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 A Scion of Darkness(opening)

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Scion Kurayami
Exequias Leader

Posts : 31
Points : 46
Join date : 2010-09-14
Location : You don't wanna go there.

PostSubject: A Scion of Darkness(opening)   Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:16 pm

Scion slowly opened his eyes, before him a vast darkness spread, filled with a lot of small dots. These small white dots were the only thing that made the darkness feel safe. Scion's eyes moved a little to the right, he did not turn his head though. The darkness filled with light spread to his right, and it seemed it went on into eternity. Then his eyes moved to the left.... the same picture lay before him, the vast eternal darkness. A night sky full of stars.

Scion moved his head downwards, he could see his body. The same slightly pale skin, the same muscles on his abdomen. The same hole in the chest, perhaps in the place where his soul once was. He didn't remember when his body became like this, so much alike a human. His teacher once said that every Arrancar was once human... or humans. Whatever the truth was - Scion didn't know if he was human, he had no memories of his human life, if it ever happened to be.
Scion kept looking at himself, his white coat was laying freely on the ground around him, no it was not ground - it was sand. The Arrancar turned his head and looked around. The sand dunes were everywhere around him, his eyes could see nothing else, he could not see beyond the endless sands that surrounded him.

Finally Scion sat up, a wide yawn escaped from his mouth. As he stood up, he began cleaning his coat from the sand - a few precise movements and the coat was clean, his hakama was next.
Scion grinned at the night sky and exhaled loudly:

"A start of another good night, eh? I hope I'll have some company for today's dinner! Khhhahahahahahaha!!!" - Scion's laughter was the only sound that echoed through the Desert.
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Scion Kurayami
Exequias Leader

Posts : 31
Points : 46
Join date : 2010-09-14
Location : You don't wanna go there.

PostSubject: Re: A Scion of Darkness(opening)   Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:13 am

Scion was walking through the Desert for perhaps a few years now.... there really seemed to be no end to it. But Scion didn't really care, he had no worries - it was Hueco Mundo - his home, and he had yet to face someone stronger than him. Sometimes he did notice a few like him, but he didn't always come up to them - sometimes he didn't want to be bothered, so he simply evaded the meeting. There was this one time when he was a Tribe leader, but that was a long time ago.

Scion sighed and pulled his right hand from his coat's pocket, he looked at his hand, which held a small round object with a string. It was a toy from the human world that Scion took with him. Of course the kid he took it from never understood what happened. Well perhaps he would forget about this toy in the afterlife, if there was one for him. Scion smiled and tied a knot around his middle finger with the string, and then threw the toy downwards. With a slight movement it came back into his arm.

"Heheh, this is kinda fun." - Scion's smile widened as he continued to play with the "yo-yo". He was always facinated with human toys and this one was no different. The he tired to do different things with it, like - throw it horizontally or make a wave-like motion. Sometimes he made new awesome moves... all the other tries ended in failure. This however did not affect Scion's mood in the slightest as he continued to walk through the Desert, with no apparent goal in mind.
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Scion Kurayami
Exequias Leader

Posts : 31
Points : 46
Join date : 2010-09-14
Location : You don't wanna go there.

PostSubject: Re: A Scion of Darkness(opening)   Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:29 am

Scion walked for about two hours until he suddenly noticed something in the distance. It was like a miracle of some sorts - a huge dome. A building that Scion never saw before, but perhaps it was due to never coming to this part of Hueco Mundo.
Scion remembered that his old teacher said something about a building. It was called somehow, but Scion didn't remember.... and frankly he didn't care. But whatever it was Scion decided to come closer and see it for himself.

Afterwards he came up to the huge building. It seemed to be isolated, but there should have been an entrance somewhere. What logic would there be in making a huge building without a door?!
So Scion decided to go around it, in search for the hidden or apparent door.

Soon after he found the entrance... what a bother.

"Che, let's see if someone is still alive here... if not - I'll make this place my lair, I like it." - Scion bowed to the gate and made his way inside. He was sure there was someone inside... since there were more creatures like him, and they could find this place before he did.

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Jushiro Izanagi

Posts : 226
Points : 189
Join date : 2010-08-14

PostSubject: Re: A Scion of Darkness(opening)   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:13 pm

The man with the fox grin suddenly felt a device vibrating. It was a communicator of sorts, one used by the Shinigami. Instead of an hell butterfly, the message was delivered in a different way. It was none other than the Sotaicho, trying to get Izanagi's attention. The man wanted a meeting, but Izanagi couldn't think of why. This meant that his current expedition, will have to happen some other time. It wasn't so bad in the deserts of Hueco Mundo after all.

Making a quick U-turn, the Captain opened up a Garagunta and hopped inside. His pathway once again lined by spiritual energy. At least this way he wouldn't fell endlessly into the dark abyss. The Garagunta closed behind the Captain.

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PostSubject: Re: A Scion of Darkness(opening)   

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A Scion of Darkness(opening)
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