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 Nealeh, The Scythe (DONE)

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PostSubject: Nealeh, The Scythe (DONE)   Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:17 am

Vizard Template

Name: Nealeh Sadashi
Nickname(s): Scythe, Neal.
Age: 1523
Visual Age: 24

Gender: Male
Ex-Division: Ex-11th Division Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 69 kg

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: Unknown
Sound of Voice: Nealeh's voice is very soothing and calm, it's a little deep - giving the listeners an image of trust and somewhat concern. Overall Nealeh's voice sounds like that of a psychiatrist, who wishes for nothing more than to listen to your problems and help you out. There are also some some sad notes in his voice, which cannot be discerned a the beginning, but gradually the people who speak to Nealeh come to notice that his voice always sounds like he's sad.

Nealeh never wears the shinigami attire, and he never liked it - even when he was a shinigami back in the old days. He always wears a black and white sleeved jacket with a high collar, which has lots of different belts and straps on it, mostly all of them are cross-shaped. Under it is a black shirt with three red belts. He also wears a pair of long black sport gloves, with a few straps on them as well. His legs are covered with a black hakama and steel-toed black boots. His head is almost always covered by a forehead protector. He wears these clothes absolutely everywhere, both in the Human World or other places and views them as a part of himself, which they are.
He has blonde, chest length hair. His face features are quite nice, Nealeh is a fairly young looking, but at the same time he looks a more mature than his appearance shows. This is mainly due to his eyes, which always carry a sad look. And even though he has red eyes - he doesn't look that menacing. His lip corners are always down, and no one ever saw him smile... at least not anyone still alive.
Nealeth also has 2 tatoos. A winged cross tattoo on his back(will be shown later in the zanpakuto post), and a skull tattoo on his stomach:
Unusual Features: Has 3 identical, diagonal scars near his heart, on the torso.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Staring at the sky, staring at the moon, helping lost souls, reading poetry.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes - books, his jacket, tattoos, big boobs, Sun and Moon(his zanpakuto), junk food, ninjas, samurai movies, children.

Dislikes - high-class people, the rain, his inner hollow, control of any kind, karaoke, big crowds, people without a sense of duty, baseball, someone giving him advice.

Nealeh has a very different personality, and you can say that he is not completely sane. He has something like a split personality, but it's actually his one personality, which can change at any time. Different situations and a quick change in mood can affect him greatly. In all his unpredictability he has 3 main patterns of behavior:
Normal Behavior - This state is the most common for Nealeh. During this one - he is a normal person, who takes pleasure in all things that he normally likes. He is kind to children, mindful of others and ready to fulfill his duties and uphold his justice. Though there are some traces of his rebellious attitude, they are mild and Nealeh can stick with someone's orders or advices if he deems them logical and beneficial. He loves having fun with others and watching movies and stuff, he loves reading poetry, which he finds as an island of order in the ocean of chaos.
Rebellious Behavior - This state is the 2nd most common for Nealeh. During this state - he is a rebel, a free spirit, an anarchist who accepts no rules or commands. He is driven by emotions and deep anger, and though he does not fly into a frenzy - he becomes quite hot-headed and a small thing can turn into an argument, where words alone cannot resolve the situation. He loves proving his right, arguing with people for no reason and destroying community property. He will never listen to an order or an advice even if they are the only way to escape a nasty situation, he will rather do the exact opposite, unless he will forget about it or be immobilized.
Depressed Behavior - This state is more unusual for Nealeh than the other two. During this one - Nealeh is really depressed. He does not care about the world or what happens around him at the moment. In this state he will never engage in a fight or be coerced into one. He sees no sense in having fun or caring for someone, protecting others is futile and justice and duty are meaningless. Nealeh desires nothing but to be left alone in peace - he has no passion, no drive, no purpose. This state of his is very dangerous to him and those around him, but luckily, he rarely remains depressed for long.
There is also one thing that should be noted in his personality - his love for women with appropriate.... appearance(see likes). In both his "Normal" and "Rebellious" states he can lose control when he sees these big... attributes of a woman. There is a chance he will try to feel or squeeze them - even in battle. He will always compliment a woman with the qualities, even if she's an enemy. Perhaps this is the reason why many women he met didn't get along with him.
But whatever state and whatever action - he never smiles.

