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 [恵美笑子] ─ Asahina, Emiko

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PostSubject: [恵美笑子] ─ Asahina, Emiko   Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:40 pm

▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ASAHINA EMIKO

██ █ - - NICKNAMES

    The typical nickname for Emiko. Mostly going by this name amongst the people she knows, ranging from her friends to the people she commonly talks to within the soul society, and she'll insist that people call her this instead of her various other titles. It's a fairly simple name in the woman's opinion, and she adores it well enough. Seeing as it's just a shorter version with the same meaning “child graced with beauty; smiling child”.

    After becoming a Lieutenant of the Kyubantai, she was given the name by a few of the division members. Seeing as how many were intimidated by her position, and admired her for the confidence she displayed, they would always be very formal and polite, especially when addressing her. The surname was that of her mother's. At first she disliked the name, for having the constant reminder that her mother died during the attack of her home. It used to make her a bit nervous, but now she's quite used to it and doesn't jump or flinch when people use it.

    Ah yes, Emiko's other title around the society. She has accepted the title, but is still so unused to people referring to her this way. She's much more comfortable with people referring to her by proper name. As by her nature, most members refer to her as “mother” out of respect. People from other divisions also use this title to share their enthusiasm.

    “Pink” is a nickname from Emiko's past. Momoiro is the old-fashioned way to say pink, an obvious reference to her hair. Only a few people who are close to her, like her senpai, are a small handful of people who are allowed to use it. This woman will take offense if anyone else were to refer to her so familiarly. Those who do without her express permission generally receive the most callous and brutal treatment from her she can manage. That is, the cold shoulder.

██ █ - - AGE

    Four hundred and twenty eight, exactly, and still counting. The mentality of this delicate being had definitely been affected by these digits. Because, even at this point, she sometimes considers herself to be an old woman, and led to believe that many people think of her as a “hag”. Though, surprisingly enough, for both feeling and being it. Emiko looks nothing like her age describes. It'd be more accurate to say that she appears to be in her early twenties, if that. Yet, this does not give her any reassurance to how old she truly believes she is.


    Literally, Vice-Captain of the Ninth Division.

██ █ - - GENDER

    For hundreds of years, it had been known by all that Emiko is FEMALE inside and out. No one can really deny the fact that she is one of the female gender group. You would have to be blind to not notice how well-endowed she is; you would have to be more than stupid to not notice her lady-like mannerisms. And you would most certainly, without a doubt, have to be deaf not to pick up on that angelic voice.

██ █ - - SEXUALITY

    This is a subject that has been glanced upon on the occasion. It is never certain which sex the woman desires, or naturally prefers. To elaborate on this subject, you could say she's bisexual. But that would be incorrect. You see, Emiko's past has not only been restricted to men, but women also. Don't get her wrong. The female form is a very appealing work of art in her eyes, but to say she is sexually attracted would also be wrong. For the most of it, this woman is as straight as a ruler. With the slight chip or two on it. Alcohol is a very powerful toxin, and can influence even the greatest of people to do impulsive things. This is currently the case for such a proud Shinigami. Catch her sober and you've caught yourself one of the most heterosexual women around; catch her drunk and she'll tease, toy, and flirt among members of the same gender, and just about everything else.


    It would be more than spectacular if this woman could place her finger down on the ideal hobby. Truth is, personally, she switches and changes between so many. That, pinning one down is starting to twist into the impossible. As far as she can remember about her time as a Shinigami; Emiko satisfies herself well-enough, collecting books and reading them. Not only would she read them, but she would always take minor notes through-out the duration of her studies. Once finishing the novel, she transfers and develops the information on a clean sheet of paper. Much like one would do with an essay. Other than that - since you can only do so much before you've read nearly every book in existence - Emiko also likes to cook. It was one of those determining factors in her major. She's quite good at it too. Taking pictures is also another hobby of hers. Collecting memories really appeals to her tastes, she's even got a personal book in which she places all the pictures on their own pages with photo corners, for ease of access. Obviously there are much more extended hobbies that could be listed. Yet, they are nothing but pointless due to her unpredictable tastes.

    Aside from her astonishing talents at cooking, which is a given, due to it being a hobby and passion of hers. There are many other things that she prides herself on. These may not be as stunning, or fancy like the skills many others are experienced with. But still finds it to be equally proud of herself. Emiko is quite adept with her speed, agility and reflexes. All playing an important part in combat, when forced to become recognized. Due to intense training, in the Rukongai and in her progression to becoming a Shinigami; being one with preternatural speed, light on her feet, rather than that of unusual strength. All of this comes from leg strength, which could potentially be brandished with the term abnormal. Pushing herself to the brink of her limitations, the motions her body creates may even 'blur' in the eyes of the observer. Though, it is not anything to compare to a Shunpo. Second in line would be that of her reflexes, matched with agility. Working in their own unique nature, this Shinigami's body works on prime instinct when danger falls upon her; reacting in an appropriate manner. Suited with basic manoeuvring.

    Well-Rounded. These fighters are okay in the use of their weapon, in hand-to-hand combat, kidou, cero, flash step/sonido/hirenkyaku, and any of other race abilities that are given to them. They're not great, they're not bad, they're just efficient in several areas... (continued)

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PostSubject: Re: [恵美笑子] ─ Asahina, Emiko   Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:27 pm


    An eternal lullaby, sung in a soft soprano voice; a voice that could carry through winds and wars. Each word is a practiced art, sweet and soft but with short, precise notes. Carefully formed upon cherry pink lips, filling the empty air with sweet sound. The gentle melody of such a lilting tune is completely smooth at the end of every syllable, lingering on with its mysterious echo.

