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 Tadashii Adachi

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Tadashii Adachi


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PostSubject: Tadashii Adachi   Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:59 pm


Name: Tadashii Adachi.
Nickname(s): Bro, Broseph, Short (To his brother only.)
Age: Unknown, but presumed to be over 5000.
Visual Age: He looks about in his forties or fifties.

Sexual Orientation:He orientates himself towards a nice ass.
Height:Six foot two.
Weight:Between 180 and 200 lbs.

Body Frame:He has a larger body frame, quite muscular and tall.
Blood Type: AB+
Sound of Voice:He has a rather relaxed tone of voice usually, almost sounding like a stoner in private. In public his voice takes on a more stony quality, a more of a leaderlike tone. It will rarely have anger within it, but if it does it is quite a scary thing to hear.
Appearance:Tadashii could be described as an imposing man, at least to those that don’t know him personally. Those that know him personally cease to be afraid of him when they realize he’s as lazy and perverted as he is.

He stands rather tall at about six foot and two inches, allowing him to stand over most people, one of the reasons he could described as imposing. The other would be his face.

His face is usually not as relaxed in public as it is in private. While in public he keeps it as devoid of emotion, but he makes it a bit more stern. A bit more of a “Backtalk me and I'll annhilate you" face. And boy, does he do that face well.

His hair is usually a bit of a mess, strewn here and there atop his head, but he pulls it off. His hair is a bit long, to his chin on the front, however on the back it is longer, and he pulls it into a miniature wrapped pony tail. His hair has faded to silver over the ages, and he has aged gracefully...except for that damn black patch. Roughly over his left eye is a patch of hair that has stubbornly refused to gracefully age, retaining onto it's dark youth. He sometimes wishes his entire scalp had it's opinion, but he does like the look of silver.

He keeps his face clean shaven, half because he doesn't think he looks good with stubble, and half because he's too lazy to wash a beard. There's also the fact that his stubble refuses to stay one color.

His eyes are one of his more...striking features. They are a bright, almost metallic green. When he gets angry (however rare it is) his gaze could be ascribed a poisonus quality, making most people it lands upon shrivel up and bend over. However, usually he's calm, and they're just a pair of gentle, or perhaps a little stern eyes. Sometimes, he shows his age in his eyes, but not often.

Most of his body is usually covered by what he wears, which is pretty standard. He's not very extravagant in his way of dress, unless he feels like walking around his house with a pink feather boa around his neck. He wears the standard dress fo' a shinigami, the shihakusho, and a slightly modified captain's haori. He's had the sleeves removed, and a purple trim added around the inside border and the sleeves. Specifically, he had the shade of purple that is representative of his division added. Besides that the haori is normal. He keeps his Zanpakuto slipped into his obi, on his left side usually.

However, below what he wears is an extremely muscled body. He trains often, keeping himself in utmost physical condition. His muscles are well defined, and there is nary a flabby shank upon his torso. He doesn't have a very hairy body, a bit under his arms, a bit between his legs, a bit from the bit between his legs to his belly button. A bit on his calves. Besides that he's mostly bare of hair.

But the thing is that if someone saw him naked, his impressive physique would be overshadowed by the massive amount of scars on his body. Ranging from insignifcant to life threatening, his body looks like a patchwork quilt, bright pink shiny scars the stitching that keeps him together. Only a few of them can be seen while he's clothed, the ones that are on the top of his chest, where the kosode is open. He hasn't suffered many scarring wounds to his head, and none to his face, a fact which he is thankful for. He kinda likes his face.

Introvert/Extrovert:A bit of both, depending on the people he's with. He will usually seem to be more of an introvert.
Hobbies:He has a good deal of hobbies, from vices to virtues. He enjoys cigars and blunts, whiskey, sake, lager, scotch, a whole bevy of alcohols. He has no problems with some recreational drug use, nor with some no strings attached sex. However, he keeps most of his bad habits private, only the people close to him knowing of them.

He also enjoys just plain relaxing. Naps are glorious, siesta's are spectacular. He likes music of all brands and beats, none of them seemingly being able to keep him from relaxing if he wants to, not even some hardcore death metal.

There are various other things I don't feel like listing.

Likes and Dislikes:I could make a long detailed list...but fuck you.

Likes- Peace and quiet, Alcohol and flammables, Love and lust. He has a particular strange enjoyment of opposites, believing everything is good in moderation.

Dislikes- Assholes and insubordination. These are two things he will almost never excuse. Sometimes the asshole has a good reason, sometimes the insubordination was justified. But if not, he will have little patience.

