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 The King Alexander

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Azulon Kasshu
Ascended Human

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PostSubject: The King Alexander   Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:08 am

Name:Alexander Mcqueen
Nickname(s): That Nigga Alex
Age: 17

Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame:Buff like a mutha fucka
Blood Type:O
Sound of Voice:Like Trey songz
Alex is a very tall male and is white. He has burning red eyes that make you think he is staring into your soul. Alex is quite buff and has a 8 pac going down across in a 2 by 2 format. Alex's hair is blonde with black streaks which are barely noticeable from a far distance. Alex wears a red jacket with black and white strips on the back and a black shirt under which seems to be tight because you can see Alex's handsome body. He wears matching black jeans and some black boots which makes his complete outfit. Oh yea hes packin a 9 inch dong. Alex wears yellow gloves that look as if they are for Muay Thai and they weight about 20 pounds with no finger covers just knuckle covers.

Introvert/Extrovert:Extro mainly.Alex normally likes to keep a conversation going to meet and understand other people.
Hobbies:Drinking saki,Reading and Writing novels,And last but not least eating dango
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Shooting,Baking,Sleeping,Reading,Writing rhymes all the times,Likes to be around alot of females,Making jokes for friends and being a good friend to everyone he can.

Dislikes-Shooting,Baking,Sleeping,Reading,Writing rhymes all the times,Likes to be around alot of females,Making jokes for friends and being a good friend to everyone he can.

Personality:Alex has always been a hyper individual, a man of many words. This was just how he was since birth. While he does enjoy the company of others he always speaks . This often gives off the impression that Alex is looking for attention and sometimes a friend, but this is never the case. Along with always speaking often, Alex is always up for a fight and when he fights he makes his enemies want to be his friend.
This is something that not many people know about Alex but can figure from his attitude. He LOVES children. He finds them to be the most innocent people in the world and as such they are the easiest to talk to. "Children are not born evil or good, but can be molded to become as saintly as God or as evil as the Devil." This is one of Alex most used quotes and explains clearly how he feels about children as well as their potential and ability to learn.

He is an extremely loyal individual who has a strong belief in keeping the peace. Whether this means following the rules, or breaking them Alex does whatever it takes to keep everything and everyone around at peace. It is with that belief that Alex tries to rarely draw his sword in combat. He views swords and all weapons as tools for killing and despite his strength and skill with swords he prefers to fight using hand to hand techniques or Kidou/Bakudo. As such he has trained himself extensively in the use of Kidou and Bakudo and can use high level techniques all in an attempt to avoid drawing his sword. To further reach that goal Alex trains daily combining Shunpo and Kidou to create devastating attacks.

Defining Characteristics:
Specialties:He can make even the angriest person laugh
Fighting type:Muay Thai
Human Story:

At the age of 3 Alex was instituted into an orphanage in Queens,New York. Alex was always a troublemaker in the orphanage, always getting into fight with anyone who even looked at him the wrong way. That is why the orphanage wasn't surprised when a family brought him back. He went through family after family after family until the age 13, when he just abandoned the orphanage and lived in the streets.
The first night in the street was the night something strange happened. As Alex found a nice place to rest after fighting for a piece of bread, chills went up his spine and froze him. After regaining his sense, he tried to find where this chilling feeling was coming from. As he walked and walked, he eventually wander into an abandon factory. The factory was 3 stories, but only the first floor looked safe enough to walk around on. As Alex explored the first floor, he passed by an opened door and heard a terrible moan. As he slowly peaked into the room he soon felt like something had punched his gut. He began to shake as he stood near the door scared to make another move, when suddenly something slammed against him, pushing him into the wall, pinning him there. Alex gasped for air as he struggle against these thing he assumed was an arm pinning him, and once again he heard that terrible moan. The more he struggle trying to get free, the more visible the monster came to be until it was fully visible to him. It was a frog type creature, probably 2 or 3 times bigger then him, having some sort of mask hiding it face, or maybe that was his face. It began to approach Alex, the monster arm been bigger then its own size, as it approach it opened it mouth as if it was hungry. Alex struggle even more as he knew what was going to happen, this thing whatever it was, was planning on feeding on himself. As the monster body made it passed the door, Alex thought it was all over, when suddenly some female dressed in a black robe appeared, wielding a sword. She jumped on top of the arm that pinned the hideous monster, and slashed it across his mask/face before it could react, causing it to disappear. Alex was dropped to the floor, breathing heavily as he looked up at this heroic female, but the female didn't even take notice of him. Alex tried to talk, but nothing would come out, and the female just left him. Alex gather his breathed, and ran out of the building, knowing that he was lucky to be alive after this experience. From then on, any time he felt something similar to this experience, he refused to go near that area.
In the streets he soon learned that how he behaved in the orphanage wouldn't cut it on the streets. The people their were tougher, cheaper, and didn't give a damn what happened to them or the other person. Every week Alex had wounds on his face, arms, legs, butt, where ever wounds could be they probably had been or were there. These wounds didn't bother Alex, as he got used to the pain, after all no pain no gain he always thought to himself. Alex found himself back into a pattern he did in the orphanage, fighting everyone he sees rather it be for the half eaten pizza or just for the hell of it to lower the amount of competition. Of course Alex wouldn't kill another homeless, he would always leave them begging for mercy, that way he could take advantage of that fact later on in life. At the age of 18, Alex had earned the reputation the king of the streets. He could get what he wanted, when he wanted, and however he wanted.
Sadly, even a person who is the king of the street can't stop mother nature.Some time went by and Alex turned 19, a terrible winter storm hit Tokyo, dropping outside temperature below 0 degrees. No matter how strong a man or women may be, the temperature would kill, and that is what happened. Alex soon met that fate, as the winter winds slowly froze the king of the streets, much before his time should have ended.