    Being 50 percent extrovert, and 50 percent introvert. The correct term to describe this would be ambivert. You see, while enjoying a reasonable sum of her free time going to parties, and hanging out with friends. The most typical extrovert behavior one could possibly show. Emiko does not deem it essential to engage in social interaction constantly. Due to that busy body persona, she acts rather aloof and introverted as well. Relishing time alone, away from the crowd. More particularly when faced with work.

    A pretty face could fool so many. But for those who have met our darling Emiko consider her to be a very lively, and interesting woman; with an almost ethereal presence, she carries herself with undisputed grace and poise. Slightly independent to say the least, Emiko is defiantly on her own page. Assure of herself and confident she doesn't need anyone else's help, she isn't rude but does have some attitude, being a woman after all- most things are better done her way. With a quiet but present aura about her the effect she has on others is sometimes amusing. Emiko isn't one to spread rumors or gossip, she is loyal and true to her word. For example, she doesn't tell if a certain someone likes another someone, or if a person was to cheat on their significant other. She feels that it's up to the person who did whatever they did to tell the people they should tell. Genuinely nice to be around the woman is mannered and does know the proper way to behave. Sometimes she slips into the role of “over-protective mother”, and protects those she cares about from any threats, and will always be the shoulder to cry on. Saying this, she would probably do anything for anyone even a complete stranger, even though she has been wronged a time too many in the past.

    She has a very soft and gentle way of talking that is extremely polite and modest. Even when she is trying to run away, she is kind and sweet to whoever she is brushing off. Emiko does however have a habit of telling the truth. It's not in her personality to lie, ever. She's completely honest, whether it be with herself or with the people around her. Truthfully, she's a horrible liar anyway, as whenever she does, she freezes up and can't think of anything to say. But, she does feel that there is a difference between lying, protecting something, and hiding the truth. And this doesn't always make things comfortable. With a unique vibe about her she isn't super special, but she can fend for herself with ease. Around others she is usually sociable and kind, giving no reason for anyone to hate her. Emiko isn't a fan of conflict and drama, leaving violence to her last resort and would much rather calmly sit down, and talk about it. It's been stated that she's quite the diplomatic, and the type that resolves fights rather than participate in them. With a strong sense of justice, and if necessary, she will always do the utmost to defend her point of view. But that doesn't mean she's not flexible. She also doesn't like people being mad at her either. And if someone is angry at her, she'll usually try as hard as she can to fix it.

    Of course, this Shinigami isn't perfect, and there are people in the world that she doesn't like, where she won't care if they dislike her. But even around these people, she doesn't like starting a fight, and regardless if they want to start a fight or not, Emiko won't continue. She'll talk in a calm, relaxed voice, unless they push her to a point where she does feel the need to yell, which is rare, but does happen every once in a while. Her temper is indeed almost non-existent, and even when it does flare its not a huge explosion like some others seem to let off. True to herself she tries hard to be, and being true to others comes easier. One thing that is certain about her is that, no matter what Emiko is put through, she is passionate, hard working, and very diligent. She gives everything she does one-hundred percent, and doesn't give up easily. She's extremely determined to finish whatever she starts, and never wastes time as she has a very strong work ethic. She is a woman who takes things in stride, looking ahead and not back she adapts and learns well. Although sometimes, she doesn't always learn so well.

    While no being can seem to do anything wrong in her presence Emiko manages to scold herself constantly, sometimes out loud and in third person. Now, for being quite tough on the outside, most would assume that Emiko is not afraid of anything due to the fact she can manage the coldest of stares. Though above all she is terrified of storms. Thunder and lightening send her into a frenzy, and she just flees and will run till the storm ends or she finds cover far away. The rain does make her nervous from time to time, and being near large bodies of water that are rough have their effect too. While our maiden fears storms, she seems to also have a sleeping problem, and has very vivid dreams that usually wake her. For long hours she is awake at night just trying to think of something else other than her nightmares. From that, there is nothing else bad to mention about her. Well apart from her love for alcohol, then not really anything.

    As you've probably assumed after that, yes, Emiko happens to be a raging alcoholic, well, not raging. But she likes to lose herself in the sake. Once she's had enough, her personality morphs instantly, not gently breaking down to give a warning to those around her. Ah, you see, our fine lady in the black dress is very dominant with drink in her; whatever she wants, whatever she needs, she'll take it, even forcefully if needed. And this is one of her many qualities that contradict each other. At times, she's seriously on edge. Constantly keeping everything to herself, and that leads to too much bottling up on her behalf.

██ █ - - LIKES

    Yes, reading. The types of books she generally likes involves politics and news updates, like the newspaper for example. Sometimes she even enjoys romance stories, and fiction. Almost anything and everything if she can get her hands on it. The only things that she doesn't read often are boring books. Saying that, her definition of boring may vary from the average reader. When Emiko truly desires, she often likes to read some mature rated books, and takes no shame in it either. After all, she's a woman, and should be allowed to indulge in her mind's curiosity once in a while, correct?

    Being a perfectionist, everything is best when it is at a level of perfection. With that said, she is not the kind of perfectionist that will obsess over nearly anything with a flaw to it. Such like other beings. And this is what makes everything inside her contradict each other, and not fit together so perfectly, like a puzzle: Emiko likes it when things are flawed, so to say, as it adds a more unique charm. Yet, at the same time, she likes everything to be perfect. For example, when she is cooking. If Emiko fails more than once, she will try and try until she finds her work to be satisfying enough, and this is the same dedication that can also be shown about her whilst working.

    Who doesn't like amusement? Emiko likes it really good, and in large quantities. It's certain, she finds her job amusing enough, even if it isn't in the best of ways, she won't turn a blind eye to the odd joke or two. There is nothing wrong with being wicked in the name of humor. That is unless someone is harmed in the end. If it reaches a point like so, Emiko does take it all to heart, and will feel equally at blame and force herself to do something about the situation.

