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 Work to be done [Postponed]

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Kenpachi Fuman

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Join date : 2010-10-01

PostSubject: Work to be done [Postponed]   Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:53 am

Hmm... Of course there's nothing to do! Big flippin surprise. Yokkyu thought as he sat in his expensive-looking chair in his Captain Office in the 11th Division Barracks. Not even paper work! This is ridiculous! Yokkyu thought angrily to himself as he laid back in his chair and looked out the window. Everything was bright outside, as the sun was right smack in the middle of the sky, illuminating everything in its glory. Everything at the current time had a shadow, and most everything was awake except for the gloomy creatures and people that had no desire of awaking when the sun was up. Yokkyu looked up at the sky from his chair, out of the window, and saw that to the west was a dark gray cloud, signifying a storm-to-be. Yokkyu rolled his eyes and looked back down at his desk and outstretched both of his arms and grabbed a stack of papers. With the papers in his hand, he placed it in the "Delivery Bin" in his office, so that in two hours a member of his Squad could deliver the paperwork to Squad 1.

Hmm. You know what? I've never really been to this Hueco Mundo that the hollows come from... Yokkyu thought as he rose from his chair, which make a sort of creeking noise as he lifted his body from it. Stupid thing... Dont you dare break on me... Yokkyu said to the chair, giving it a look of hatred, even though he didn't hate it, he was just displeased with its condition as of late. He then walked from his desk to the exit of his office, and grabbed his zanpakutou from a pedestal next to the door, tying it on his waist. Once his zanpakutou was secure, he walked over to his coat rack and picked up his black and red haori, and placed his left arm through the left sleeve, then the right through the right, and ended by pulling it over his back and tying the sash around his waist. The coat was different from the ordinary Captains, as where a normal Captain's coat was white, Yokkyu's was red, and where a Captain's coat is black, Yokkyu's is a deep dark red.

Maybe I can go speak with Captain of Squad 13... We work hand-in-hand most of the time. Maybe I can convince her to accompany me to Squad 12 so we can convince that Captain to take us to Hueco Mundo for studies... Yokkyu thought, being interested in the fact he has a chance of leaving Seireitei to do something that the Soul Society could actually benefit from somehow. Maybe Yokkyu and his accompliace could bring back a few Adjuchas specimens for the Captain of Squad 12 to study? Maybe even a lesser Arrancar? Or possibly it could be some sort of new training routine for the three of them, if the Captain of Squad 12 wants to go with Yokkyu and his accompliace. But all of that didn't matter right now, as Yokkyu didn't even know if the Taicho of Squad 13 wanted in on Yokkyu's expedition, so as of right now, Yokkyu would have to journey to Squad 13's Barracks.

Yokkyu sighed as he walked out of his office, and the Shinigami in his division saluted him as he exited his office, and made his way through various different corridors and lesser hallways, passed through several doors. He passed the Shinigami Breakroom of Squad 11, and noticed the members of his Division playing some sort of card game. Ordinarily Yokkyu would be upset, but Yokkyu understood himself that there was nothing to be done in Seireitei at the time, much less for Squad 8, seeing as he already had a Shinigami Patrol Unit in each Rukon District, and a few here and there throughout Seireitei. Passing the breakroom without a second thought, Yokkyu made his way to the exit of his barracks, which were presented by a large flight of downward stairs, which led to a long pathway that if walked right, would take Yokkyu to Squad 13, and if walked left, it'd take Yokkyu from Squad 10 -> 1. Yokkyu stepped one step after the other, and seemingly glided down the steps until he reached the bottom, taking an immediate right, beginning to walk past Squad 11, and 12's Barracks.

