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 Shinichi's Reg. DONE

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Shinichi Kuroki


Posts : 102
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Join date : 2010-09-08

PostSubject: Shinichi's Reg. DONE   Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:59 am

Shinigami Application

Name: Shinichi Kudou
Nickname(s): Shin, Lightning
Age: 147
Visual Age: 16

Gender: Male
Division: 12th Division
Rank: Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 61 kg

Body Frame: Slim
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Erm, teenage like?
Appearance: Shinichi has shortish brown hair and startlingly blue eyes. He still holds a very young look due to his age as well. He typically wears clothes in fashion in the human world, especially blue which is his favourite colour. When on official duty though he wears the standard shinigami attire. He is rather slim, not skinny but slim, a healthy sort of slim. He is often seen with a blue armband on each of his wrists, his favourite little accessory.

Introvert/Extrovert: Ambivert
Hobbies: Creating small trinkets and such.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Relaxing, winning, being noticed by others, his Zanpakuto, formulating plans, kido, easy fights, cute females, making jokes, cool temperatures, high places, birds, storms, rain, lightning, hand to hand combat

Dislikes- Hollows, being injured, friends being injured, being outsmarted, being ignored, lies.

Personality: He is a warm and fun person but this covers up a more serious nature. Shinichi is level headed not rash and will flee from most battles he cannot or will not win. Is dutify and will do his best in following his superiors when the time comes. He is very ambitious and eventually wants to become a fine Shinigami potentially even a captain and he wishes to possess a Bankai, this also leads to him being rather proud of his prowess. Has a habit of not fighting at full power in battle unless he is in dire need of it. Reads a lot making him rather prone to quoting things in his speech and likes to practice his unique skills alone hiding his zanpakuto's abilities. Has a hobby of making amulets and other trinkets from since he was much younger, loves reading. Cheers up unhappy people and enjoys giving away stuff (his little trinkets in particular) and sparring against his peers and seniors. He is also childish at times as well, he is extremely young after all. Rarely gets angry but he also is quite stubborn due to his belief in his own abilities and his young age.

Defining Characteristics: Bookworm
Specialties: Photographic Memory
Fighting type: Kidou Killer
History/Background: Shinsui Shinichi was a very young Shinigami fresh out of the academy. He was born in Soul Society and consequently he was only a small young boy. He began training to become a shinigami. He was average at swordsmanship and skilled when it came to kido. He was popular amongst his peers most of which were older than him and unusual due to his age ranked in the top end of the class. His burning desire was to join the 12th Division and with that thought on his mind he studied hard reading many books and listening to additional lectures for hours upon hours for months.

Upon his hard efforts he realised something about his memory. He could remember all what he read and all that he heard throughout this time. It was like something suddenly had been switched on inside his head. With this new tool at his disposal his grades excelled all expectations and he soared to the very top of his classes. People were expecting great things from Shinichi, in particular his peers who admired and respected him greatly in the same way he respected them.

A year later an unusual occurrence happened when visiting his parents in Rukongai, whilst visiting them an escaped hollow attacked them. Shinichi had never fought an actual hollow to date and it looked as if he and his family’s lives would be forfeit. Thankfully Shinichi was able to hold it off using some basic kido and drew it away and held it off till a group of Shinigami arrived. They fought with the hollow and Shinichi used this opportunity to stab the hollow from behind with his sealed zanpakuto whose name was still unknown to him making this the first time he slayed a hollow. After the event he learned the name of his katana; Rairyuu no Aozora.

Two years after joining the academy, he had grown taller now but more importantly, he had graduated to the Gotei 13 as a young prodigy and gained a place in his desired division the 12th. Now it was his great ambition to step forward into the world as an official Shinigami and his next goal would be to prove himself as a distinguished Shinigami despite his age to ascend to become a seated officer; with his talents and aspirations he had high hopes for his future. With his fierce will a determination he rose within the ranks to the point where he had become the lieutenant of the 12th division and with great enthusiasm he continues his duties as a Shinigami.

Most notably within the rank of lieutenant, his kidou prowess grew to new heights. His skill was most notable when a few months back the 12th division members assembled for a 'hollow cleansing' session. Not once did he use his zanpakuto, he felled all his opponents with kidou. His secret to this improvement was his daily library sessions where he studied fervently in kidou knowledge and application and then late at night the occasional flashes and bangs were from him practising. Annnnnnnnnnnnyway on to the current day where yay yay Shinichi pwns.

Latest post on TNRPG

It seemed that he had somehow remained unnoticed sadly. Shinichi sighed to himself as a large body of water reached his location. Sunk in a state melancholy and depression he dispelled his transformation and his kage bunshin and stood still allowing the water wash over him. He gritted his teeth hard biting through gum and then proceeded to slam his head and nose against the hard tree his mind lost in the past, he fell down blacking out for a split second. He shook his head slightly and stood up again clothes soaked through. He took of his soggy shirt and tossed into the trees and having had to have taken his cloak off he propped it over himself. He then staggered forwards dazed. He placed a hand to his head. Looking back at his hand it was stained with his blood which had proceeded to form a small stream down his face. Blood also trickled from his nose and the corners of his mouth. One single pain fuelled word echoed from his mouth...


