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 Gotei 13 Ranks

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PostSubject: Gotei 13 Ranks   Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:17 pm

Tadashii AdachiReservedFirst DivisionNo special duties have been noted for the 1st Division. The First Division is ranked highest among the 13 Divisions. Even subordinate members of the First Division are considered model Shinigami. Emergency must be dealt with swiftly; quick decisions and quick actions are essential. The division is able to ascertain a situation and mobilize quickly even before an order is issued. That is the true value of the First Division.
Yuki ShihinKousoku MeishuSecond DivisionThe 2nd Division is linked directly to the Onmitsukido. As such the special operations of Soul Society has become the full measure of what the division involves itself in primarily. Members are tasked with assassination, policing, detention and message couriers.
Makoto Yasuo Xavier Malik Erina Darkstar Third DivisionThe 3rd Division is said to be based on Psychological warfare. Manning the Senkaimon gate and in charge of the restricted archives that contain forbidden Kidou along with history and information not meant for most eyes.
-----Sai Saici MiyagiFourth DivisionThe 4th Division is the medical/supply division. They are responsible for both treating the injured and doing most of the manual labor, such as cleaning the Seireitei. The 4th Division is further divided into teams that have specific assigned jobs. Other division members use their spiritual power only for fighting. Members of the 4th Division possess spiritual powers that is used to tend to wounds and provide relief. They use these special powers and the benefits of their daily training to act with precision and speed to aid injured comrades.
Daizai BachiMia NagatashiFifth DivisionMessanger Squad, delivering messages along the Sereitei where Hell Butterflies may take too long or it rests in a person message on paper. The members of this division are all highly skilled, having been trained by a captain who excels at everything, including battle readiness.
Stein Fra Kenn ---- Sixth DivisionReal World Reconnaissance, finding missing Shinigami that have gone to the real world and have become missing or undetectable. Usually their missions consist of bringing Shinigami back who have had prolonged period missions in the Human World. The Rokubantai are also known for policing the Seireitei.
Yoshito Adachi Kano TanakaSeventh DivisionThe duties of the 7th Division are to act as mass reinforcements, for other Division. Much like the 11th Division, that will normally go to the front lines. The 7th will act as their reinforcements should they need it. During war times, the 7th Division will also guard the 4th Division Headquarters, along with the 1st Division headquarters. The captain of this division is currently absent on a mission, leaving the lieutenant in charge.
----Hijami KemikoEighth DivisionThe 8th Division Duties are to work in tandem with the 13th Division. Patrolling the Rukongai districts, while helping to maintain the order. The 8th Division will also act as the security forces for Central 46. Gathering intelligence is also a major part of the 8th Division duties. They're expected to report back to the 1st Division with their findings and progress.
Shirogane, TetsuyaEmikoNinth DivisionThe mission of the Ninth Division is to protect the Seireitei. It is always on standby for combat because it is the security force of the Gotei 13. Traditionally, Ninth Division has overseen arts and culture.[1] For this reason it is known to be in charge of the Seireitei news magazine. All the lieutenants of the divisions of Gotei 13 hand in their reports to them.
Hunter Kaze-----Tenth DivisionThe 10th Division duties are to maintain order within the Rukongai Districts. The 10th Division will also carryout investigations, within these areas. They will often work in tandem with the 6th Division. The 10th Division will at times accompany the 6th Division. To the material world in order to aide them on their mission.
Akume no Rekkan ---- Eleventh DivisionThe Eleventh Division is the direct-combat Division with a specialization in swords-only combat, forgoing the other Shinigami arts and thereby being one of the most specialized divisions in the Gotei 13. The division's doctorine of dominating in battle is what appeals to its members; they believe that fighting is what makes life worth living. This is what separates 11th Division from the others and makes them the strongest division. Everyone in the 11th Division are highly skilled in fighting. They believe if they are going to die anyway, go down fighting gloriously.
Jushiro KaizenShinichi Kudou Twelfth DivisionThe 12th Division develops new technology and spiritual tools and is home of the S.R.D.I, founded by Kaizen Jushiro. As such technological and scientific research has become the full measure of what the division involves itself in primarily. Members are tasked with research and collection of data and samples, something both the current and previous Captains are very enthusiastic about, though not to the same extreme.
Maria Fate ----Thirteenth DivisionThe 13th Division duties includes, the coordination and preservation of information. They have also long since merged with the Kido corps. Which also the Kido corps to operate within a controlled Environment. The 13th Division also works closely with the 3rd Division. Being part guardians and preservers of important information and history of the Soul Society.
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Gotei 13 Ranks
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