Yokkyu walked with his left arm in his right sleeve, and his right arm in his left sleeve, with his zanpakutou barely poking through the opening in his haori. He had been walking for about half an hour, and as of yet, passed Barracks 10 and 11, and was getting a little bored of the expedition, and used a shunpo and appeared high on a concrete wall, and began to run along the edge of that, passing Squad 12's barracks in a matter of a minute. After Squad 12's Barracks were passed, Yokkyu finished the rest of the journey using shunpo, appearing at the entrance of Squad 13 within a mere 2 shunpos. He closed his eyes and walked up the stairs, completely ignoring the Shinigami that asked what his business with Squad 13 was, and made his way to the Captain's office, smirking as he passed each shinigami that questioned him. He arrived at the door and removed his right hand from his sleeve and knocked gently on the door, Captain? It is I, Captain of Squad 11, Yokkyu Fuman. I come asking you to accompany me on an expedition? Yokkyu said, finishing his sentence in the form of a question, awaiting the Captain to open his door and acknowledge his request at the very least.
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Maria Fate


Posts : 99
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Join date : 2010-08-24
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Work to be done [Postponed]   Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:27 pm

Hands pressed against the clear glass window, the figure that stood there, silent and peaceful watched the activities outside of her office, outside of the building she was kept inside of. She watched as the many other Shinigamis bustled into activity, either sparring or training. A small escaped the 13th Division Captain's lips, leaving a small fog onto the window, her breath slightly cold, matching her chosen element's temperature. As time ticked by ever so slowly to Maria Fate, the Kido Corps Captain before Kido Corps itself had been merged with Division 3, their secrecy now gone. How fun of a life it was, to do things in secret without having to report anywhere or even follow every command of the Captain Commander. Of course, time changes everything, either for the good or bad. With a simple shrug, the petite female simply plopped back into her chair, giving a slight push with her feet, spinning the chair around so that she was facing her desk. Glancing at the pile of papers she had noticed that someone had taken half of it. A small smile tugged at the corner of the female's rose colored lips, a simple laugh followed, a quiet one, then finishing off this action with a simple shake of her head. Her lieutenant was quite helpful to her, unlike the other ones in her past who had failed her miserably. Taking sheet by sheet, she began to fill out the paperwork necessary, only to send it to her Captain Commander afterwards.

Legs crossed, her pen danced across the page, writing neat cursive letters in black ink. After ten minutes of filling out paperwork, half of the leftover stack was done. With a nod of simple satisfaction, Maria stretched her arms upwards, hands clasping together, only to stretch a bit before standing up. As her arms dropped to her side, she began walking over towards her left hand side, to the bookshelves. After ten paces, Maria stopped at a little coffee table, picking up the tea pot, her movements gentle with the fine china before she walked over towards the golden curtain that hung freely. Reaching her right hand out, she pushed the curtain away, opening a door that led to a narrow dark hallway. Maria moved quickly, her footsteps silent as she went barefooted. After a minute or so, the female reached the other side, her own bedroom. Aquamarine eyes fluttering close, she tilted her head back slightly as she took an intake of the air within her room, a window open, allowing the sweet scent of the outside air to flow in freely into her room, keeping it cool. As she allowed herself to see once more, her eyes opening, she moved over towards a kettle of water that was heating while she worked. With quick movements with her fingers, she took the top lid off of the pot, slightly crushing the Jasmine leaves and flowers. Taking crushed Jasmine flowers and leaves, she sprinkled it into the china tea pot, pouring boiling water into it afterwards. Nodding once, satisfied, she placed the top of the tea pot back on gently before taking it out to her office.

With a soft sigh, the placed the tea pot back onto the coffee table before moving over to her desk once more, perching herself into the seat and finishing the rest of the paperwork in ten minutes. As time flew by rather quickly, Maria placed her pen down with a simple click, picking up the stack of papers and placing them off to one side of her desk. As she organized everything at her desk, smoothing her dress out slightly she soon heard a knock on the door, followed by a voice of a man, another Captain. With a couple blinks, she stood up from her seat, walking over towards the wooden door, reaching her right hand out while gasping the cold brass handle. With a simple turn, she pulled the door back as she peered from the door itself, her aquamarine gaze flicking over towards the Captain.

With a smile on her lips, she pulled the door back a bit further, her left hand coming down to her dress as she grasped the fabric, lifting it a bit as she curtsied. A little silly of her to do so, but nevertheless, she did it. As she did this action, the female spoke, her voice melodic, a perfect pitch,
"Hello Captain Fuman. What brings you to the 13th Division, if I may ask? And please, do come in." Awaiting for the Captain to step in, Maria would stay at the door, closing it behind the male afterwards.
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Work to be done [Postponed]
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