Defining Characteristics: What truly defines Nealeth is his rebellious side in almost everything - personality, clothing and looks. The only thing different is his voice, that makes it kinda stand out with all the "Rebel" side.
Specialties: Nealeh is a Speed Reader, meaning that he can read books and stuff with great speed, and is able to remember what he read for a long time. This is one of the reasons why few people saw him reading the same book. The only way they would - is if he's re-reading a book.
Fighting type: Samurai. It should be noted that Nealeh advanced his Hoho, forgoing any kind of Kido but the most basic. Meaning that the maximum Bakudo or Hado he can use is #31.
The Royal Family
Nealeh's birthplace was the Sixth Great Noble Family of Soul Society - The Sadashi Family. The Sadashi Family was one of the most prestigious families in Soul Society back in the day, and it was a blessing to be born a noble in the House of Sadashi. From his early childhood Nealeh was trained in many arts of the sword, for the Sixth Great Noble Family were one of the greatest swordsmen, and not only took pride in that, but always lived by the way of the sword. Nealeh was no exception and he too followed this path. Endless days of trainings and discipline, evenings of study in both history and manners - he was to be raised as the next Head of the Sadashi Family. During his years of childhood he would rarely venture far away from the Family Compound and would spend all his time near the grounds where he lived. There he met his first friend - Kazami. She was the daughter of one of the Lesser Noble Families, which were in good relationship with the Sadashi Family. Kazami's father would often visit Nealeh's father and they would talk about politics and other different matters that should be taken care of, since the Sadashi Family was one of the Families who had much influence on the "Central 46 Chambers". During these times Nealeh spent all his free time to hang out with Kazami - they were almost inseparable when they got together, although they had completely different personalities. While Nealeh was calm, level-headed and polite - Kazami was always looking for trouble and was the adventurous type of girl, she could never sit still and always took Nealeh along with her on treasure hunts or games she had in mind. Despite always being drawn into these things, Nealeh always enjoyed Kazami's company and had a fun time doing so. They often played in the Sadashi's Manor's Forests - a vast areas filled with trees and bushes, rocks and cliffs and even had a few ponds.
During one such time when Kazami suddenly showed up, while Nealeh was studying, and dragged him off to the Forest they got lost. They both were but 8 years old and had no experience in similar situations, and to add - they were alone. During these 3 days of wandering through the unfamiliar area of the Forest, the rain that began shortly after they left, never seemed to stop. Both Nealeh and Kazami were cold and hungry, they were wet and scared. Though Nealeh tried not to show that he was afraid - he tried to comfort Kazami as hard as he could, surprised by her unusual weak behavior. He had his poetry book with him and he read some of it to Kazami when they stopped for breaks. Finally they were found by the Sadashi Family guards - that were sent to investigate their disappearance. As any child he got scolded, but the worst came after - his parents decided that their son would never again associate with Kazami - she was dangerous for him. Those days he began hating the rain, loving poetry, and grew cold to his parents - he himself did not understand his feelings yet.
The Sninigami Academy
After Nealeh turned 15 he was finally given permission to enter "Shinoreijutsuin" - The Shinigami Academy. Before he trained with the Master Swordsman of the Sadashi Family - truly a great man, who followed the way of the sword, and young Nealeh spent 9 years with him, practicing the way of Zanjutsu. The training was hard and the old master showed no pity to the boy - he was to do as he was told, he was to practice and fail repeatedly until he could do things the right way. But however horrible and hard the training was - it showed great results. In his 14 years Nealeh's only opponent was his master, while all others were defeated easily. His Zanjutsu skills were high for his age, he learned Hoho and could utilize Hakudo in dire situations, however this intense training left him with little knowledge of Kido - he was very bad with even the lowest Kido spells, which he was told to preform.
So at the age of 15 he left the Sadashi Manor and became a student at the Shinigami Academy. There were rumors that Nealeh never did take the entrance exams, unlike all others, and was accepted into the Academy with the influence of his father, who placed his is the 1st class. It was the first time Nealeh had encountered an unknown environment, and sadly, he had little experience in coping with people - most problems were solved with battles and use of status. It was the Academy where the young man saw poor and low-class people. He understood he was better than them and would look down on such people, never helping them in need, showing his superiority, bullying the weak.
After a year passed - an unexpected event happened. Nealeh met Kazami again - she became a student in the Academy as well. Having witnessed Nealeh's situation and environment, Kazami, who became even more bossy, scolded the young man and challenged him to a duel - she won of course. Kazami made Nealeh swear on his blood that he would never act the same way as he did before, and surprisingly... life got better. He began making a good impression on others and made a new friend - Daishi, a classmate of his - a boy with a big dream to become the greatest scientist of all.
After 3 more years of study, Nealeh graduated the Academy with perfect grades in all but Kido.
The Way of the Soul Reaper
As he left the Academy - he had "created" the manifestation of his power, his Zanpakuto - Sun&Moon. At first Nealeh had big difficulties in speaking to the Zanpakuto - he didn't respond to any attempts of conversation and had no desire of improving. It took almost 2 years for Nealeh to finally be accepted by his Zanpakuto. During all this time the young man was a member of the 11th Division, the main battle force of the Soul Society, and he would have a hard time being there, if not for his sword skill, which compensated for his little Zanpakuto's power. When he first saw his Zanpakuto's manifestation - the spirit's true form, Nealeh was very shocked - he did not expect his Zanpakuto to be two small girls. One girl was dressed in black and had gray hair and dark-red eyes, the other girl was dressed in white and had pink hair and golden eyes. They both looked around 6 or 7 years old. The girl dressed in black was Moon and the girl dressed in white was Sun. They were very different, but looked like twins. Again, much to Nealeh's surprise, his sword's Shikai had nothing in common with the girls - it was a big Scythe, and the only similarities were that the Scythe had two colors - black and white.