    Being an alcoholic, one would most likely expect this from one much like herself. While she has been branded “party girl”, upon many others, this is not the reason while she'll drink her sorrows away. Emiko is a very complex drinker, she's not out to impress people whenever she tips the bottle. No. It's the exact opposite, unless, obviously she is just intending to have a good time. But drinking herself to sleep is the only comfort she may ever possibly find, due to all those hidden secrets she doesn't wish to reveal.

    Either, cooking, preparing, or eating them. It is one thing that her adoptive mother taught her of. Due to many years in the Rukongai, she found it essential to learn about the arts of food at a young age to be able to take care of her family, just as they took care of her. While she doesn't think of herself to be of a professional level at cooking, many people beg to differ. Food to her is very interesting, often experimenting with spices to add on certain dishes. It is one thing the Shinigami does in the comfort of her own free time, as it helps replenish her energy.

██ █ - - DISLIKES

    She hates the noise, very much. Except if it is being produced from her own mouth, it's a good exception. And it's blatantly obvious she isn't the sort of woman to scream needlessly, and without cause. Emiko hates the noise very much, especially when she is around crowded areas. Which is why, when given the option, she'll prefer to sit in more quiet places.

    There is disliking something, then there is hating something down to the bottom of it's core. This woman isn't foolish enough to convince herself that fighting isn't part of day-to-day life in the times she currently lives in. She doesn't make it her personal goal to make everything peaceful, but she does wish that sometimes people wouldn't lift their blades to speak the words they're not bold, or intelligent enough to say. And she's learned that from past mistakes. Harm doesn't particularly bother her when it's directed at herself, but to her allies. Leave a wound or scratch on their skin, and end up having something twisted on your body. That is how serious she is with her enemies, and those who dared hurt those she cares for.

    Don't her her wrong. Emiko isn't catty enough to hate everything with a vagina. Even saying she dislikes other women is going a step too far. This general dislike, is directed at typically younger women. They gave her the upview that girls who are younger than herself weren't that matured, and often targeted her out. It wouldn't be lying to say that she is a woman with looks that most other females desire. And to top it all off, she's got the fitting personality with a goddess-like aura. This just strokes at the innermost jealousy of the same sex. Because Emiko is of a kind nature, targeting her out and giving her the cold shoulder works quite well. Which means, she is hesitant around most of her gender, and finds herself to be at the highest point of paranoia at most times. Though, when she has encountered someone that she can genuinely trust, and won't stab her back. She'll open up, and allow herself to get along with them.

    There is no particular scarring event that forced her to dislike these things so much. It's just a case of, that's-that. It was only after her first trip back into the living world that she discovered this fear. And again, she contradicts herself in so many ways. For the Zanpaktou she obtained being a thing of magnetism, containing attributes that shares similarities to thunder and lightning. But she doesn't fear that. Perhaps it's because she understands how in control she is over that. One thing is for sure, nothing is ever clear with this woman.

    This woman is prone to sleeping in the day, rather than in the night. For she stays up drinking until the sun is up again before calming down and getting some rest. Usually she wakes up around late hours if she falls completely into a deep sleep, but she is assertive and very active when she hears certain ruckus around. This is with all good reason, (and explained in more depth in her personality). Emiko suffers from vivid nightmares of her time in the Rukongai, and sleeping is never peaceful through the night. Personally, she believes that the darkness and silence of the night just adds to the intensity of these visions.


    5'8" — 172.5cm.

    125lbs — 57kg.

    Despite the luminous pink tresses that surround her features, there are other unique traits that truly define this masterpiece. She has elegant and beautiful features, and pale, flawless skin. From the back, there are a mass of individual scars scattered across the bare skin. There is nothing outstandingly amazing about them, but they are interestingly unusual; the way they twist and turn, and form into each other, it could certainly make one curious of how she obtained such markings. Another trait could be located on the left side of her face. Tucked away under a mass of hair, at the corner of her eye. A cute beauty spot, flat, but just colored, which somehow enhances her beauty.

    Not too skinny, nor too plump; she's of a healthy weight which is expressed with many curves. Her stomach is toned and fit. An immodest bust, slight waist, and enough hip to balance out her body evenly. She's not tall nor short, but rather average at a height of somewhere around 5'8" and surprisingly graceful for her curved appearance.

    AB negative.

    Standing at an non-intimidating height of roughly 172.5cm, 5'8" she isn't able to tower over those around her. Emiko is the ideal weight for someone of her height, build, and appearing age. Being formed much like an hourglass, her curvaceous figure is surely something to admire. Though she has a fit, well kept body - like all Shinigami. Each of her limbs are long and slender, yet toned, and in proportion, complementing the rest of her structure; with just enough muscle, and no excess body fat, to give her that strong appearance. But to say in more detail, we'll start from the top. Emiko, in truth, is quite attached to her hair and always makes sure it’s in its best condition, and it always seems to have a bright flare. Long, so long, naturally cascading locks gently toss around, reaching down to just a little below her waist, gradually twisting into ringlets as they near the ends. However, her beautifully well-kept locks are often tossed just right over her bosom, which of course tends to make her hair seem shorter. Topped off with messy bangs frame her heart-shaped face perfectly, working like a veil and hiding her eyes if not fixed accordingly. With the flawless complexion like that of a fair porcelain doll, due to her inability to part from her work, and to go outdoors. The only flaw to her skin, is that of scarring. Proportioned to take up the majority of her back, these scars twist and turn. Digging in so deep that to run your finger over each individual marking you'd be convinced momentarily that they were still fresh as the day she obtained them.

