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 Zerendipity XI

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Rush sykes
Cuarta Espada

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PostSubject: Zerendipity XI   Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:19 pm

Arrancar Template

Name: Zerro Zrenirro
Nickname(s): Blue Horror
Age: 639
Visual Age: 7

Gender: Male
Rank: Vasto lorde
Sexual Orientation: Bi curious
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 66 lbs

Body Frame: small
Blood Type: A-
Sound of Voice: It is high pitched and a bit scratchy. Yet it sounds like that of a Toddlers

He has Pale white skin which have several scars which took place on his torso after the fight he had with several numeros as a adjucha (animal form), These scars cover the front of his torso which suggest that he's had a lot if battles and while he may seem slim/slender under his arrancar clothing he actually looks like a buff midget without the weird adult lookin' face. His eye color is cyan, on his foreheard he has his mask remains which resembles a crown that has two spikes sticking out of the corners. His facial features are small and rounded (Chin, nose, etc.) and his eyes are pretty big for his face his mouth however seems small and the expression on his face always seems cold unless circumstances demand a much more intimidating sidistic look, which is a facial expression he loves to use to throw his opponents off his game He is slender and short, Stubby fingers and limbs and nothing noteworthy besides that. His default outfit of course is the default Arrancar robes though The sleeves are a bit baggy and hides half of his hands when he lets his arm drag and diagonally across his chest is rope that helps secure the Katana around strapped to his back. His hole is located on his abdomen and the Number three can be seen just above his hollow hole, both are hidden by his robe.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert.
Hobbies: Playing catch and drawing in the sand.
Likes and Dislikes:
Playing games
The sands of Hueco mundo

Being treated like a kid


Zerro's Aspect of death is Gluttony, so it is generally easy to understand why he is someone who loves to eat, Zerro believes somewhere in his body that there is a hole that consumes everything that he consumes. Normally he doesn't seem like the type to lose his cool but during periods when he is hungry which is actually rather often; he becomes impatient and unwilling to compromise, he becomes stubborn and his will to consume Konpaku takes over him. This is rather inconveniant because he doesn't feel in control when he is hungry, his need for souls and konpaku is apart of him that remains needing and hard to satisfy. One of the reasons he has such a care free attitude is because no matter what happens in any event, he only wants to consume and eat, he periodically builds fraccions just to eat them which is the only reason why he became an Espada.

Zerro loves playing games just as much as kids, But because he is obsessed with seeing the reaction of everyone who experiences pain he alters any type of traditional game or even goes out his way to make new games just so Pain would be involved. When he plays around He doesn't try to use 100% of his lethality, he merely does his best to inflict pain on anyone playing his game. The fact that he is well spoken and well mannered when in control of his hunger makes him seem like a kid who is too soft to be among the Espada especially given that he doesn't Kill unless the need for food consumes his conciousness but the fact is that it is because he doesn't want to. He isn't loyal to the Espada, he is good at acting the part but if it were up to him the entire Arrancar race could burn in his eyes, he believes that their meaningless lives should end and the dreaded Hollow race with them and him having a love for games and putting that over his priorities as a Espada would be more than enough proof of how much of his hate for Arrancars is real. He wouldn't be so bold as to act on his feelings though but when he becomes King of the Hollows he will cease all movements inside of Hueco mundo and keep them in this barren wasteland until they all turn to dust.

After becoming Vasto Lorde. Zerro is no longer interested in dominating anyone who gets in his way. It has become quite boring and he feels this way because he is no longer satisfied in killing a human being in one swing. He loves playing games with his opponents, tormenting them and torturing them for as long as he can is how he wants to treat his enemy, he doesn't neccesarily care about killign them or not but he never intends on ending a game with his Opponent even if ordered to by his superiors which means either him or his opponent will eventually die. He also likes testing his capacity for every 1K souls he consumes. His obsession with pain comes from his own pain which will never cease, it may become weak and blockable but it never ceases. The hunger he feels is painful and he hates being the only one with such a curse regardless if it is the driving force to push him forward for more strength and for more power. He merely doesn't want to be the only one feeling this pain, it is sad for him and it is a lonliness that makes him feel terrified of his Aspect of death, it is something that makes him loathe his creation, his purpose and it is something that can even turn him into something he never dreamnt of being.