Personality:The first thing that will strike most people upon meeting him is that he is quite relaxed. Rarely does his voice rise, rarely do his muscles tense up in anger or nervousness. He is quite assured that life will work out by itself, and if it doesn’t, a bit of stress isn’t going to help nearly as much as a bit of preparedness. To this end he rarely does much he doesn’t think he needs to, or that he doesn’t think he should. Some might call him lazy. He just calls himself relaxed. He will occasionally become energetic and playful, akin to a puppy, but this is random and unpredictable. Unless there are boobs.

His attitude of paperwork is quite a simple one. Delegation is key. He will push his paperwork onto nearly anyone who will do it, including his lieutenant, captains, their lieutenants, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t look busy.

His speech is usually quite unimpeded. If he wants to say something, he’ll say it. He doesn’t usually factor in other people’s feeling to too great of an extent, and due to this he is sometimes offensive. It’s rarely intentional though, as stoking conflict isn’t his favorite thing to do, as it makes it harder for him to relax, or take a nap. And naps are just plain lovely.

He is usually nice to people, though sometimes he will seem uncaring, or just plain uninterested. Usually, it’s because he is both. If he’s interested in something, it won’t often show, and he’ll just act his usual relaxed self. Sometimes though, he will perk up. If he does, he really is interested, and it’s either something important, or someone just said the word boobs. (Or there are actually boobs!)

When it comes to perversion, he is one of the best. While due to him being rather lazy he doesn’t broadcast it like his lieutenant does, if he’s caught in the throes of horny he will be worse than an old man who rides frogs.

He has no real conception of personal space. He doesn’t care if he’s close to someone, or if someone’s close to him. Infact, he enjoys such contact. Snuggling is cool beans, Y’know. You could say that his personal bubble is subcutaneous.

He has his fair share of vices, and probably a few other people’s shares too. He drinks and smokes, has no objection to drugs, and he of course actively engages in that little sin of sloth. To balance all this out, he has some virtues as well. He is a loyal friend, a committed fighter, a trustworthy confidant, and a tactical genius…At times.

He will usually take a wound for another person, as he knows that he can take a wound and barely stumble where it would kill a lesser person. This is the reason for his bodies many scars. He’s always been willing to take the wound for his partner.

Despite his virtues and apparent like-a-ability, people who would call a true friend are few. While he is a friendly person, and often might call someone his buddy, his pal, or if he’s feeling Hispanic, his compadre, there are few people who he recognizes as truly close to who he is.

In battle, or in anger, some might call him a different man, but in truth who he usually is just gets redirected. His peaceful, relaxed personality turns into a quiet determination, a man who is not to be fucked with, who will rarely pull his punches. A wound is a great thing to give your opponent, but an arm is a better thing to take. He will seemingly ignore any wound inflicted upon him, not even flinching if a blade is driven through his gut.

Defining Characteristics: Physically a defining characteristic would be the massive amount of scars upon his body. Personality wise it is his attitude towards peace and quiet, and his lazy attitude towards most things.
Specialties:He has an extremely predictive and adaptive way of acting, allowing him to quite readily respond to most situations, before they even arise.
Fighting type: Tadashii's has no real set fighting type. If I had to define it, I'd say well rounded, though a better name would be fluid. He readily adapts to anything, easily changing his fighting style to match his opponents, ensuring the greatest chances of success.


Tadashii's life on earth and his early life in the Rukongai and as a soul reaper happened so long ago that practically noone lives who remembers it, Thus I won't be writing about it, at least not yet.

The early life as Tadashii as a shinigami was pretty normal. When he was a young boy in the Soul Society, there was no Academy. To become a shinigami you had to work hard by yourself, and he did. By the time he actually tried to get into the Gotei thirteen, he already had his shikai, and knew a smattering of kido. He got into the Gotei, naturally, More specifically into the seventh division.

He worked his way up the ranks, it wasn't too hard for him, he had a natural skill not only with his blade, but with people. He was a good leader, and his captain saw this, and found little reason not to promote him. It was only a century before he was the lieutenant of the division, A nice respectable rank.

He was lieutenant for quite a while, and infact acquired bankai during his time as a lieutenant. Lucky too, because shortly after he acquired his bankai, His captain was killed by a freak accident with a Senkai-mon, causing him to be eaten by one of the cleaners patrolling it. In light of this, Tadashii was promoted to the rank of captain. He didn't wear the Haori for nearly a year, in mourning and as a way of respect to his former captain.