    With a very soft, innocent looking face, definitely not that of a fighter. She has a well detailed facial structure, and everything is well balanced. Her lips are full, and soft to the touch. They are rarely ever pulled back in a frown, but mostly plastered with a smile. And the most alluring feature on her face, most definitely, has to be her eyes. With luscious colored lashes of a moderate length, peer out bright cerulean blue eyes, that shimmer and glow with the effects of the soothing ocean. Emiko's eyes are always wide, or seductively half-lidded, attempting to lure people into them. Which at no surprise, often works. Makeup doesn't interest her, but she will tend to wear mascara from time to time. Which always makes her eyes look more lovely. They have a curious sparkle with condescending amusement but also can quickly change to mysterious in depth, round and wide, Emiko’s eyes contrast quite nicely with her brightly colored hair, for that added effect. Coming a little lower, as mentioning her proportions before. It would be honest to say that she is a well-formed woman, if not developed. All proof to the saying can be clearly demonstrated by her chest region. With a nice shape to them, her breasts are ample, rounded, and yet firm and at a noteworthy size of “big”, but not so much to un-flatter her figure. Her waist dips in to retain their slender look to them, before connecting to her wide hips, twisting round with an supple ass and finishing with thick thighs.

    Don't get her wrong, she respects herself more than others would believe; but her style of clothing ranges in the more tight and revealing section. Whilst she feels confident, and proud enough to casually walk around in such clothing, she does not do it intentionally for the attention. Restrictions are something that this woman cannot stand, and without these limitations she is able to move about more freely. Her basic attire consists of the same, or similar-like outfits, still striking out as the basic apparel of a Shinigami. On a day-to-day basis, she will wear a white tube top, covered up by a black short-sleeved jacket, made from a leather material. Her jacket has white trimmings on each side of the zipper, and also along the bottom. A black skirt, trimmed exactly the way as the jacket is her main lower body item. Underneath that skirt is black leggings, met up with a pair of black boots reaching much further up her legs, rimmed with white - stopping only a few centimeters past her knees. This simplistic design is adorned with a deliberately loose white sash around her waist, fitted with a mandatory lieutenants badge, sporting the appropriate squad emblem.

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PostSubject: Re: [恵美笑子] ─ Asahina, Emiko   Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:28 pm

██ █ - - HISTORY


    Born in the most traditional parts of Japan, she was the daughter of a tradesman and tailoress. To say, there isn't much to know about this girl; other than it was certain, at the beginning of her life, it was set out there and then that she wouldn't have it easy. While they both wished to raise her in a comfortable lifestyle, what she endured couldn't have been more different to the peaceful life she leads nowadays. It was all on a miserably hot Summer afternoon when Asahina Emiko (though known as Suzuki Kanon during her living years) had taken her first breath in the world, thanks to her loving parents. Unlike most children. She did not cry, rather she just gazed blankly up at her parents through big, blue eyes. Sure, she was a little different, but they never treated her differently because of this. They never abused her, never had a scolding that went too far, and she was never neglected. You could say, she had the ideal parents. When trades went bad for father, he had to work South for a while. Leaving Emiko and her Mother to tend to themselves during this period of time. And only a week after his departure, there were sudden changes in their daughter. Her reduction in appetite was the first thing to be noticed, followed by her lack of motivation and energy to do the simplest of trivial tasks. Also, do not forget that in these times, their medical abilities weren't as flawless as they are nowadays.

    As the family doctor's diagnosis said upon inspection, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the girl. And led her Mother to take into consideration that the possibility of her innocent daughter faking these problems, was not entirely out of the question. She was also convinced it started because of her father. But just like any child would, she missed her father. It had been almost six months since she had last seen him; but even out of desperation, she wouldn't stoop so low in an attempt to get him back anytime soon. News did eventually reach them that he would return in the next week, yet Emiko's condition only appeared to be getting worse with each passing day. Even with his return, she still refused to give up the act, or that was what they said. What the doctors had manipulated her mother into believing, she passed these beliefs onto her husband. So they refused to seek her medical attention, as it would be a waste of their time and money. And then out of the blue, she started coughing and coughing. Even to the point where she couldn't catch her breath. Nobody believed her at first. It was like some twisted plot of “The Boy who Cried Wolf”, only without all the lies. When they discovered this wasn't all an act just to receive attention, they ran to her side and held her tightly in their arms.

    For quite a lengthened period of time, she had to deal with the agony her body was strained under each day, due to her illnesses. So now she lay, a child of barely ten and knocking on death's door. And at the very bottom of it, this was all the fault of a tumor. But they weren't aware of this, and wouldn't be for surely another century or so to come. So the only logical explanation for this was that; this happened because of an accident during her childhood. Emiko had developed what they like to call in the modern world, selective memory loss -- it was a rare side affect due to a head injury she supposedly received -- and a form of amnesia. This is what caused her panic attack, supposedly, she had completely forgotten how to breathe for a while and her body acted on instinct. Nobody would doubt this, it was just as good a reason as any for the moment. One night, when she was supposed to be sleeping. Her pale, glazed over eyes stared hazily up at the ceiling. That's when she heard it. An argument between her parents, deciding how they should continue to fight for her survival, or give up on her there and then.

    Emiko never seemed to be getting any better. Only worse, so it seemed. Everything in her life was blank, no happy memories, no sad memories, nothing to define what was right or wrong. All she had now was instinct. Often people worried about her. About her health. About her future. They often suggested to her parents that perhaps she would be better off elsewhere. Not the country life, where if medical attention was needed, it would not be scarce. By the age of fourteen, her parents had finally listened to what those around them said. They sent her away, to live with her uncle; a nobleman who owned a Ryokan (Japanese Inn), in a more rural part of the city. Emiko could never have that wonderful life again. Not that it really mattered, or even upset her, she didn't remember any of it. The Ryokan she now inhabited was a nice place, with nice people, it made a change of scenery and made an immediate improvement on her health over the next two years. But she was still in no condition to return to her parents, not that she would've left willingly.

