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 In Soviet Russia, Car Drives You

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PostSubject: In Soviet Russia, Car Drives You   Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:29 pm


Name: Ivan Petrov
Nickname(s): The Professor
Age: 427
Visual Age: 27

Gender: Male
Rank: Legendary
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 187 lb

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: AB+
Sound of Voice: heavy Russian accent
Appearance: A youthful man with red eyes and medium length red-brown hair throw around randomly into a complex yet seemingly random fashion that suggests that he does not care particularly about how he looks. A black dress shirt worn loosely with a pair of dark gray slacks form the base clothing outfit that he is normally seen in. Black leather shoes are what he is most often located on his feet and to finish up; an overly long lab coat is draped over his torso so often that it is rumored that he sleeps in it. On random and rare occasions Ivan is seen wearing a simple blue jeweled necklace that doesn’t seem to serve any special purpose at all.
Introvert/Extrovert: Depends on the company but most of the time and introvert
Hobbies: Drinking Contest and Chemistry experiments
Likes and Dislikes:


Pain of others


Rude people
Being ordered around
Pointless tasks
Overly happy/excited people
Americans, French, Germans, British…(long live the mother land he says XD)

Personality: Cold like the winds of the mother land, this can summarize the majority of Ivan as a whole. Lacking compassion more and more as age came the monster that now plagues the realm of the living grew from a young dreamer with hopes and inspiration for a bright future for himself and his country into a beastly savage that calculates the movements of those around him better than they do. Being from Russia Ivan is expected to have certain qualities like a mind of either the extremes of genius or retard, a deep felt love of vodka, an large concern about fashion, and hatred for those superior to him. All of this is true with the exception of the fashion thing because he views things of that sort to be childish and a total waste of time. Over his long life span Ivan has also picked up on his home lands development of strategy, and as such has grown into a person that can make it appear as though he is incompetent while he is actually already anywhere from three to ten steps ahead of you.

Defining Characteristics: He wears a lab coat everywhere he goes, has a thick accent, and holds sorrow for his past
Specialties: He cooks amazing food when he gets drunk
Fighting type: Close Combatant
History/Background: Spawned in late sixteenth century Russia to a man and woman of the lowest class, life has never been an easy thing to do. Ivan’s mother was always ill and passed on while he was still an infant, this leaving him with his only his father. This brutish man was abusive and cruel at all moments, normally drunk or at least halfway his father took a happy pleasure in beating the young boy daily for minuscule reasons that at times made anyone who spoke to him skeptical as to whether or not the old man still had his wits about him after the loss of his wife. None the less, Ivan could not care less if his father was in a deep ditch of depression due to his mother’s passing because he had never met her at an age so that he could remember any of her traits so why would that matter to him. And from what little information he had been able to pry from others around him his mother had been a miserable young woman that may as well have been kidnapped by the man he called dad and that the old brute had always been a cruel and scheming character. So as he grew older Ivan grew accustomed to the way his father treated him and as time went on eventually taking on some of these traits as his own, namely the drinking and beating people. But something was coming, the events in his life up until now were but a mere calm before the storm that is his life, he was soon to discover his identity as a bountou.

One day while out working in the cold and unforgiving mountains he was pulled aside for a word with his father. At first he refused to speak to the old savage, he had grown to be of age and as such had been kicked out into the cold, forced to earn a living and take care of his own hide. But after the incentive of being treated to a drink he agreed to hold a short conversation.

The drink gave a great sensation of temporary warmth that was welcomed at anytime in this desolate part of the country. It was the one thing that Ivan and the man who had created him had ever been able to agree on, that and the hard facts of mountain life. Normally his father would simply invite him to drink and that would be exactly what would happen, they would drink while looking at the wall ahead of them sharing only the occasional grunt or two and then depart from each other. But this time seemed to be different somehow, namely due to the fact that his father was actually looking at him and suggesting that the two actually talk to each other for the first time in years. Though he may have preferred the normal way they did things, Ivan was not completely lost in a sea of hatred toward his dad quite yet so he accepted the signs and began speaking.

After a few hours Ivan had gained an immense amount of knowledge; that his mother had been murdered, that he was not human, and the fact that he had an eternal life span. When he questioned the part about his mother being killed and not dying of the cold as he had been told so many times before he was put into his place by the fact that that matter had been resolved in an equal payment of blood many years ago. So he moved on and asked more on the subjects of his species and longevity. A bountou, that word was one of the only ones that he could really remember from his makeshift briefing ceremony and also one of the only words that he was unable to fully understand. But with the help of his elder bountou he grew powerful over the course of a few centuries, keeping his identity a secret from all and going from one dead lover to the next until he could no longer bear the aching feeling of loss.

When he asked to leave the mother land and seek out his own destiny the small council of soul suckers that could be assembled from the nearby villages revoked his request, this angered him. It ate at him so much in fact that he took it upon himself to open the eyes of the old fools by force. With nothing but his trusted doll partner at his side he stormed the villages one by one killing human and bountou alike. Burning down houses and shops each time so that there would be no trace or legacies for history to reclaim.

After a few years of deep soul searching Ivan found himself in another group of bountou and a town bustling with technology that he had never heard of like T.V.s and computers. So after becoming addicted to online gaming Ivan made some friends and now lives with the regret of killing his only remaining family member and the look on his face as it happened. Destroying so many people was starting to catch up with him and as such forced him to become a man of few words and a desire to keep to the old ways he seldom speaks anything but Russian. He now lives with others of his kind doing anything that he can to promote the growth of the bountou as a means to make up for the mistakes of his past.
Role-play Sample:It had been a full day since he had been given the news that his lt had been injured in battle, the tiger faced man was in a state of mixed emotions between his rage that his second in command had blindly charged into combat, the thankfulness that he had survived, and the serious depression over the fact that she who was most precious to him had not. This unbalanced state of mind had even spread to his inner world where once again storms raged chaotically, his mind was ironically poisoned. It had been long enough that he was allowed to visit his old friend and to clear his thoughts before he devised something worth regretting.

With his head hung low and a thousand mile stare of a war torn soldier on his face he rose to get dressed. Throwing off his robes he grabbed some of his human clothes, a tailored black suit with a red dress shirt, black silk tie and red dress shirt. Before walking out of his nearly pitch dark quarters his hand reached for a black bowler with a note scribbled on the inside, "Forever and eternity, nothing shall tear us apart ~Kyrie Hataganai" He nearly shed a small tear but stopped himself and placed the garment on his head and walked out into his barracks and deeper into the seretei towards the hospital.

The room was average and a plate of food lay on a tray with all heat sucked out hours ago, flies hovered over and patiently tested to see if it was worth taking in for nourishment. Brushing away the common pest Zane placed the plate on a counter near the door so that a squad member could take it away and he returned to the bed side where his friend and partner lay unconscious by his view. He took a chair and sat to wait for him to awaken.
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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: In Soviet Russia, Car Drives You   Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:08 pm

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In Soviet Russia, Car Drives You
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