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 Zenrei Kin

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PostSubject: Zenrei Kin   Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:06 am


Name: Zenrei Kin (Last name, first name)
Nickname(s): Zenrei-kun, Zenrei-san, etc.
Age: 90
Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male
Division: 13th Division
Rank: Vice-Captain
Sexual Orientation: Unknown.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 74 kg.

Body Frame: Medium frame, slim.
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Kin's voice is somewhat low, making his voice sound mature and full of patience and dignity. Kin always speaks in a polite and soft way, never screaming or making his tone hint at some negative emotions, he always addresses people by their given names, showing respect to anyone - even those who seem to be, or are, of lesser power, age or status.
Kin is a beautiful person - his facial features are very soft and fair. He has brown, swept up, shoulder length hair, which has a few strands hanging in his face on the forehead. His eye color is brown, underlining his elegance and giving him a dominant, sure and at the same time a kind look. His overall facial features are very symmetric, making him somewhat of a lady-killer. However due to his habit of rarely looking someone in the eyes, he rarely uses his looks.
Kin usually wears his Shinigami attire, with all marks and badges intact. He likes to have a neat appearance and always notices if something is wrong with the way his clothes are. Kin wears a standard Shihakusho - a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi, and waraji. On his arm he carries his division insignia. Sometimes though he prefers to wear a human clothes, picking a golden jacket, blue shirt and black jeans, with black laced shoes.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert without a question.
Hobbies: Science, Kido, Cleaning.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- experiments, history, being alone, listening to music, manipulating people, success, being respected and admired, being feared, cleaning, power, Maria-taichou.

Dislikes- being deceived, being manipulated, rude people, shouting, dirt, humor, failure, being looked down upon, Rukongai.

Personality: Zenrei Kin has two sides of his personality.
On one side - he is a well-mannered, intelligent, somewhat kind and elegant man. He never speaks ill of anyone, unless it is impossible not to do so. He is a man of knowledge, studying different arts and sciences. He is a very neat person - when he sees dirt, he has to clean it. When he sees that his clothes are not straight or they need ironing - he immediately does so. Of course he has enough reason not to pounce on a stain, on the table, while attending a meting or clean some dirt on the street, but he will never leave dirt or disorder in his own house or division. Although he's a beautiful man - he rarely uses this to his ends, never showing any interest in the opposite sex, or the same one at that. He is very interested in accomplishing the goals and ends of his Division, making him a useful asset in any kind of work - especially if it concerns new inventions or information. Seeing as Kin is no blabbermouth - he will never share any important information with those who do not need to know. He also seems to respect and help his Captain - Maria Fate, very much. He tries to always be of use to her and may go too far because of it sometimes, trying to ease her her work and taking a lot of things on himself.
However there is an another side to Kin, which no one knows about. He seems to keep most of his traits, but he is actually a very manipulative person, he knows no such emotions as trust or care, he seems to refuse the very idea of morals and ethics - seeing them as a restriction of his potential and an obstacle to his goals, which remain unknown to anyone but him. He is however a very cautious man, and is willing to stop if he sees that he has to sacrifice too much to further his own agenda. He will never go to a risk, if he isn't completely sure that the outcome will be in his favor. He will also disregard lives of others, those unimportant, for the sake of his ambition or research. This side of his has never surfaced even once yet, but in his own mind.

Defining Characteristics: Kin's humbleness, politeness and his facial features.
Specialties: Advanced Memory - Kin has very advanced memory and almost everything he ever saw, heard, smelled, read, touched, etc. is imprinted into his mind forever. He developed this ability further, making a special system in his mind that allows him to store the information, partially sealing it, until the moment it is needed - then it resurfaces on itself. It was done so that he wouldn't go crazy from all the information he receives.
Fighting type: Kido Master
Zenrei Kin was born a human, in a poor family that already had 3 children. Life was hard and unforgiving for poor people at that time, and Kin's parents had no choice but to abandon their own child. They placed the baby in an orphanage, without giving any contact information for the future. Kin's childhood passed in the orphanage, and although his teachers and other children tried to act as his family his mind rejected them. He came to understand that he was abandoned at a very young age, which was very strange. His "school" grades were the best in all the orphanage, and his miraculous memory was the talk of the whole institute. However no matter how much praise the young Kin received - he was never satisfied by it, seeking even more greatness. He never allowed people to get close to him and distanced himself for everyone, he treated others with indifference, he could care less about the other humans around him.
After Kin turned 13 he left the orphanage, never finding a family for himself. It wasn't that none was found - many wanted to have a talented child like him, and at last a prestigious family with no children was found, but they never became his family - he would simply be a part of the group, never opening his heart to those people. He was brought up to be a noble - a gentleman of the high society. It was there, where he would gain success.
Little by little, as time passed Kin by, and as he sought greater heights in science, he began to become more human. Finally he started to respond to some of the feelings that the surrounding people showed him. When he turned 20 years old, he made a decision that would affect his whole life - he agreed to take part in a groundbreaking research. The experiments ended in his death however, and the change in his life was much more than he would expect...

Zenrei Kin - a soul, was born in Rukongai. The first things he would see was dirty ground, poor people and filth surrounding him. It was revolting and horrendous, the beginning of his new life was in Rukoingai's North District 75. Kin had no memories and no name - so he made up his own. He would name himself a "Whole Golden Soul" - Zenrei Kin, for he was the only thing pure and noble among the dirty and lowly surroundings, that was what Kin himself thought.
After about 28 years, which Kin spent on relearning his abilities, he managed to enter the Shinigami Academy, which he finished in merely 2 years. He turned out to be a prodigy, as they called him, although Kin never thought so, humbly denying the praise. In truth he felt great - he basked in the respect and awe of his teachers and fellow students, he understood that he was better, stronger, smarter. He was filled with pride and sense of superiority, while kindly telling others that he didn't view himself a prodigy.
Kin was adept in most basic ways of a Shinigami - Hoho, Zanjutsu, Hakuda - but his best skills were in Kido "the Spirit Way". Later he mostly concentrated on Kido, leaving his "hand to hand" and "sword skills" at a mode mediocre level, as well as his speed. During his time as a Shinigami Kin developed some special Kido abilities such as Eishohaki(ability to cast Kido without and incantation) and Eisho(the double incantation). His studies of Kido however are far from completed and there is still much to learn.
After leaving the Shinigami Academy, Kin was assigned to the 13th Division, which merged with the Kido Corps, where at first he took a seated position. Afterwards, due to his efforts he was promoted - he was handpicked by the Division Captain - Maria Fate to be her Lieutenant. Kin was expecting nothing else, but he was still surprised at this event, after which he decided to show his gratitude to the Captain. He would help Maria-taichou in any way he could, always keeping close when he could, managing all irrelevant business and paperwork, mission assignments, etc. Later Kin noticed that he had a very strange connection to his Captain, it was almost spiritual or subconscious - it was as if he felt that they had very much in common, but he never asked Maria-taichou if she felt similar - he did not wish to burned her in any way.
While in combat or on missions Zenrei Kin never used his Zanpakuto Shikai ability if not alone, always using his Kido instead, and it's still a mystery to others as to what it could be. However it is certain that Kin has one. Kin himself always used the reasoning that his Shikai is too flashy and it's embarassing to show it to others, if he's asked about it.

Role-play Sample: If it's needed, refer to Scion or Nealeh. I see no need to post a 3rd RP sample.
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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Zenrei Kin   Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:21 am

1. I don't like it.

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Zenrei Kin
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