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 The Ranks And Rules of The Ninth Division

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Tetsuya Shirogane

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PostSubject: The Ranks And Rules of The Ninth Division   Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:18 pm

Ninth Division (九番隊, kyūbantai) Official Ranking Table
CaptainTetsuya Shirogane
3rd Seat
4th Seat
5th Seat
6th Seat
7th Seat
8th Seat
9th Seat
10th Seat

The Rules of The Ninth Division

#1. All members are to abide by the laws of Soul Society, as stated below.

* It is against the law for a Shinigami to give their spiritual power to Humans.

* It is against the law for a Shinigami to use forbidden Kidō.

* It is against the law for any citizen of Soul Society to create weapons of a dangerous nature not sanctioned by the feudal government. To do so is treason.

* It is against the law to attack a captain. To do so is treason.

* It is against the law to commit terrorist action(s) or attempt overthrow of the balance of Soul Society. To do so is treason.

* It is against the law to commit murder.

* It is against the law to kill a Human that a Shinigami has not been ordered to kill.

* It is forbidden for a Shinigami to acquire or attempt to gain Hollow-like powers.

* It is by ancient law that two Shinigami cannot hold the same Zanpakutō. They must fight for the honor of bearing the spirit, with the spirit going to the winner, and the loser being executed.[7]

* It is against the law for the Gotei 13 to meddle in the affairs of the noble families unless the family in question breaks one of the laws of Soul Society beyond a shadow of a doubt.

* It is a crime for a Shinigami to remain in the Human World longer than a certain time limit.

#2. All members of the 9th Division are supposed to follow the orders of their Captain. Inability to follow orders will result in punishments of various degrees, depending on the severity of the insubordination. Everyone is also supposed to obey the will of the Captain Commander of Gotei 13. Captains of other Divisions have no business in meddling with the affairs of the 9th Division and their members, at least not on our personal grounds.

#3. The Lieutenant of the 9th Division will be the one in charge of the Monthly Seireitei Magazine. According to his words, the Captain has "too much shit to deal with" to handle this task himself. <--- Basically he is too busy procrastinating, or rarely defending Seireitei from intruders.

#4. The fundamental purpose of the 9th Division is to serve as the force that protects and guards Seireitei. The combat section of the Division serves as the security force of this land. Being a member of this Division, you may have to prepare to face possible intruders and enemies.
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The Ranks And Rules of The Ninth Division
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