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PostSubject: Integral-Finshed   Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:11 pm


Bridgewater, Integral, Fairbrook Wingates(Last, First, Middle1 Middle 2)

Visual Age:

fifth or any open
Sexual Orientation:
Five foot nine

Body Frame:
Blood Type:
Sound of Voice:
Sweet, stern, and heavenly. Her voice stays at a soft few decibels that are like a siren's cry. The voice she was born with sends even the most hearty of men to feel happy around her, that is if she wasn't a stern woman. Her voice reflects, even if she tries not to, her father's legacy. It, even as sweet as it is, can send even the most green of recruits into a fury of what fear truly is.

Integral wears a white Kimono with a black obi and gold trim. She bears a golden crown with four strings essentially. Her soft crimson eyes show how soft she can be and is on the inside while her clothes portray her Noble outlook. She always wears her noble kimono that seems to flap in the wind. She stands at a good five foot nine and only at 100 lbs she is a real fast bugger. Her skin is silken soft. The inside of the kimono is silken and made by the finest seamstresses in Soul.
Belittling those around and weaker
Likes and Dislikes:

Sakura trees
Sakura petals
Water falls

Arrogent people
Ignorant people
People who are dense

She holds true to honor and dignity. Also, she holds to the law of Soul no matter what. She tends to be blunt and belittle those under and around her. Those who are equals are seen as such in her eyes, earned her respect by one means or another. Earning her respect is doubly hard and almost impossible. She greatly belittles those who she believes can not compete with her.

Defining Characteristics:
Strong willed and very well rounded.
Quick learning and multilingual.
Fighting type:
In the beginning she was born into a noble family of the Bridgewater. Since her birth, she was taught t take over her father's position and nobility. She was taught that everyone was equal as long as they fit a certain criteria. Of course, that was the natural way of most nobles. She was taught to be cold and calculated and to follow all the laws of Soul no matter what.

Her father was strict. This was something she quickly became accustomed to. It was something that she embraced for an odd reason. She never wanted to exactly be a noble. That was something she had no control over, yet, she lived with it. She grew accustomed to her father making her train day in and day out.

Her Mother was the typical house wife type. She believed the father did the work and she would take care of the children and home. She had a brother, however, he died in a battle shortly after becoming third seat. This was an example for Integral made by her father of course, that she would have to be strong...or Die.

He would constantly tell her that Power was the key to life. That power would keep her alive. She then believed it. She was also taught to think like a noble. He taught her that she was above the rest and only Pure blood shinigami deserved respect as shinigami. If anyone was half breed or something of the sort, they were useless and trash. she was also taught to remember all the shinigami who have ever achieved Bankai as well as every shinigami ever made captain. His father said "Their names are for ever etched into history."

Finally she reached LT and worked hard to become a captain. This was because her father would not let her quit until she reached at least captain. Though, his expectations were for at least captain commander, he settled for captain. She finally became captain and showed her ability by destroying a small infestation of hollow that struck the world of the living. She was then placed into a small reccison from work and stayed in Soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Integral-Finshed   Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:54 pm

For your body frame there are only three: Small, Medium, and large.

If you wish to be a captain please be more descriptive on your appearance, personality, history, sound of voice, and please give a role-play sample.

With your current application, I don't think you should have the age of 2000 considering the fact your history is so small.

Once you do these things I shall look into your application a little more.

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