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 The Masked Bandit

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The Masked Bandit


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PostSubject: The Masked Bandit    Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:25 pm

The Masked Bandit

Name: Kyōsei no inori (Forced Prayer)
Nickname(s): The Masked Bandit
Age: 21

Gender: Male
Rank: Ascended
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 (Primarily Muscle, with the needed fat of course.)

Body Frame: Medium Frame
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Kyosei's voice is that of a mature, deep, tone. He's able to sing with a frighteningly good voice, and has been known for composing some of the most beautiful songs ever. He also loves to sing jazz, and has been able to sway people into singing with him out on the street. He's been very popular on Youtube, and other video streaming websites.

He has light brown hair that falls just below his ears. Even though you can't see his face, he has purple eyes, with a pale face. He has a custom jacket, with another brown jacket thing under it (Can't quite describe it). He has a dark brown belt that keeps it all together with a dark blue, almost black, pants with brown boots. His jacket is custom-made, with the colors made just to his liking. His mask is also custom-made, designed just for his use while giving him complete view of everything in front of him, not restricting his sight.

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Music (This includes the performance of the art. Primarily Violin and his saxophone, but he can also play guitar, both acoustic and electric, piano, and other various instruments.)
Likes and Dislikes:


1. Music

2. Dancing

3. Wine

4. Movies

5. Fighting (Hand-to-Hand combat)


1. Cocky Arrogant people

2. Killing people for no reason

3. Random Acts of Violence (Unless it's hilarious)

4. Bad Music

5. Events/things that disrupt the flow


The Masked Bandit is a person of high quality, while still keeping his attitude of unselfishness. He is like music, keeping his ups and his downs while finishing it with a fast pace that ends still, like a wave that hits a high cliff top. Bittersweet, Kyosei is a man of understanding, yet if his trust is broken, it is rare to gain it back.

Being mischievous at times, he gained his name, "The Masked Bandit," by doing just that. By being a "Bandit". He stole what he needed, never anything more, so some people started to think of him as just a man doing what he had to do to live. Masked, with the decoration over his face, no one was able to find out his identity. What they didn't know was that it was his power that didn't allow them to figure out who he was. He was the true thief; untouched by society.

The heart of the party, he was more than just a host, he made everyone feel as if they were wanted; in the spotlight. Filled with wit and cunning puns, everyone found (and still finds) him as a great person filled with much potential. He's good nature, and someone that anyone would want to be friends with.

Defining Characteristics: The mask he wears, the way he breaks out into song,
Specialties: Playing Music
Fighting type: Close Combatant

Kyosei was born in an orphanage; a place he called, "The Home of Anguish." It was the most stressing place ever, since it was filled with people that could only hate. It was lonely all by himself, and that made him want to leave. So, the solution was simple. Planning for weeks, months even, he created the perfect strategy. Getting perfect grades in the courses he was forced to take, his plan would begin at the age of 16. At that age he would be able to gain his driver's licence, and would receive the ability to go other locations in the area with more ease and time to spare. He was going to do exactly the opposite of what most master plan's contain in their agenda. He was going to try and make the orphanage... a better place. See? That went exactly the wrong road you thought it would. Kyosei is definitely the oddest man you would ever meet. He simply did things his own way, and he made sure that it would come with a good result. Getting sued or given years in prison was not something he wanted. Ever. That's why he wore the mask.

In his own way of course, he would create a paradise for himself. He would no longer eat burnt food and drink powder Gatorade at meals. He would no longer be harassed by people so below mediocre that they don't even deserve to live out on the streets. Even though he doesn't think they deserve to be happier, he would do it only for himself. Having saved up thousands of dollars the past few years, he had gone through miserable jobs and had stolen hundreds of items to get enough profit. He was going to buy the orphanage. Strange, wouldn't it be? He had managed to be an exception with the court and had managed to be granted "Adult - Status" without being of age; 18. Since the owner of the orphanage was someone who only wanted money, it would be easy to buy her out, and it would be easier to destroy everything inside. He wasn't that cold of a soul, so he wouldn't "destroy" it, he would just force it to undergo a catharsis. Managing to buy it, he recolored the walls and ceiling to purple and green, while also putting musical symbols all over the walls. He was going to turn the orphanage... into a Music...anage... He hadn't created the name yet, but that wasn't the point. He had made an understanding of all the people in the building he had hated for the past 16 years. They were of a lesser existence, and deserved to taste something better... right before it would be taken away from them.