Shinigami Story Stuff:

Before being being sent to the soul society by a man in a robe Alexander roamed the world for atleast 2 years before actually being sent there.Once sent to the soul society Alex was brought into a family of wealthy sword bandits.They raised Alex for atleast 80 years showing him how to use a sword.This made Alex love the feeling of a steel blade in his hands.The family was known as the Mcqueen family as to the fact that they were known as this because the head of this family was a female which explains Queen in their name.The Mc was their original name and it was just added on.By the time Alex was 120 he was fighting with 2 swords.Yes dual style.He was taught by his family how to steal and kill for the fun of it.Alex killed atleast 30 people and made almost 30k ryo before he actually became a full fledged Mcqueen and was given his own tatoo.Yes the tatoo of his family the Mcqueens.This tatoo was a symbol of him becoming a full fledged man of his family.The tatoo was of a cobra which was on the back of the user and would appear on the users face everytime they would reach their peak of ability.Upon gaining the tatoo Alex thought it was time for him to take his ability to the next level.He trained with his dual blades for 300 years learning everything from spinning combo's to diving impale motions.After his 300 year training he was 420 years old.The Mcqueen man had nothing more to do but attend the academy.He enrolled and became a red uniform wearer the highest ranked student in the academy was Alex.He was excellent with kido and fighting.His sword skills were above average and he was known as The King Prodigy.He was a man who was envied by most and loved by a minimum amount of people.This didn't bother Alex at all,It actually made him feel like a real king.Many years have passed since Alex entered the academy and now he was graduating.He was presented his zanpatou Shichi Fukujin (Seven Lucky Gods).Alex graduated 2nd in his class due to his absences from class.The Mcqueen then went on to meat a man named Tadashii Adachi.The captain commander of the soul society gotei 13,This man would soon be Alex idol.He wanted to be like him even fight like him.But this wasn't something Alex would be able to do easy.So he did something smart he studied under the man and for atleast 100 years.During this time he learned the truth of his zanpatou.The double sun Blade was the nickname Alex gave the blades.When learning how to use his zanpatou with the captain he had to venture into a trance with his blade and learn about itself.Once inside his mind Alex learned that his zanpatou were twin girls each wearing 3 and a half necklaces.These necklaces symboled their name meaning Seven Lucky Gods.They told Alex that they were going to serve him forever and become his bestfriends,This was no surprise to Alex but another thing Happened.Shichi and Fukujin eyes began to glow as they told Alex to say their name.Alex awoke from his trance and said to the world "As Takarabune hits the shores, Descend apon land. Shichi Fukujin".As Alex said the words Captain Commander Adachi told the Mcqueen that his would be the new 3rd seatof squad 1.Alex then looked back at the 800 years of his life as he layed in the grass.

Death and Revival:

2 months have passed since Alex has become squad 3rd seat but 1 thing was undone. He hasn't established himself as a true shinigami so Alex wanted to prove himself. Alex began to make his way into the human world when his gut began to act funny and Alex knew something back was gonna happen and in knowing this he had to be extra careful. Once in the human world Alex went to the park when he met his fate, A bounto named Hans and this man was no joke. He had some explosive liquid that took off the mans legs and made him his bitch. Alex now being the prisoner to the man had nothing to do but comply to what the man wanted and all he wanted was information about the soul society and that seemed quite easy. Now after answering the mans questions he was to be taken to soul society to give Hans what he wanted but he was now naked from the little bit of the waist he had known to be left. Now once inside the senkaimon gates that Alex had opened he made his fate as he was killed by Hans and had his beautiful zanpatou stolen. Now dead Alex laid in the dangai precipise world and would be demolished by a train. Time would go by and a body would form in the real world. It was Alex but he did not remember anything but his weird name Alex Mcqueen. The man was about 18 and was in Karakura University and was rooming with a girl. The man did not know anything of his life and what was going on but he knew one thing. He could see things called hollows and what not and boy they where fierce. They made the biggest of enemies scared and run away. Now knowing what he can do. Alex waited and wanted to learn more about this.

