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 A walk......

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Father Anderson
Cero Espada

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PostSubject: A walk......   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:07 am

Such a bright day it was today in Las Noches. Well, it was actually a day like any other, since the weather never changed there. Every day in Las Noches was sunny, the temperature was always exactly the same and there was no night. This kind of area at first seemed to be perfect, but, it got boring after a few hundred years. Eventually, unless intruders came or if there was an invasion, Arrancar started to get bored. Soon enough, they would start killing each other in order to gain more power, or just so they could have something to do. The most fearsome fights would occur if two high ranking Espada members decided to fight. But, occasions like that were quite rare. It seemed as if this day was going to be one of them peaceful ones, with not much commotion. But then again, nobody was certain about that, anything could happen at any time. Nobody actually knew when the day started or when the night started here, so it was a bit troublesome to differ one day from another. Unless a person took track of time, using an object like a watch or something, they would soon forget what time is it, not that anyone cared about that. Everyone in this place was immortal, never aging, never changing. The end of ones existence would only arrive if someone stronger came and decided to devour those who are weaker, in order to gain more power. As walking trough the desert, a young looking Arrancar could be seen. Judging from his white coat and the markings on it, it was clear that this man was a member of the Espada, the group of teen most strongest Arrancar at Hueco Mundo. But, there was something quite unusual about this man. His reiatsu, it seemed to be quite low, lower than the reiatsu of most creatures who were spending their time on walking trough the desert. You could say, that it was on the level of a quite weak Numeros. It was quite odd to see a man with that much reiatsu, wearing Espada clothes. Could he have stolen it from somewhere? Indeed he could, but to do so, he would have to enter the quarters of the Espada and get them. Or he would have to actually kill an Espada and take it from his dead body. But of course, there was a possibility that this man lowered his reiatsu to the bare minimum in order to make others think that he is weak, while in truth he was far more stronger. Other than those two options, there were a few others, which were not worth mentioning. Ether way, the appearance of this young looking man intrigued other Arrancar, their thirst grew larger as they spot him coming closer. Sadly, most Adjuchas class Arrancar still kept their old habits from their Hollow days, the urge to kill others in order to stop themselves from de-evolving and to get stronger. Of course, now that they became Arrancar and gained a human form, there was no need for them to devour others, since they could no longer go back to their Gillian stage. But, almost everyone still wanted to evolve further and become an Vasto Lorde.

When the narrowed eyes of the young looking man gazed at the trio of bloodthirsty Arrancar a few meters in front of him, the man opened his mouth, releasing a short yawn. Then, he looked away, as he continued to walk forwards. Irritated by the actions performed by the person with the low reiatsu in front of them, all three of them decided to teach the man a lesson in manners. Judging by their clothes and the level of reiatsu which they had, this three were higher ranking Numeros. Ether way, they were still members of a quite low ranked group of Arrancar, who consisted mostly from Gillian and quite weak Adjuchas class menos. The remaining of the Hollow masks from this three showed that one was a Adjuchas, while his two twin friends were both Gillian class. All three wore the same type of clothes and their Hollow masks covered seventy percent of their face, making them still look like regular Hollow. But, the Zanpaktou which they held in their hands was the thing which differed them from the rest of the Hollows, it made them Arrancar. As they swung their little swords around, attempting to slash the man with the weak reiatsu, they failed to notice that their targets reiatsu rose a little bit out of a sudden. He was no longer weaker than them, now his reiatsu seemed to be on the same level as theirs, still a little bit lower. Suddenly, the man in the Espada clothes vanished, appearing less than a meter right in front of the trio. His hands, forming fists, flew forwards at the Arrancar on the left and the one on the right. At the same time, his head moved forwards as well, slamming into the mask of the one in the center. The result was quite brutal, with all three hostile creatures being tossed backwards from the force of the impact, as the parts of their mask shattered and started falling on the ground. A few meters away they landed, hitting the ground hard, as dust rose into the air. At the same time, the reiatsu of the man rose even more, reaching a even higher level than before. Only now they have noticed how mistaken they were. But, even so, this humiliation, they could not take it anymore. The man who did this to them, he had to die, that was certain. But, for that to happen they decided to go at him with full force. The two Gillian class ones quickly opened their mouths, while holding their heads with their hands, due to the wounds they got after the first attack. Suddenly, a red light appeared, as two Cero were shoot directly at the man who ruined their masks. At the same time, the man in the center suddenly formed a extremely large sphere of lighting in his right hand, sending it at the same person and at the same time with the two Ceros. Suddenly, three powerful attacks were launched at the young looking man, with enough power to turn him into dust in just a matter of seconds. Out of a sudden, the man vanished, just before any of those attacks could even come near him. At this point, the level of his speed could be recognized as the technique called Sonido. Indeed, this man sure seemed to be bond with this technique, since it was all that he used in this battle. As he appeared again, this strange Arrancar was a few meters behind those who just shoot Ceros at him. He didn't seemed to be mad, but he wasn't happy ether. His hand rose up, straight towards the three other Arrancar, as reiatsu started to gather in it. Out of a sudden, a bright light blue colored Cero was released towards the Menos Class Arrancar. As he released his technique, the young looking man moved his arm from left to right, thus vaporizing all three of the Arrancar who attacked him because they thought that he was an easy meal.

After that, he vanished again, appearing on top of an large red structure. There he stood calmly, waiting, not hiding his reiatsu.

OOC: Killing some NPC seemed like a good way to open a topic.
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Father Anderson
Cero Espada

Posts : 201
Points : 135
Join date : 2010-09-03
Age : 27
Location : o.o

PostSubject: Re: A walk......   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:48 pm

OOC: Nobody? FINE. >.>

Marcus leaves.

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A walk......
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