In the current year, The Masked Bandit's orphanage has fully transformed. Blooming with life, it was exactly what he wanted it to be years ago. Yet, it no longer mattered. He had discovered something inside him that was more worthy than his paradise. It had been swarming around like a beehive full of bees inside him. Something so great that every now and then it would leak out, causing a whirlwind of pressure around him. It was beautiful, yet tainted with the ability to become evil and destructive. It was something that he could use for good, or for evil. It was his super human powers; powers that would made a difference in the apathetic world with one-sided hatred.

Role-play Sample:

Suddenly hearing footsteps, it was surprising since he hadn't given full attention to anything other than staring at the sand. Not like the sand was interesting or anything, it just reminded him of a beach. How he missed the beach. The ocean slowly ascended up the sandy slopes in a wonderful dance of beauty. As it descended back away and into the ocean, those near would run about along with it, hoping to not get their shirt wet. It's not like he enjoyed water, no, he just enjoyed the way the ocean flowed. It flowed as the world flowed; as life flows. It goes this way and that way, churning, ever churning in the day and night as the schools of fish and other sea creatures swim about in a hurry to get to their destination. It was like a symbolic moment for all those who truly put their mind into the sequence of events, and actually understand the greatness and grace of this flow. Looking up, while clearing his eyes to get all the images in, he saw the third Espada, the Tercera. It wasn't exactly frightening, while most people saw the top three as much stronger than everyone below, that was wrong. They were all incorrect in so many manners, the third was not far off from the fourth, while the second wasn't far off from the third. The only who truly had differences between each other was the first and the tenth. Ignoring the cold demeanor that the third espada always set himself out to portray, the fourth espada stood up in a slow manner, not rushing himself as most do when they see someone of superior rank, and brushed some sand off his pants.

Cracking his fingers, he leaned against the tree next to his weapon. "What brings me out to this barren terrain, you ask?," Taigen replied with a touch of sarcasm, "Nothing much, really. Just wandering about looking for something to do." Getting more into the thought of having they had just met in this distant place, it was somewhat ironic. He had wished for someone to slay his boredom, and his wish was granted. Even though the wish was for someone more interesting, this would have to do. Skillfully grabbing his halberd without a moment's notice, the fourth Espada immediately used the prized Arrancar technique of Sonido. It being like the flash step or hirenkyaku, the version of the shinigami and quincy, it granted him great speed. Vanishing in a flash, the halberd wielder appeared up in the dead tree he was just leaning on. It easily having enough strength to hold him, since it was a fairly large tree, he stood atop of a large branch and crouched down. "What I would like to ask you, though, is to whether you find this ironic meeting amusing. Not that it would make me burst out laughing like a small child watching a cartoon, no, it's just kind of interesting that we both managed to meet each other in such a desolate place. Wouldn't you have to agree, Tercera?

Gripping his halberd tightly, he leaned it against his shoulder, with the weapon attachments a few feet away from his head. He wouldn't want to hurt himself by accident in front of someone, now would he? No, no he would not. He especially wouldn't want to hurt himself in front of someone that was of the top three. Not that it would happen anyways, he just didn't want to be known as clumsy. Never being clumsy in the many years of his life, he didn't want his laziness to affect that. Precise timing and all those little minor tasks were all valued as steps to a good day. Wondering if his initiated conversation would work with this third ranked Espada; one of the top three of the Renacido, he doubted he actually cared. If he had the chance, he'd probably just leave and make his way back directly to Las Noches. It wasn't like he was completely lost, he just wasn't putting much attention into the background of the landscape. All it was was darkness, pure black darkness being slowly eaten by the moonlight. The light that was given wasn't much, but it was enough to get around.

Starting to question whether the Tercera had been trying to intimidate him or not, he left that one on hold. It wasn't of any importance to him at that time, nor would it be in time to come. He was rarely every intimidated, and when he was, he would be intimidated of someone of mighty strength, someone deserving of superiority in at least that aspect. Either way, it's kind of strange. Even though I had just asked him, my curiosity dwells deeper in the depths of my mind as I wait for his answer. Will he even answer? Or will he prance about and leave thinking that I would only heighten his own boredom. Ah well, these thoughts are not meant for this time, oh no, these thoughts are too simplistic for my brain. I deserve more puzzling thoughts! Not that I deserve it, but an interesting conundrum would be happily appreciated. The person that is in the same vicinity as me, Chinou, is not helping right now. Not that I care. Stretching out the fingers of his free hand, he knew that it was a good thing to always limber up. It was even more helpful to stretch out the parts of yoru body that you are most likely going to use more often. Still waiting for a response, Taigen patiently crouched on the branch of the dead tree that he was leaning against but a moment ago.
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PostSubject: Re: The Masked Bandit    Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:27 pm

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The Masked Bandit
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