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 Vice-Captain's Quarters

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PostSubject: Vice-Captain's Quarters   Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:10 pm

* The 13th Division Vice-Captain's Quarters is a separate building that is located near the Division Captain's Office Building. The building has 2 floors and a basement.

The First Floor:
- The Entrance, which is, of course, the entrance to the whole building. It has 1 exit - to the Main Hall.
- The Main Hall, where most of the guests are greeted and received. This room also serves as the dining room It is a big room, with a big wooden table in the center and a few soft pillows, where people can sit. The room has 3 exits - to the Entrance, to the 2nd Floor and to the Kitchen.
- The Kitchen, where food is prepared. A normal sized room that has all needed to make a vast menu of food. Nothing much to see here, except that it has 2 exits - to the Main Hall and to the Basement.
The 1st floor has sliding doors.

The Second Floor:
- The Central Hall, which comes right after the stairway to the 1st floor ends. The hall has almost no furniture, if you don't count the stairs and a few vases with plants. The room has 3 exits - to the Vice-Captain's Office, to the Bedroom and to Library.
- The Office, where the Vice-Captain does all his paperwork, makes arrangements, etc. A small sized room, with 2 windows, a table and a few bookshelves.
- The Bedroom, which serves as a resting place to the Vice-Captain. The furniture consists of a bed, a private desk and a few personal trinkets.
- The Library, which was constructed by Zenrei Kin specifically. This is where most of the books, lore and Kido practice is stored. The Library has no windows and all the walls are covered by bookshelves.
The 2nd floor has normal wooden doors.

The Basement:
- The Central Room, a small room that has 2 exits - to the Training Halls and to the Personal Laboratory.
- The Training Halls, where all your training necessities can be found. The TH are suited for any kind of practice - Zanjutsu, Hoho, Hakuda, Kido. There are a lot of different weapons, a non-lethal trap course, a gigai training dummy and a ritual room.
- The Personal Lab, which was constructed by Zenrei Kin to practice the arts of Science - this place serves for his own personal research and study. The Lab has 2 exits - to the Central Room and a Secret Passageway. The Secret Passageway is concealed by a special seal, which can be removed by a special incantation, that Zenrei Kin made himself.

The Vice-Captain's Quarters is a building made out of Sekkiseki - a special stone which prevents the ability to gather Reishi underneath one's feet to walk in the air within Seireitei.
The interior is very neat and tidy. Almost flawless.*
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PostSubject: Re: Vice-Captain's Quarters   Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:50 am

Zenrei Kin - the Vice-Captain of the 13th Division sighed. Right now he was sitting at his table, in the Office on the 2nd Floor. Today he had a lot of paperwork to do, and truth be told he was starting to get sick of it. Why did all these senseless duties and useless papers were needed in the first place? Of course there were a few important reports to make, but other than that most of these papers were not that important. Well, somebody had to do it. A secretary for example... but no - Kin would never get a secretary - he would not trust other people with such task, unless he knew they were absolutely loyal and ready to do their work, and a secretary was a good way to spy on a Division anyway. But it wasn't that suspicious if the Vice-Captain would like to preform these duties himself.
Kin leaned onto the chair's back, relaxing his back, which needed some rest. He was halfway done with this hellish work, that took a lot of time he could spend on research or Kido practise. But he, as always, took half the papers from Maria-taichou, in an attempt to ease her burden in this task, while hindering himself. Sometimes Zenrei wondered if it was normal - to do such things, but he always put that thought away for later, in the end. Right now he had to concentrate on the task at hand.... and he would do so after a short break.

Kin stood up and walked towards the nearest window, the one right behind the chair. It was a normal day, like any other, and different people in the 13th Division outfits were walking outside the building. Zenrei Kin smiled with a gentle smile and looked up at the sky, after all - he could be seen from the window, there was a small chance that people would look at this window, but still there was.
Perhaps it was time to return to the paperwork...
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PostSubject: Re: Vice-Captain's Quarters   Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:26 am

Finally the paperwork was finished, and now Kin could relax. It was a very tough piece of work and if it were not for Zenrei's determination, that perhaps could be the envy of many, he wouldn't make it. He was very patient and was ready to endure hellish torture, he would bear a great deal - commit any sin or crime to raise the 13th Division's authority and influence, thus furthering his own agenda as well.

The Vice-Captain smiled, while looking at the three neatly organized stacks of papers, and his smile would be his normal gentle smile, but if one would look at it longer - they would get the impression that the smile would get creepier and more sinister by the second.
Kin was actually looking at his shadow, which covered the table and fell onto the floor of the room. It was smiling as well - and it was the same smile that it's master had. Alas no one else would be able to see it, for Kin actually felt it, and didn't see it.
Zenrei Kin whispered:

"Oh my, might I inquire as to why is there such a delighted smile on your face... Kagehane? Did some event suddenly elevate your mood?" - Kin could actually use telepathy to speak with his Zanpakuto, but he longed for a simple conversation right now, and he was sure no one would hear him, seeing as he was alone on the building and due to his habit of throughly cleaning the house every day - he was sure that he would not be heard by any other means.
The shadow lifted it's hand and fixed it's hair, while it spoke:

"Is it so unbelievable that I should be happy when you are, as well? I assure you that my reason for this mood is the same as is yours, Kin." - the shadow showed Kin a mischievous smile this time.