Role-play Sample:

As The hyuuga stood in the center of a forest he pondered his thoughts.He began kicking and pounching the area around him wondering how he was gonna get his training right.He didn't know exactly what he was training for or why he was doing it.But he knew one thing and that was to get rid of his mental block stopping him from using his full power.Blake croched down then leaping into the sky spinning about 3 times before landing on his back.He layed on the nice grassy floor with his eyes closed and began to focus his mind.He had no clue how to get rid of this block but he knew he needed to do it quick.Blake began to have tense thoughts on what he could do to break his mind so he began testing some ideas.He ran to a nearby cliff and began to jump into the long ditch that was near it.As Blake fell he closed his eyes once more and began to focus his energy in his mind but simply lost all motion in his body.He opened his eyes and grabbed a nearby branch realizing that he almost fell to the bottom.As Blake climbed up the hole he began to get his chakra back so he ran back up from the hole.As he jumped out he began punching and kicking trees he knocked down about 7 trees before he screamed and began to spin letting out a signature Hyuuga rotation.He began to punch the ground in angry rage as he wasn't understanding this mental block.Blake made a handsign and his byakugan activated.He started knocking down more trees and draining more of his chakra as his hands became numb along with the rest of his body he his white eyes and tight veins went back to normal as he layed on the ground completely drained.It seemed that Blake has passed out but hes not on earth but hes in his mind.Inside a dojo what was this place Blake wondered but Blake looked to the left and seen the Hyuuga insignia.He knew this was his rightful home but why would his mind bring him here?His question was answered as Blakes mind manifested his father and appeared next to Blake.He told Blake if he wants to obtain the gate of opening he must fight him.As Blake smirked he said "Alright,Dad lets do this."As Blake said those words his fathers eyes began to activate and he began to swing on Blake with all his power.Blake was astonished by his fathers power and quickly lifted up his right leg with his weighted chain attached blocking the punch.He then began to spin and kick his imaginary father which would cause both of them to land on their hands.They would both get up quickly as Blake quickly activated his byakugan.Him and his father were blow for blow.Soon neither of their chakras would work in their arms.As the feeling came back into Blakes fathers arm he began going full force on his son.Soon enough they were fighting with their legs and this match was clearly going to Blake but not the way you would think.Blakes father would send a water dragon towards Blakes direction but as Blake went to block it his father appeared infront of it kicking Blake towards the Hyuuga insignia.He would make some hand signs as a mark appeared on Blakes head.Blake wondered what this was but he had no time for questions as his father made the ram handsign he began feeling pain.As he dropped to the floor he began to feel a burning feeling throughout his entire body.Sadly he couldn't even move let alone get out his words.He was thinking."My father.Was he really this strong?His power is like something out of a horror movie and sadly i don't even know what to think of his ability.Should i embrace it and want it?Or should i detest and hate it.I am the son of a great Hyuuga.Now i must beat him and become him."Blake let out a large scream and say "NO!I will not let you beat me father."Blake stood up having the feelings back in his arms and threw up 4 sharp pieces of the hyuuga door.Blake began to spin and he made the Hyuuga signature blue rotation and the sharps fell on the rotation and they began to fly towards his father.One hitting his hand where he was controlling this seal.Blake ran towards his father at full force striking him 2 times in his chest disabling his fathers internal chakra system.Blake would stand over his beaten father and smirked.He shed a tear and his father began talking."Son you are my only care in this world.I see you turned out well and i am proud to say that i am your father."Blake nodded his head as his father began to fade away.Blake sat down in the middle of the dojo and shed more tears for his fallen father and mother but this was soon overlooked as he awoke in the real world laid out on the floor it seemed his chakra was replinished.Blake didn't know what to expect from this.Maybe he got more power then he wanted.The Hyuuga laughed as he walked around to test his new ability.He was more agile stronger and even quicker.He jumped into the sky and fell into a new position like he was in a mid air stance.This was maybe the move Blake was waiting for.The front lotus.As Blake landed on the floor he couldn't complete the move.He didn't know what was next but he knew one thing.All this training actually helped him.He awoke with more chakra and new skills.This was truly something that the ninja world she think upon.

Last edited by Blake Mcqueen on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:37 pm; edited 9 times in total
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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: The King Alexander   Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:40 pm

Sixth already has an LT and a Captain.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: The King Alexander   Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:23 pm

1. I don't like it.

2. I expected a little bit more.

3. I really don't like it.

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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: The King Alexander   Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:07 pm

Approved as third seat of Ichibantai.
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Hisoka Setsuna


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PostSubject: Re: The King Alexander   Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:44 am

I don't like this. Continuing histories. Eww.

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PostSubject: Re: The King Alexander   

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The King Alexander
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