    It was a pampered style of living. Everything came easily, but well deserved. Rewarded for all the things she did right, and scolded for all the things she did wrong. It molded, and shaped her into a fine woman. One that respected others as well as herself. It was exactly what her uncle desired. You see, there was one condition in which she would be allowed to live this life of luxury, one she had not been aware of when she first arrived here; that was understandable though, considering she was still a little too young to understand anything of the sort. Now that is just pointless rambling. While he uncle understood that Emiko was not his child, he still cared for her like she was his very own daughter. And he would have her educated in the way of becoming a proper, modest, and reasonable host, much like himself. He wanted her to be his successor, the one who would inherit the very Ryokan that she called her home.

    Unfortunately, Emiko never got to do any of these things; she never managed to achieve any of the goals she wished to. It wasn't anything sudden. After all, she was living on borrowed time. The fact that she understood, and accepted that she didn't have a lot of time left was incredible. Not many people would willingly accept their fate, and would do anything possible to escape from it. Again. It all started with the sudden decrease in energy and appetite. This time around, she also had trouble sleeping. This didn't change her attitude towards the upkeep of the Ryokan. Emiko participated with everything, helping out where she could. There was a new goal she was determined to complete. In her death, she would not allow it to burden anyone else other than herself. They noticed. They were aware of her weakening state. And they did nothing to stop it.

    It was a comforting thought, knowing that they respected her wishes. So, the night eventually arrived. Gathering as much strength as she could, she struggled to make it outside, supporting herself against one of the many cherry-blossom trees that cluttered the surrounding area of the Ryokan. Emiko didn't want them to be there. Her legs started to give out, forcing her to her knees, back flat against the trunk. Deeply breathing, she willed her weakened arm to move, lifting up until her fingertips pressed against the front of her head. Her paled body couldn't stop shaking. There was a pause. And with the last of her energy, she breathed out a sigh of relief. Hand collapsing onto her thigh, head rolling forward and hanging. It was then it became apparent, her heart stopped, she passed on.


    Pink tresses cascaded down onto her bodice, draping over her like a blanket. Resting soundly, and peacefully she was propped up against the wall in an alley. Though, given at any moment, she would awake and have no idea where exactly she was. In the comfort of her slumbering mind, something broke through, causing her to moan softly in her sleep. The girl barely moved, eyes groggily opening and glancing around to figure out her surroundings. Casting a quick glance from side to side, she immediately settled upon a figure. Not just a figure. Two of them to be exact, staring down at her to size her up. But what was she to know about this, about anything? The female was absolutely clueless. There were no memories, no clear thoughts, and absolutely no knowledge of where she was. They didn't give her time to even process what was going on, and they forced themselves onto her. Hands grabbing, groping, and tugging at the garments that clothed her. Only having recently awoken from the deepest of slumbers, she couldn't function properly, her body refused to move at it's own will, making everything all the more easier for these men. Finally a cry, one so soft that it'd be surprising if they even heard it themselves slipped out. This was followed by another cry, louder, and more desperate for help. One of them slapped their hand over her mouth, making quick work of silencing her calls.

    And so she shut her eyes tight, trying to brace herself for the moments to come. But their progression slowly stopped, until she felt them back away, hand slipping from her mouth. It willed her enough to open her eyes, to see what had happened. With great interest she watched, waiting silently as the events unfolded before her. Another two had found their way over here, and protested against the men's actions. They were younger, definitely younger and didn't seem to stand a chance against them. To her surprise, the men who had previously tried to have their way with the startled girl were now leaving, without a quarrel or moment of hesitation. Soon enough, those who had rescued her were at her side, covering the little modesty she had left and bunching her into their arms. If she could object, she would. But the little energy she previously had quickly dimmed, and faded away, leaving her unable to fight for herself. It didn't make sense. Even trying to piece together solutions to these stranger's compassion was nearing the impossible. Nobody. Not even the kindest of hearts, would want a blank and confused girl to take care of -- but, there was the possibility that she was wrong. Whatever they wished to do now with her, they could do it. Even now her mind was blanking out in complete darkness.

    They took her to safety; a small residence only an hour or so away from where they had encountered her. Setting her up in a spare futon, in one of the rooms that occupied the housing, she was left to recover. Sleeping for numerous days, the female finally awoke. The soft padding of fabric against her forehead was what broke her out of her slumber this time. Instinctively, she forced the hand away and put as much distance between herself at the person who was tending to her. It didn't strike the girl at first, but this woman was actually helping her. They both say in alert silence for a while, and after a sizable amount of time passed, the woman decided to speak up. At first she asked her simple questions, trying to figure out where she came from, and if she had any idea of whom she was. And after finding out enough information she broke it down to the girl. It wasn't an odd thing to find yourself dead, and to come here with no memories at all. Or that was what she tried to explain to the girl. The woman named the girl, Emiko, using her very last name to complete the young girl's name. Asahina Emiko.

    She could hardly believe that it had been years since she arrived here. It only felt like months. Weeks. Days; all compressed into a single set of memories. The time she spent with this family. Scratch that. Her family, it felt all to unreal. As she grew to understand the Rukongai, how it was just as much a place to call home as hell. Obviously her life wasn't flawless. Tragedies were around every corner. But with these people it completed her, and she had been aware for a while now that nothing was certain in these districts pact with crime. While she was prepared for anything, or so she convinced herself. Nothing could have prepared her for the events that were about to follow. Unlucky for them, their residence happened to be placed in a heavily populated area, known for it's gangs, and 'wars' between them. All it took was the wrong time. The wrong place. And they were wrapped into this crisis.