No matter how old he is, It would be safe to think to yourself that Zerro is a child just by looking at his appearance because that is generally how he acts. He hates losing and Treats everyone as if they are apart of his game. His concept of reality is that no one understands his pain and that the only way to make them understand is by dragging them down with him. He is quite wise though when he wants to be, but otherwise; he keeps to himself when he isn't being bothered and when he isn't starving and another one of his concepts of reality is that He is never defeated, only cheated. If he doesn't win at somethign there is always an excuse usually involving who he is fighting or playing with.

He does keep to himself often, but he is a very outgoing person and he naturally loves listening to people talk. In HM when he isn't hungry, he listens to stories from his fraccions or even other Espadas and he is well mannered and soft spoken. Even though he despises his race, Zerro hasn't ever really hated anyone in his entire life. It is easy to get him angry; all you have to do is make fun of him because remember; he acts like a kid, but nothing can make him hate someone. To him everyone was programmed to act a certain way from birth, it is not their fault if they're rude to him because their parents taught them no matters or all of their friends are douches, but this doesn't mean he is a nice leniant guy, he still has little tolerance for disrespect. The will power of a Being is something that makes Zerro angry, he doesn't understand why people do things if they are already sure that they will fail or if things seem obvious to them that they will fail. The only thing he feels willpower is useful for is keeping someone alive long enough to help them endure the pain he will put them through during one of his many games.

Defining Characteristics:
N/A, nothing specifically about Zerro defines him.
Specialties: He is great with Computers. . .?
Fighting type: Ranged fighter

He grew up in Karakura, Born and raise their too. His mother and father were rouge shinigami who Walked the human world in Gigai's. They lived as Aristocrats, Very rich and popular in their neighborhood. Zerros' Mom sniffed Crack Cocaine when she was pregnaut with Zerro, whose name at the time was Danny. So when Zerro was an infant he saw bright colors in various shaps everytime he closed his eyes. Which is why he slept often as a infant. When he grew up to the age of 5 he started speaking in foreign tounges. His parents were amzed that he seemed to speak so well but they weren't too excited to find out that what he was speaking wasn't english. He painted pretty pictures of black circles when he was 7, this concerned his parents and so they took him to a shrink every week to find out what was wrong with him. Upon turning 9 he was allowed to enroll in school since alot of people were skeptical about letting a kid who may be dangerous into the same school with their kids. Fortunately the Doctor assured the principle that he was just a bit odd but otherwise harmless. That was true for a while too, he seemed normal and spoke english and Japanese Fluently but He never opened up to anyone. He seemed like the type of kid who wasn't interested in making friends.

When he turned 11 He ran away from home. He became part of a cult that worshiped 3 devils but came back home 3 years later with a sturdy sense of how the world worked. His parents seeked more counceling and he was treated in a mental ward at such a young age; only because he remained set that He was a God bound in human form which was all untrue. He spent 10 years in the ward (he was then 24) until finally he gave in to the voices in his head he started hearing since he was admitted; He killed everyone in the mental hospital and then killed himself. It was a very tragic and gorey end to his lfie but as a whole he was bound to the mental hospital. For some reason he was chained to the damn thing. It was amazing to him how after killing himself he was still alive but what surprised him was how he was chained to a Hospital with a small hole in his chest. It only took 4 years before he finally became a full Hollow and when he did he roamed around Karakura eating all Konpaku and Humans and spirits. He was exceptionally powerful for a Hollow and even ate his own parents when they tried to stop him in their shinigami Forms. After 17 years of terrorization and avoiding capture he was swallowed up by a Menos Grande, but because he was the superior mind of a Hollow body containing the minds of 392 Other Hollows, he was able to use his will to take control of the Menos Grande that swallowed him up. But his terrorization didn't stop after going to the forest of Menos, he continued eating Other Menos. He was eating continuously and consumed everything he saw in sight until he evolved into a Gillian. As a Gillian he was smarter and far mroe powerful but he still wasn't satisfied with it, At the time he thought the hunger in the bottom of his heart was just his will telling him to push forward and eat everything he can to get stronger. He suddenly realized after eating his 4,000th Gillian that it wasn't his will, he was actually continously striving to eat his own kind.