During hundreds of years of serving in the 11th Division Nealeh was gradually promoted to be a Seated Officer and finally a Lieutenant. He became good friends with the Captain of the 11th Division and would always think of him as his senior in everything. His services before Soul Society were always noted and he earned much reputation for th Great Sadashi Noble Family. During his missions he would protect Seiretei and Rukongai from attacks of Hollows, he would venture out of rescue missions and gather data for the 11th Division. He would cooperate with other Divisions - mainly the 12th Division, where his friend Daishi was working, and the 6th Division, where his childhood friend Kazami worked. He would later understand that Kazami was not only a dear friend to him, but he seemed to have deeper feelings for her. He never admitted it though, it would only make him feel worse and undermine the Family and it's status... his feelings were only for him to know - they would remain but a bud, and would never grow into a beautiful flower.
Only after he had lived past 1000 years disaster struck. Nealeh received a disturbing piece of information. In a very dangerous reconnaissance mission, the object of which was to find and capture a rouge Shinigami, Kazami had disappeared. Without listening to another word Nealeh stormed out of the 11th Division's grounds and made his way to the Human World, where he was instantly surrounded by the members of the Omnitsukido. The Lieutenant tried to explain himself, but the Special Ops. Corp already knew everything - under strict orders he was taken into custody and taken to his own Division, where the Captain took charge of his detention. All this was said to be precautions against a mad rouge Shinigami, who had attained a weird and powerful device, that could easily destroy any Shinigami that would come close.
In that moment Nealeh started hating the system - it was rotten to the core in his mind, the higher-ups wouldn't let him save his friend just because they see danger?! He was of high status and this surely made them detain him - he was too precious to lose... and his own Captain agreed with them. Nealeh wasted no more time and escaped the Division again, taking his Zanpakuto with him. On his way there he hit a few people unconscious and once again arrived to the Human World, where he evaded capture and found the rouge Shinigami. It was a mad scientist - his old friend Daishi, who had used a strange device to create Hollows and control them. Nealeh was dumbstruck when he was other Shinigami with him - but they were no longer sane and were turned into Hollows... Kazami was one of them. Nealeh could not strike her - he shouted, grabbed her, begged her, did everything he could do without harming her, but she wasn't listening - she attacked him again and again, accompanied by Daishi's crazy laughter. It was pure accident that Nealeh's Zanpakuto happened to be in the way of the senseless Kazami - without noticing it, she had impaled herself on it, but perhaps Nealeh's arm moved by itself, against his own will. His sword ran her through the heart and she died, however in her last moments she regained her sanity and kissed Nealeh goodbye.
Driven mad with sadness and rage - Nealeh decided to kill Daishi, his Scythe sought out the real murderer, but not before the crazy man used his device on Nealeh. After witnessing Daishi's death, seeing as his head was decapitated from the body, everything went dark.
The Rebirth
Days after Nealeh came to his senses, he found himself lying in an alleyway, in a pool of blood, covered by the same blood from head to toe. He seemed to be wounded, but not seriously. A strange mask - similar to a Hollows mask lay nearby. Nealeh was a shocked when he heard whispers from the mask, so he threw it away into a trash can. Later that day Nealeh returned to the scene of the battle, finding only broken trees and a few scorched marks on the ground. Everything was cleaned up as always. For the moment Nealeh decided to stay in the world of the humans, he didn't know yet that this would be his new home - and that his place in Soul Society was lost forever. But at that time the soul reaper could care less - endless apathy and depression stormed over him. In this state he took his own sword and carved two scars into his own body - 2 diagonal lines near the heart. It was a memory - an oath. Kazami and Daishi would always live while he carried these scars - they would be a part of him, if only existing in his mind, heart and soul. The only ones who helped Nealeh to climb out of the apathy were the two little sisters - Sun and Moon, without them he would never reclaim his identity. However he became unstable - his views on life changed completely, his attitude as well. He became a new man.
Later he met other Shinigami and learned that he was deemed a rouge Shinigami and was due to be executed. He never gave anyone a chance to return to Soul Society with any information about him. A few decades had passed until he was forgotten, and during that period of time he learned of his new self - a darker side of Nealeh. Helaen was his name and in everything he resembled Nealeh, but his personality - rude, aggressive, mad. He possessed the same powers his original self did and sometimes even exceeded them. The test was unbelievably hard, but in the end Nealeh won - he mastered his new Vizard powers alone, without any guidance.
It was later that he met his former Captain and fought him, killing him in the process. A 3rd scar was carved into his chest, near the heart, for he still loved and admired his old senior and would forever mourn him.
Now he wanders around, seeking his comrades - those alike him, the only ones who can understand him. The former Captains last words rang in Nealeh's ears: "You're not the first one.... like this...".

Role-play Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Nealeh, The Scythe (DONE)   Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:32 pm

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Nealeh, The Scythe (DONE)
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