    The acrid scent of smoke clung to her lungs, choking them, making the inside of her throat split and bleed. It wasn't clear, whether she was choking from the blood, her screaming, or just literally the flames and smoke. She wanted to stop screaming, she really did. She wanted to stop crying, of course she did. But the scene before herself made that utterly impossible. The fire was the worst; merciless and licking at the bodies. The scent of cooked meat was in the air, it's thick essence suffocating her. It was pointless to block out the stench with all this screaming, all she could do would be to endure. This was not happening. It couldn't happen. They couldn't be dead. They just couldn't, but they were. They were somewhere else now. And she still remained; the nightmares, suffering, and reality etched onto her mind clearly. This moment would forever be with her. And even as realization washed over her. Being the child she was, Emiko refused to leave her family behind, and would rather remain in this burning house than depart. And the people who caused this had fled, moments ago, as soon as the flames started to erupt.

    If it hadn't been for some stranger, doing a deed of good, or that was what Emiko was later convinced; she wouldn't have survived that night. And she didn't leave peacefully. Not at all. Which would often give people second thoughts as to try and save someone like her. Complete with screaming, vicious kicking, and severe beating's to his chest and face, he managed to recover the girl from the burning house. But it was a completely different story when they finally got outside. From being the charming hero the man was moments ago, he acted like a completely different person. Dropping Emiko onto the ground, her instinct for oxygen prevailed as she wheezed in. The man towering over her as she tried to recuperate. And so, by her own stubborn nature, she forced all of her anger out onto this man. But, he wasn't going to take it like he had done before. With a flurry of silver, and a whizzing past her ear; she froze solid. Magenta strands of hair slowly descending to the ground from the right of her. It was almost like a warning shot, to keep her from doing anything she may regret later.

    Because her life had been saved, even if she didn't wish it were so, she was forever indebted to him. As he explained this to her, she felt herself become overwhelmed in the same anger as before. And again. Emiko lunged at him. This time he did not hesitate to strike her down. Blade tearing through the flesh, white hot, and followed by pain. She crumpled to the ground; blood spurting, and then slowing into a trickle as it started to pool around her. There were only a few words spoken after the strike. If she wished to live; he would help her, and take her in. If she wished to die; he would leave her to bleed out in the middle of this street, a slow and painful death. Like a lot of others, Emiko feared death more than anything else in this world. And she wanted to desperately clutch to her life as she felt it drain out slowly of her cold body. So, that decided it. The young woman had agreed to go with the man, to a place she had no recognition of.


    True to his word. After returning with the girl to an area which he deemed fit, she was immediately treated of her wound. Whilst it proved to be fatal in the moments prior to her arrival, it was nothing that the people this man associated himself with couldn't handle. Upon her recovery, she discovered a few things about those who helped save her life. Even though, one of their own was the cause. Koshiba Kai was the name of her so-called hero; a proud man, with an uncertain aura to him that she couldn't quite place her finger on. And the people he had allied with, were all part of a gang called the Hei Shong, and only wished to keep peace in the many districts of the Rukongai. Or rather. That was the cover-up story they liked to convince Emiko of. From the day she arrived, Emiko was now officially a member of their gang, while not being a highly-valued member, she was a member none-the-less. And because of Kai being the one to introduce her to this gang, he was now under strict orders to watch over the newly found member.

    You could consider Emiko to be like your average recruit; trusted, but not in a sense to do anything important or go off on her own. So, the girl's days usually consisted of training for numerous hours, cleaning the place, and helping out in the kitchen when it came to cooking for everyone inside this dojo-styled housing. And on very rare occasions, that she would be allowed to travel outside of the safety of her new home and explore the districts, and still, only when accompanied by her mentor, Koshiba-san. It wasn't a lifestyle she loved immediately, but she slowly came to appreciate it none-the-less. Much of her free time, Emiko cannot remember. But from what she can recall, there was one day that stood out more vibrantly than the others. After convincing her master to take up the responsibility of heading out into the districts, and collecting supplies for the week, obviously with her help, they both set off. After a short while, approximately an hour away from he dojo, they encountered a small group, surrounded by a crowd. The group itself contained three men, and two women, adorned in a simplistic black and white attire. They had that noble air about them; proud, strong, everything she saw Koshiba-san to be.

    Which did lead to some very curious questioning in later moments, to add. And for every question the girl asked, her mentor tried to answer to the best of his abilities. Helping the girl expand her knowledge on the subject greatly. Though, after a reasonable amount of time passed, only one question was fixated on her mind. From what Kai explained to her, and what she had been told previously. The Hei Shong's goals were much similar to the Shinigami. In more ways than one. So, why didn't they just join together to form a more efficient force to handle the crimes going on in the Rukongai, among other places? Well. Such a question was not looked over lightly. Forcing her mentor to push her up against a wall, index finger pressed up against her rosy lips to prevent anymore speech from spilling out. Even though Emiko had no idea of the danger she had placed them in, he slowly began to explain. Making everything more clear about the gang she was now joined up with.

    All the lies they had kept from her were now revealed. While they liked to convince her that they were doing deeds of good, helping out those who couldn't help themselves. It was nothing more than a cover-up of all the sick, twisted and evil lies they kept hidden under the surface. They wanted to keep these secrets from her as long as possible, so she wouldn't be discouraged about remaining with them. Or that was what Koshiba-san elaborated. Emiko didn't know where to turn. Escaping from the Hei Shong wouldn't be easy; not with her distinguishing features. And confronting them wouldn't be easy either; it would get Kai into trouble, and she didn't want that, not after he had told her about everything. And so she agreed, to stay with them, but if they requested anything of her, she would refuse to help them out. After-all, what point would there be to hurt innocents in the name of their justice? But Emiko also considered the thought that nobody was innocent in the Rukongai, everyone had to make their living somehow, and why not the Hei Shong this way?