And this too, stayed mostly the same for nearly a millenia. He was a good captain, leading his division with a fair hand, every now and again going on a drinking binge, expunging hollows when needed.

But after a millenia, there was reports of a particularly strong nest of hollows. Several Gillian's had been reported by the Shinigami stationed in that sector, that is before any contact with him was cut off. The head captain at the time decided that action was necessary, and to be safe, sent a squad consisting of Tadashii Adachi, and two lieutenants, one from his division and one from the eleventh.

Upon arrival in the human world they found a town in flames. Corpses littered the ground, sans their souls. Obviously, the hollows had been through here. Tadashii was immediatly struck by the stink of hollow. The reiatsu suffused the air was coming from nearly two hundred yards away. To have that kind of pressure from that far?

Using simple military hand signals, he split them up, so the two lieutenants would flank the hollows after he had distracted them head on. After the other two moved to his left and right, he pressed on forward, directly towards the source of the reiatsu. He would arrive quickly, and standing atop the roof he would see a sight that horrified him. Not just one, but at least three seperate piles of hollows, and fresh ones too. There were at least four Adjuchas, herding the hollows into these piles, ripping some of them apart to incite a feeding frenzy...His eyes went wide at the horror before him..They were breeding Gillians.

He drew his sword. This would be bad. He could probably take on two of the Adjuchas by himself..but it would be a stretch. He doubted either lieutenant could take on an Adjuchas solo, and those piles look like they're about to turn into gillians. All in all, this can be summed up in two words.

Cluster. Fuck.

It wouldn't be more than a minute before the two lieutenants arrived...some sort of signal had to be sent. He would nod to himself, As he spoke his swords release phrase, Causing the skies above to cloud over nearly instantly, and the clouds would break with rain, falling to the earth in thick sheets, obscuring vision. Both lieutenants would have heard tales of his shikai, and would hopefully take it as a sign to at least proceed cautiously.

This would need to be executed carefully if it was to work. He would have to try and take out each threat as quickly as possible, lest they mob him. He was powerful, but four Adjuchas would be too much for him to take.

Now at this point I'm going to get lazy. He managed to take out two of the Adjuchas before they realized what's happening, And watched his Lieutenant get torn in half by the third. The other Lieutenant managed to kill the fourth as Tadashii delivered an extremely vicious death to the third for killing his long time friend. Howver, A mistake was made. There was a boy who was still alive in the town in which the fight spilled over too, And Tadashii killed him. He felt bad about it forever more, Blah blah blah blah.

They managed to exterminate the piles of Hollows before they became Gillians, he went back to the S.S., Filed a report, was horrified to find nothing was being done about the apparent breeding of hollows. That day he became determined to become the Sotaicho, so he could make some changes, make the Goteijusanti a righteous Blah blah fucking blah.

Several decades later, he was on one of the walks through the Rukongai he had started to take, when he spotted a head of hair he'd seen in his nightmares for years. He shouted, boy ran, he followed, eventually barged into house with the young boy, not even 10, huddled against a womans leg, who was holding a frying pan, shouting something off about how her boy does nothing wrong and can you please leave, etc etc, bullshit bullshit.

He calmed her quickly, explained that he had a mistake he had to correct, could she please step away from the boy, blah blah blah, he confirmed it was the boy he killed, he explained situation to her, told her to come visit some time, took the boy to the Seireitei.

He adopted the boy, giving him a last name to replace the one he'd forgotten, His name now Being Yoshito Adachi. He trained the boy in the ways of the shinigami, enrolling him in the academy, and giving him private lessons back at his estate. He soon bloomed into a fantastic shinigami, and was placed into the seventh division, being granted a lieutenant spot out of the academy, specifically the one that was made vacant on the day of his own death.

And thus the status quo remained. Until roughly a thousand years ago, the captains had gotten fed up with Daichi Katsurou's bad leadership, the current Sotaicho. They all knew he wouldn't step down peaceably, the Spirit King didn't want him in the royal guard...He was too powerful to kill. So they did the next best thing. They destroyed his Zanpakuto, and using a kidou recited by all of the other twelve captains and the Kidou Corps Commander, they sealed him under the Sokyoku hill.

Tadashii was decided upon to be the new Sotaicho, with Yoshito replacing him as the captain of the seventh.

Over the centuries he has developed great ties with most people of the S.S., Believing the best path through loyalty is through compainship. Specifcally his two best friends would be Yoshito Adachi and Jushiro Kaizen, two men who he engages in illegal activities with.
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PostSubject: Re: Tadashii Adachi   Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:26 pm

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Tadashii Adachi
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