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 Lucian Sainoji

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Lucian Sainoji


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PostSubject: Lucian Sainoji   Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:31 pm

Name: Lucian Sainoji
Nicknames: Lonely Luc, Wolfie, Wolf Boy.
Age: 750
Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male
Division: 7th
Rank: If possible, Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'10
Weight: 185lbs

Body Frame: Medium frame, very athletic.
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Lucian's voice is normally calm and soothing, and speaks with a British accent.
Appearance: Lucian would be described as the "Lone Wolf" kind of guy, personality wise anyway. He somewhat excels at being alone.

He stands at 5'10, making him about average height somewhat. He actually sometimes relies on his height, to be somewhat intimidating, so he can be alone more often.

His hair is snow white, as well as spiky and wavy, giving him more of a reason to stand out. On special occasions though, he will straighten it out... so that he looks more like a proper gentleman.

His face is has relaxed and somewhat smooth, meant so he always keep his calm and cool in a situation. His eyes happen to be emerald green, which he somewhat admires about himself.

He usually wears the standard Shinigami Shihakusho, however, he doesn't like to fight in it... because he believes that a uniform shouldn't be ruined or get dirty in any situation. That being said, he has made his own battle uniform. It consists of a light blue sleeveless coat with yellow trimmings, with some navy straps on the shoulders, and a red ruby in the middle. Under the coat, he wears a black shirt, and matching pants, and brown boots. He won't wear the boots or the coat under the shihakusho though. He will only do so however... if the call for battle is given. He keeps his zanpakuto strapped around his waist, for quick an easy access to it.

Lucian isn't the muscular or buffed up man or teenager. He's very athletic, doing everything in his power to keep in top physical strength, and meditates regularly as well, to be in top mental strength as well.

Introvert/Extrovert: Lucian's more of the Introvert type.

Hobbies: Lucian's hobbies are somewhat variable. He loves to look at the moon... gazing at its beauty for hours. He enjoys cooking in his spare time, still doing his best to learn how to prepare full course meals. He also enjoys reading any good book, so long as its not a the size of a dictionary.

Likes and Dislikes: Like his hobbies, he has a varieties of likes and dislikes too.

Likes- Ice Cream, The Moon, Peace and Quiet, Girls that are cute and open, A nice cool and breezy day.

Dislikes- Heat, Stubborn and Annoying people, Pointless fights, Grade A Assholes, Spicy food.

Personality: First off, Lucian is the Lone Wolf of any group. He will always be socially awkward around anyone... Preferring to be alone most of the time. He does believe in friendship and such, but he just thinks... that being alone, will keep people from being hurt.

He's very relaxed, very calm in any situation. He's learned to keep his cool... quite literally. He rarely ever gets angry, even when someone does something to him. Only when in dire times, will one see Lucian flaring up in rage. And its best to stay away, when he bears his fangs at someone.

He likes to do a nice organized job, when it comes to paper work. Neat and clean is part of his being, thus he will always finish his paper work, either early, or on time, never late. He will double check, even triple check it, to see if its all in order. He's a true beast in penmanship... so much so, he sometimes loses his train of thought. It's best not to bother him... when he works.

Towards talking or being around people, he is socially awkward, but he isn't cold to anyone. He will greet them, and perhaps make small talk, but that's about it. Only once someone gets to know Lucian, will he start to get closer to them, and lose that social awkwardness he has.

He is actually looking for a girl to love... Love, not a one night stand or "fun" things. He is reserved and searches effortlessly for a girl to protect and love. Though that being said, he isn't above, going on dates with someone, and getting to know her. In fact, he's more open to situations like this, than being in a room full of people talking.

He doesn't care about personal space. He won't mind a hug, sometimes the guy could use it. Although... anyone who tries to touch his nose, in a funny matter, will rue the day they did. He does NOT like anyone touching the nose. NO EXCEPTIONS..... Unless its a girl.

Although not having friends, Lucian is willing to die to protect his squad or any members of the Gotei 13. He doesn't care who they are, or what they are like... he will fight and give his life, in order to keep them alive. This is somewhat of a hazard, as it makes Lucian stubborn to quit a fight. You could say, its like a wolf watching out for his pack.

In a fight... That calm attitude of Lucian's.... turns cold and calculative. He doesn't like to make the first move... he plots his ways on how to take down not only his opponent, but how to make sure they will learn their place, when trying to even attempt to fight him head on. Thinking like this is always gives him the edge in a fight.

Defining Characteristics: Lucian's defining characteristic, is perhaps his major weakness. His nose, is very sensitive to touch in anyway. In fact, some people would say its his "fun" button... whenever a girl strokes it gently with a finger.

Specialties: Lucian's specialty would have to be, being able to read body language. He can sometimes tell, how someone's feeling... if they are very upset, or feeling lonely.

Fighting type: Lucian would be described, as a Samurai. He excels in fighting with his zanpakuto. He's actually learned how to fight using standard Kendo... but excels... in Battojutsu as well.

History/Background: Lucian doesn't enjoy talking about his past... Not in the least. Ever since arriving in the Soul Society. Lucian has always felt, that he brings trouble no matter where he goes. Which was sorta true...

No matter where he went... Trouble followed him. Even as a boy, he was beaten... hard. He fought back with anything he could... even to the death. He used his finger nails and teeth a lot. He stole and did anything to survive... always looking up at the moon for hope, the people around the Rukongai nicknamed him "Wolf Boy".

