back and think about what was. Instead Kaizen looked ahead for what was to come, his mission was to restore. The young Kaizen at the time didn’t have any real desires to become a Shinigami. At least he didn’t take it seriously, but something had changed. And so he began his journey into the districts of Rukongai. There he met a man that would come to teach him a lot about the sword. This person also taught Kaizen about what it meant to be a Shinigami. The youngster decided that he wanted to start out on the road to redemption. As such the young Kaizen decided to join the Gotei 13 once more. The Shinigami tried keeping to himself, but he could always hear the whispers. The fact that he wore a fox grin on his face didn’t make it any easier too. Kazien met quite a few individuals, but only a few stood out to him. These two other individuals he would come to call “a friend”. These individuals remained anonymous to him and always will be treated as such. One of these men however, Kaizen met during his time in Rukongai. It seems this misguided individual was just like Kaizen, a lost soul. And so both youngsters befriended each other, both of them shared similar dreams. But they would reach a crossroad on their journey; they took different routes, but ultimately arrived at the same place. There wasn’t much to be said about these other individuals. This was based on the mere fact that Kaizen didn’t care how they achieved their goals, as long as they did. The Shinigami was reluctantly drafted into the Gotei 13, the Nibantai. It was the perfect place for being to keep an eye on him. But it also meant that he could remain hidden among the Assassins. Kaizen constantly crept in the shadows, but knew all too well that staying in such a place would hinder him. The Shinigami at the time decided to venture out into the open a little, not forgetting his mission at all. Every decision that Kaizen made was carefully thought out and put into motion. The Shinigami showed just how cunning he could be at times. He was able to accomplish this by manipulating the will of his superiors and the higher ups. They could resist him all they want, but when there was a lack of manpower. The Shinigami would come crawling to him to take up a higher post. Kaizen’s ambition took him to the Sanbantai, as the Fuku Taicho of this division. There he began stacking upon his multitude of already existing skills. It was clear that he’d become a Captain sooner or later, but rather sooner. Kaizen desired power and to truly have any real influence, he needed Bankai. The Shinigami’s journey to reaching the level of Bankai had become. And after so many battles and triumphs, his own Zanapakuto could not resist him any longer. Bankai was obtained not too long afterward setting him above your regular Lieutenant. His strength was quickly recognized, and the incident which occurred so long ago seemed like a distant memory. This incident was not forgotten however which actually kept Kaizen a lot more focus than ever. Kaizen wasn’t long after dubbed as Izanagi, based on his ability to invite people in. Kaizen did indeed invite the unsuspecting prey to their deaths; this nickname remained with the Shinigami for the centuries to come. The perfect opportunity for advancement presented itself to Kaizen and the man took it. There was a vacated Captain’s position that came as a result of the fallen 12th Division Captain. Kaizen was quickly considered as a candidate and so the youngster took the Captain’s exam. It wasn't by luck that he obtained this position, but by sheer skills and hard work, along with a little manipulation along the way. Perhaps now Jushiro could say that his Clan’s name was at the pinnacle it once was.

The Present Day:

The story continues this present day, with the main star Kaizen as the intelligent 12th Division Captain.

Role-play Sample:

Kaizen was sitting down, Kaizen got up.
Kaizen saw a stupid looking person staring at him.
Kaizen walked over to the person.
Kaizen stared and stared and stared and stared.
Kaizen didn't blink, Kaizen kept staring and staring.
Kaizen's eyes got dry from not blinking.
Kaizen's eyes began to leak made up tears.
Kaizen kept staring at the person.
Kaizen started to get angry, Kaizen blew steam from his ears.
Kaizen then noticed a kitty walking by.
Kaizen stared at the kitty, before walking away to pet it.
Kaizen pat the kitty on the head and scratched behind its ears.
Kaizen then place the kitty on the ground, the kitty then left.
Kaizen walked back over towards the person and stared.
Kaizen resumed staring and staring and staring.
Kaizen started staring when the sun was out and now night had fallen.
Kaizen then got board and jumped and kick the person in the face.
Kaizen watched as a mirror was broken.
Kaizen then realized he was staring at himself in the mirror.
Kaizen face palmed and then walked away.
Kaizen then pulled out a gun, hoping that this was a dream.
Kaizen wanted to wake up and so pulled the trigger.
Kaizen blew his brains out, while the cat from before came back.
The cat then shouted, you FUCKING NOOB!

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PostSubject: Re: Kaizen    Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:58 pm

Are you planning on rping like this or no?

As well, please make sure your specialty isn't used in battle senses, and were you 2nd division captain and then 12th division captain. Cause you history makes clear you are (currently) 2nd, then changes to 12th. Please rectify.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Kaizen    Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:21 am

1. I will RP as such from time to time.

2. The mention of me being a Captain a very special squad of Assassin's, doesn't mean I was Captain of the 2nd Division. All its meant for, was to say he had his own special group, which he was the leader of.

3. And no, my specialty is not referring to combat.
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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: Kaizen    Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:01 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kaizen    

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