"Ara.... your smile seems to contradict your words, my good friend, as if saying that you mean the opposite... or even hide the truth. Should I investigate this matter with more persistence?" - despite Kin's own words he smiled in a mischievous way as well. He enjoyed this little game of words.

"I would not be able to hide anything from you, my Master, and I also have no reason to do so - harming you is harming me, in simple words. And your goals and means are mine as well. We are one to be exact, but you know of this already..." - the shadow pouted. - "... and still you question me and try to interrogate a loyal, kind-hearted Zanpakuto."
Zenrei couldn't hold it in and laughed a little out loud. Even the shadow seemed to laugh at it's own words. Kin made a gentle, apologetic expression.

"Such words break my heart, oh my dear Kagehane, and I wish to apologize for my improper behaviour, which I displayed earlier."

The shadow simply smiled and shook it's head. It accepted it's little defeat in this game, for it's goal was to make Kin defend his position - not apologize.
The Vice-Captain looked into the window again. His gaze pierced the blue skies.
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PostSubject: Re: Vice-Captain's Quarters   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:42 pm

After some time passed, it would seem that the sky was almost completely covered in grey and dark grey clouds. Perhaps it would rain, perhaps not. Whatever happened - Kin didn't care much about it. It would seem that he had no reason to step outside today, and even if he did - he loved the rain. It cleaned up all the trash and dirt from the face of the world. Kin smiled to himself, thinking that there were more aspects of rain in this world than people thought. The rain that washes away the filth... hollows, humans, shinigami... and all their sins are washed away - by a rain of their own blood.
Well it was no use to sit in his Office all day, so Zenrei decided that he could have a little energy refill - a dinner. The Vice-Captain stood up and left the room, locking the door behind him. Then he descended to the first floor, by the stairway and took a course for the kitchen. Kin was also a cook, and al these years of living in alone in his house taught him to cook quite well.

Today's cuisine had all the familiar ingredients in it and Zenrei was going to cook his favourite today - a "Sunday Roast" consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables and some pudding. It was a perfect meal, considering the fact that Kin disliked the Japanese cuisine and preferred to eat it as rare as possible, ordering those "hard to get" ingredients for different meals at different places in Soul Society, or even the Human World.

After the meal was prepared, Kin returned to the Main Hall, where he started to eat the freshly prepared meal, savouring every moment of it. It was one of the best cooking he ever tasted - it was his cooking after all, and there existed none that was better.
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PostSubject: Re: Vice-Captain's Quarters   Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:03 pm

"Yet another boring day has just gone by. Honestly - this peaceful situation makes me experience violent outbursts of negative emotions." - Kagehane put his arms over his head and looked at Kin. Perhaps the Zanpakuto was waiting for an answer to his remark... Kin wouldn't disappoint such a sophisticated... person, such as Kagehane.

"Hmm. I do see your point, friend. And I have to say - I utterly agree with you. This peaceful environment brings a halt to progress, and lets such a sin as sloth rise to new, impossible heights. Unless this state is broken - this will become a cycle of things for years to come." - Zenrei took the cup of hot tea and slowly made a few sips, not to burn his tongue and smirked in an intimidating way. - "Just as planned... the tea's temperature is perfect."

Kin's shadow leaned over and took a peak into the cup's shadow, as if it wanted to verify something, and made an another sip, while Kin did not.

"I say - it IS perfect. I suppose your ingeniously-magnificent plan is perfect success! I would give you a reward... but I'm afraid it's only a shadow of it's former self." - Kagehane chuckled and took an another sip. Zenrei sipped a little tea himself.

When the meal was finished and the dishes were washed, Kin decided to go outside and have some fresh air. He put on his armband and spent 20 minutes in front of the mirror - he was ready to go outside.
As he stepped away from the door to his office building he was immediately greeted by the Shinigami passing by. Kin smiled and nodded to each of their greetings - it would be highly impolite to do otherwise. Then Zenrei concentrated and scanned the 13th Division for any visitors - he was looking for a spiritual pressure of at least a Lieutenant or higher and it would seem that the Division did have visitors and Maria-taichou was in her office, perhaps speaking with this someone. If he would be needed - she would call on him... he certainly had no wish to intrude on a private conversation.... personally.
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PostSubject: Re: Vice-Captain's Quarters   

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Vice-Captain's Quarters
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