    While it was still wrong, she remained as loyal as ever before the events of that day. And years built upon years. Finally rising in the ranks of the gang. And they still hadn't told her any of the things her mentor had told her. Which often led her mind to falter, swaying to believe that there was a slight chance that he was lying to her. But that didn't cause her to ask around, so she kept these opinions, questions, and emotions all bottled in. Everything carried on as usual. Well, mostly everything. While assigned to patrol assigned areas at night, to keep an eye out for 'trouble'; she was never alone. As mentioned. Like usual, she was often accompanied by her Koshiba-san. Though, most of their time out on patrol, they did little to nothing. Rather, at any given chance they got, one would reel the other into some deserted alleyway away from watchful eyes. Most of the time it would be to talk the night away, and others would be for a quick fumble and tumble. But things never progressed into anything more.

    Their relationship was kept a secret from the Hei Shong. As it would be looked down upon, and quite possibly the end of what they had between them. Emiko would do anything to protect that. But it was hard to keep secrets when you were in a gang. Especially if you were prone to arouse suspicion. They had never trusted the young girl. Not once since she had joined them. So when people had been whispering to one another, and bringing the news back to the head of the Hei Shong, what else could they do other than send out their best. After days of spying, studying, and watching their every movement. They didn't find out what they first expected, which was that they were traitors. No. They found out about their relationship. Emiko got the worst of the punishment. They blamed her for seducing him. Though, they didn't warn either of them of the events sure to follow. So they tore the girl away from her bed; from her quarters, and pulled her away into the midst of the night.

    Such a romance was forbidden, Koshiba-san knew better, but Emiko did not. And to really show how serious the matter was, they selected her out to be the victim. They wanted to leave their mark on her, so she would never forget about this. To be in the Hei Shong, you had to do everything they wished of you. Since she hadn't betrayed them, her life would be spared. But because she had broken a rule they found to be of the utmost importance, she was paying by the skin on her back. Quite literally too. With a blunt instrument, they dragged it through her flesh multiple times. Each cut drew out a ragged scream. And this continued for hours, and hours. Up until a point where her cries fell silent. Due to the process taking so long, they had to keep the wounds open, to make sure she felt every little detail. Their solution to this was by using alcohol. So one can only imagine how much this enhanced the pain.

    Just as morning had started to paint the sky with it rays, that's when they stopped. To save her modesty, they dressed her in new robes; smiling innocently towards her, comforting her, and pretending as if nothing happened. They even had the nerve to ask her if she was alright, who did this, in the most concerning manner. A part of her caved in, and played along with their act. They carried on as if nothing happened, her body tattered in these scars remembering of what she had gained and lost. Even to see her mentor was not permitted. This ruined her on the inside, reducing her to tears, anger, and all of the inner emotions she wished to express, but had little courage to do so. The only person who understood her; the only person who could comfort her; the only person who could love her in a world like this; was someone she couldn't have.

    Kai had only avoided the girl for her own safety. While she wasn't aware of what the consequences would be next time, he was. Yet, at this point, he wasn't aware of what they had done to her body. And due to the lack of communication between lovers, it would be hard to discover that it ever happened. Selfish needs are such a horrible desire. And eventually, all the separation got to the developing woman. Taking the action in which she believed to be correct - into her own hands - she went to see him, not caring if anyone saw them. Emiko could not be content with leaving things as they were, even if it was the cost of her body, more torture, or much worse, she would confess to him, and tell him everything she had previously left unsaid.

    On the same night, Kai had proposed that they should leave to become Shinigami, and also take her hand in marriage. That way their love could be absolute, with no objections. Sadly, Kai knew these promises couldn't be kept, and escorted Emiko back to her own quarters, before she realized that they were being watched. As expected, the Hei Shong confronted Koshiba, lecturing him about the matter. In conclusion, they decided that the girl was not worth the hassle she brought to them, and ordered her to be executed. By her mentor's own hands. Obviously, and immediately, Kai objected to this. While he still stood and lived, they would not be allowed to touch the girl he loved. Someone he valued above all else, even his own life. And without hesitation, he struck down any bastard that dared stand in the way..

    Now he stands before her; defiant, sword raised, poised to attack. Inside her caged heart, she knew this was going to be the last time. The last time she would see her beloved. No. The man who had slaughtered the Hei Shong, and now it was her turn. This was not the man she loved. This was not the man she had fallen in love with. Without even the slightest hesitation, he started his second barrage of endless attacks. Moving quickly, swinging his blade towards her. So quickly, that it is nearly impossible for the girl to parry with his precise slashes. The blades collided, creating a metallic symphony with each strike. Their movements complimented each other, like a practiced dance of the blades. But there was nothing practiced about this. It was the dance of lovers, both fighting to protect the very same thing, but completely oblivious to the other's goals.

    The combat was fast and furious. Swords flashed back and forth as the two combatants sought a weakness in the other's defense that they could exploit. Synchronicity. That was all that could explain as their blades connected, the beating of their hearts pulsating through the metal. And, the first to falter was the girl. Showing a point in which he took opportunity of. Slipping through her strike, into her guard, beyond her wall of defense; he brought out his leg, directly into her gut. Not a move that would be encouraged, but one that was essential at this point of time. And as expected. Emiko stumbled back just briefly. But more than enough to space them out, the femme gasping desperately for air. And with a flicker from above, she shot up.

