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 The Dual Spirit

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PostSubject: The Dual Spirit   Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:34 pm

Zanpakuto Spirit

Name: Kiri Kamikaze
Nickname(s): Kiri and Kamikaze are used separately to address each individual spirit
Age: 1973
Visual Age: Female: 23 Male: 17

Gender: male/female
Division: The Punishment Force (second division)
Family Type: Poison
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Height: Female: 6'1" Male: 5'10"
Weight: Female: 102 lb Male: 137 lb

Body Frame: Female: Small Male: Medium
Blood Type: Female: A Male: B
Sound of Voice: Female: A motherly voice that is sweet like the song of angels dipping down from heaven.; Male: A crude sounding boyish voice that resembles that of many gruff street punks under the age of fifteen

Kiri, undergoes a large scale set of changes first and foremost by changing his body into the state it had been in his younger days when he was more youthful and energetic. Kiri does not cover his face and instead exposes his features. His hair's base color can be noted as a deep black with strong white highlights in the front bangs. The hair covering the backside of his head is of medium length and spiked outward while his white bangs vary in size from coming nearly halfway down his face to the outer edges that extend well past his shoulders. No longer adorning his ninja master attire he now has a much more relaxed wardrobe similar to a wandering warrior. a black sleeveless shirt covers the majority of his abdomen and the rest is hidden by his over sized jacket. This coat is something of a sleeveless grey robe with a few white symbols embroidered into the sides going down and a thick white trim lining the inside. The thick sleeves are loosely sewn onto the rest of the item with brown string and securely fastened by a set of red straps that resemble small belts. his wrist are adorned with red guard plates tied on with a series of loops and knots on both of his arms and a thick black belt holds up his long black pants. These pants are something of a loose fit pair of slacks that have been split at the seem about two thirds the way down on the inside to allow his quicker reflexes with his feet and on his feet themselves are a pair of jika tabi similar to the ones that his older self wears but instead of a black sandal with red hemp tying them on the colors are reversed and the shoes themselves are red with black fasteners. with him he carries the same Kama that have been chained together as his older self as well as a traditional set of red handled samurai swords strapped to his waist (the longer katana in the set seems to be missing from its sheath). In addition a long bamboo staff similar to the sealed version of Kiri Kamikaze is tied at a diagonal angle to his back. His skin is slightly more tan than his older self and the color of his eyes have swapped places so that they are in the same positions as the younger version of kamikaze. The female spirit that calls this zanpakuto home has also changed in many ways, primarily the fact that she has grown completely into womanhood. Her long purple hair is kept in a similar fashion as it had been but not the plumes are slightly longer and stand almost completely straight up at a slight backward angle and now tied with a string with two charms at the end consisting of brownish clay and pink hair. On her face she now wears make up, this includes a large dose of pink mascara underneath her eyes and a bright pink lipstick shade on his mouth. Her eye colors have also been flipped to resemble the older version of Kiri. Her fingernails have been painted in a shade that matches her mascara and a bronze ring with the kanji for poison is placed on the middle finger of her right hand. from wrist to shoulder on her right arm a black nylon sleeve is worn, on her left she has a steel guard attached to her lower arm and on the upper end she has a small scroll fastened to her body with the symbols for kamikaze written in white on the outer side. To cover up her new breasts she has a small purple top with red trim that extends to cover from just below her shoulders to directly underneath her breasts, this is held on tightly with a shoulder strap attached to the inside of the top which runs to the opposite side and makes it's way to the back of the garment. Laid on top of her chest is a long tan strap which has several small triangular pockets that are each fitted with a silver kunai knife with red ribbons tied at the end for quick drawing. Each pocket is marked with a red X and a small set of purple gems are embedded into the device at the section that lays over her right shoulder. Two straps run from her miniature shirt down to an extremely short purple and red skirt and fasten it so that the loose garment will stay up. If these straps were not here it is highly likely that the skirt would simply fall down to the ground, and even with it held in place the garment flaps around reveling sections of her body that should be hidden to be considered decent although her no no place is still kept from view only slightly in a taunting manor. Running down her legs from her knees to her ankles are nylon sleeves similar to the one on her arm and stop when they meet a larger pair of deep blue sandals like the ones she wore as a child.strapped on under her shoes but on top of the nylon are two steel plates guards which are loosely ties on to protect her lower legs from attack. The final piece of her appearance is the weapon she now holds, a long katana with red rope tied around the guard which resembles the sword set Kiri wears. In order to hide her stolen treasure from her opposing spirit Kamikaze has wrapped all but a small section of the handle in a long light pink cloth that is loosely wound down to a few inches of the blade. One could say that Kamikaze has most definitely aged well.


