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 The Purple Skunk

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: The Purple Skunk   Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:53 am

The cunning one was hard at work typing away. The object was to search through the archives, in order to find, that which he sought after. The Shinigami had his usual grin on his face, fingers tapping the keys on the keyboard. His crimson orbs lit up with amusement, he had discovered something. But who would've thought, he'd actually come across this? Izanagi paused for a few moments, his head cocked to the side. One of his many underlings entered the room. The Captain and his men, decided to work on a project. The idea came about after observing certain animals. The man chose the skunk as the basis for his inventions. Most people thought he would've gone for the fox. But at the moment, that was a little bit too cliche for him. He will track back some other time. And when he does, he might just do things according to the cliche. Saying that, the man was already living up to certain expectations. Sitting on a comfortable chair, he was looking towards the observation area. MM5, a worker of his, a scientist, a future Izanagi, came in to give a report. "The test subject is prepped and ready, Izanagi Sama. I mean Taicho".

The Captain sat back and placed his hand on his chin. Inside the observation room, stood a very unfortunate person. Then again, a criminal and worthless fiend, should be nothing more than test material. Thats what the Captain is using this person for. "Has the diagnostic checks been completed?". The Captain asked while glancing over towards the man. MM5, gulped, and swallowed his saliva. A nod came and then a very confident answer. "Hai. We just need to proceed Taicho". With the snap of his finger, MM5 proceeded to push the button. The button that started the proceedings. The odorless and colorless gas was released inside the room. The observation room of course, filling the space. The test subject was of course, unaware of this as it happened. While this was going on, Izanagi further instructed MM5. "I advice you not to waste time here. Go forth and get your team ready. I want a progress report of the nanobots. I want to be able to use them as the catalyst for this experiment. Otherwise, there is no real subtle in its use".

MM5 withdraw with a nod and a word of confirmation. Izanagi on the other hand observed the test subject. It was only a matter of time, before the man would succumb to the gas. Hopefully the dosage wasn't too powerful at all. The Captain watched with a look of amusement. He was like a kid at the candy store, excited over some candy. The candy in this case, being a very successful experiment and invention. Musing over what would happen next. The Captain got up and moved towards the glass, separating him from the subject. Tapping on the glass, the test subject looked towards Izanagi's direction. However, the man was unable to see the Captain. As the test subject walked towards the glass. Izanagi's grin grew even wider. MM5 came back just in time too. The test subject fell to his knees, grabbing hold of his head. Screaming in what can be described as pain. "I want an update on what is happening. Monitoring his brain wave patterns, his nerves. I want to know everything that is happening". MM5 surely had his work cut out for him. But even so, he was learning a lot from Izanagi. The new generation of 12th Division members, all seem to be ruthless.

Izanagi's way of doing things, could be the main factor in this.
"Judging by what the monitor is showing. And these unusual brain patterns. There seem to be an increase in brain activities. Its being overloaded, to the point where the brain can't handle it. Judging by the test subjects reaction. He appears to be experiencing terrible headaches". MM5's little report was more than sufficient for the man. He understood exactly what was happening. But before Izanagi could properly give his take on the situation. Something else was happening already. A confusion of sorts, the body was doing so much all at once. "Whats this? He seems to be spilling his tripe all over the floor. Whats that gooey vomit? Better him than me I guess, I never thought, the effects would happen this rapidly. I am most pleased with what I am seeing. It is cruel and yet so fitting for someone like me. In any case, what about the nanobots?". Ah yes, who could forget about the nanobots? They will be most essential, when employing the use of the gas.

"It is almost ready Izanagi Sama. We just need to fine tune it a little. Its being tested on a few other test subjects now. I will go and see whats taking them so long, my lord". The Captain didn't answer with words, he instead, shot a nod in the scientist's direction. His eyes were more fixated on the test subject in the other room. The man was now being even more disgusting than ever. That much was evident, when he shat himself. Shitting one's self can be very degrading indeed. Can induce a substantial loss of self esteem. Izanagi sighed, he knew that was the final stage at the moment. All he needed to do know, was wait. His team was working on perfecting the nanobots. The Captain had no intentions on letting things go to waste. The team of scientists working on the project was taking too long. The Captain might dispose of them too. Incompetence, is something that won't be tolerated. Turning around and leaving the room. Izanagi decided to visit this team of scientists in a room a few doors down. The Captain's presence could be felt as the man moved. Edging closer and closer to the door. And as he opened it, the team of scientist was there to greet him.

Little did they know, by doing this they saved their own lives.
"Taicho. We have completed the nanobots. And have also managed to mingle them with the gas. This is the closest we can get to your specifications. At the very least, it will work as you intended it do". Said MM5, they all knew there was no such thing as perfection. Izanagi will no doubt go back on improve this at a later stage. The Captain moved away from the group. He was more interested in what was happening. Underneath a microscope, that had left overs. His crimson eyes began observing the tiny nanobots beneath it. There resembled tiny green insects, made for a specific purpose. The science team, had to make it so that. The nanobots can release the gas, but better yet. Once they were injected into the body of another person. To further explain the concept behind this. Izanagi should be able to reproduce the gas, after certain intervals. This meant, that as long as the nanobots resides within him. They will most likely fuse with his body, living as friendly parasites inside him. The moment of truth had now arrived, but before Izanagi could inject the nanobots inside him. He decided to watch a certain video before.

The video showed a test subject with the nanobots inside her. Going up against her prey, the unfortunate victim. It showed the woman, exhaling the gas, and within seconds, the victim began feeling the effects. This video also showed the various use of the nanobots. Also ways in which the gas can be released. The Captain was satisfied with what he saw, and as such injected the nanobots inside him. The Captain sat down for a few moments. Feeling the nanobots making themselves at home inside his body. The Captain could activate them, through minor exertion of Reiatsu. This was the key, plus identifying when they were in use and when they weren't. Izanagi exited the room, and entered the room of another test subject. The man opted for the most obscene way to use the as. Wind was a thing in the past. It was delightful too see the sibject succumb to the gas. The nanobots were acting as protection for Izanagi too. By filtering out the gas, that entered his body. This way the man wouldn't suffer from the effects of the poison. Exiting the room with a smile on his face. Izanagi looked towards the science team.
"Dispose of the test subjects. And clean this place up."
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Souta Suzuki
Segunda Espada

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PostSubject: Re: The Purple Skunk   Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:59 am

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The Purple Skunk
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