    “.. you're not like this, Kai..” Spoke the girl, still in denial. But there was an understanding that the silver blade would pierce her chest before she could dodge it, impulsively her body acted against it, trying to counterattack. But won't make it in time. Koshiba Kai held the advantage. And yet, there was nothing that resembled fear painted across her features. The end doesn't come, the pain does not flood into every fiber of her being. Instead, there is a great warmth. A crimson liquid soaked her bodice, and it was not her own. The instant she realizes what just happened, he trusts her with his weight, supporting himself against her. Inspecting the injury she had inflicted upon her lover; she couldn't believe that this was an attack of her own. Torn through the rich cloth that coated his skin, and through the muscles, impaled in the center of his chest.

    Pressing a hand to the wound, he felt the blood seeping thickly through the spaced placed in between each finger. It was clear to him, just like it was to her; surviving this was not possible. Before Emiko could allow herself to speak, he raised his hand, using every ounce of his withering strength to place the tips of his fingers lightly against her cheek. Caressing her face, to which he believed, would be the last time.. There was a moment that only two lovers could share. The words that spilled out of his mouth were words she deemed him too proud to say. His body grew heavy, the added weight upon her own crimson-stained body made that clear. And in a matter of moments, he was gone, his body limp in her arms. She was the sole survivor of the Hei Shong. This punishment; this burden would forever be on her shoulders. Emiko could never live the life she once cherished.


    When they say you bury a loved one in your heart. They mean deep down in your heart; like every fragment of their existence is broken down, and locked away with a key. That means you don't forget them until you die. Koshiba Kai was the man she kept in her heart. And she missed him, but never let it show. Even with his death, she could not ignore all the promises she had made to him. All of his ambitions were now her own. And so, to achieve the goals he wished of her, she enrolled herself into the Academy. The very first step she would take towards becoming a Shinigami. Their expectations of the new students were quite high, due to her having previous encounters in fighting with the blade. Like one could picture from these vague details, progression was an easy task for the trainee. Though, there were other things she had to master.

    She worked hard, living by her promise to him, excelling enough to be taken notice of. Soon, she passed with flying colours, and with strong reassurance by the higher ups, telling her that there was a future for her among them. She simply smiled, bowed, and thanked them before walking away to celebrate with her fellow graduates. Soon after, the Captain Commander summoned her, and sure enough she was granted a lieutenant seat of the Ninth Division. But high power creates jealousy, and talk started. Rumors spread about her, malicious and harsh. She simply walked by as others glared at her, or hissed insults under their breath. She showed no reaction, and soon enough the words stopped. She didn't know why, but it didn't really bother her. All she knew was she had a respected spot, and there were some very important paperwork waiting to be filled. She smiled..


    Typical. The Geisha expected this place to be full of life, and how correct she was. Though, it made a drastic change from that of which was outside. Assuming it would be best to wait for Yuri, the woman decided to trail herself around to inspect her surrounding area. Everything seemed in order. No suspicious behavior. The lack of company from her fellow Geisha's left her a bit exposed, causing her to twist and turn uncomfortably to hide from the wandering eye of those around her. It worried her to think about where they possibly could be, and what trouble they may be getting themselves into. Placing this thought into the endless abyss that made up her mind, she replaced it with an optimistic view. Yuri could handle herself. And as of recently. Kanon was perfectly aware of that.

    Then the door of the Inn slid open. Assure of herself, she twisted her delicate frame to face in that general direction, on full alert. There she was. But wait. Allowing her eyes to drift to the figure behind Yuri, she realized that she didn't come here alone. There was a man with her. Raises her 'brow as if to question whom he was. But that was before it clicked. Snapping her eyes open, the complexion of her face paled. This was the daimyo. At a sudden loss of words, she gasped. The surprise, shock, and a few varied emotions all worn clearly upon her features. At this moment. Kanon had no idea what was going on. There was no logical explanation to anything for the time being. Out of all places for such an important man to be. Why was he here? why was he with Yuri-chan?

    Listening to the conversation that struck up between the two of them. Her jaw literally dropped. Without so much as a hesitation, Yuri was explaining to the man why they are here. And what they are searching for. That put her at an even more loss of words. For being so wise, even stringing a basic sentence together was nearing the impossible. Then he insulted the possibilities of Yuri's logic, pointing out that she sounded undoubtedly crazy. With a spark of anger mustering within, she stepped forward. Kanon saw nothing crazy, or illogical about what the younger Geisha had said. If she truly believed this man was the fifth element, then she was allowed to question him, and follow what her instinct told her. Though, the woman really doubted that this was him.

    Pausing. Kanon watched the young girl's advancement to grab the males hand. And everything else just flowed to quickly that she was left in a bigger state of confusion. Just like that. Both of them had collapsed. Without so much as a warning, or sign. Trying to gather in the recent actions, everyone swarmed around them both. Which was completely understandable, as one of the two whom had collapsed was their daimyo. But they were barely paying attention to Yuri. And all of that pent-up anger just released itself. In a desperate attempt to reach her fellow Geisha, Kanon forced herself through all the people to reach her side.

    For being such a subtle and calm being, she couldn't help but put the blame on the unconscious man. “What has he done to her?!” As her voice flared with uncertain anger, many of those who surrounded her stared at her. Trying to explain to her who this man was; she knew who he was. “─I don't care who he is! I won't forgive him if he's caused her harm!” Her voice cracked, shattering into a million pieces as she squeaked. Once realizing her own faults, the Geisha slowly calmed herself. Her breathing coming out in long gentle breaths, trying her best to regain composure. Then another entered the Inn to add to the already uncomfortable numbers. But it was apparent he was here for the daimyo.

    Intently, she willed herself to listen to the man's commands. Not being able to trust anyone else to do the job; Kanon wrapped her arms around the younger girl before bringing herself to her feet. It was a little uneasy at first, but once she balanced herself out it was no big task to carry her. This was all such a sudden shock to her. But that didn't stop her from following the Kojuuro out of the Inn and towards the newly set destination.
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[恵美笑子] ─ Asahina, Emiko
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