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 Aurora (Wip)

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Legendary Bounto

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PostSubject: Aurora (Wip)   Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:20 pm


Name: Aurora
Age: 1300
Visual Age:18

Rank: Legendary Bountou
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Body Frame:normal
Blood Type:O
Sound of Voice: Soft
Aurora is a rather young beautiful girl. She is an image of youth and fertility. Her entire body is full of youth but is developing very quickly. Aurora is rather tall for someone her age and very patiet. Aurora has long choppy lavender blue hair that hangs down to her waist. Her bangs are short and usually flipped to the side or straight covering her eyes. Her hair is very think and silky with a very bright sheen almost making it glow in light and is tied down in black ribbon. Although her hair is only a comment to her eyes. Her eyes can only truly be matched to sky and nothing else, the are a perfect mirror of the sky. Aurora has a very thin sharp face and has a creamy color.

Compared to her height She is a rather skinny girl. Her arms are long and skinny wrapped in a thin layer of mussel. Although because her wait her muscular tone is hidden and mainly just adds a bit of depth to her. Although she is quite skinny she is extremely well developed in certain areas mainly her chest and hips, reflected upon her skinny body only exadurating their size. The rest of her body is quite small compared to the two.

After so many years of living Aurora has become quite picky with what she wears. She has long got past worn thing for other people and only wears it because she either like the way it look on her or how easy it is for her to move in. She usually wears a very short dress only ending a very little distance from her waist. From her size almost anything she can find is very tight fitting on her, forming completely to her body fitting her perfectly. The dress is strapless covering over just her chest. Her favorite color is black but she also occasionally wears white. She wears a type of fishnet stockings that compliment her beautiful legs. She wears silver wire wrapped around her writs and her neck.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: cooking
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Sleeping, Eating, Hunting, Teasing, Music

Dislikes- Silence, standing still, cleaning, reading, humans

Personality: Aurora has an ever changing personality. Every couple hundred years it will change periodically. Her current personality is a very unique one. Aurora is a person of individual moments. She was originally a very shy person person but it got boring she now has turned the quite opposite. She has always found a great liking in people. Every person is different and unique in their own ways. She has become one of the most outgoing people of all time. She has no sense of shyness anymore, she got long tiered of waiting and now will just go right to a person and talk. She is also quite an easy going person. She has become used to most things to the point they dont bother her anymore. This has turned her into a quite cheerful person. She is always seen smiling almost continuously.

Although time has also made her a bit rough. She had long quit trying to learn new social trends. She has no filter on her mind. She only speaks what ever is on her mind no matter if its is considered rude or insensitive, she actually doesn't even realize it when she says such things. She has no use of things such as manors or norms. She can many times have a very sarcastic and inhuman attitude to her but its all in good sport. She also a bad tenancy to day dream. Her own thoughts prioritize over almost everything else. She will just drown out everything else and just think.

