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PostSubject: Nevada-Tan   Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:15 am

Genocidal Preteen

Name:Natsumi Tsuji. She never uses this name, and will not respond to it. Mostly because she doesn't know it's her name.
Nickname(s): Nevada-Tan. This is the name she goes by and will introduce herself as, because she identifies herself by the sweater she's worn as long as she can remember.
Age: 11

Rank: Awakened
Sexual Orientation:Unknown
Weight:64 lbs

Body Frame:Small. She's a prepubescent girl, what do you expect?

Blood Type: XYZ-

Sound of Voice: She sounds like a small girl. High pitched voice.

Appearance: Nevada-Tan is a small child, not even into puberty yet. she has no womanly curves, merely a childish form. She is rather skinny though, so she is a stick, not a blob.

Her face is that of a child, round and innocent looking, though, that innocent look is sometimes hard to achieve when she has blood splattered across it and her clothing, and when the smile of a killer spreads from ear to ear. When she's not killing people, her cheeks are red, her eyes are curious, all the things a little girl should have. Her hair is straight and black, falling to about her shoulders.

As for clothing, she will usually be seen in the Nevada sweater she was wearing nearly a year ago when she started killing. The sweater will reach to just about her quarter thigh. Under it she will have some manner of shirt, she has changed this since the killing day, via robbery. She hates things that covers her legs though, and will only be seen in skirts and short shorts if she can help it.

Introvert/Extrovert:She will rapidly switch between the two.

Hobbies: Disembowlment, murder, massacres, tea parties.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Murder, Massacreing, Maliciousness, Regicide, Tea parties.

Dislikes- People who insult her appearence.

Personality: She has no real personality to speak of, her psychosis being the defining characteristic. She will rapidly switch between various personality traits at a moment's notice, leaving most people confused as to what she's really thinking. She's impossible to truely predict.

Nevada-Tan suffers from something which could be called trauma induced amneasia. Due to a traumatic event in her past life, she has absolutely no memory of anything before that event, and since then has had little memory making function. Because of this she often has trouble remembering things such as dates or people's names.

Defining Characteristics: Her most defining characteristic would be the fact that she has no set down personality. Her most defining physical one would be the blood that's soaked into her hoodie.

Specialties:She's a very good soprano.

Fighting type: Power house.

History/Background: Nevada-Tan suffers from something which could be called trauma induced amneasia. Due to a traumatic event in her past life, she has absolutely no memory of anything before that event, and since then has had little memory making function. Thus, no real history. The event happened about a year ago, and since then most of what she remembers is killing people and anything else she runs across.

However, there is one person who can tell you something about Nevada-Tan. Jushiro Kaizen, the man responible for the way she is today.

Little less than a year ago, there was a particular powerful hollow who had just pierced into the living world. It was a powerful Adjuchas, perhaps even a Vasto Lorde according to the sensors. A mission was arranged to purify it quickly. However, a certain captain decided to do it all by himself. And that captain, was of course, Jushiro Kaizen.

And thus he would descend to the human world, all alone. He would find the Vasto Lorde, in a town near the northern tip of Japan. He brought with him a certain invention. You see, this was the whole reason for him accepting the job in the first place. He had recently created a trap of sorts. It would work to trap a hollow within a human soul, completely neutralizing it. When the human died and was purified, the hollow would be two, the two souls separating at that point. He of course had to test it now.

And thus he found the hollow. It had just started rampaging actually, apparently it had spent the seven hours it took Jushiro to ready the prototype just lounging around the human world, so far it's trail of destruction was only a mile long. Not very long. Jushiro himself had probably wreaked a longer trail. The hollow itself wasn't that hard to find, as it was a rather powerful one. A Vasto Lorde, definitely, albeit a young one. It was currently wreaking havoc on a school, everyone in it killed b- was still alive. One with a small amount of spiritual pressure to boot. That's probably why she's still alive, he's saving her as a snack. Good thing too, his invention will require a living body to work.

Jushiro would touch down infront of the Vasto Lorde, Smiling already, knowing his invention would work. The beast would turn, launch a cero, which Jushiro would block with his sword, cutting it in half before pulling out a small orb. His body would blur forward, pressing the orb directly into the beast. It would meld into it's flesh, before the hollow would seem to collapse into itself. In truth it was being sucked into the orb that was now inside of it, which would only take a second, the previously metallic orb now a dark black. It would shoot through the air, implanting itself into the chest of the human girl.

The Shinigami Captain walked over to her, searched her body for any sign of her name, and found a bus card with the name "Natsumi Tsuji" on it. He pocketed the card, so that he would be sure to get any records of her once he back home. With that he would turn, and pull out a hell butterfly, leaving through a senkaimon, reporting the hollow officially as dead. However, he would tell news of his little stunt to Tadashii Adachi, the Sotaicho, who was slightly pissed, but told Jushiro to watch his little experiment closely.

But he forgot quickly, probably due to a little plant he decided to smoke, and thus she was rarely checked upon.

Natsumi Tsuji was remarked as the only survivor of the massive natural gas explosion that destroyed her school, caused by a freak tornado which no weather radar caught. This was the only explanation that they could all agree upon. After all, monsters isn't a viable explanation, now is it? She was transfered to another school, but not a month later, The orb trapped in her soul..cracked.

And with that crack, the hollow rejoiced. While small, barely an atom's width, he pushed his energy through it, tainting the soul that kept him. Her personality suffered, and two days after the crack, while wearing a Nevada hoodie, she slit her classmates throat with a box cutter.

She was taken into custody, but the Hollow wouldn't have that. The crack gave him enough access to her soul that he could tap into her senses, and he certainly wouldn't want to see a prison while he figured out how to get out of here. So pushing as hard as he could, he managed to widen the crack, and push some of his power through it...

That day, reports swamped the media around the world, about how a little eleven year old slaughtered an entire building full of police with little more than her bare hands and a box cutter she retrieved from the evidence room.

She is still at large.
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PostSubject: Re: Nevada-Tan   Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:52 pm

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