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 Mr. Cheeks WIP

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PostSubject: Mr. Cheeks WIP   Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:49 pm


Squeak Squeak Cheeks
Mr. Cheeks, Squeaks.
Visual Age:

Sexual Orientation:

Body Frame:
Small, very small.
Blood Type:
Sound of Voice:
A bit high pitched, but that is due to his small stature and small vocal cords.
Squeak is a red squirrel with a very long tail, that can fully wrap around his body. His fur is short and very soft. He has a white patch of fur on his belly that extends down to his lower torso and the end of his tail. He has pure black eyes with no pupils that are seen.
Gathering and Storing Nuts in the summer and hibernating in the winter.
Likes and Dislikes:



Squeak is very smart as he plans everything ahead, be it a fight or a simple conversation. Squeak does have a tendency to go off track abit as he suffers from ADHD and it is very hard to keep him focused on one thing at a time, as people would seem him peform multiple tasks at once. He also seems to twitch as a type of a tick and can be easily startled. When startled he will give out a high squeak and run and hide for a short while, before checking to see if he coast is clear. When encountering other people, Squeak has no sense of personal space, as he would climb all over them, inspecting their body and physical attributes. This is usually brought on by Squeak's high couriosity. When in a fight, Squeak would toy around with his opponent to how it is, exactly that they fight. Once Squeak does get serious though, it's like his personality changes completely. Squeak's attacks will become more direct and persice, as he is now in the mind set that this is a death match and only one will walk away. Once pushed to a certain point, like a near death state, Squeak will loose all human reasoning and become like a rabid animal.

Defining Characteristics:
His auburn/red fur and long tail
Highted Smell, Sight, and Hearing; Along with a natural sixith sense for danger.
Fighting type:

Living World

Squeak was born into a high nobility of squirrels. His father was the lord of their area and his mom the queen. Squeak grew up with his eight other siblings and they lived a seemingly peaceful life, during the day that is. Once night were to fall, they would have to hide from the owls. This was an ongoing war that they were prestended with that went back multiple generations in his family. Soo far back that they didn't even know why they fought eachother. It was all just out of breeded hate for one another. But Squeak felt different about this and he has since he was a young squirrel.

So one night Squeak went out against his father's wishes, into the night. No one would follow Squeak, as they all feared the owls. But Squeak showed no fear as he stood along a branch, that extended into the moonlit night sky. A large shadow would fly around the area, circling Squeak; But Squeak wouldn't show any fear as the white owl landed down before him. The owl seemed to glow in the moonlight as it spread it's wings out to make itself appear to be bigger. But Squeak would just stand there and watch, as if he were oblivious to the fact that the owl would eat him alive. So the owl let out a loud screech, one that echoed through out the forest. The other squirrels watched from their homes, slightly peaking out to see if they could catch a glimpse of what was happening. But Squeak still just stood there looking at the owl. The owl would then open his mouth wide and lunge his head down, trying to eat Squeak in one bite. It was then that Squeak finally moved back and dodged the owl's attack. But since Squeak wasn't in the way, the owl instead hit the branch with it's beak. The branch broke and fell, and the owl fell with it.

Before the owl could regain itself and start to fly, Squeak had already ran off the branch and jumped down towards the owl. Squeak would do his best to that the owl couldn't flap it's wings. Squeak ran around him and bit him aswell, biting his wings and his belly. The owl twitched and turned as they both fell to the ground. As they got closer, Squeak would try and stay on the part of the owl that was facing upwards. Squeak would try and keep the belly facing upwards, as it would be harder for the owl to fly that way. Once they were a few feet from the ground, squeak braced himself on the owl's belly and gave it one hard bite. The owl let out a screech in pain as it slamed upon the ground on it's back. The owl and Squeak had just fallen 30ft from the ground. Squeak used the owl as a cushion for the fall. Squeak was hurt as he shown by rolling off the owl and crawling away. The owl was dead, as the other squirrels looked out and around to see how it all had ended. Once they had all seen the owl was dead, they came running out of their trees to help Squeak get back into his home.

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Mr. Cheeks WIP
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