The two are attached at the waist by a long chain about fifty feet long, this is similar to the fashion that the spirit of Zabimaru functions after changing into a more human form rather than the monkey body.

Introvert/Extrovert: The woman is outgoing while the kid seems to keep to himself
Hobbies: Kamikaze(female) likes to think of funny little poems about things that happen, Kiri on the other hand seems to not enjoy much about life and therefore has no hobbies.
Likes and Dislikes: Kiri likes nothing (especially his other half) and dislikes pretty much everything he comes into contact with. Kamikaze on the other hand like being social and finding friends anywhere she can, she also seems to have a large obsession with men.

Personality: As the spirit is of split bodies it is understandable that they would have different personalities. The way things are set up between the two is similar to the way the idea of a person's internal yin and yang are separate yet one in the same. Kiri(male) takes the role of the latter yang half, meaning that he contains nearly 99% of the darkness that is split between the two and contains 1% of the goodness. This idea is the same formula for Kamikaze but flipped on the good/bad ratio, so she is mostly a very good and nice young lady but there is the off chance she might turn bad for a while. This system functions well as a perfect balance between the two because while Kiri might have a yang moment and decide to go on a killing spree, Kamikaze will step in and stop him from something that foolish unless it was for the greater good. In turn if Kamikaze decided to be to good of a Samaritan and give away all of their possessions then Kiri would stop her before they were ripped off. The pair functions well in watching out for each other but while Kamikaze would like to be friends with her other half Kiri would be contempt with the two never even having to look at each other.

Defining Characteristics: The spirit is split into two bodies chained to each other
Specialties: Team Attacks
Fighting type: Close Combat

“And the great beast shall rise into the heavens to take the lives of the righteous with the sword on one hand and the harlot on the other.”

From the great beginning of the initial manifestation the pair know as Kiri Kamikaze have been in some scale of war against each other ranging from simple pranks at the opposite to the leading of massive armies that might bring about the destruction of all that is. These skirmishes were at one time always resolved by the one man whom they mutually respected, their master and in a way god. This shinigami grew into old age as a captain of the thirteen court guard squads and in time as all things wished by the man he was killed in battle at the hands of a powerful demon while at the same time slaying the beast with his own hands. When the weapon realized their master was passing they desperately wished to save him in any way they could and by the power of the demon near “their prayers were answered”. Released from the containing bonds of the weapon they were born as the pair worked together to finish off the oncoming legions of demons and other foul creatures that were lurking closer to feast on their “god’s” lifeless body. They released all of their power together to destroy them all in one fell swoop and succeeded in the efforts at a great price, the loss of their bankai status.

Years later the spirits found themselves in need of power and began training with one another, beginning with duels to the death but after time passed the two became an inseparable pair. They wished to regain their former glory and did not want to waste time bickering over childish things like which of them was their former master’s favorite so instead they passed time sparring, eating and sleeping. After a while they regained the ability to manifest their former shikai form but bankai seemed unreachable. Still today they wish to gain their power back and often erupt into fights with each other but now the bonds between them are strong and their emotions are linked as one like mother and son.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dual Spirit   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:50 pm

First off:

Could you be more descriptive with your sound of voice and history?
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The Dual Spirit
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