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 Kyoraku Asakura

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Kyoraku Asakura


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PostSubject: Kyoraku Asakura   Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:15 pm

Vizard Template

Name:Kyoraku Asakura
Nickname(s):Kyo, Raku
Visual Age:18

Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame:Athletic, he was in very well shape and he also could run very fast do to that manner.
Blood Type:O
Sound of Voice:Kind, it also was soft not being to loud or too rough it was the perfect tone.
Hobbies:Daydreaming, watching the clouds
Likes and Dislikes:

Day Dreaming
Steamed Buns

Rude People

Personality:Kyōraku is a laid back and flamboyant man, evident in his style of dress and general attitude, and he is rarely seen without a smile on his lips. In his off time, he can be seen drinking sake in bars and napping. He likes steamed buns that go with sake, but dislikes powdered green tea. Other times, he likes to chase after women. Kyōraku is a peace-loving person who will always try to talk his way out of a fight, though he doesn't wish to insult opponents by refusing to fight. The slightly eccentric Kyōraku also seems to like making an impression on opponents. He also dislikes taking the life of innocent people.

Though Kyōraku tries to talk his way out of a fight, he does insist on fighting when the situation is grave. He always maintains a semblance of respect for his opponent and is polite in combat situations and prefers to fight one on one. Even when fighting powerful opponents, he never (or at least rarely) loses his cool, going as far as to make small talk and joke around with his opponents.

Kyōraku retains a level of humbleness and isn't overly arrogant about his strength. Kyōraku has shown a great distaste for fighting, telling one of his friends that it doesn't matter whether you owe someone or they owe you, as soon as you start fighting, you are in the wrong either way.

Defining Characteristics:Happy
Specialties:Tactical and Zanpactou
Fighting type:Close Range

Human Arc/Rukon Arc
Kyo was born in Tokyo with two brother's and three sister's. He was the youngest boy and only had one sister who was the same age as him. Those two did everything together, they went to the mall went to the movies and they really enjoyed each other. One dark rainy day while coming home they were attack by a hollow, they didn't know what to do, and Kyo was the only one who could see it clear enough to dodge the attacks. He tried his best to protect his sister but ended up dying right along side with her. They both were sent to the roukan district, where they lived out a somewhat regular life. Then one day after getting into a fight a local shinigami saw how well Kyo was with a katana even though it was a wooden one. He tried to take Kyo back with him but he refused to leave without his sister. Then after 20mins the shinigami took them both. They both went into the academy and they both did they hardest.

Acdemy Arc
Kyo and his sister were place in the all the same classes and they also worked together. Since his sister was shy with other people she didn't know she didn't make to many friends, but Kyo on the other hand had a lot of friends except for the girls he chased after. His sister would always be the one who stop him when he was going after them. He did well in his Zanpactou class but he didn't do as great as he did in zanpactou as he did in the others. He would do a great job in the rest of his classes but he just could click with kido. Another class the he did great in was his Flash step class, he didn't do as well but it was the second best thing he did in the school besides Zanpactou training. His sister on the other hand was good in ranged combat and was doing great in the Kido department. The teacher would ask Kyo did he understand it and he would always reply yes but he never ever did. A year later he graduated top of his class and went to squad 7.

Shinigami/Vizard Arc
He was place in the 7 squad. His sister was also place in that squad. Him and his sister went on missions together and they also looked out for each other more than they did for anybody else. They would pair up most of the time and seeing that the two are twins. They have different personality's. The was his sister would act would be like an over protective mother sometimes and other times it would be more of a caring sister type. Kyo didnt really care much he just wish that he could stop fighting seeing that is one thing he hates to do. Once a mission is done he would always take his sister to the bar with him and get drunk, even though his sister wouldnt drink she would be the one to help carry him back to there house. One day Kyo made up his mind that he wanted to become the caption of the 7 squad. So the next caption exams came up he participated in. He easily passed the written part of the exams. He did have a very tough time with the fighting part. Even though he didnt want to kill or fight he did it anyway seeing that his desire was to become caption he let nothing stand in his way and in the end he won and became 7 squad caption. He was caption for three years and in that time he made his sister Vic Caption seeing that he Zanpactou skills have gotten better over the years. One day while walking he was knock out and was made into a test subject. They turned him shinigami with shingami and hollow powers. They called it a vizard. He then made a note and left it with his sister who was alsleep when he made it. It sayed that he would be leaving for a while so dont wait up on him. He then left and came into the human world in wich he resides at this momment.

Role-play Sample:It was raining outside and Kyo was out side he like it was going on, he enjoyed the rain alot seeing that it made him feel better and made him smile even harder. His hair was down over his face and his uniform was getting runied but none of that matterd to him right now he just wanted to enjoy the rain. He just sat there in the rain untill it stopped.

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Maria Fate


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PostSubject: Re: Kyoraku Asakura   Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:20 pm

Add more likes and dislikes.

More detail in history, create arcs.

A little bit more detail in body frame and voice.

Fix your picture.
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Kyoraku Asakura
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