A few years later he became adjuchas, eating everything he could and not stopping only out of fear of dying from hunger. He roamed the white sand dessert for years until he finally came face to face with another Adjuchas, but this adjuchas was a numero and apart of the Arrancar race officially. Zerro and this Arrancar fought but they were neck and neck. It was finally decided that after two long years of battle that they should call a truce. The adjuchas felt that his Reiryoku was incredible for an adjuchas and suggested that he join the Arrancar and become a Vasto lorde, he felt that Zerro had the potential. Zerro only wanted to be an Espada because he figured out that he would make Fraccion that would of course be his meal ticket. When he joined the ranks of Arrancar he started off with the number 9. He was the 9th Espada for 210 years yet he didn't see any progress in his growth. . . Until the day he came face to face with a shinigami who somehow figured out how to get into Hueco mundo. After defeating the shinigami, Zerro ate his Konpaku instead of killing him and then realized that his power was slowly growing after that. He noticed that in order to grow stronger he needs to expand on his diet options, so he decided that he would go to the human world periodically without permission to eat Shinigami and Humans.

Role-play Sample:
Zerro was woken up by the uproar of the Shinigami who invaded Los Noches. He lied face up in his bed with his heands behind his head and his Katana stabbed into the ceiling just above the bed. The sheath was on the floor beside the bed. Zerro didn't care about being deprived of sleep, but he was woken up conveniently and unfortunately for whoever woke him up, during one fo his hunger phases. Naturally he would have made haste in sonidoing to the scene but he had a feeling that whoever it was, their opponent was a bit stronger than they anticipated and they were a little injured in their fight which would mean that if they had even 1 percent of their reiryoku depleted then they wouldn't stand a chance against Zerro. He sat up and yawned and then lifted himself up to stand on his bed. He jumped up to grab his Zanpakutou and remove it from its place in the ceilingg and starting to feel impatient with his own movements he used Sonido to travel back to the ground just in front of his Katanas sheath. He grabbed it and a third of a second later he used Shunpo again to travel throughout the corridors of The Tower he and his fraccions resided in until he was finally at the Bottom of the tower, standing on the white sands of Hueco mundo just outside of the tower. Zerro opened his Pequisa to its peak trying to find strong spirit pressure. He found several, but he was in a hurry to eat someone and the one closest to his location was a shinigami, one who had a powerful reiryoku. Zerro didn't want to go through the trouble of going through a long fight and releasing his power would increase his hunger and thus make it harder for him to concentrate on his prey. Instead of thinking about hte matter longer Zerro instinctively used sonido to travel around the tower and appear behind the shinigami who stood with his Zanpakutou sheathed standing on the white sands as well. Zerro was careless, he didn't even try to conceal his reiryoku and thus the Shinigami turned to face Zerro as soon as the shinigami was within Zerros sight. They faced each other, the gap between them was 14 feet, Zerro had his katana on his back kept in position in its sheath by a long piece of string. Zerro examined the features of the shinigami; 4 feet taller than him (who wasn't) burly, serious looking like all shinigami, and even wore a Haori like most of the special Shinigami Zerro encounters occasionally on earth. "You stumbled on the wrong sands kid. I would warn you to go back but it's too late. I'm in need of a suitable meal and being that you are one of those powerful shinigami I guess it is only fair that I eat your Konpaku. My Name is Zerro Zrenirro, I am Arrancar number 72." Zerro lied, hoping that the Captain would underestimate him so that he could quickly finish this with a sucker punch.

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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Re: Zerendipity XI   Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:14 pm

This application is nowhere near the level required for A vasto lorde class arrancar. If you really do want that rank, I'd advise you write one that's around a hundred times better.

Douse this with holy water in the mean time, or lower the rank.
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Rush sykes
Cuarta Espada

Posts : 70
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PostSubject: Re: Zerendipity XI   Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:22 pm

Of course, shoulda knew haste wouldn't get me anywhere. You'll have something 200 times better tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Zerendipity XI   Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:53 am

Good. I look forward to it.
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Rush sykes
Cuarta Espada

Posts : 70
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Join date : 2010-09-27
Age : 107
Location : High in the sky

PostSubject: Re: Zerendipity XI   Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:19 am

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Zerendipity XI   Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:14 pm

1. I don't like it.

2. I am only approving ya as an Arrancar and not a Vasto. Your Rank your leader gives you will depend on that.

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PostSubject: Re: Zerendipity XI   

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Zerendipity XI
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