Defining Characteristics: Her attention span is extremely small attention span. It naturally leaves her interested in everything at first but after only a few moments she will get bored of it. It makes her extremely spontaneous.
Specialties: Aurora is extremely well rounded. She has experienced a bit in everything especially in food, every type of food from every type of civilization making her a master chef. She can make food out of anything
Fighting type: Well rounded
Aurora was born into the middle east around the time of the begining of A.D. Her home town was a small little place segragrated from most large towns almost fogotten. She was born into a quite large family of 8, having 4 brothers and only 2 daughters, her being the eldest of all her siblings. Naturally her and her sister grew rather close. She was always very close to her family, almost to the point of never talking to anyone else. For the most part she lived a very normal life of a shy girl. She never really had many friends beyond her sibling but neither did she ever really care to. She always drempt of getting married but it never really seemed that big of a deal to her. None of her life ever seemed any different to that of a normal girl. Until when she hit the age of 18. Although she had always seemed like a young girl bursting with youth and looked a few years younger then she was, it appeared that she had stopped ageing. Within only a few years she no longer seemed to be the eldest of the children, within only a few more years it would seem that she was the youngest. Her entire family was mesmerized by this act. How was it possible for a person not to age, to always seem to be young. They only took it as some strange act of god a miracle of some sorts. Then finally her parents died of a plague and Aurora was set to take care of herself. She was forced unto the world for the first time to truly socialize and take care of herself. Although it was hard for her to talk to people, she found herself to be skilled in almost everything she put her mind to. She eventually found her love of cooking. She was almost famous for her food, hundreds of people going to her every day. Although this was just a rising of problems. Aurora continued to not age, always appearing the same age, after only two years the people started to suspect of her being something more then a miracle child. The time arose that the people could not fight the fact that she was not normal in any way. Whispers spread through the entire town, calling the girl evil, blaming anything that went bad on her, and calling her a witch. Although through the time witch hunts weren't legal, but the town laid far enough way to avoid the law. One silent night Aurora laid in bed sleeping, she was awakened by grubby claws pulling at her. The people yanked her out of bed dragging her through the streets of town. She had no idea what was they were doing this to her, or what they were doing to her. From every side she heard screams of hatred and wrath, accusation of terrible acts, words of abomination. Even the children screamed at her as they threw rocks. Tears ran down her cheek as she new it was the end of her, only wondering what she could have possibly done to have deserved this.

She was thrown upon a cross her arms tied to both sides as she laid there. She bled on the cross, as she waited the sweet escape of death. But death never came, the blood eventually stopped flowing, and her body was strong enough to hold herself up. She fell asleep and had nightmares of murder. She awoke the second day she still stood up there struggling for live. Birds circled her to afraid to approach her to closely. Then finally in the distance she saw a few shadows approach her. She closed her eyes expecting it to be the townspeople coming to finish her off. Instead she felt herself fall as she hit the ground with a thud, reopened wunds sprung as she cried out in pain, the figures appeared above her as her eyes closed as she passed out. She awoke as she panicked, looking around, she found herself in a black veil her wounds bandaged. The figures once again appeared as she learned of who they truly were. They were a large cult that worshiped the darkness, they had heard of her ability to never age and they thought that she might be a god, then when they saw the village had been obliterated no one remained alive they knew that she must be their goddess of darkness. She gasped at hearing of the village being destroyed but their story seemed to fit her and make sense. She agreed to their terms, it finally giving her purpose. They deified her and studied her ways. She greatly enjoyed her time, everyone liked her and more then that loved her. She could have anything she wanted just by whim. She trained herself to become the warlord they wanted becoming stronger and stronger. She became stronger then most people could have imagined and could see the spirits of the departed. More and more did she fit their needs. Year after year the cult grew larger as more people believed in her. She eventually started to believe that she was a god. She had a large army growing bigger and bigger, people being sacrifised to satisfy her never ending hunger.

Although Aurora got tiered of it. She dissapeard suddenly one day without anyone realizing it. She had only wanted a more normal life. She moved from town to town. After so many years she would move again making sure to never get to close to anyone. She ventured the world always wanting to see something new. She made her way to every continent. She eventually made her way to the newly discovered America. She thought that maybe if she lived in a new place maybe people could just accept her gift like her family once did. And it seemed to work. She lived outside a village named Salem. Inside the village she found a nice boy and fell in love. He was rather young so it seemed perfect that she didn't age. Although he fully accepted her he had a problem with running his mouth. While braging one day to his friends a person passing by over heard. She was accused of being a witch and sentenced to death. Once again She found herself surrounded by people screaming and cursing at her. Tears once again ran down her cheek. Then suddenly from her shadow a large wolf appeared. Instantly it crashed through the crowd of people, killing any that dare near Aurora. She instantly grabbed her doll as she rode threw crowd away. She stopped near a river bank as she gasped for breath. She couldn't believe that any of it could be true. Both her and her doll sat and talked for much of the night as she fell asleep on it. Within time she figured out how to summon it at will and it became one of her best friends. She continued to explore the world doing what ever she wanted at least she wasn't alone.

Role-play Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Aurora (Wip)   Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:33 pm

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Aurora (Wip)
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