Something about the moon, always made him smile... He felt comfort from it, as if it was a long lost friend, and they had become reunited. It's the reason he could withstand those harsh cold and restless nights on the streets. He swore he could sometimes hear a voice, calling to him, guiding him towards the right path. He knew he had done some bad things, but his heart was pure, and so was his soul.

Tried as he could... He could never make a friend. Or rather... a friend could never accept him. All the things he did, stealing food, running, and getting into fights, no one could stand to be near him, because all he brought was trouble. This made Lucian to develop social awkwardness... and making him always want to be alone.

Struggling all his life, Lucian decided, to stop living in the streets, and do something worth living for. He left Rukongai... and went to the Shinōreijutsuin and worked his butt off... striving toward the ranks amongst Shinigami.

He had a horrible skill in any type of kido. He lacked the ability to perform even the simple of spells... having them back fire, or worse, go out of control. He did however made it up, in controlling his Reiatsu, and Zanjutsu. So much so, that he's actually trying to come up with more and more ways to make up for what lacks in combat; long range.

Unlike many others, who practiced Kendo for Zanjutsu, Lucian trained in the art of Battojutsu; the art of the draw. He trained his body, so that he could draw his sword in any instant. This was his solution for long range combat. If he could draw and strike his opponent down, before they could do anything, he could basically wouldn't have a need to fight from long range.

Unfortunately, his battojutsu experiments left him either beaten up, or worse, near death. It proved to be not very effective against any type of regular Hollows, in fact.... it gave them the advantage. They would always feint an attack, which would delay Lucian's reaction times, and cause him the fight, usually. Though, against Shinigami like himself, this proved to be effective. He could draw his blade out, and have it ready to strike, before they could draw their own blade... However, he still needs more and more practice with this style, as he has barely even begun to grasp the potential of this style.

He worked and worked his butt off... slaying Hollows, doing his duties, and striving to achieve the higher ranks. He always wanted to become a Lieutenant, and even master Bankai to become a captain. He wanted to do something with his life... He wanted to have meaning.... Have something worth protecting as well. After all, he still feels the empty hole in his heart, as if something is missing.

Role-play Sample:

How long had it been... Today was the anniversary. Today was the day, I left Rukongai.... And went to go find myself... find a purpose, which I have been searching for all my life. And yet, still, I have not found a purpose, or rather, meaning. I have yet to prove myself, that I am a worthy Shinigami, and that I am a worthy Lieutenant.

Having to grow up on the alleys of Rukongai, wasn't pleasant or even fun for that matter, as other kids would have it. Trouble always just seemed to follow me. No matter what I did, even a kid like me, seemed to be unable to escape hostile situations. I would run as fast as I could, but even then, that wasn't enough i'm afraid. I recall one particular beating... that was quite painful.

"Hey brat! Don't you even think of going anywhere now! You're cornered!" Three men had finally caught up to a young boy. He was wearing a navy kimono, though, it was somewhat messy, as well as dirty. The boy's hair was white but all messy, and covered in sweat. His emerald eyes were cold and uncaring, his face had bruises and cuts, but it didn't seem to bother him. He had his teeth out, as if he was baring his fangs like a wolf. His fingernails were long... he had sharpen them a bit, and one could see some blood on his fingers and nails. He had some chipped as well, meaning he fought with them and his fists. He didn't look afraid, not one bit. In fact, he was ready to fight to the death. He growled at the men.... showing how wild of an animal he could be.

"Look at this kid! He thinks he's some kind of animal. Whatever. Get him! Teach him a lesson for trying to steal from us!" The men quickly went after the child, ready to beat him to the point where he wouldn't be able to move from this spot. The child leaped at them.... flashing his so called "claws" at them and biting them hard with his "fangs". They would scream as the child fought back... but would also get in their share of blows as well. Hitting him across the face, and kicking him, but the child just wouldn't back down, not one bit. Unfortunately, this was not a fight he would come out on top.

He would struggle not only to get up, but walk out of the alley. Night had already fallen, and the child was bleeding and very beaten, and yet, he kept on moving. He made his way to what look like an abandoned alley way, only to push against what appeared to be a lose board against the wall, and entered an abandoned room.... His home. It wasn't much really. He had food, a window that showed the moon at night, and some bandages; which he had stolen. He wrapped his left eye; which had a scar above his brow, most of his chest, his left hand, and arm with them... to ease his pain. He winched and let tears flow out of his eyes... unable to hold back the pain.

One thing that came out of this though... The moon was full tonight. He couldn't take his eye off it. It brought him comfort, and eased his pain. It made him feel like, he had a friend. And it was on this day, he made a wish, one that he wanted to make true, no matter what. He would make sure, that he would become, a Shinigami, so that he could find not only meaning in this world... but a purpose.

So many years have passed, and yet, I still haven't found my purpose, nor a meaning... But I haven't given up. I know I will find it, because I've worked, I've pushed myself to my limits, and beyond. I keep striving and striving, being as persistent as I can be, to show everyone, that I don't quit. That I have something to prove.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Sainoji   Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:08 pm

If you wish to be of lieutenant rank, you must edit in a role-play sample - a current one - so that I can have an idea of your abilities in action.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Sainoji   Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:14 pm

You have potential, but if you wish to be of my division, I'd like to see you improve a little more.

You're approved as my 3rd seat.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucian Sainoji   

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Lucian Sainoji
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