So it seemed that the Bijuu had been sealed. The blue flames in the form of feline creature that had danced in front of his eyes which had phased from a deep brown to an equally deep blue hue. Yet it seemed that some of the blue flames burned within his heart causing him mental anguish. However it was not the Nibi that had caused this strange phenomena. No it was not that at all. Shinichi now walked normally once more and took towards the group of ninja that had caused him such pain though this unknown to them. Who would know that such a great torment could befall him be sighting two individuals with the uniquely intriguieng bloodline of the Uchiha; the sharingan. For him though his view of that doujutsu was intransigent from the time disaster befell him and his twin. Still luck was on his side, even though the physical pain, the damage he had inflicted upon himself had not removed the haunting in his mind the reason why he was searching the lands dawned closer with this fated event.

He began to run at full pace as so not to lose them seeing as they were a fair distance from him. Thankfully his speed was once of his blessed attributes granted to him since he was younger. He leapt up into the trees and proceeded to jump through the forests thick branches to assist him and reaching his intended target as so as possible. Blood however was flowing freely from the wound on his head and it was getting into his eyes which were beginning to hurt even with his hood up. He used the back of his hand to wipe the crimson flow out of his eye. Still now he was not particularly in a presentable state. His face was covered in blood and his trousers were soaked and he had no top on revealing a bare chest with droplets and patches of blood all over it from the steady drip from his chin and the pathway from face to neck to chest. He did not particularly care much for that at the current time however.

He took a small strip of thin white cloth and tied it around his eyes shading them but not obscuring vision. Well. At least not to the point where he wouldn't be able to pick out any details. Although his eyes were sensitive to the golden sun above him high up in the blue skies they were perfect in terms of vision, even gifted with the amazing ability of kinetic that is prevalent in less than one in ten million. At any rate he needed to speed on to catch the Konohagakure ninja. His hands clasped together forming a ram seal. Shinichi's body became infused with his chakra and the output burst massively for a second, the body flicker technique. He shot forwards with tremendous speed now nearing the two sharingan wielders.

Shinichi wondered if they were Uchiha, they most likely were but it was possible they could be implanted. He chuckled inside, it happened quite a lot that someone's eyes were plucked for the use of another. Odds here were against that mind seeing as they both had two eyes with two blood red hues and three commas, three tomoe depicting a fully developed sharingan. No doubt they would be proficient ninja gauging that from their powerful eyes. Having almost reached them with that thought Shinichi clutched his chest, the empty pit of darkness that threatened to swallow him whole troubled him greatly as he took in the thought of staring into sharingan. He shuddered at that and with that he focused a large amount of chakra into his legs and sprang up high above the trees arcing down to land between the two ninja.

Shinichi descended down from above with two front flips and landed down between them. Unless he was seen his approach would have gone unnoticed due to his ability to avoid being detected, (Major Extra). He dropped down in a crouched position. Unfortunately for the female who looked slightly older than him blood probably dropped onto her face due to the angle Shinichi entered the area. He was actually feeling rather dizzy due to all the movement and the blood loss which he had yet to stem. Anyway upon landing crouched he rose his hands above his head; a sign that he meant no harm and to please not attack too. He rose up from the ground with the hood up and the cloth around his eyes. Perhaps he was more of a shocking sight than he thought with himself being a complete bloody mess. This damn blood was actually getting on his nerves. He wish he never did it. But, reasons dictate actions...

He faced the two ninja and raised his left hand to his face and pulled of the cloth revealing one brown eye and one blue eye. An unusual occurrence but it happened occasionally when one would change without the other. He looked at the female first avoid her eyes; her hair was the most distinguishing thing in Shinichi's eyes about her, two toned, red and black. She was quite pretty and Shinichi can a faint smile before nodding at the man. He then coughed in a very forceful manner, he covered his mouth with his hand. Moving it back quickly he noted fresh blood on his hand. He ignored that and spoke up to both of them in a quiet voice, as an introverted person would. He also thankfully did not have his Kirigakure headband with him. Unless they asked his home would remain anonymous, although orginally his home was in the Land of Fire... back when... His heart recieved another painful stab but he pushed it aside whilst talking.

"That was quite a feat... that was a Bijuu was it not? Excuse me but I was looking for Konoha ninja because I am looking for a certain someone related to them. Of course now is probably a bad time for you, so can I request to...". He blinked repeated and put a hand to his head as a dizzy spell came over him. He wobbled slightly and took a step back then continued. "Sorry... may I accompany you for a while please, I have no ill intentions".

With those words Shinichi sincerely meant, he hoped that they would allow him to follow them back so he could inquire about her. His sister that he had only recently learnt he had. It would be his only other family so it was of great importance to him, if anything at least to simply know...

Last edited by Shinichi Kudou on Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:20 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Jushiro Izanagi

Posts : 226
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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi's Reg. DONE   Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:12 pm

1. Give us a written description of your character's appearance.

2. Instead of saying born in the Seireitei in the Rukongai district. Change Seireitei to Soul Society.

3. You may wanna read up on the fighting styles before choosing several. At the moment you're only allowed one.

4. There is also someone else interested in the Lieutenant Position. So you may have to fight to keep the spot ^^

5. Please do as asked and you should get yourself a stamp.

6. A nice little RP sample would be nice. Since Lieutenants are a sort of Elite too.

7. Just a little extension on your history would be nice too.

8. -Jushiro Out-
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Shinichi Kuroki


Posts : 102
Points : 54
Join date : 2010-09-08

PostSubject: Re: Shinichi's Reg. DONE   Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:23 pm

1. Edited.

2. Can you check the Zanpakuto too please.
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Jushiro Izanagi

Posts : 226
Points : 189
Join date : 2010-08-14

PostSubject: Re: Shinichi's Reg. DONE   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:35 pm

1. I don't like it.


3. Do something about that Siggy of yours
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PostSubject: Re: Shinichi's Reg. DONE   

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Shinichi's Reg. DONE
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